Most Helpful Apps to Kickstart Your New Semester Like a Pro

Many parents thought smartphones are for gaming or leisure purposes.

In Asian, many parents would associate computers and smartphones with the word ‘play’. It’s a fact that there are many remarkable games that we can enjoy on computers and smartphones. However, smartphones technologies today are very advanced that you shouldn’t limit their use for entertainment purposes only.

Phone is smart, but are you?

If you use it wisely, the smartphone can be your all-rounded personal digital assistant that helps you complete most of your daily tasks, and make your study life easier. Today, we’re going to share some of the useful apps to help you perform better in campus life.

Class Planner Apps

The nostalgic way of keeping a Class Planner back in the 1990s.

Organisation and time management is a key to success and wellbeing at university (and your entire life). Using a class planner app to map all your timetable not only help you to remember all the classes and locations, but some of these apps can also even remind you when to start your revision for exams and alert you of the homework due date.

Editor’s Pick: MyStudyLife

MyStudyLife is a free Planner App that works on all devices including iPhones, Android Phones, Windows 8, Windows Phone and the Web.

MyStudyLife helps you to manage your timetables, and it even supports week and day rotation timetables. Once you set your Academic Years and Terms, you can set the scheduling routine and start to map your weekly or biweekly schedules. Besides, you can also save your Exam details, assignments and revision plans with the app. The plus point of MyStudyLife that makes it stand out among other Planner Apps is that it supports most devices and it can sync your data cross-platform.

Other notable Class Planner Apps:

Lecture Capture & Note Taking Apps

Lecture notes and recordings are essential to help you recap back all vital information that your lecturers have shared. With any decent smartphone, you don’t have to scribble every word on a notebook or to spend extra money on expensive recording equipment anymore. As simple as using the default voice recording app on your phone can record and allow you to listen back to classes easily.

Editor’s Pick: Microsoft OneNote

OneNote allows you to sync your notes across all your devices and even collaborate with your peers.

OneNote is one of the most underrated powerful apps. It was first announced in 2002, released in 2003 and has maintained as freeware to date. It follows a “paper” notebook approach for organising and storing notes electronically. Just like with the regular, paper-based notebook, where you have different pages and sections, OneNote follows the same exact terminology and methodology but gives you the ability to create unlimited pages of notes.

You can type, write, draw your notes and insert visuals freely on the app. Unlike Microsoft Word, OneNote allows you to start typing or writing on any part of the canvas, bringing it closer to the look and feel of a paper notebook. Besides, it also comes with a built-in Audio Recording feature. For those who want to include notes on Whiteboard into your OneNote, you can use Office Lens to capture the whiteboard and import the photos to OneNote.

Smart Learning Apps

If you’re learning in your lecture classes only, you’re not going to be smarter. Make use of your free time to enhance your knowledge and pick up more skills.

Learn New Language: Memrise

Memrise is a Language Learning App that supports learning up to 21 Languages.

Memrise is a great tool for you to pick up a totally strange language as it relies strongly on flashcards to help you understand and memorise new vocabularies. Although you still need some more proper courses to master a new language, what you can learn on Memrise is more than enough for you to do basic communication with locals while travelling to a country that you’ve never been.

Learning Anything Free: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a no ads, no subscriptions, always free website that provides expert-created short lessons in the form of videos. You can watch these videos and learn new knowledge with literally no distractions. Apart from maths and computing skills, you can also find helpful guides on Career Development and Personal Financing on Khan Academy.


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In a nutshell: Be a Smart Millennial

There are a lot of free tools on the web that we can access. Don’t be lazy to explore and utilise all these resources!

If you know any better apps or tools, don’t be hesitate to share with us at the comment box below 😉

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