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Are You Ready To Go Back To Work? — Anti Coronavirus Guidelines in Workplace



  June 03, 2020

Although the Conditional MCO is not ended yet (I think this is the most popular opening sentence in recent articles), many businesses and offices have resumed their operations after more relaxations were announced. 


In a press release yesterday, former Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) president Datuk Dr. N.K.S. Tharmaseelan predicted if the new cases continued to reduce, the government might be able to roll out a well-planned exit strategy (exiting confinements). 


However, he also mentioned, “having an exit strategy did not mean Malaysia would go back to business as usual.” In other words, we are required to adopt a much more prudent and cautious lifestyle to avoid developing any new clusters. “Masks, hand washing, and sanitising should be part of life. This new judicious lifestyle is here to stay for a long time until a vaccine or cure is found.” 


While practicing new norms bring inconveniences to our daily life, we should be grateful for being able to get back to work. If your boss still summons you back when the business reopens, let’s adhere strictly to MOH guidelines to keep all your coworkers safe. 


Anti-COVID-19 Guidelines in the Workplace


  1. Maintain good personal hygiene at all time
    1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or hand sanitizer. 
    2. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Then, dispose of the used tissue immediately. 


  1. If possible, take your meals at your own desk. Do not gather with colleagues during lunch breaks. 


  1. Do not share food with others in the workplace. 


  1. Keep yourself updated to official news on COVID-19. 


  1. Take part in maintaining the hygienic working environment. Set a duty roster if needed. 


  1. If you’re traveling to work using public transport: 
    1. Wear a surgical mask
    2. Sanitize your hands once you before enter and after exit the train/bus. 


  1. If develop symptoms: 
    1. Alert your supervisor immediately
    2. Seek medical treatment immediately
    3. Avoid contact with fellow colleagues
    4. Wear a surgical mask if you need to enter the workplace


In case you’re not sure about how the COVID-19 affects human bodies and why we need to practice social distancing, below is a great video by Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell to help you understand the novel coronavirus: 



For those who are able to go back to work, congratulations! We hope you follow all these precautions to keep yourself safe and help to maintain the collective health. We may need to sacrifice a lot of funs and money, but looking at the big picture, it is only a small price to pay. Please appreciate the efforts of our medical front-liners, policemen, and more people who are risking their lives to keep everyone safe. Please play your part well as a responsible civilian. 


Welcome back to work! 


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