How Should Millennials Prepare Themselves for the 5G Era

On this Tuesday (24 September 2019), we’re honoured to be invited to attend the FEMACGA SMEs Summit 2019 – Welcoming the 5G Era – that took place in TM Convention Centre. On the same day itself, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo announced that nationwide project demonstrations for the 5G service network will begin next month.

The whole business world is concerning 5G technology and its impacts on our life and the entire business ecosystem. It is foreseeable that 5G will bring a lot of changes to our existing business practices and lifestyle. Or to be more precise, things are always changing and evolving because human’s demands and expectation level are ever-evolving.

Millennials vs. 5G

Born between the late 1980s and the early 2000s, millennials have grown up in the age of the internet and mobile communications. This age group is always leading the way in terms of the adoption of digital devices. Millennials are not only setting the demands on future digital networks and services but are also the group that is entering or has recently joined the workforce.

As a millennial, you should stop only thinking about how 5G can bring convenience to your daily life but have to start thinking what are the opportunities and threats 5G can bring to your career and future. Will your skill set be relevant in the 5G era? What are the skills and knowledge that you’re still lack of to face the new era challenges?

Are You Relevant?

Before we jump into the topic, there’s other important news that you should be aware of. On this Monday, the Department of Higher Educations has dropped 38 academic programmes in 19 public universities as they are no longer relevant to the current and future job market demands.

Surprisingly, these programmes are mainly science and engineering programmes. According to the department’s director-general Datuk Siti Hamisah Tapsir, the differences between the current industry and the industry in the past are apparent. Therefore, the department urged all universities to redesign their academic programmes in accordance with respective industry developments.

If you were thinking learning is done after graduation from universities, too bad for you. Once you stop learning, the gap between you and the ever-evolving world will widen day by day and eventually, you will be eliminated by the job market.

What Should Millennials Do?

So, how should you prepare yourself for the 5G Era, or even for more upcoming technologies in future?

Always Seek for Smarter & Faster Solutions

Regardless of which industry you’re joining, there are many upcoming business challenges as new technologies are introduced. One of the significant changes after the adoption of 5G technology will be the enhancement of network throughput (speed), said to be as fast as 1Gbps per second in optimum environments. With a faster network speed, consumers will expect everything else to be faster and more convenient.

Hence, to survive in the 5G era, you must always think ahead of others. Keep a close eye on every transaction and every feedback to analyse and identify how to enhance your workflow or the business process.

Be Bold to Join Startups & SMEs

In our parents’ days, they believe joining an MNC or a conglomerate and climb up the corporate ladder is the only indication of a successful career. If you’re a millennial who has discounted startups as a starting point for your career, you’re missing out on some of the most rewarding job opportunities on the market today.

Joining startups, especially early-stage startups provides you with a chance to work in a lean team and to engage in high-level work early in your career. You’ll work closely with the key persons in the company and will get involve in important decisions making. These experiences and exposures will help you to develop highly valuable skills that you won’t gain from bigger organisations in your first few years of working.

It is also foreseeable that more corporate companies will reduce their hiring and replace the workforce with machines in the 5G era. However, this is only a threat for you if you shut yourself down from all the opportunities from SMEs and startups.

Develop Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are always the difference between adequate candidates and ideal candidates. In most competitive job markets, recruitment criteria do not stop at technical ability and specialist knowledge. Especially in this era, where many jobs can be done by machines, the most significant difference between human and a machine is the personal attributes that enable you to interact effectively and harmoniously with others.

Can you communicate well with people? Are you a kind, honest and responsible person? Are you good at convincing and influencing people? To develop these skills, you can join more activities or volunteer yourself in NGOs.

Don’t Stop Learning

Last but not least, do not stop learning new knowledge and skills. Always keep up with the latest news to know what’s the market’s demand. Do not give yourself excuses such as “I won’t understand even if I tried to learn,” or “this is not relevant with what I’m doing now.” As for now, below are the 4 key skills required to embrace 5G:


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