[INFOGRAPHICS] Malaysians’ Internship Experiences

Have you gone through your internship?

Recently, we have surveyed our members and subscribers to dive deeper into their internship experiences.  Over 98% of our respondents are required to complete at least an internship to graduate from degree.

Is Internship Helpful to Students?

Most of the Respondents are Satisfied with their Internship

Most of the respondents who have completed their internships are satisfied with their Internship and agreed that the experiences have positive impacts on their career life.

The Searching Process for Internship

Most Respondents Found Their Internship Through Recommendations

Surprisingly, despite being the tech-savvy generation, less than 5% of the respondents found their internships through Online Job Portals & Company Websites.

Besides, our data shows that almost all respondents wish to gain hands-on experiences through internships. There is also a significant portion of respondents looking forward to applying their knowledge in real projects or business processes.

Goods vs. Bads

The Good ExperiencesThe Bad Experiences

What do Employers Think?

At the same time, we have also done a survey among our Entrepreneur Partners to ask for opinions about internships.

What Do Employers Want From Interns?

In a Nut Shell

Below are some tips and advice for those who are going for internships soon.

Tips & Advice for Students Going for Internship

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We wish you all the best in your internship and your future career!

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