Unique Yet Affordable Gift Ideas for Absolutely Everyone – Promo Code Inside!

Gift-giving on a budget is an art. You don’t want to go way over budget and make yourself starve for months, but you also don’t want to go for a lame gift. Today, we have prepared a list of Cool and Thoughtful Gifts that can help you to nail your gift selections regardless of the occasion (birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversary) or the recipient (friend, lover, parents).

*Disclaimer Alert* Although claimed affordably, most of these items are not considered cheap. However, even you have a limited budget, you can still consider buying these by splitting the cost with mutual friends, siblings, etc.

For Tech Obsessed – Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

This lightweight and foldable Bluetooth keyboard is the best companion for those who want to go paperless. It provides the user with a more comfortable and natural typing movement without needed to carry around the heavy laptop.

For Foodie – Mini Popcorn Popper

Have a ‘Couch Potato’ friend? This novel mini popcorn popper will definitely spice up the tv time for the friend!

For Messy Roommate – Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” Series

Are your roommates or siblings getting on your nerves because of their dirtiness and messiness? Maybe they also want to change, but don’t know where and how to start. Why not let Marie Kondo change their life and yours too?

For Meme Addicts – ‘What Do You Meme?’ Card Games

Do you have friends or family members who can’t get their eyes off 9gag? They will totally appreciate this gift and you guys can enjoy some funniest and best parties together!

For the K-Pop Fanboy & Fangirl – Their Favourite Artists’ Album or Merchandise

The easiest way to satisfy those deeply in love with K-Pop is to pick an album or K-Pop merchandise! We’re sure these items will make their day and they’ll remember it for years.

For Those Searching for Effortless Ways to Lose Weight – Chuu -5kg Series

Your crush constantly ffk even when you want to treat her the best Boba Tea in town? It’s either she really hates you or she’s on diet. Present her these pants that let her look 5kg slimmer instantly and she will never say ‘no’ again to go for a sweet date with you!

*Try this at your own risk.*

For Boba Tea Addict – Boba Tea Ambient Light

Worrying for your friends or siblings who are gaining weight lately because failed to resist the charisma of Boba Tea? Send them this cute décor to light up their lonely nights as a zero-calories counterpart of the sugared drink.

For Chic Lady – Morphe’s Cosmetics and Makeup Tools

The vivid color palettes that featured on Morphe are the new babe in the fashion world. If you’re wondering what is the perfect gift for your fashionista friends, do check out Morphe’s site.

For Pet Lover – Automatic Pet Feeder

If the gift recipient is someone who loves pets, one of their big concerns will be the feeding of the pets. This automatic pet feeder will be a life-savior for pet owners as it can customise the time and amount of feeding. Besides, it can even pre-record the owners’ voices to call their pets to come and enjoy their mealtime!

Have you found the most unique and thoughtful gift for your special recipient? If you’re still short of ideas, let’s check out Yellow Porter’s list for more gifting ideas!

What is Yellow Porter?

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Although we can hunt for all the items above from most online marketplaces in Malaysia, some of them tend to be cheaper in their country of origin! However, shoppers often stop in the middle of the transaction due to the expensive international shipping charges. Besides, there are also overseas websites that don’t ship their products to Malaysia.

By using Yellow Porter, you can choose to ship your orders to any of the available overseas addresses on Yellow Porter. Then, Yellow Porter will consolidate your multiple parcels and send it back to you per your request.

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Happy Shopping! 

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