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Culas & Co

Postpartum hair loss, also known as postpartum telogen effluvium is the shedding of hair after giving birth due to changes in hormone levels. For some women, hair loss is minor. But for others, it can be severe. And it can be extremely distressing, given the physical, emotional, and psychological vulnerabilities women already face in the postpartum period. Tasha, the founder of Culas & Co had experienced postpartum hair loss after giving birth to her son two years ago. Refusing to believe that she should cut her long hair to allow regrowth, she tried multiple hair products to no avail. One day, Tasha decided to experiment with her own concoction with natural oils and essential oils. To her surprise, she saw results within a few weeks. At that point in time, she just left her job because she and her husband struggled to keep up with childcare during MCO whilst maintaining their day jobs. The success of her hair oil formulation gave her the confidence to launch an online business to share her product with others who may benefit from it, at the same time earn an income to sustain her small family. To get started, she taught herself Facebook marketing by watching YouTube videos. A contrasting move for someone who has had a 10-year career in risk consulting, Tasha described herself as being a very straight-laced and risk-averse person. However, she went against all her old beliefs about detailed business plans and started straight into advertising her product and brand on Facebook with a budget of RM20 per day in October 2020. “What better way to test your product than to start selling directly? I would rather fail early and pivot quickly to get to my desired business goals.” Tasha decided not to leverage her family and friends’ connections when she launched Culas & Co. “No one knows what I’ve been doing except my husband and best friend. I told them that I will only share once I’ve made it on my own first.” It’s an uncommon approach as most entrepreneurs would find their first buyers in close contacts, who then help with word-of-mouth marketing for low to no costs. Tasha took it differently because she believes her customers are the ones who will sustain her business. Confident in her product, Tasha shared that she believes that the serum’s benefits would speak for itself. Just based on the fact that she was able to sell 1 bottle of her hair serum after Culas & Co’s first Facebook ad, Tasha’s positive that she could sell 20 more. The Culas & Co brand is built on the premise that it can’t help everyone but it can help someone. And for that someone, it could be meaningful as hair loss is often tied to a person’s confidence. For now, the small business is focused on pushing out its products via Facebook marketing, but has plans for other marketing efforts in the near future. The brand is also heavily relying on referrals from existing customers to promote the product within their own contacts. Back to the product itself, the Culas & Co’s Restore Serum boasts the benefits of restoring damaged hair, reducing hair loss, and treating dandruff, to name a few. It is made with natural oils including rosemary, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and many more. Tasha came up with the recipe after 6 months of R&D, where various types of oils were compared to figure out which could stimulate hair growth best. Customer feedback has also played a role in the product’s further improvements. Moving forward, Tasha plans to expand Culas & Co’s product line to further include other hair care essentials like shampoos and conditioners. Already seeing some demand from customers overseas, the founder is planning to expand her market to the Southeast Asian region as well. Culas & Co has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Started his career as a backend programmer, Bryan Soong has created software solutions for many clients and has experienced running a business as a shareholder. These experiences enable him to understand the problems and struggles that project managers and business owners are facing. “When the previous government implemented GST, my friends and I saw many SMEs struggled because they didn’t know how it works. We were requested by a client to create a cloud accounting system that includes GST to help them understand and use GST in the simplest way. That experience motivated us to quit our stable jobs to help more SMEs out there,” Bryan shared. Thus, in 2014, Bryan and his friends who share the same passion started developing Biztory, a cloud accounting software. Since all of them are from IT background, they worked their way up to learn accountings with several experienced accountants. After forming the first version of Biztory, they gathered over 20 SME business owners for feedback to finetune their product. “While meeting these business owners, we realized that many of them are having the same issues which most existing accounting software are hard to understand. Traditional accounting software requires users to have accounting knowledge and skills, which many of them are not from the accounting background.” Besides, they also noticed that many business owners were reluctant to use accounting systems because these systems required a large sum of upfront payment. To open doors to more clients, Biztory eliminated the traditional one-off payment and decided to introduce the subscription method to build sustainable and long-term business relationship with clients. With all the feedback gathered, the founding team improvised Biztory into an entry-level business-driven software that is designed for business owners rather than accountants. This is what sets Biztory apart from other competitors. Biztory enables anyone with very little accounting knowledge to use it effortlessly, to fulfil bookkeeping needs of all types of businesses. Now, Biztory is powering over 5,000 SMEs across 60 cities nationwide to produce RM27,000,000 worth of invoices each month. Since it is cloud-based, users can monitor their company’s progress and cash flow wherever they are, as long as there’s internet connection. Biztory also put their clients’ privacies as the top priority to ensure all data are well-protected at all time. “Many businesses fail within the first year they started because they are not on top of their cash flow and business expenses. We believe our software can help more businesses to sustain longer and scale faster.” Biztory claims that the software is designed in the simplest form, even people who are not tech-savvy can pick up and master the software easily. Biztory has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Takeaway Bedding

Mattress Manufacturer
Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout our life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect our mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. The way we feel while we’re awake depends in part on what happens while we’re sleeping. However, regardless of how important sleep is, a lot of people still struggle to get some shuteye every night. Some are tired and worn out at the end of the day, but when they reach their beds, they find themselves twisting and turning. If you find yourself in this kind of situation all the time, your mattress might be the culprit. This is because the quality of the mattress you regularly use can significantly affect your ability to doze off and sleep throughout the entire night. Alvin Kam works with his parents in their foam manufacturer factory after graduated from the UK. His parents have started the foam business since 1994. In 1996, they started to produce OEM mattresses for a few famous brands in Malaysia. In 2001, they started to step foot into the technical foam industry which covered the foam to automotive line, audio line, medical line and etc. Same year, the factory has been accredited DIN EN ISO 9001:2001. In 2006, after knowing that the NASA technology, they realised that memory foam can be used and extremely suitable as bedding material. Thus, they decided to put more effort in R&D and hired a professional to help them developed the first memory foam mattress in Malaysia. In 2016, some miracle accident happened at the research laboratory. After several testing on how to improve the memory foam quality and meanwhile includes the latex features into the memory foam, they accidentally developed a new palm oil-based material which has won the ITEX Malaysia 2016 Gold Medal, they named it fluidized foam and later has been renamed by other brands. In 2018, after gaining experience in Marketing from joining other mattress companies, Alvin is ready to expand the mattress business to online. Based on the previous experience he had learnt from the last generation and the survey on what the people want now, he had decided to start the Mattress-In-A-Box series which is quite common in the US and starting to expand in the Malaysia Market. Alvin started to gather a team to help him fulfil the mission and bring sweet dreams to the others. Hanz and CY are the first batch to join the team. They are young but passionate and creative enough. With the strong backing from last generation founders and the creativity from the young generations, Takeaway Bedding has stepped foot to the future dream. Takeaway Bedding’s mattresses are using the foam that consists of Memory Foam and Latex, which is called Hybrid Foam by the team. “The traditional way is too complicated and may end up buying a mattress which is not worth the money you have paid because of the salespersons who maybe cared more about their financial income than your comfort. You maybe have the chances to try the mattress on the spot for a few minutes before you made your decision, but it is not enough,” shared Alvin. Takeaway Bedding not only sends the mattress to the customer’s doorstep, they also offer a 99 nights trial for their customers to ensure the mattress really suits each customer. “We want to ensure customers spend the minimum amount but get the best quality product. Customer satisfaction is key.” Takeaway Bedding has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Human Resources
Whether you have ever used Tinder or not, you must have seen its signature swiping feature. Quite similar to the casual dating scene, many employers continuously need to hire part-time staff, and there are a handful of youngsters who want to earn extra income during their free time. Imagine when you needed some part-time helpers for a 3 hours event, but spent more than a week to source for the part-timers and interview them one-by-one. As for job seekers, you need to submit a unique cover letter and often need to create a specific CV for every job application. Don’t you wish the hiring process to be simpler, faster and more efficient? Noticing the market gap for part-time job hunting, in May 2017, Lucas and TJ founded SlingApp, a job hunting version of Tinder. It enables hungry part-timers to hunt down the jobs easily, only by swiping left or right to reject or apply for a job nearby. Once you have SlingApp installed on your phone, the app will push available jobs near your location, filtered by the preferred industries you’ve set. Just swipe to the right when you are interested in a particular job. For employers who have high turnover jobs, SlingApp’s features can help you to find employees fast without expending too much effort. Employers can pre-select applicants based on a specific set of requirements, such as experience, education background, language, nationalities and more. Besides, SlingApp provides an option for employers to set up 5 Auto-Interviu(AI) questions, which can help to obtain specific details from the applicants relating to the criteria of the job they’re applying. The job applicants that match a particular job’s requirements, the SlingApp AI will interview the applicants instantly via the chat message function on the app. Then, the system will email the applicants’ profiles and answers to the employers immediately. This AI feature speeds up the entire hiring process because it cuts down the need for job seekers to fill in unnecessary details. Furthermore, it helps employers to eliminate candidates that didn’t match the requirements and helps them to extract the relevant information. Although they didn’t have an app for the employers yet, employers can access to the qualified applicant details via email instead of prompting them to log in to the system to view. This makes it convenient for employers to monitor the hiring process on the go. SlingApp’s concept has gained traction from the market. Over two years, it has managed to get over 2000 employers, 50,000 job seekers onboard along with over 80,000 job matches. Currently, they don’t only have part-time job listings on the platform. Employers have started to advertise full time positions and internship opportunities on SlingApp! Job seekers can find a wide range of jobs from various industries, including F&B, retails, hotels, banks, e-commerce, telco, and more. “Our goal is to be the fastest job-matching app in Malaysia and beyond.” SlingApp has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Arts & Crafts
Shaqira Ramli graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Dubai in 2011 but couldn’t secure a job in the art industry when she’s back in Malaysia. Therefore, she joined the event industry as a graphic designer. In 2016, she decided to quit the job which she found very stressful due to her bad morning sickness while having her first baby. When she left the stress behind with her career in events, Shaqira felt like it only made sense to go back to what she loved doing most—art. Though they sold art handmade by others first, Shaqira and her husband later found a niche they were passionate about in making natural tie-dye and teaching others about it. They started to sell handmade their products in bazaars around West Malaysia. “We were very active in bazaars, especially in Penang. Sometime in 2017, a friend of mine who’s the organiser of Lokalhouz in Penang asked if we could teach at the Butterworth Fringe Festival in conjunction with the Georgetown Festival. Without hesitation, I said yes,” Shaqira pointed out some memorable moments in her art career. It was a huge success with estimated 60 participants. Since then, they started to run tie-dye workshops under their brand, Bohomys. In 2018, they ventured into natural dyes. 2019 onwards, Bohomys uses 100% natural dyes on their products and workshops. But due to the pandemic, their business which depended on in-person interactions had to come to a halt. To make matters worse, they lost almost RM20K the day the first MCO was announced due to cancellations for their workshops. “The pandemic hit us hard, and I was lost for a bit. But I knew that I had two kids that needed me, and I needed to work hard for them,” Shaqira recalled. Bohomys’ pivot started in July 2020, and it began when Shaqira and her husband decided to start selling their natural tie-dye as products. Before this, they were just teaching and selling natural dye kits. Since the first MCO, Shaqira had faced hikes in prices and was unable to source for some supplies sometimes, and she shared that her fabric supplier couldn’t open her shop for a bit. This limits them to only being able to make bags, T-shirts, masks, and scarves in the meantime, but once their fabric supplier is able to operate again, they’re thinking of introducing more clothes. Besides sustaining the business, Bohomys also determines in empowering youths, especially those from the nearby urban village near their place. They’re currently in talks with some parties that would like to support their program to open a community skill center in Kampung Kuala Sungai Baru, Puchong. They plan to provide opportunities for these youths to learn skills including tailoring, tie-dye, and many more for no cost. Bohomys has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Beans Depot

