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#MyInternshipStory — Alex from TopNotch



  July 15, 2020

Over the years, our company (TopNotch and ZOM-IN) has engaged with a few interns. Some of them even stayed with us and officially joined us as a permanent employee after they completed the internship. 


This series of articles will feature our colleagues who started working with us as an intern. 



Employee: Alex

Role: Human Resources Consultant

Internship Start Date: February 2020


I had never imagined it could be so difficult to find a suitable internship until I started looking for one. I applied to every company that offered internship programs for HR students, only to find out that most of those companies are looking for interns to do sales or admin jobs. 


One day, I saw a post from ZOM-IN about their internship programs and decided to give it a try. A consultant from ZOM-IN approached me to understand more about me and my internship goals. After the chat, they introduced TopNotch, an HR consulting firm to me. 


During my interview with TopNotch, I found out that it is the most suitable place for me to fulfil my internship. It is specialised in multiple areas of human resources, including executive search, contracting and outsourced payroll. I would get to learn many HR functions such as recruitment, payroll processes, maintaining employee compliance and more. These were aligned with my internship goals as I was pursuing my degree in Human Resources Management. Hence, I accepted the offer happily when TopNotch decided to hire me. 


As soon as my internship started, I was immediately exposed to the real HR scene. In the first week, I was already assigned to call candidates and conduct walk-in interviews. Then, I get to involve in the payroll processes. It was a precious experience because I get to learn how to handle payroll for employees with various work schedules. Moreover, I also assisted my seniors in handling employee compliance and preparing performance appraisal. 


The experiences I gained during the internship are really precious because I don’t think I would get to learn so much in other companies. In most companies, each HR executive is focusing on one function (payroll, recruitment, performance management, training administration, etc.) only. It’s very rare for anyone to gain that much exposure during an internship. 


Within the three months, I learnt a lot of things, and it’s not just about human resources functions. Back then, my English speaking skill was bad but ever since I joined TopNotch, I was forced to practice speaking in English because I need to constantly talk to candidates and clients in English. I’m lucky because my colleagues were being supportive and patient to me. They helped me a lot in improving my communication skills. 


I was very grateful when the company offered me a permanent role at the end of my internship. I love the fun culture of the company where we can joke around but when it comes to work, everyone is serious and professional. Most importantly, I felt that there are still many things that I can learn from the job and my colleagues in this company. 


For those who are going for an internship soon, I hope you enjoy your internship life, seize every opportunity to learn and get experiences as much as you can. An internship is the best way to get yourself familiar with the work-life and explore out-of-book knowledge. In fact, I think every student should pursue an internship even your school doesn’t mandate it. 


Hope everyone has a wonderful internship experience! 


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