[QUIZ] Answer 5 Simple Questions to Pick Your Last Minute Travel Destination!


In a flip of eyes, we have completed half-way of the Ramadan, which means, Raya is coming soon! Besides, the mid-year public school holidays will start this weekend. This is definitely a great chance to go for a fun and warm vacation with your loved ones!

We know it’s too rush to plan a trip within one week. Therefore, we’ve prepared a simple quiz to help you choose the perfect location so you can start booking right away.

Now, you already knew where you can travel, let’s start to plan the trip! Here are some useful tools to have a smoother experience for your upcoming vacation:

Klook – Book Your Activities Without Hassle

Klook is the most useful app for last-minute trip planning! Basically, you can reserve for everything from the Portable WiFi, train tickets, attractions’ submission tickets to a seat or two in the most popular restaurant! With Klook, you don’t even need to worry about languages barrier when you’re travelling aboard.

Packr – Never Forget Your Trip Companions

Don’t know how many pairs of clothes you need to pack for your trip? Packr is like a virtual personal assistant to make sure you pack all the necessities into your luggage before depart. In addition, Packr also reminds you to complete a list of preparations, i.e. to unplug all electric devices, close all windows, water the plants, so you can enjoy your vacation worry-free.

TrabeePocket – Never Run Out of Money

TrabeePocket can help you keep track of your travel expenses and see how much budget you left. It supports all currencies, and it calculates how much you spent in your own country’s currency automatically. This is an easy and fun way to manage your travel funds!

Now, are you ready to go? We wish you a happy holiday in advance!

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