Food & Beverages
Coffee culture runs deep in Malaysia. Every morning, we can see people sitting at ‘kopitiams’ (coffee shop) to have a cup of coffee to kick off their day. We have the traditional Hainanese Coffee, kopi-o, kopi tarik, white coffee and some other novelty choices like ‘cham’ (the mixture of coffee and tea). Our traditional coffee beans are a mixture of green beans from different origins roasted with sugar, butter, and sesame. The blend of different beans and ingredients produces a strong, robust and aromatic taste in our local coffee. Specialty Coffee is the absolute contrast of our traditional coffee. It is used to describe beans of the best flavour which are produced in special microclimates. People often mistake ‘premium’ coffee as specialty coffee. Please note that ‘premium’ coffee is a marketing term with no defined standards, while specialty coffee is coffee bean which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scoresheet by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). Our team in ZOM-IN is very blessed to meet Ms Yip Leong Sum from Beans Depot, the president of the Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA) to understand her startup journey and her contribution to the coffee culture in Malaysia. Ms Yip used to work for all those big corporates as an HR Manager for Comp & Ben. She was very committed to her career. Until 10 years ago, when her children entered teenage, she couldn’t leave them at hometown anymore, she finally made a decision to leave corporate jobs in order to spend more times with her daughters. Knowing that she can’t be a full-time homemaker, her husband and daughters encouraged her to find something to do that interests her. Being a coffee lover for her whole life, she noticed that at that part of the time there’s no one in Malaysia selling coffee beans by origins. That was a time when the Third Wave Coffee hadn’t appeared in Malaysia yet, we only had Starbucks (the Second Wave Coffee), and Ms Yip herself was still a local coffee drinker. To understand more about coffee, Ms Yip started to do research about the coffee culture in Italy and started to learn how to brew coffee. She also joined a group of coffee enthusiasts that held regular meetings of appreciating specialty coffee. To pick up coffee brewing skills and knowledge, Ms Yip enrolled herself into the illy’s School of Coffee. The more she learnt, she wanted to learn even more. She flew all the way to Hong Kong to attended coffee roasting classes conducted by the SCAA. She got herself a 300g Roasting Machine to start roasting coffee beans. Then she realized, to get green beans (the raw coffee beans) in Malaysia is not easy because it required an approved permit (AP). "The journey is very tough. For almost everyone, ‘kopi o’ is still as good. Not many people would appreciate Specialty Coffee because of its higher price.” Ms Yip understood she has to cultivate the coffee culture in Malaysia. To bring up the entire coffee scene in Malaysia, she and a few coffee enthusiasts started to form the MSCA. They gathered the coffee lovers, machine sellers and beans distributors to organize world-standard competitions. After putting in a lot of efforts, they finally got the MSCA and the competitions sanctioned by the World Coffee Events. "The process of educating people, getting recognized and getting sponsored is not easy at all.” Ms Yip used to offer free cupping to teach other coffee lovers how to taste and evaluate a good cup of coffee. To encourage café owners to make specialty coffee, she rent her roasting machine to competitors. When we were visiting Ms Yip at Beans Depot, we saw a guy roasting coffee beans bag by bag, initially, we thought he is her staff, found out later that he is actually from another café. She even rent her coffee bar to people during weekends who wanted to start a café to engage them in the business before investing money on setting up their café. “I’m always keen to grow people and I want to strike a balance between business and mission.” Back to Beans Depot. Ms Yip started Beans Depot by renting a small garage of a bungalow, with a simple coffee machine and a small table. She invited people to come and taste the coffee and the visitors tipped her. Although she has moved into a bigger space now, she still keeps the table and the cake chiller that she used since day 1. “We are still using the same coffee machine!” The story of Ms Yip and Beans Depot is very unique. She not only built her own coffee business but also brought up the entire coffee scene in Malaysia and helped a lot of café owners in starting their businesses. "I believe in sustainability and integrity in business. I also believe together we can be better. It’s unlikely that their customers will come to me if they don’t have good quality coffee to offer. People go to their establishments often because of their personal relationships or maybe it’s nearer to their houses. I won’t earn more if I being selfish to share.” Do you love coffee? If yes, Beans Depot is a great place for you to redefine your understanding of coffee. “We don’t have fantastic furniture, but I can promise you the best quality in your cup.”

Life Origin

While eating insects isn’t too foreign of a concept in some of our local communities (cue sago worms), they’re more of a delicacy than a norm we’re moving towards for a more sustainable planet. Recent years, insect-derived proteins surfaced as a possible solution to tackle the rising demand for food and reduce the harm of livestock farming for the environment. Life Origin focuses on producing quality and sustainable insect protein using black soldier fly larvae. Utilising selected industrial waste as feed material, the business also generates a huge positive impact to the environment. The insect that Life Origin farms is the larvae for Black Soldier Flies (BSF). It all started when Sio Chun Jia was working in Cambodia as Head of Public Affairs for a bank. During this stint abroad, he visited a BSF farm in Vietnam. There, he realised the positive environmental potential of BSF farming as a form of waste management as well as the huge market opportunity in it. “Farming insects require 90% lesser land and water compared to any crops or animal farming. Also, production time is very much faster compared to animal farming,” explained Sio. Why they choose BSF? As an insect species, the BSF is very unique because they are voracious eaters that can convert organic waste into protein in a very short period of time. As an agricultural product, BSF have other benefits such as: Being able to grow to maturity in 10-15 days. High resistance to disease. Not spreaders of germs and diseases. Being a non-invasive species in Malaysia. Not a stinging or biting insect. Initially, Life Origin was introducing BSF for human consumption by producing a burger patty that associates and matches with minced beef. The burger patty contains 30% BSF larvae which reinforce the protein levels and add beneficial amino and lauric acids that aren’t available from beef alone. Noticing that Malaysians are not very receptive to the concept of entomophagy, Life Origin's key focus still remains on producing quality insect protein as animal feed ingredient. They offer live larvae, air-dried larvae and larvae flakes for fish farmers to feed fishes and shrimps, small animals and pets. Besides, they also introduce the ‘Prorigin’ range products, which are specially designed for pet owners. For example, they have PROTIMAX Protein Supplement, formulated with highly digestible Larvae Powder and is able to promote strength and power, muscle gain and immunity growth for dogs. They also use the oil extracted from larvae to make Paw & Skin Balm. The balm contains lauric acid, which is an natural anti microbial ingredient to protect and reduce inflammation and repairing on skin and scalp for better fur. Currently, the team is collaborating with local universities including UPM and UiTM in conducting research projects to get more data and research paper to bridge the gap to develop new ingredients to feed animals. “We believe that nature and insects play an important role in the food system. Black soldier fly will be the key in helping us in the food eco-system. By embracing this nature’s gift, we are able to create more sustainable protein to feed the world,” shared by Sio. Life Origin has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Homey Nutrition

Dr. Tan Wooi Peng is a medical doctor who strongly believes that a balanced and nutritious diet is not only essential for maintaining good health but also vital for the management of many health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, overweight, etc. He realizes that many patients hardly follow advice from doctors and dieticians after consulting them. Many excuses are often given such as the hassle of preparing healthy meals as well as misconceptions about the higher cost of getting the ingredients of the meals. At the same time, Yi Chien, who is a certified dietitian, believes in the power of food to enhance lives and improve health. She has a great passion for inspiring and improving the health of others through nutrition and healthy eating. She uses the latest scientific evidence to develop personalized eating plans to help patients/clients reaching their health goals as there is no "one plan fits all" approach. These two like-minded people were connected when Yi Chien did her clinical attachment at Dr. Tan's clinic. Two of them are aligned around a common vision. With great enthusiasm, they immediately started to create a platform with the mission to provide people with easy access to healthy meals. Thus, Homey is born. Fast forward today, Homey is a health-tech nutrition optimization platform that is backed by a strong network of dietitians & nutritionists to meet their users’ healthy dietary needs. They deliver healthy meals and therapeutic diets in Penang, KL, and Selangor while providing a range of nutrition services. Homey consists of a team of doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists, who work together with chefs to design meals that help users achieve their health goals and needs. Their nutrition services include: 1. Corporate lunch & healthy meal delivery 2. Therapeutic meal delivery for sick patients - Diabetic diet - Heart healthy diet - Cancer-fighting diet - Post-operation diet - Dialysis diet etc. 3. Ready-to-cook meal kits 4. Individual consultation 5. Public health talk 6. Corporate wellness 7. Personalized meal plan Moving forward, Homey wishes to envision a community in which everyone has credible nutrition knowledge and awareness towards healthy eating, enabling them to achieve sustainable quality health life. Homey has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Property & Housing
It has been a decade since Airbnb was introduced. Being one of the most successful pioneers of the sharing economy, Airbnb has transformed the entire travel industry around the world. More vacation travellers opt for short stays from online rental sites because of the convenience (users can settle everything from room selection to payment online), lower cost compared to conventional hotels and unique experiences. The rise of online renting platforms has encouraged many people to turn their properties into short stays or even start investing in short stay businesses. However, existing platforms are only online aggregators of short stay accommodations. These platforms don’t get involved in helping hosts with providing a hospitable stay, providing support nor aid to ensure a good staying experience. “Little did I know that hosting a short stay needed a lot of work and attention when I first bought a property for investment. Like many other property owners, I have a busy day job and had very limited knowledge of managing a short stay. This is what led my friends and I to the idea of HostAStay,” shared Jordan Oon, the co-founder and CEO of HostAStay Berhad. Established in January 2017, HostAStay is a Short Stay Management Platform that helps property owners convert their vacant property into an income-generating asset, whilst providing top-tier short stay experience for guests, hassle-free. “Some consumers might mistake us as a booking site like Airbnb, which we’re not. We don’t advertise our clients’ properties on our platform, but we partnered with all the renowned booking sites like Airbnb, Agoda, Booking.com, Ctrip and Expedia to expose our clients’ short stays.” HostAStay offers one-stop Short Stay Management Services to house owners which consists of consultancy services, short stay management, online and onsite trainings, professional interior design & renovation and more. Under the umbrella of HostAStay, there are many verticals, which includes: HostSearch – matching homeowners with professional short stay hosts. HostPlatform – the all-in-one short stay management system. HostProtect – the first insurance product cater to short stays. StaySuites – the complete concierge services. DesignAStay – professional interior design and renovation services. uCleans – professional housekeeping and cleaning services. XeniaPlus – extended concierge services for short-team leasing. Below we will walk you through the core features of these verticals. HostPlatform is a comprehensive short stay system. Once a guest has booked a stay on any online platform such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, etc., the respective host is notified. The system eliminates key and pressing issues that allows for calendar syncing, double booking prevention, and generates clear reports for owners. Meanwhile, HostSearch enables homeowners to search for professional hosts that stay nearby their properties to manage the short stay. These hosts use HOSTPLATFORM to manage the short stay properties, which enables owners to monitor and track the renting activities with full transparency, providing the owners an ease of mind to focus on their daily routines. On top of the that, HostAStay also offers uCleans services to homeowners to ensure the cleanliness of the short stay properties. “Cleanliness has always be the leading factor of customers’ satisfaction during their short stay, thus, we engage with reliable cleaning service providers to do regular housekeeping and cleaning to ease the homeowners’ mind.” The strongest point that makes HostAStay stands out is its exclusive partnership with Tune Protect. HostProtect is the First Short Stay Insurance in Malaysia. “All the properties managed by HostAStay are protected with a comprehensive all-risk policy to ensure security and assurance to our hosts and homeowners alike,” shared Jordan. With a strong mission to build and promote responsible tourism, HostAStay strives for excellence in boosting Southeast Asia’s tourism scene while focusing on growing with the team of talents. To date, HostAStay has empowered more than 8000 short stays throughout Malaysia in less than two years. The team is constantly seeking to collaborate with businesses from different sectors, explicitly recognizing the transformative role that businesses can play in the short stay and tourism industry. HostAStay has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


