22 Stationery that Won the Best Stationery Awards 2019

There aren’t many people who love to write, but many like to shop for pen, and many other fancy stationeries. Stationery lovers know there’s stationery… and then there’s Japanese Stationery. The Japanese not only love stationery, they are a nation that makes many of the world’s best brands — from the everyday to the special.

Started since 2013, Fushosha Publishing has organised the annually The Best of Stationery Awards by inviting stationery professionals from large-scale book stores, stationery stores, department stores and online stores as judges to strictly select items that even themselves want to buy. So, without further ado, let’s see the awarded stationery in 2019!

Grand Prize – Kokuyo GLOO Stick

In collaboration with renowned design firm Nendo, Kokuyo has introduced the range of GLOO adhesives. GLOO stick has a square edge making it easy to apply glue all the way to the corners. To make it easy to open, even possible for one-hand operation, it has a round cap that is slightly bigger than its body.

Kokuyo GLOO sticks come with three different features, a standard glue stick with grey indication, red for a stronger adhesive while green is the re-adherable glue.

There were square and triangular stick glues in the market prior to GLOO, however, they tend to dry out easily because it’s difficult to keep it airtight. GLOO overcame it by the shape that combined the circular cap with the square body. This unique design has won it the grand prize of the 2019 Best Stationery Award.

Design Award – Tombow MONOgraph Mechanical Pencil (with Rubber Grip)

Tombow has released a new product to their Monograph series, added the rubber grip for a more comfortable writing experience. The mechanical pencil has the “shake” mechanism and a rotatable, refillable Mono Zero eraser.

Functions Award – Sailor Long Stroke Fude de Mannen Fountain Pen

Sailor’s Fude de Mannen range of fountain pens are known with their unique nibs that are great for cursive writing. This is definitely an attractive one for people who like to draw or write using fountain pens.

Creative Award – Kanmido Maco Washi Tape Holder

For people who love washi tapes, it’s a pain for not being able to bring all the cute washi tapes with them all the time. To enable washi tapes lovers carry around their washi tapes everywhere, Kanmido has designed Maco, a compact and portable pen-size washi tape holder that can keep up to 4 rolls of usually bulky masking tapes.

Notable Category Awards

Best Ballpoint Pen Award – Zebra Blen

Unique Features:

  • Noiseless even on rapid movement (it uses a fixing element between the cartridge and the exterior to reduces unnecessary movements of internal parts)
  • An easy-to-hold shape making it comfortable for users to write for long hours

Best Mechanical Pencil Award – Zebra DelGuard Type GR

Unique Features:

  • Anti-Lead-Breaking Design
  • Soft, ergonomic grip – Its special two-layer design disperses the pressure on your fingertips to minimize finger pain and fatigue during long writing sessions.

Best Eraser Award – Kutsuwa Zi-Keshi Self Cleaning Eraser

Unique Features:

  • No Residue Left – The eraser is made with iron power, the magnetic case can instantly collect all the residue to keep your desk & documents clean!

Best File Award – Kakiko King Jim A4 Clear Folder

Unique Feature:

  • Special Pockets that enable you to annotate on the documents without having to take the documents out from the pockets.
  • Can store A3 size documents without folding.

Best Scissors Award – Plus Fit Cut Curve Twiggy Mobile Scissors (Disney Edition)

Unique Features:

  • Easy and Safe to Carry Around – blades are secured with the cap when not used.
  • Equipped with the Fit Cut Curve Blades – the signature curve blades provide an effortless and smooth cutting process.

Best Cutter Award – Midori Ceramic Box Cutter

Unique Features:

  • Durable & Rust-Proof Ceramic Blades – The blade is made by Kyocera, which is known for its high-quality ceramic knives and blades.
  • Can be used to cut various materials from boxes to a single sheet of paper. Can even be used as a letter opener.
  • Magnetic case – can attach to any metal surface

Other Category Awards

Best Fountain Pen Award – Platinum Preppy Crystal

Best Colour Pen Award – Zebra Mackee Pro Marker

Best Pen Case Award – SMASTA Standing Pen Case

Best Storage Award – Lihitlab Smart Fit Altna

Best Label Sticker Award – Kanmido Nokoto

Best Letter Award – Furukawa Paper Today’s Letter Set

Best Journal Award – Quovadis Life Journal Dots A5

Best Memo Award – Furukawa Paper Bread Memo

Best Notebook Award – Kokuyo Campus Study Planner (Loose Leaf)

Best Masking Tape Award – Mark’s Maste Perforated Washi Tape for Diary

Best Tape Award – Nichiban Cellotape™ with Small Roll Hand Cutter

Best Clip Award – Plus Air Karu Binding Clip

Are you ready to do your stationery shopping?

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