Hari Raya TV Commercial Ads Marathon — Which One is Your Favourite?

Although most Malaysians have got back to work, the festive mood is still on! How was your Raya celebration this year? Had you managed to visit all your relatives? Were you satisfied with the food served in all open-houses that you went?

One of the special phenomenons in Malaysia during Hari Raya Aidilfitri (and every other important festival) is all the popular consumer brands, big corporations and mainstream media corporations will release creative, fun and inspiring video ads!

Have you watched all the Raya Commercial Ads this year? If yes, which one is your favourite? If no, let’s watch together now!

Tenaga Nasional Berhad – Konvoi Epik Fantastik

Be it Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or Christmas, visiting relatives is one of the basic elements of all celebrations in Malaysia. Visiting all relatives, especially when you have lots of relatives, can be a tiring mission. However, that’s the only time of the year where everyone can get together to eat, gossip and see the children playing together. After all, the more people celebrate together, the merrier is the festival!

Samsung Malaysia – Seringgit (Produced by JinnyboyTV)

One ringgit nowadays really can’t do much, but there are many tiny things that bring huge meanings to our life.

PLUS – Tumpang

This is a typical Raya ad that features a touched and slightly sad story.

PETRONAS – Rendang SoRaya

As per usual, PETRONAS advertisements are always tear-jerking. In the video, Soraya was trying to rebuild her late mother’s signature Rendang. Humans are not immortal, but memories do.

Maxis – Deria Takbir

This ad is worth mentioning because it is featuring an app that enables people with hearing disorders to still enjoy the beauty of Takbir by translating the rhythms into vibrations and cymatic patterns.

Watson – Ada Hati, Raya Menjadi-jadi

After all the sad stories, let’s take a break and watch a fun one! The long hours of travelling back to hometown can often be exhausting, but at the end of the day, you get to meet all the people that you love and love you. If you take it this way, you will definitely feel like you’re a prince/princess going back to the palace.

TM – Atuk Gamer

While we do not promote game addiction, this video carries a very positive message: Technology is for everyone. As far as we know, Tun M is still actively exploring the latest technologies. Therefore, for those who think you or your parents are too old to hold a smartphone, think again.

Grab – Buang Balik Raya

This video ad is kinda genius because it shows how each vertical of Grab can solve problems and crisis that happened in previous years’ Raya advertisements. With GrabCar, Aina from TNB 2017 could go back home on time without leaving the souvenirs for her families. With GrabPay, we don’t need to be panic when we didn’t prepare the RM1 notes for duit raya. With GrabFood, Aloy didn’t need to stir the soup and dodol all night long and can fully enjoy his first Raya celebration.

Which one is your favourite? Let’s vote!

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