To step into motherhood is to wander through an endless journey filled with momentous memories, unconditional love, and sometimes even painful challenges. Mothers go through changes physically, mentally, and emotionally in order to bring new life into this world. Eaugene (Eau) and Fion began careers in a Japanese electronic MNC and a Singaporean jewellery company respectively after graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Upon entering the journey into motherhood, Fion faced grievances in finding nice and affordable shapewear. In 2010, the couple left their jobs and launched a pushcart business in malls selling shapewear products, which was mass market-friendly. Many maternity brands in the market are focusing more on offering baby products, but not so much on postpartum mother care. Even existing maternity brands appear more focused on fashionable maternity clothing, but not on items like postpartum panties, milk storage bags, lactation-helping products, and more. Eau and Fion noticed that ‘90s and ‘00s mothers are different from ‘70s and ‘80s mothers. Namely, they place value on items that are both functional and aesthetic, two criteria that Shapee believes it can fulfill. Therefore, they pivoted their business to sell products that were more niche, addressing the needs of women looking for maternity and nursing wear. This also came after experiencing a sales drop in their shapewear business due to the growing e-commerce trend and their brand’s lack of new product introduction. Another main reason that drives them to offer more maternity and nursing wear is that Fion was searching for more affordable maternity and nursing products while pregnant with her third child. who she wanted to exclusively breastfeed, despite her unsuccessful experience in breastfeeding her first two children. They understand the struggles that many mothers go through. Thus, other than focusing on nursing wear, they aim to offer an end-to-end solution by providing a digital learning platform to parents, which is called Parenting Circle. In Parenting Circle, there are blogs and articles on pregnancy and childcare along with a directory of maternity and baby-related services and information. It is also linked to a motherhood community on Facebook called SuperMom. Now, Shapee has grown from a pushcart business to a nationwide one with a multichannel market presence via e-commerce and over 200 retail stores. To date, it has been accompanying more than 100,000 mummies in their motherhood journey and is still counting. Shapee has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


How often do you do your groceries? Majority of the Malaysians make their groceries weekly. With the high competitions among grocery stores, there are countless options and good deals for the consumers. However, there is still a gap between retail pricing after discounts and wholesale pricing. Wholesale pricing is cheaper is because the wholesalers purchase from the manufacturers in very large volume, and then sell in smaller quantities (perhaps by the box or by the case) to retailers (e.g. supermarkets), that in turn sell to consumers in small quantities. Retailers like AEON and Jaya Grocers not only sell the products to consumers. They are also responsible to do the last quality control to ensure consumers are satisfied. Besides, they provide consumers a safe and comfortable shopping environment, with the strong centralised air-conditioner, ample parking spaces, tidy shelves and clear signage. All of this costs money and is reflected in the retail price. Nicholas Tee grew up in a family running an FMCG Wholesaler & Distributor business. Noticing the price gap between wholesale and retail, a thought popped up in his mind, “We consume many grocery items on a daily basis, why don’t we just buy it in bulk to enjoy greater savings?” Yet, wholesale shopping is not quite common in Malaysia. We don’t have big chained warehouse retailers like Costco. Even though some physical retailers offer customers wholesale options, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is very high, and it generally requires manpower to transport the goods. Hence, Nicholas came up with the idea of building an online wholesale shopping website. With the support of his parents, who owned an FMCG Wholesale business for more than two decades, in 2018, Nicholas introduced Bulky within 4 months of planning and preparation. I managed to convince my family to transform the existing traditional supply value chain into a performance driven and cost-effective model which is backed by the latest technology by creating BULKY.” Currently, the platform has close to 200 brands with more than 2000 of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) from six key grocery categories with 41 sub-categories. With BULKY, consumers are able to access to cheaper prices at a relatively low MOQ. The MOQ is set based on customers’ price acceptance level and buying behaviour which is derived from the data and market insights. Having said that, consumers can choose from the available MOQ with some orders set at just one unit. As the number of units of a particular product that you are buying increases, the price will drop. You’ll get more discounts by ordering more. We believe wholesale should not just be limited to businesses only, but also for any individual or household consumer who are seeking for bargain offers to save on their spending.” Moreover, as BULKY is an e-commerce based business, consumers don’t need to worry that they couldn’t transport the goods home at a lump sum, because all the orders will be sent to your doorstep. This is good news especially for bigger families which consume more groceries. BULKY is not just innovating and transforming the traditional business model of their family business but is also trying to ease consumers’ life. BULKY has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Social Enterprise
People nowadays value natural and community-friendly products for daily usage. For instance, natural skincare products have been highly sought after to alleviate skin problems from acne, eczema, and psoriasis, to simply oily and combination skin types. A few years ago, Sulie struggled with chronic eczema that led her to quit her job. Unable to find products she could use safely on her sensitive skin, her doctor suggested she try an alternative in the form of natural ingredients. Diving into research, she handcrafted her own skincare products using ingredients she could easily source from the backyard of her village, Melugu in Simanggang, Sarawak. There, she met a bee farmer who revealed that half of Melugu farmers earned under RM200 per month from their yield. Hence, Sulie founded Sluvi with two missions in mind: - Create natural skincare products that are safe for people, especially those with sensitive skin; - Empower farmers by sourcing ingredients from them and increasing their income. Since launching in 2018, the business has been named as one of the winners of 2018’s Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE programme and has been supported by accelerator programmes held by MaGIC. Upon getting the social enterprise up and running, Sulie told Vulcan Post that the farmers in her village weren’t exactly jumping on her bandwagon. “We tried spreading the news through word of mouth, social media, phone calls, but after 1 month plus, no one showed up,” Sulie recalled. “We believe those farmers didn’t trust how legit our company was. So we decided to go on the ground and meet with the villagers from house to house to explain what our project was all about.” While time-consuming, it was all worth it as the 4 families working with Sluvi today have increased their income by 300%, earning between RM850 to RM1,200 per month. The team also trains their farmers on sustainable farming techniques to mitigate the use of pesticides in their plantations while increasing yield. These farmers consist of single mothers, elderly widowers, unemployed young adults, and fathers in the village areas. “Most of our beneficiaries didn’t have other jobs before and just depended on government financial aid which is still not sufficient to support their family,” explained Sulie. “All this time, they did not realize what the natural plants they were growing in the backyard could do for them, until Sluvi gave them the idea to utilize them as ingredients in our products. By having more income through Sluvi, life could be better for them.” Currently, Sluvi only sells 4 products on the e-commerce platforms Poptron, and Miracolo. All priced at RM22 each, Sluvi’s product line comprises Stingless Bee Honey Face & Body Soap, Aloe Green Tea Face Mask, Rice Face Mask, and Lemon Coffee Body Scrub. They can also be found in-stores from their stockists, Shine Pharmacy, Farm Direct Shop, and Ranee Artisan Gallery. Thus far, they’ve been able to bring in average revenue of between RM12,000 and RM15,000 per month within the past year. Sulie shared that about 60% of customers are from Sabah and Sarawak, 30% are from Peninsular Malaysia, while the remaining 10% are from overseas consumers who found them on social media. In 3 years’ time, Sulie is hoping to increase her partnered farmers’ income to at least RM2,000 per month, through agricultural training and workshops conducted by the team at Sluvi. She’s also looking to impact 15 families and educate more Malaysian consumers about the benefits of natural skincare products. “Our long-term goal is to create a better farming ecosystem in Sarawak villages. Through this project, the farmers could have sustainable income, improve their skill and knowledge in farming, produce quality natural ingredients and have job training experiences,” she added. Sluvi has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


