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Many Fresh Graduates were rejected because they possessed limited relevant experiences.

University life is the buffer zone before you step into the real world. Soon, you will need to apply for an internship or your first job. The first challenge awaits you is writing a good resume.

Everybody knows that the first impression is essential. When applying for jobs, your CV is the first thing employers see about you. If you didn’t treat it seriously, you most likely wouldn’t get the ticket to attend an interview. However, being a student, it is not surprising to have minimal relevant experiences.

So, how to create an impressive resume? Luckily, ZOM-IN’s latest Profile Features get you covered!

Why do You Need ZOM-IN Profile?

Reason #1: It’s a CV Creating Wizard

ZOM-IN has listed all the points clearly to hint you what are the things that employers expect to see. You would not miss out any vital information.

Reason #2: Spot What You Lack

While building your ZOM-IN Profile, you will figure out which type of experiences that you lack. Thus, you will have more explicit directions on the areas that you need to sharpen.

Reason #3: Enhance Your Professional Online Appearance

Your ZOM-IN Profile is an online CV/Portfolio that is searchable and shareable. Keeping it updated can help you attract potential employers and collaborators.

There are a lot more benefits to owning a ZOM-IN Profile. Let’s start crafting yours now!

How to Update Your ZOM-IN Profile?

  1. Login & Go to Your Profile

  1. Click ‘Edit’ under your ‘Profile’ Tab to Start Editing

  1. Click on Every Category to Update Your Information & Experiences

Bonus Tips

  1. Use ‘About’ to write your Resume Summary.

  • Write a Short Description to pitch YOURSELF and the benefits and value you will add to your future company. A good summary can pique the interest of employers and hiring managers to continue reading your profile.
  1. Upload photos that you involved in extra-curricular activities at the ‘Education’ Tab

  • Your involvement in co-curricular activities carries more information about your personality and capabilities. By taking part in activities, you’ll develop a lot of skills, especially those soft skills that you can’t learn from the textbook.
  • As a student or fresh graduates that yet to have working experiences, your experiences of taking charge of some roles in clubs and societies are the best proof of your soft skills. Therefore, don’t forget to include them in your ZOM-IN Profile!
  1. List As Much of Skills As You Can

  • Be it a soft skill, a programming language or designer software, don’t miss out any skills that you possess. Do note that general skills and niche skills are equally important. Expose yourself into more activities and grab as much of learning opportunities as you can to develop a stronger skill set.
  • Keep the ‘Skill’ section updated at all time!
  1. Describe your Final Year Project or Thesis in your ‘Education’ Tab

  • Many entrepreneurs use their FYP and Thesis as a blueprint when they first started their entrepreneurial journey.
  • When deciding the topic of your FYP, don’t just simply pick an ‘easy’ topic. Make sure it is related to what you want to pursue in future because it will force you to dip deeper into the topic/industry. Ultimately, it increases your chance to get into your preferred industry.

How to Change Your ZOM-IN Profile Photo?

To change your profile photo, just click on the ‘Update Avatar’ button underneath your Profile Photo or click ‘Change Profile Photo’ at the ‘Profile’ Tab.

Remember to click on the ‘Crop Image’ button to save your Profile Photo setting!

The mechanism of changing the Cover Photo is also similar. Just click on the ‘Update Cover Image’ button on the top right corner of your profile to change.

Profile Photo Tips

DO: It doesn’t necessarily have to be a very formal photo, just dress neatly, smile naturally and take a picture will do.

DON’T: Avoid group photos and photos that may raise controversies (i.e. Drinking alcohol, smoking, holding political signs, contains vulgar words, etc.)

Cover Photo Tips

The Cover Photo Zone is your personal billboard. It’s the free space for you to advertise and pitch yourself. Use your creativity to tell people what you are good at!

We have prepared a Template for you! Click on the Image to Download!

That’s all for today!

If you have more questions, you can ask it at the comment box below or write to us at

Have fun building your profile and future!

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