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Should I Pursue A Master’s Degree? ft. UOW Malaysia



  May 10, 2020

Each year, the number of graduates in Malaysia is increasing by a few hundred thousand. Back in our parents’ days, earning a Bachelor’s degree is a guarantee to a smooth and successful career life. Fast forward today, fresh graduates are competing for job opportunities among 5 million ready workforces. Fresh graduates averagely struggle for unemployment around 6 months before they landed their first job. 


Some started to think, “Should I get a Master’s degree?” 


Pursuing postgraduate studies not only push yourself to dive deeper into professional knowledge, but also open your doors to more and better career opportunities. While getting a Master’s degree won’t give you a dramatic boost on your starting salary, it does accelerate career growth and eventually gives you a brighter future. 

Popular Post-Graduate Programs

Below we’ll introduce a few most popular post-graduate programs in Malaysia and the advantages of taking these programs. 


Master of Business Administration


MBA is a big step for aspiring managers. It is a common job requirement for managerial positions in many MNCs. MBA programs not only enable you to develop advanced and flexible management skills, but it also allows you to access an extensive business network. However, most MBA courses require applicants to have at least two-five years of working experience. 


Master of Arts (Communication Management)


In this era of the internet, businesses must learn how to communicate effectively with potential clients that are not restricted by physical distance and country borders. Strategic communication, especially nonverbal communication in unconventional advertising is increasingly important for any organisation to scale. Thus, owning a Master’s degree in Communication Management definitely makes your profile more appealing to employers’ eyes. 


Master of Design (Innovation)


The Master of Design in Innovation is a practice-focused program that aims to launch design professionals beyond the boundaries of traditional graphic design. It covers some of the most in-demand areas in the Design industry, which includes New Media Design, Brand Design & Dynamic Identity, Interaction Design, Information Design, and more. 


Through this program, you are able to put together a professional industry-based portfolio or design artwork and understand the design and planning of new products, services, systems, and organisations. It is best for those who want to be a design leader in this rapidly changing environment. 


Explore Further


Are post-graduate studies right for you? Live-stream the upcoming Webinars from UOW Malaysia to explore further on the following programs: 






UOW Malaysia KDU is part of the University of Wollongong Australia’s global network, but has a long history of providing accessible, quality, tertiary education to Malaysia, and the surrounding regions, as KDU college and university colleges. 


Besides providing opportunities for Malaysian youth to pursue high-quality overseas tertiary education in a local setting, UOW Malaysia KDU also offers an extensive list of scholarships and bursaries to lessen the financial burdens of aspiring youths, ensuring them to pursue their dreams worry-free. 


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