In the world of e-commerce, having an effective logistics system is crucial. A sound logistics system doesn’t only deliver products to the end-users on-time, but also make sure the brand and impression are well-presented at customers’ doorsteps. However, delivery is not the core competency of businesses (except for logistics companies). Setting up a professional logistics team within the business obviously is not an option for most companies, as it involves expensive costs and it places a considerable liability on the company if the staff does something inappropriate or gets into an accident. Meanwhile, if a business chooses to sell its products on a third-party marketing platform that comes with delivery fulfilment, the costly delivery fees and marketing fees will wipe out all the profits in many cases. Mohamad Hafiz, Sean and Jeevan are long-time friends. One day, when Jeevan shared about his unpleasant experience while sending flowers to his wife. “A lovely action that turned sour because of the bad delivery services,” he recalled. Hafiz, who has been delivering gaming sets to customers, understood the flaws of the existing logistics system. “Traditional delivery agents are just not conditioned to do on-demand deliveries; they don’t have the effective mechanisms,” shared Hafiz. The trio started to think of possibilities to improve the current system. In June 2016, they founded Zoom to provide a web-based platform for businesses to solve their last-mile delivery issues via a system that employs professional riders and in-depth integration within their clients’ business ecosystems. With the past experiences in dispatching goods, Mohammad Hafiz has developed a series of training for the Zoomers. “We have prepared practical Bahasa Melayu and English classes to ensure our riders to communicate smoothly with the end-users. Besides, they must carry perfume and a comb in their pouch bag to show clients fresh and neat impressions,” shared Hafiz. Once signed up with Zoom, clients can upload their bulk orders through API for instant delivery to end-users at pre-scheduled times. Zoom’s system will optimise all the requests to search for the quickest route delivery to help clients maximise their delivery cost savings. Zoom has over 80 full-time Zoomers but also manages 300 registered freelance riders to fulfil clients’ orders. “We have over 200 clients registered on our platform, with 80 per cent of them using our services on a daily basis,” shared Sean. Zoom’s notable clients include BloomThis, Life Juice and Dahmakan, where the deliveries involve products that require extra care and must be served on time. “On-demand deliveries are highly challenging. However, since more customers value convenience and would love to have the products delivered to their doorstep, we strive to be the best last-mile delivery partner for our clients.” In its second year of operation, Zoom has won the “Startup of the Year” award at the ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. In 2018, Zoom successfully secured RM4 millions in a round of funding, with Gobi Partners as the lead investors. With the raised funding, Zoom is strengthening its services in Klang Valley, at the same time preparing for its expansion to Penang and Johor Bahru. “We’re also seeking opportunities to open our services to the Indonesian and Thai market,” shared Sean. Moving forward, Zoom also plans to provide while-label services for corporate clients that want to manage their logistics internally, but use Zoom’s system for the automation of grouping and assigning deliveries. Zoom has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. The IoT helps people live and work smarter as well as gain complete control over their lives. In addition to offering smart devices to automate homes, IoT is essential to business. IoT provides businesses with a real-time look into how their companies’ systems work, delivering insights into everything from the performance of machines to supply chain and logistics operations. IoT enables companies to automate processes and reduce labour costs. It also cuts down on waste and improves service delivery, making it less expensive to manufacture and deliver goods as well as offering transparency into customer transactions. Speaking about IoT, Dr Mazlan is one of the iconic influencers of IoT in Malaysia. He is ranked Top 10 in IoT Top 100 Influencers by Postscapes 2017 & 2018, ranked Top 20 Global Thought Leaders on the Internet of Things (February 2019) by Thinkers360, ranked No. 20th Thought Leader in IOT by 2014 Onalytica Report – “The Internet of Things – Top 100 Thought Leaders, ranked among 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by World CSR Congress 2017 and UTM Alumni Industry Personality 2016. With more than 30 years of rich and diverse experiences in the academia, government R&D agency and telco industry, Dr Mazlan has flowed from the job world onto a journey of entrepreneurship. The experience that he gained from working for different sectors helped him gain considerable knowledge of the intricacies involved in various industry domains. Through IoT solutions that are being offered by FAVORIOT, he dreams of touching every aspect of life with technology, therefore, making lives of human beings modern yet straightforward. In 2017, Dr Mazlan founded FAVORIOT to offer IoT solutions to enterprises of all sizes, SMEs and Startups. The company is ardent to provide highly innovative solutions that satisfy the need of its client and establish a long term relationship with them. FAVORIOT products are highly innovative and equipped with advanced technology in the Internet of Things. FAVORIOT is known by its clients for its prompt response to client’s demands both in terms of product offering and its business model. The company has built a secure IoT ecosystem for seamless customer experience across the entire value chain. The company’s expertise lies in IoT platform or middleware that allows sensors with different connectivity protocols to be connected on a single platform. It also allows IoT software developers to create their solutions using the APIs provided. IoT is complex, and there are numerous services attached to a single product. Therefore, it is not feasible for a company to equip the entire range of IoT services. Looking into the complexity that comes with IoT, FAVORIOT has kept its product line simple yet innovative to exceed customer’s expectations. FAVORIOT encourages the growth of an IoT ecosystem and helps others to develop their IoT products quickly without investing or developing their own IoT platform. Being an early IoT player in Malaysia gives FAVORIOT the presence, brand, and trust in providing advice and become a partner in delivering IoT solutions. FAVORIOT offered IoT solutions to more than 20 Universities and companies as their teaching and R&D, and within a short span of two years, there are now more than 1200 IoT developers from over 86 countries using the platform. RAQIB RAQIB is a successful product launched by FAVORIOT, a system that helps family members to monitor the elderly parents who are alone at home. The initial purpose of RAQIB is to solve the problems that floated as a result of the upcoming worldwide ageing population. With RAQIB, the smart wearable equipment will send the wearer’s health vital signs and location to a mobile application. Geo-fencing is activated to ensure alerts are notified to their children, especially for the dementia persons. Later, the company expanded the RAQIB service to Hajj Authorities and Travel Agencies to monitor their Hajj pilgrims during their pilgrimage. This service is to provide peace of mind to the related authorities and the family members in case there are missing pilgrims. Family members of pilgrims who wear RAQIB’s equipment can receive real-time location to monitor the pilgrims’ whereabouts. Through RAQIB, the company also extended its services to Travel Tour Agents to monitor their travellers; and to hospitals to monitor their remote patients and employees to ensure their staff safety. FAVORSENSE Dr Mazlan believed the urban planners would love to have real-time data from major cities to help them accurately plan the city roads in the future. Thus, he introduced FAVOURSENSE, a crowdsourcing solution using mobile app that collected information about the city’s issues. “The public will have a better picture of where to live and work. Housing estates will know how to price their property. Businesses will know where to build their offices strategically. In fact, I always think it’s such a waste if Google limits the Waze data for advertising only,” shared by Dr Mazlan. FAVORSENSE allows citizens or organizations to make incident reports easily through a mobile application. Then, the report can be quickly and effectively handled by the relevant authorities later. With FAVORSENSE, authorities will be seen as more proactive, collaborative, engaged and transparent in managing the cities. All incidents or reports will be geo-tagged and finding the location will be accessible by the field-force or contractors. All these data are aggregated on FAVORSENSE and decision making can be made based on the insights. From academics to SMEs, Travel Agencies and public, FAVORIOT has served almost all industry verticals. The company is optimistic about a successful future and is actively seeking investors and partners for further market expansion beyond Malaysian shores to become a global player. FAVORIOT has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


