INFOGRAPHIC: Malaysia Bubble Tea Madness

Recently, Malaysians have been crazy over the Bubble Tea. Bubble Tea Shops are springing like mushrooms in shopping malls and popular hangout places all over the country.

Therefore, we have done some research and a fun survey to gather the insights of Bubble Tea Trends in Malaysia!

INFOGRAPHIC: Bubble Tea Trends in Malaysia


Moderation is the Key

Although Bubble Tea is very yummy, just like other sugared beverages, consuming it regularly may be harmful to your health.

Past research has shown that a cup of bubble tea with regular sweetness level contains 34g of sugar, which takes up 68% of the recommended intake of sugar by the World Health Organisation (WHO). It means, after gulping down a cup of bubble tea, we will be left 16g of sugar intake quota. For your info, most of our Malaysian foods are on the sweeter side. Hence, it will inevitably lead to excessive sugar intake that will cause various health issues.


        • Do not consume more than 2 cups of Bubble Tea per week.
        • Request for lower sweetness level while ordering your Bubble Tea.
        • Two is Better than One: Share the same cup with your loved ones! Share the sweetness together <3
        • Do not add extra toppings.
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