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For undergraduates, navigating the working world can be confusing and intimidating. We’ve learnt the knowledge and fundamental job skills at school, but entering the workforce remains a huge challenge for new grads. Therefore, internships are the best buffer zone to allow new grads to wade gradually into these unfamiliar waters.

However, getting an internship is easier said than done. For those who are still clueless, we’ve prepared a guide and a free resume template to help to kickstart your internship journey!

Set An Objective

Before you start taking any action, you have to know what are the goals you want to achieve through the internship. Talk to your supervisor, lecturers and adults that work in an industry that you aim to join to list out the things that you expect to learn. This would help you to narrow down your search and to determine which types of companies should you apply for internships.

Examples of an objective:

  1. You’re an IT student and like to collaborate with others: You may want to join a boutique IT Solutions Provider that practice the frameworks/programming languages that you wish to master.
  2. You’re a Business Admin student and possess excellent interpersonal skills: You can find for industries and roles that value good communication skills, i.e. Business Development, Marketing or Human Resources.

Start Your Search Early

The interview processes take time. The busy schedule of the hiring managers, the festive seasons delay the hiring processes, the rejections and more unexpected reasons might prolong your search period. Therefore, start your search and start the application at least three months before your internship period.

Do Your Research

Just like you’ll research a restaurant for its reviews and ratings before making a reservation, you should practice the same for your internship! Research the company background a dynamic may help you to narrow down the selections to those that fit your objectives and your personalities.

Tailor Your Resume to the Company

You must get ready with a generic resume and cover letter. However, for each company you are applying, you have to modify the information accordingly. For instance, you may emphasize the skills that are specifically required in the company, or you may tailor your Objective section to fit the job ad of the company,

Don’t Fake Your Information

Internships are meant for young people to get experience. Therefore, there’s no need to exaggerate your abilities and experiences. It’s very obvious to show if you’re faking your skills in your CV, and it’s going to look bad on you after all. Hence, be who you are.

Be Responsive

When recruiters or employers provide you with opportunities to attend interviews,

don’t waste time sitting idle’. Try to reply as soon as they reach out to you. Even if you need more time to confirm your attendance, reply to the text or email first and state clearly that you require time to arrange your schedule. As a rule of thumb, do not ignore any emails from the recruiters and employers.

Be Flexible

Though it’s essential to set a clear objective for your internship, you should also be open to other possibilities. Grab every opportunity to attend interviews and meet new people so that you can have more

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