The city center of Kuala Lumpur is the hub of businesses that offers the most job opportunities. However, if you have to drive to work and your workplace doesn’t provide you with a designated parking spot, you will have to fight for parking space which can also cost a bomb—easily up to RM24 per day. Knowing that finding parking especially in the city center can be a huge pain point, Kyan Liew set out to make a change in the industry. Seeing the dire state of parking in SS15 reminded him of parking rentals available back in London, and he set about looking for a similar solution to be localised in Malaysia. He finds it doesn’t make sense to spend millions to build multi-level car parks while leaving so many residential car parks under-utilised. Taking inspiration from sharing communities that have popped up recently such as co-working spaces, Kyan wants to make parking spaces accessible to those who need them via the sharing economy business model. Thus, in August 2016, he rented out his first parking space at KL Sentral where he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers to validate the parking rental concept. After it proved a success, Kyan established ParkIt in December 2016. ParkIt is a peer-to-peer car park sharing platform where anyone with a vacant parking space is able to rent it to drivers who are in need of those parking spaces. Kyan’s past experience as a Management Consultant in PwC has provided him with many of the skills necessary to build and operate ParkIt. He is supported by two other co-founders. ParkIt is designated for people ranging from homeowners, tenants, and developers in both residential and commercial buildings to earn extra money by renting out their vacant parking space. At the same time, those who work within the vicinity and are tired of paying the expensive daily parking rates and wasting time finding parking space every morning can rent a parking space using ParkIt. The ParkIt team is targeting anybody who has a vacant parking space in an area that is commercially thriving, such as places like KL Sentral, KLCC, Pusat Bandar Damansara, Bangsar, TTDI, Damansara Heights, and more. Kyan added, “These are most often than not, homeowners of condominiums within the vicinity.” As Malaysians, price plays an important factor in our daily lives, which is why the price of parking also matters. ParkIt team understands the importance of it and tries to keep their prices as competitive as possible compared to the seasonal parking rentals offered by traditional vendors. The prices on the platform range from RM150 for areas with lower demand up to RM350 in areas with high demand. However, the asking price is usually determined by property owners, while ParkIt team will try their best to advise the best price taking into account market rates, supply and demand economics, and commercial car park prices. Besides enjoying the competitive price, ParkIt users will also have the convenience of having their own personal reserved parking space, as opposed to a floating one provided in parking areas. In the future, Kyan would be looking to expand their services beyond Klang Valley and even beyond Malaysia as they have recognised multiple areas throughout the country and abroad that would benefit from the service offered by ParkIt. ParkIt has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Property & Housing
Being a student, one of the biggest challenges of studying away from home is searching for decent accommodation. Although there are many online platforms for properties, majorities of them are only properties directories. You still need to do much research and go through many offline hassles to secure a room. “The typical room searching takes about two months. Students often have to deal with dodgy agents. If they search last minute, chances are they may have to compromise with higher rentals, bad room conditions or distant locations,” Wen Khai, the co-founder of LiveIn (formerly known as HostelHunting) shared about common problems students are facing while renting a room. These problems are not new to Wen Khai because he had experienced them personally when he was a student. After graduated, he worked as a hostel operator. He faced new challenges where the available options and platforms to promote the properties he was managing didn’t meet his requirements. “We had to manage viewings and bookings manually using WhatsApp. During peak seasons, usually before new intakes, the large volume of messages was not easy to handle. At times, we might even overlook some messages.” To tackle all these little issues, Wen Khai and his partners have developed a solution after a few weeks of brainstorming. They decided to start building LiveIn. As its name implies, LiveIn is a platform for students to hunt for a safe and comfortable hostel while studying away from their hometown. To date, it is the first and only room rental website that focused on student accommodation. LiveIn’s features are built specifically for students who want to rent a room. The platform ensures landlords provide all the necessary information photos, location to amenities and house rules, to help students make their decisions. All the properties listed on the platform are near to universities and colleges. Students can search for rooms based on their campus’ location. Once students are satisfied with a room or unit, they can book and secure the accommodation by placing a small deposit. So, students need not worry that their rooms will be taken away by other potential tenants. Speaking of which, many middlemen like to play the trick by telling their prospective tenants that other people already booked the unit. To secure the room, the clients need to pay slightly higher than the advertised price. On LiveIn, these tricks are not condoned. If there are any discrepancies, the student’s deposit is fully refundable. Besides, operators that do not comply with the rules of LiveIn will be removed from the system to ensure the safeness and transparency of the website. “Since day one, our mission is to create a safe and secure environment for students and a transparent and hassle-free platform for the landlords. To maintain the quality of our listings, we always work closely with reputable owners and operators when we venture to a new area.” Started humbly from Bandar Sunway, LiveIn has set foot in more areas including Cyberjaya, Bukit Jalil, Sungai Long, Taman Connaught, Kota Damansara and more! In late 2016, it has even started operating in Singapore and Thailand to fulfil more students’ accommodation need. To provide students with a better room rental experience, LiveIn has introduced the HH+ Renting Solution to benefit both owners and tenants. LiveIn hires community managers to maintain the properties under the HH+ program. These houses are fully furnished and equipped with high-speed WiFi and other amenities. Besides, tenants need not worry about roommates with poor hygiene because rooms under HH+ come with complimentary weekly housekeeping service! HH+ is not only providing a smoother renting experience for tenants, but also ensures better rental returns for house owners. With HH+, property owners need not to deal with tenants and do the housekeeping or maintenance anymore. In May 2019, Hostel Hunting has launched an insurance policy called HH Protect that covers homeowners that subscribe to HH+. This complimentary insurance coverage covers household goods and personal effects belonging to the homeowner or family member, contained in the private property. Among other HH Protect benefits included are coverage for furniture, electrical appliances, jewellery, breakage to mirrors and death compensation. “Moving forward, our platform will focus in offering the HH+ because that is the solution for both owners and tenants to truly enjoy the investment and renting experience.” LiveIn has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Smartphones have transformed consumers’ behaviours thoroughly. Most of the time, we buy things based on the info we have gotten from the internet via our mobile phones. For instances, when you’re queueing up in Mcdonald’s, some of you will open up the app to check for the latest promotions and deals. When you’re in a supermarket, you’ll go online to compare prices of some items from other retailers’ website or from online marketplaces Most of our decisions and transactions are either directly or indirectly affected by the info we obtained from the internet or mobile apps via smartphones. In early of this decade, Desmond has started his entrepreneurial journey by offering mobile app development services to enterprises. “At first, we developed various type of mobile apps for clients. Some of them are e-magazines, e-catalogs, multi-branches info, listings, etc. At one part of the time, we received many requests on CRM apps. Thus, AppPay is born,” shared by Desmond Tay, the founder of AppPay. AppPay offers O2O (online to offline) loyalty system to Brick-and-Mortar retailers on a monthly subscription model. Loyalty system and loyalty program is a powerful marketing strategy that design to retain customers by rewarding them. This program can also activate inactive customers to shop more aggressively. Moreover, unlike known POS systems that provide CRM solution that is merely member database reside in the system, AppPay solutions will do the “Communication” side. AppPay aims to provide an affordable CRM solution for fast-growing brands or businesses that own more than five outlets or have more than 10 thousands members. Its comprehensive loyalty system helps brand owners to actively engage with the customer. The system consists of analytical info on customer spending behaviours, re-marketing tool, e-voucher system, rewarding system, rebate system, CRM system, content management and most importantly, the mobile app. Since 2017, AppPay has provided their professional development services for clients from various industries including Retail, Food and Beverage, Ticketing, Resort and Hotel, Service Providers, Salon and Spa and more. On top of the comprehensive CRM system, AppPay also helps clients to customise the mobile app upon requests to ensure the app meet each client’s business needs. “To date, we have successfully launched mobile apps and worked with numerous brands such as Perodua, MPH Bookstore, Donutes, TK Bakery, Loudspeaker, City Explorer, Apple Vacations and many more,” shared Desmond. On the frontend, app users are able to enjoy membership benefits without the hassle of carrying a physical membership card. Besides, they also receive push notifications on the latest promotions and events of their favourite brand. Some of the apps even serve as an e-wallet to enable an easy cashless payment experience, and loyalty rewards for the consumers. Meanwhile, the app’s backend doesn’t only allow brand owners to engage their consumers with attractive deals and rewards but also studies the consumers’ behaviours. It collects consumers’ reactions on each campaign to provide data-driven analytics in helping brand owners to make more accurate decisions for future campaigns. “Currently, we’re actively serving three clients and are working for three more upcoming projects. We’re happy that our solutions are feasible for helping clients’ businesses to grow. Recently, we’ve chosen as one of the 10 Fast-Growing Fintech in Malaysia by IDC Financial Insights. It was a great recognition for our team.” When discussing the millennials, Desmond advised youngsters to get themselves involved in more co-curricular activities and external projects to develop useful skill sets. “Don’t be too calculative and too money-driven. Always remember, the more you contributed, the more you learnt. And those values, skills and experiences are your assets that no one could ever take away from you.” Desmond also advised fresh graduates to join startups or SMEs to gain more exposures. “Startup bosses are usually more flexible and provides more rooms for you to utilise your creativities. You will often involve in projects from ideation to planning to execution. If you’re joining a big corporate with a clear hierarchy, chances are you will take actions based on your superiors’ orders only.” AppPay has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Having flawless skin is a goal for many. However, it is often hard to achieve. Our skin condition may change depending on our diet habits, the weather, the quantity of rest that we take, and the products that we apply to our face. Aerin Gabor was paying a visit to her Kadazan-Dusun grandparents who live in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. There, she noticed that her elderly grandmother, aunts, and mother had clear, flawless skin. Struggling to get rid of her adult acne and redness from switching around too many beauty products, Aerin was curious what her grandmother, mother, and aunts’ skincare regimens were. Then, she discovered the secret lies in the Kalalit tree, which is a native species in Southeast Asian region. “Old wives’ tales from Kadazan-Dusun elders believe that a few splashes of Kalalit water onto the face were the revitalizing touch that helped their complexions appear flawless,” she said. Aerin tried applying the Kalalit water onto her face every day. To her surprise, her multi-problem skin got better after a week. Returning to Kuala Lumpur after this trip, she shared her newfound discovery with her friends who were mesmerized by her skin. With the mission to help all those who have skin issues to gain flawless skin, Aerin decided to create a clean skincare formulation that works. She took this passion very seriously and even went to the UK to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Organic Cosmetic Science. To develop suitable skin products from natural ingredients from Borneo, Aerin partnered with a local lab to extract the Kalalit water from sappan wood. It took them some time to find the right ingredients. In December 2019, Aerin and her partner, Ika, incorporated Olumes Sdn. Bhd. Due to the pandemic, many of their plans delayed. In September 2020, they finally launched their products. Though it was a bit risky to launch the product during the pandemic, they also noticed the local e-commerce was blooming. They decided to market their products via an e-commerce website and promoted their products via social media. The ingredients of Olumes’ products don’t come cheap. The pricing for Olumes ranges from RM80 to RM300 per product. However, they believe products that work well will speak for themself. Soon after they launched their products, Olumes The Satin Cream has won the Beauty Insider Rewards 2021 for the Best Pore-refining Skincare. They collaborate with Hoolah to enable their users to buy the products with instalment plans. At the same time, the team also launched a more price-friendly range of products with the same effectiveness to improve skin conditions in May. Moving forward, Olumes plans to slowly introduce their products internationally to Europe and the US. They are excited and super proud to share the rich heritage of Kadazan-Dusun with the world. Olumes has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Health is an utmost importance for human flourishing, and health care is a fundamental human right. Malaysia is widely credited to have achieved universal health coverage for citizens. However, the accessibility of healthcare services to migrant workers is questionable. According to a research article in 2019, Malaysia is a nett importer of foreign labour, with documented foreign workers consisting 15% of the labour force. Due to their lack of legal status, irregular or undocumented migrants are invisible to policy-makers. Thus, their numbers remain contentious. Migrants mostly work in construction, agriculture and plantations, manufacturing, services and domestic work. These are low-skill, low-wage jobs of less than MYR 2,000 per-month, unfavourable to citizens and crudely described as 3D ‘Dirty’, ‘Difficult’ and ‘Dangerous’. Before being allowed to work in Malaysia, all migrant workers must pass a pre-departure health test. Moreover, documented migrant workers are also required to pass a pre-employment health examination within the first month of arrival. They are subsequently subject to mandatory annual health examinations as a condition for work permit renewals. Following these policies, migrant workers are expected to be healthy upon entering Malaysia. However, living and working conditions and exclusion from health services may predispose migrants to poor health. Abu Hasnat Mohammad Sultanur Reza is a Telecommunications Engineer who has served in organizations in Bangladesh and Myanmar for almost 27 years. Some of the notable initiatives executed by him during his career are: Grameenphone Community Information Center (Rural Internet centers)- later Government of Bangladesh implemented similar model in rural areas, Healthline 789, implemented Tele-dermatology and Online School with CSR of Grameenphone. He also implemented mHealth and Internet Center projects in Myanmar while working with Telenor Myanmar during 2014-2015. Besides, he ran an e-clinic in a rural village in Bangladesh for one year with the support of a local NGO. Reza has a passion for improving health of the people at the Base of the Pyramid using technology. So, after retiring from work, Sultanur Reza wanted to break down the barriers to make healthcare services accessible for all migrants. “Most of them (migrants) can’t read and write in Malay and English. They also don’t have time to queue up in clinics. Though some clinics operate 24/7, those clinics usually charge expensive fees,” Sultanur Reza shared that Language, Cost and Documentation are major barriers that prevent migrant workers from getting essential healthcare services. In 2017, he started ClicknCare, a healthcare platform for migrants around the world to seek healthcare services at a reasonable cost anytime, anywhere with a mobile phone. The telemedicine platform enables migrants to consult doctors who speak their languages. The platform partners with qualified and experienced registered doctors that can communicate in Bangla, Hindi, Urdu, Burmese or Nepalese to provide medical consultations over video calls. Knowing that many migrant workers don’t have a local bank account, the platform engages local stores in factory areas to become the Agents. These Agents collaborates with ClicknCare to supply medicines and help migrant workers to top-up their ClicknCare’s wallet. Once registered as a user on ClicknCare, migrant workers will need to top-up their account. When they have health queries, they can consult a doctor over a video-call instantly to get quick medical advice. For severe, chronic sickness and health problems, they can book an appointment with specialist Doctors through customer support agents for a proper consultation via video call. After the consultation, the user receive an online prescription on his/her smartphone. Then, they can visit any clinics, labs and pharmacies to do tests or buy medicines. Some of the common OTC medicines are available at ClicknCare Agents too. Upon requests, the platform also delivers medicine directly to patients at an extra cost. ClicknCare is currently operating in Kajang and Kuala Lumpur, with eight Agents available around factory areas. The team’s goal is to improve the healthcare services for migrants around the world and to expand ClicknCare into a global platform in six years. They like to be Uber or Grab for Migrants Healthcare. They want to be part of the noble initiative “Health for All”. ClicknCare has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Gone are the days when people believe that climbing up the corporate ladder is the path towards success. Millennials nowadays are more appealed to the idea of being a boss themselves. Thus, start-ups are mushrooming not only in Silicon Valley but all over the world. One of the trickiest parts to start a business is the start-up financing – that initial infusion of money needed to turn the idea into something tangible. When you are just starting, you’re not at the point yet where a traditional lender or investor would be interested in you. Many investors are reluctant to invest in private equity and crowdfunding projects because of they afraid of getting scammed. Besides, many small and medium enterprises owners wanted to digitise their businesses to stay relevant to the evolving market. Unfortunately, most of them are clueless about how to start. “Therefore, we gather Entrepreneurs, Investors and Industry Professionals to share knowledge and resources about New Finance and New Retail among these three parties,” shared by Allan, the founder of EntreVestors Ecosystem. Allan started his businesses in the early twenties. “At first, I opened a cybercafe in my hometown with the money claimed from my late father’s insurance. I were interested in investments, so I learned how to invest in property and stock. Unfortunately, I was trapped by the Ponzi Scheme and ended up with six-figure debts.” To settle the huge debts, Allan left his hometown and started his salesman life in Kuala Lumpur. “From insurance, broadband services to the property, as long as it’s legal, I would sell.” While selling properties, he met his mentor who taught him about alternative financing. He then followed the mentor to run a Venture Capital Platform in China. In 2013, Allan moved back to Malaysia and wanted to replicate the business model of the Venture Capital Platform with a business partner here. However, they soon hit a snag because many local investors used to have lousy perception and misconception about equity crowdfunding. To eliminate the stereotypes and to help investors indicate excellent investment opportunities, they started to organise educational talks regarding alternative financing such as crowdfunding and private equity. While running talks, Allan realised that many business owners not only have questions regarding investment, but more problems are pending to be solved. He noticed many millennials want to utilise their technical skills to escape the corporate world. However, to start a company, they need capitals. They must learn how to pitch their ideas, how to determine a feasible business model, etc. At the same time, investors need a trustable platform to provide them with accurate information and help them to develop the right investment concept. “Ultimately, they need to have a solid risk management concept while investing,” KenGy, the co-founder of EntreVestors Ecosystem added. Meanwhile, for existing business owners, they are urged to go digital to keep up with rapidly changing consumer patterns and business ecosystem. They need proper guidance on how to merge their offline, brick and mortar businesses to connect with online customers. Hence, they founded EntreVestors Ecosystem in 2016. EntreVestors Ecosystem hosts workshops and talks to educate the public about P2P Financing, Equity Crowdfunding, Alternative Investment, O2O Marketing, and more. Besides, they also provide learning materials like in e-books and videos to their premium members. Most importantly, the platform serves as a complete ecosystem to connect investors with good projects via networking sessions. “To break the stereotypes are not easy. But after running the platform for some time and have successfully helped some of our members to grow their start-ups or innovate their businesses, we have gained trusts progressively,” shared by KenGy. Entrevestors Ecosystem has co-hosted workshops by partnering with Astro AEC. They have also been invited as the main judge for the Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest in Malaysia. Till date, they have hosted 116 seminars and six workshops to empower over 5000 attendees. EntreVestors Ecosystem has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

RoundTable Games Studio

“Dying Flame proves that a horror game did not need exceptional graphics to be pulled off. With the correct sounds and storytelling, we have proven that we can scare people and keep them coming back, determined to finish the game,” explained Edison. In the game, players follow the story of James who finds himself trapped in an unknown mansion with a lighter and a handful of cigarettes (which play an important role, as explained later). As he desperately searches for a way out, he discovers that his wife, Mary is trapped there too. Meanwhile, lurking in the darkness is a monster that incessantly hunts the player down. Hard-pressed to find similar Malaysian games in this style, we interviewed the team behind it to learn how it all began. “We had all been employed until the pandemic,” explained founder and director Edison New, “Suddenly we weren’t. We gathered to complain at a round table for dinner, and then realized—we’ve got the skills. Let’s make something.” When they first opened their doors, RoundTable Games Studio was a five strong team of UOW Malaysia KDU Alumni. With Edison at the helm, Adam, Crystal, Justin, and Joel were determined to hit the ground running. The team did just that. “Dying Flame” was released on Steam in March of 2021, after 9 months of development time. The horror game emphasizes narrative and storytelling, dealing with the mature topics of marital loss, survivor’s guilt, and addiction with the dignity and respect due Embed game trailer from youtube: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mM9hRH-c4U RoundTable Games might be a new studio, but the team collective has almost a decade of collective experience to draw from. Edison formerly with Ammobox Studios worked on Eximius, and was formerly part of the Forest Studio team working on The Company Man. Crystal developed her design skills working first for WIGU and then transitioned from game design to project management during her time at Gameka. Justin is a veteran designer with too many games under his name due to a game jam addiction, having missed only 3 in the past decade. Adam has worked in game design, and freelanced in content creation for a number of years. Joel is their resident programmer who can work magic with Unity, a cross-platform game engine. The team at RoundTable Games Studio is focused on making games that have a clear message, as part of a narrative experience that changes depending on the choices and actions of the players. They have already done this in Dying Flame with its multiple paths to explore and different endings, and aim to continue doing so with their future titles. RoundTable Games Studio plans to continue making smaller scale games to build their skills and reputation as developers for a much larger-scale project RoundTable Games Studio has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon! Reference links: Steam store page - https://store.steampowered.com/app/1507950/Dying_Flame/ Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/RoundTableGamesStudio/ Discord invite - https://discord.gg/GH44Dryyh2 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/rtgstudio/ Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS47ho6WJTcq_SLHyt4Spdg OFFICIAL TRAILER - https://youtu.be/7mM9hRH-c4U GAMEPLAY TRAILER - https://youtu.be/SVZw9eth4ek

MEM Watch

"Have you seen a clock moves anti-clockwise?” It started with this simple question that popped up among Izham’s friends in university regarding the movement of time and clocks. After some laughter, they moved on to other conversations. But this question remained stuck in Izham’s young mind. Leaving the discussion, he did more research into the movement of time. He figured out there is no significant reason as to why our timepieces should move in clockwise direction. In fact, in nature, many things move counter-clockwise. If you looked at the Earth from the North Pole, it is moving counter-clockwise. The possible reason that clocks turn clockwise is that in the northern hemisphere, when ancient civilizations relied on sundials to tell time, the shadows moved across sundials in a clockwise direction. Therefore, when the earliest mechanical timepieces being invented, they were designed to turn the same way the shadows on a sundial do, simply because they were used to it. If the first mechanical clock had created in the southern hemisphere, the watches and clocks we see today would probably go around counter-clockwise! Knowing this fact, the 19-years-old Izham decided to make a change. “Not only the earth is moving anti-clockwise, so do our blood circulation. That is why the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) does good things, like eating, with his right hand.” In 2009, he started to delve into the anti-clockwise watches by introducing D.U.C.T. However, it never sustained long due to the lack of marketing and operation experiences. Later in 2012, he jumped into another company with different partners – Hijra Timepiece. In 2014, Izham left Hijra Timepiece and started MEM Watches, a brand that embraces new ideas and not being afraid of change. "I noticed that people in first world countries adapt to changes far more easily than us, that’s why they are able to innovate and be richer and richer. We must train ourselves to accept changes or even create differences, so that we are not left behind.” Thus, he built MEM Watches to remind the wearers to be brave and question the norm. Now, MEM has introduced various series and designs of anti-clockwise watches to match different tastes all the way from the leather strap MEM Classic to more contemporary options like the latest MEM Kazu that uses Japanese Kanji to indicate the time. Izham wishes that MEM doesn’t only deliver good quality watches to the consumer, but also inspires others to make a difference in this world, and be the change that can impact people in a positive way. MEM Watches has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Let’s join us at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in upcoming exciting events!


Property & Housing
Those who have stayed away from home or those who are currently staying away from home would know, “East or West, home is best.” However, it is also common and sometimes necessary for many people to leave their hometown to seek better education or career opportunities in bigger cities or even abroad. Room-renting is one of the major concerns for them as renting costs in big cities are usually high. Graduated from USA, Keith knows the best what people are looking for while renting a room from his own renting experiences. Therefore, he started Roomy to provide a perfect youth hostel for students in SS15, Subang Jaya. With its competitive price and the comfortable environment that Roomy offered, it soon attracted more tenants. From only 7 rooms at the beginning, Roomy had expanded into over 200 rooms by 2020. When the pandemic hit, Keith decided to work together with his competitors, HOMIEE. Now, two companies have merged together and have become the biggest player in the co-living market. In total, HOMIEE owns 700 rooms in Klang Valley and Johor Bahru. So, what is the uniqueness of HOMIEE’s rooms? With the same price (or sometimes even cheaper) as other rental room, HOMIEE doesn’t only provide the space for their tenants, but also cover a bunch of useful services. For example, they provide complimentary room cleaning service on a weekly basis to ensure the living quality for their tenants. Shared areas such as kitchen and toilets are cleaned on a daily basis too! Besides, they also provide laundry services to tenants at a reasonable price. Of course, for those who prefer to save more bucks can do laundry by themselves using the washing machines provided by HOMIEE. “When we’re away from home, parents often worry about our safety. Especially when you’re staying alone,” shared Keith. Hence, HOMIEE put their tenants’ safety at their utmost priority. All of their premises are installed with CCTV from all angles to ensure no-blind-spots, 24 hours surveillance. Tenants are provided with digital access card to enter the premises. Besides, HOMIEE also equips their premises with first aid kits and fire extinguishers in case of any emergency. Due to their consistency in providing the high-quality and safe co-living spaces to students, some universities and colleges, such as INTI International University & Colleges, Alfa College, Asia eUniversity, etc. have partnered with HOMIEE to encourage their students to stay with HOMIEE. Moving forward, HOMIEE plans to expand their services to attract more young working professionals who are looking for affordable and comfortable co-living solutions. HOMIEE has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

The Batik Boutique

Profile Batik is an ancient art that has been practiced for 2,000 years in southeast Asia. Alternatively spelled "batek", batik art exists in Indonesia, China, and parts of Africa. This complex dyeing process creates beautiful, intricate designs that tell a story. The process uses dye-resistant wax to stamp or draw elaborate patterns and designs, and the wax is then washed to reveal the batik pattern. The process is repeated to create multiple colours through layering. Batik Boutique began with a friendship between two women. In 2009, Amy became friends with Ana, a single mother, who at the time was looking for more income to support her family. They began brainstorming ways Ana could earn an income. When discovered Ana was able to sew, they bought some batik fabrics which Ana later transformed into unique gifts. Amy gave these gifts to her family and friends. Soon, words spread and with it came demands. Amy founded Batik Boutique in the belief that women like Ana deserved a fair and sustainable income, and the ability to provide for themselves and their families. Batik Boutique's vision is to upskill and economically empower hundreds of artisans like Ana to produce hand-crafted, high-quality apparel, homeware and gifts. Fast forward to today, Batik Boutique is an award-winning social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia. It empower artisans from marginalized communities to produce fair fashion, home goods, and accessories made from traditional batik fabrics. Batik Boutique works with rural and urban batik artisans across Malaysia to create batik textiles on natural fibers. This fabric is then sent to the seamstresses at their training center to create products in designs that customers would love. Through this model, they believe it is possible to alter the circumstances of marginalized communities by providing employment opportunities, sustainable incomes, and skills to achieve financial independence. To date, they have worked with over 200 artisans and impacted the lives of more than 1,400 local beneficiaries. Each purchase from the customers directly benefits the artisan who handcrafted the products and helps weave change in the lives of their families and communities. Batik Boutique has won the MaGIC Amplify Award for Social Enterprise. Batik Boutique has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Every car needs four wheels to travel smooth and safely on roads. Malaysia is the second highest car ownership country in Asia; there is an apparent market demand for tyres and tyre services. “When I got my first car, I found it difficult to find good tyre shops and workshops that I can trust. It was always difficult to know how much to expect to pay when my car is serviced. Sometimes the bill comes as a shock, and I wonder whether I should really be paying this much,” said Qiyao Tai, the co-founder of Carpit. Qiyao knows he is not alone. Many car owners share the same problem. “I thought, instead of limiting our choices to friends and family’s recommendations, why don’t I use technology to create a transparent and trusted platform for tyre services?” This is how Carpit was born. Carpit is a mobile app that provides a more convenient way for car owners to get their car tyres serviced from trusted tyre shops. When you need to repair your tyres, simply open the app and choose for the type of services you need, all the available service providers within 20km will appear with the prices instantly displayed. Once you select a service provider and placed an order, they will pick up your car at the agreed location. All the payment will be made directly with Carpit’s app. Your credit card will only be deducted after the service provider has completed the service. In the event, if the service provider identifies other problems on your car, they will make professional recommendations for additional services. After the services are completed, the service provider will return your vehicle to your pick up point. With Carpit, you don’t need to take a day off, step into one shop by another to check and compare prices to get your tyres serviced. You don’t even need to leave your home or office anymore to wait at tyre shops. We’re not just a listing website, we make tyre servicing easy. The car and tyre servicing industry are still very traditional. We want to challenge the status quo and ultimately resolve the problem and hassle of servicing your car.” Nowadays, not only younger car owners are tech savvy. Imagine, many taxi drivers in Malaysia has slowly shifted to or picked up e-hailing apps. Sooner or later, the car and tyre servicing industry must adopt technology to keep up with the ecosystem changes. It was a challenge to bring tyre shops on board Carpit as they are very complacent with the way they have been doing things for the past decades. We try to gain cooperation from them by aligning our expectations. Younger tyre shop owners tend to look for business growth and breakthrough. So, we are there to assist them with their business as long as they look after our customers.” Carpit has grown steadily with its clear goals. Recently, it is being selected into an Accelerator Program by Cyberview and also being chosen as a mentor for the Startup Station Singapore, a roadshow organised by Facebook and IMDA Singapore. Carpit has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Tech/ F&B
Shifting one’s business online in the F&B industry has been necessary for many since the pandemic hit our shores. Those that weren’t able to do so have seen the closure of their outlets and whole businesses that have been built over the years. Recognizing these struggles, kEATchen was launched as a cloud kitchen to help vendors navigate the backend systems of food deliveries. This is especially so for small-time street food vendors who mostly derive their livelihood from walk-in and dine-in customers. kEATchen was founded by a group of 4 foodies, namely Martin Kim, Ivan Chan, Kong Kok Weng, and Faris Faridudin who were saddened to watch their favorite street food operators shutter stores as they struggled to stay afloat. With the purpose to preserve their favorite street food and help these small food operators, they launched kEATchen in Ara Damansara as a place for these vendors to prepare their dishes and operate in a delivery-only model. “We are determined a niche in helping street food vendors stay competitive in digital space while maintaining their authenticity and brand presence,” shared Martin Kim, the founder and CEO of kEATchen. The vendors that kEATchen is looking to onboard consist of great street food operators big or small, including hawkers in kopitiams. Martin pointed that the vendors they’re looking to work with should fall under several criteria, which include having a historical menu connected to Malaysia’s unique staple foods, and being a family-operated business that has been handed down to the next generation. kEATchen is on 13 platforms including self-developed platform and 3rd-party food delivery companies like GrabFood, foodpanda, EASI, and AirAsia food, and more, to offer its vendors’ food. This may be a good move for both kEATchen and its vendors, as it’s cheaper to outsource instead of hiring and maintaining extra manpower for a business, especially at its current scale. Though cloud kitchens are available for entrepreneurs to start a new brand at a low cost, kEATchen is mostly a place for existing vendors to scale in a sustainable way. Since kEATchen’s development in July 2020, they managed to recruit 7 different vendors selling dimsum, chicken rice, nasi goreng, curry mee, ayam kicap, etc. before officially launching in May 2021. Moving forward, kEATchen will focus on running promotions to onboard more F&B vendors. On a larger scale, the team hopes to collaborate with government agencies in providing affected street food operators with kEATchen’s services to ensure that vendors can digitally evolve their business. The kEATchen team will be looking at rapid expansion of their cloud kitchen in more strategic locations soon. kEATchen has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Panda Strech

Since last decade, the popularity of yoga has been expanding in Malaysia. As people nowadays are more concerned about a balanced lifestyle, the practices of yoga that promote peaceful and balanced mind and body are getting more fans from time to time. Wee Vien started learning yoga 15 years back to help to cure her injuries faster. Ever since then, yoga has become an important part of her life. Retail is a fast-paced industry, she’s glad that she found her balance point. Over the years, she followed her guru, Beth’s guidance and has become a certified yoga trainer. When Beth announced her retirement, Wee Vien and her partners took over the yoga centre, Beth’s Yoga in Putra Heights. Wee Vien has helped a lot of her students, from small kids to senior citizens, to build a strong and flexible body throughout the years. In order for her to reach out to more people, she started her own firm, Panda Stretch to provide onsite yoga classes for schools, corporates, and events. "We need a healthy mind and body to face all the challenges out there.” While many other exercises and sports come with a certain level of risks, yoga is definitely safe for everyone as long as you have a proper instructor to guide you and start doing it from mild movements. Many people might think that yoga can’t help one to slim down because it does not burn up many calories. However, the truth is it can help you to slim down. Practising yoga can increase your mindfulness and the awareness of your own body. You will automatically seek out for food that is healthier, which may lead to a healthy weight loss. Besides, it strengthens your muscles to help you become stronger and more flexible. It helps you to perform better in other exercises and prevent you from injuries. If you always wanted to try yoga, let’s visit Wee Vien and her partners at Beth’s Yoga in Putra Height. The studio is spacious and well air-circulated. Furthermore, all the instructors here are certified and professional. They also provide specialized yoga classes for kids, teens and pregnant ladies. For those who feel awkward to stretch in front of strangers or simply needs more privacy, you can contact Wee Vien to arrange an onsite yoga class.

AIO Synergy Solutions

Mobile technology has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Nowadays, we depend on a variety of mobile phone applications to help us complete many of our daily tasks. Both Albert Khor and Jason Wong are veteran software developers who have developed multiple types of software and mobile apps. In 2014, they founded AIO Synergy Solutions Sdn Bhd to provide technology solutions and services to organisations that require highly challenging and technical solutions. They are principal in the development, publishing and marketing of mobile applications and mobile games. In 2016, the company was established as a limited liability company, AIO Synergy Solutions Berhad. Currently, AIO Synergy Solutions houses more than 40 technically competent staffs that cover the following areas of expertise: PHP Development, Java Development, Mobile Apps (Front-End) Development, Games Development, UI Development, Graphic Design and Server Administration. The apps developed by AIO Synergy Solutions support both Android and IOS systems. Besides the apps that they created upon clients’ requests, the company has two flagship apps, namely Omnity and OmniChat. Omnity Omnity is an application that caters to closed communities within gated or guarded residential enclave. It aims to enhance users’ sense of community by covering all domains of features needed by a closed community. It connects users to their neighbourhood, allowing them to get to know each other, provide easy access for users’ guests via the VAC (Vehicle Access Control) System, and keep the residents updated on events and announcements directly from the residential management. Its most innovative feature is the VAC system. In most gated or guarded community, visitors are often subjected to stringent and tedious security screening and registration process before they obtained entry permission. With Omnity, the resident can pre-register the visitor’s vehicle via the VAC to generate a QR code. Then, the registered visitor to provide the QR code for scan upon arrival at the security checkpoint to gain access. It skips all the hassles of dealing with the security guards and never compromises the safety of the community. Besides, it also integrated with social networking and an announcement broadcasting platform. Thus, residents can share valuable information like alerts or reminders on scheduled electricity or water disruption, and report suspicious characters or undesired activities happening in the community on Omnity. The management office can also announce latest news and alerts to the residents, without going through the hassle of distributing printed copies of flyers, newsletters or leaflets to each resident. Omnity is currently serving over 20 residential communities in Malaysia, keeping them safe and lively! OmniChat OmniChat is an instant messaging and communication app that is designed for both social and business users, covering individuals and organisations. On the business side, OmniChat’s features allow companies to seamlessly communicate with their customers and employees in effective and convenient ways. On the social side, OmniChat offers users an enjoyable way to stay in touch with their family and friends, discuss and share their lives and to build stronger connections with those people who are most important to them. Besides regular messaging features, OmniChat enables users to commence “Secret Chat” conversation that assures total privacy as the chat messages will delete itself upon ending the conversation. Chat messages sent through this mode leave zero footprints, they are not even visible to OmniChat’s developers and server administrator. For users who want to earn extra money, Omnity contains an Advertising Platform that serves as an affiliates marketing platform. By sharing the adverts on the platform, it creates a unique affiliate URL that linked to the user’s OmniChat account. When someone clicks on the unique link, the user earn a portion of the advertising revenue. This feature creates a viable way for users to make money through the application by helping merchants to drive traction in their marketing campaigns. OmniChat is serving many users and merchants in China, with more than 230 thousands downloads. AIO Synergy Solutions’ vision is to evolve into a prominent international player in the mobile application and community-oriented platform market. With their technology solutions, they wish to automate their customers’ business processes and activities, facilitates business networking and solicitation within the customers’ trading ecosystem, and ultimately, to deliver convenience to the end users. AIO Synergy Solutions has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Ejaz was a pilot. After flying for some years, he left the airline industry to start his entrepreneurial journey. He involved himself in various industries such as e-commerce, logistics, restaurants, fashion, etc. He found that entrepreneurship is exciting and addicting. In 2015, Ejaz identified a gap in the e-commerce market, so he started DropIt with his previous business partners as an e-grocery marketplace. While running the platform, they realized there was a gap in last-mile delivery services. In 2020, Ejaz met Sally, a software engineer that has spent years in the telecommunication industry. Eventually, Sally joined DropIt to continue building the last-mile delivery platform and business. Fast forward today, DropIt is a platform that enables last-mile delivery solutions to customers all around Klang Valley, Penang, and Johor. The service relies on mobile phone applications and its Global Positioning System capabilities to match inventories and consumer demand. DropIt is changing local deliveries by offering individuals and businesses an alternative option to the traditional courier and dispatch services. They offer same-day or next-day deliveries and aim to provide e-commerce entrepreneurs the most convenient, reliable, and professional door-to-door delivery service in town. Besides offering same-day deliveries, the platform also provides flexible delivery options, including on-demand (express), scheduled, multi-drop (money saver), evening delivery, and cash on delivery payment options. With their real-time satellite tracking, senders and receivers can follow their delivery orders from start to finish. Users can also subscribe to SMS and Whatsapp notifications for each parcel to receive the instant status of the package. Knowing that different businesses have different delivery concerns, DropIt aims to tailor a unique delivery service solution for each client to suit the client and its end users’ needs at affordable rates. Besides providing convenience to customers, Ejaz and Sally also hope their team members to grow along with the company. They valued employees’ creative ideas and encouraged them to be daring to take up new challenges. “We hope they can find career advancement while growing DropIt,” shared Ejaz. DropIt has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Some parts of modern life are widely known to cause environmental harm — flying overseas, using disposable plastic items, and even driving to and from work, for example. But when it comes to our clothes, the impacts are less obvious. Fast fashion makes shopping for clothes more affordable, but it comes at an environmental cost. The fashion industry produces 10% of all humanity's carbon emissions, which is more than the carbon emissions of international flights and maritime shipping combined. Besides, it is the second-largest consumer of the world's water supply and pollutes the oceans with microplastics. While building their career in the Property Development company, both Shuway and Shook Qing wanted to make some positive impacts and contributions to the environment too. The two friends decided to start an environmentally conscious business. They were aware of the harmful effects of chemical dyes due to fast fashion. While it’s impossible to stop consumers from shopping, they wanted to offer an alternative that’s less harmful to the environment. Therefore, in June 2020, they started TwoFrens.Co to produce and sell naturally dyed garments. Although various colors of dyes can be extracted from roots, foliage, nuts, berries, and flowers, Shuway and Shook Qing source unwanted flowers and vegetables only to create their natural fabric dyes. This is because it will defeat the purpose of the brand to reuse, reduce and repurpose if they buy expensive and fresh products to create the dyes. The search for ingredients was one of their biggest struggles when travel was restricted during the MCO. Despite reaching out to cafés and other businesses on collecting their food waste, they were often left hanging with no replies. Thankfully, they were approached by a small Instagram business, Zenboocha, asking if TwoFrens wanted to use tea leaves and rosebuds for their natural dye. Currently, TwoFrens.Co mainly creates their dyes from several repurposed materials, such as pomegranate peels, tea leaves, onion skin, and coffee grinds. Since it is impossible to recreate the same pattern or color even though they use the same ingredients, they decided to educate consumers to embrace the irregularities which make every piece of their products unique. A fabric’s longevity and whether the dye will fade are commonly asked questions from their customers. So for every purchase, care and wash instructions are sent out that include warnings such as no bleaching and no exposure to direct sunlight. To extend their impacts to the environment, RM2 from every transaction on TwoFrens.Co is also donated to the Malaysian Nature Society in helping conserve the forest to save endangered species and their habitats. TwoFrens.Co has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

IGL Coatings

Most of us who are living in Malaysia have a love-hate relationship with the rain. We love it for its cooling effect but hate it for blurring our vision while driving. “Back then I travelled quite often. I came to realise that it’s very dangerous to drive during rainy days. In fact, I almost got into an accident because of the compromised vision while driving in a heavy shower,” Keong Chun Chieh shared about his bad experiences. He tried to tackle the problem by using existing rain-repellent products to treat his windshield, only to discover that it was not a sustainable solution. “It wore off very frequently and it was a tiring process to apply the product on a weekly basis to keep my windshield water-repellent,” Keong added. He started to research for a solution that can last longer and eventually created the prototype of Ecocoat. Besides using it for himself, Keong also sold the product on online forums to make some side incomes. The product started to gain traction and at one point, the profit from its sales matched Keong’s monthly salary. That was the time he decided to give full commitment into this. In 2015, Keong founded IGL Coatings, a technology company with the core focus to develop innovative and disruptive nanotechnology products that are set to redefine the industry. It has eventually become an award-winning company that pioneers in producing low and zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) high solids coatings. The company focuses on formulating eco-friendly car coatings that are safe for consumers (because they contain low to zero VOC) and outperform competitors in terms of quality, durability and ease of application. “Speaking of user-friendliness, many of our products are available on online marketplaces for regular car owners to purchase and apply,” Keong added. “Although our products are highly welcomed by the consumers since the beginning, there were still many hiccups when I first started the company, from operations to manpower. Whenever there is an issue, I will put on my engineer’s hat—applying logical thinking skills to simulate possible outcomes—to seek the best solution,” Keong explained. Fast forward 5 years later, IGL Coatings has gained recognition in more than 50 countries with thousands of installers globally, and over 2 million vehicles coated. The company never settled down with good results that they had achieved. They continue to strive for improvement and constantly reinvent their products and business models by understanding users’ needs and by thinking outside of the box. “We chart our own course and relish the freedom to make bold decisions.” From produced water-repellent coatings for windshields initially, IGL Coatings today is offering a wide range of coatings, cleaning and maintenance products for various surfaces including paint, glass, metals, plastics and fabrics. It is also the first in the industry to have their nanotechnology audited and verified by Nanoverify. With a relentless focus on R&D, IGL works not only to replace toxic and dangerous chemicals and coatings but also to eliminate the toxic and dangerous processes that are often used to make the industry's "standard eco-friendly" products. “Our bottom line is our customers; we strive to build products that allow entrepreneurs who use our products to build successful and sustainable businesses,” Keong shared. IGL is keeping a lean and efficient team, which encourages each member to always re-innovate their process and work methodology to increase efficiency and results. With its wide distribution network that currently covers more than 50 countries, it is the team’s greatest opportunity to expose themselves to foreign cultures, laws and businesses. IGL Coatings has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Digital Media/ ​​Public Relations Platform
Manminder Kaur had always wanted to pursue a career in journalism although she was a biology teacher. But that did not deter her. She returned to campus and completed her Master’s degree in Corporate Communication. Finally, at the age of 30, she became a journalist in Astro Awani. A few years later, she ventured into Public Relations Consultancy, which is where she found her true calling. With the combined experiences in teaching, journalism, PR, and her interest in tech, she decided to form her own PR company, Intelectasia. She and her best friend (also business partner), Puspavathy Ramaloo took a leap of faith and started the firm with minimum capital. “We only spent RM1000. We bought a second-hand phone, a table, and chairs and started giving PR training,” shared Manminder. The company grew in leaps and bounds as those who attended the PR trainings now offered the duo consultancy projects. At first, most of their clients were from the healthcare industry, such as Gleneagles Hospital and Sime Darby Healthcare. Soon, their portfolio grew to other industries and the firm won the Gold Award for Excellence in Public Relations in 2013, only after four years of being established. Fast forward today, Intelectasia is now a hybrid PR firm with a traditional consultancy- Intelectasia and a digital PR platform known as Supernewsroom. The platform has become an all-in-one PR platform for startups and PR consultants to manage their public relations campaigns from start to finish. Instead of competing with public relations agencies, Supernewsroom serves as an application that helps businesses to optimize their PR tasks. Supernewsroom offers two main benefits. It’s meant to be a cost-effective PR method whereby users can easily search for media contacts, send press releases, media invites, or pitches to the media, monitor coverage, and more, simply by using credits. But more on that later. The other benefit is that it’s a single hub where users can attain better coverage by getting matched to the right media, and hire experts such as virtual PR consultants, writers, and translators to widen the reach of their content. Within a week of its launch, the team shared that 100 companies have signed up for access to the platform. The team believes that this tech platform will become a significant revenue stream for Supernewsroom’s operations. “Ten years ago, our goal was to be an award-winning PR company and we have achieved that. Today, we want to be recognized globally as the Super PR App,” shared Manminder. Moving forward, Manminder and her team are focused on reaching out to move users across Asia Pacific and the Americas plus adding more services and experts on the platform, ultimately making it a marketplace for PR related services. “We couldn’t have done it without an amazing team who consistently believed in this vision- that a startup from Malaysia will disrupt the global PR industry. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!,” enthused Manminder. Supernewsroom has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in its efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Many people practice prices comparison while doing grocery shopping. As the distance between FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) retailers in Malaysia is often very close – sometimes we can find many of them under one roof, like in Midvalley there are 2 supermarkets and 6 pharmacies – most Malaysians don’t mind to visit multiple stores to get the cheapest deal. Therefore, the competitions among FMCG retailers, distributors and principals are very huge. Have you ever wondered how they make decisions on when and how to run promotions to attract more consumers to buy their products instead of their competitors’? After accumulating years of experiences in the FMCG industry, CK Soon decided to start Intrack Market Services to provide a special niche area of services to the FMCG industry. They provide promotion tracking, category management/planogramming out-sourcing, in-store tracking, price audit, consultancy and training to their clients. Their market researchers gather the pricing data of FMCG and translate those data into valuable information which is actionable to both Suppliers and Retailers, enabling their clients to achieve a higher ROI. They also provide insights on competitor promotion activities to help their clients to induce better promotion planning. For the InStore Tracking, they deploy auditors into the selected outlets by channels to check for either space, promotion implementation or any information the clients need in appointed stores. This service is very useful to Suppliers or Distributors. They get to inspect the compliance of the planogram. Whereas the Mystery Shopping service enables the Retailers (supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.) to secretly monitor and measure the employees’ service performance and obtain feedback from front line operation. Intrack will assign trained shoppers to visit the store and anonymously evaluate customer satisfaction, top of mind awareness, employees/dealers service and operations efficiency, product knowledge, merchandising, and more. “What we offer is very niche, but very useful and practical for the big players in FMCG. Therefore, we have set foot in Singapore and recently we have started a team in Jakarta.” Last year, CK Soon and his team also introduced a mobile app called ‘Hargapedia’. Hargapedia enables end-consumers to locate the best prices of the items in their Grocery Shopping Lists and get notified of any promotional campaigns. The app aggregates pricing of more than 12,000 products from over 6300 offline stores nationwide as well as key online grocery retailers. Subscribers also get to enjoy exclusive Hargapedia promos from their business partners from time to time Hargapedia is a fast-growing venture of Intrack and is seeking to hire bright minds that are willing to challenge convention and who are independent and strategic thinkers yet willing to get their hands dirty. Be it a software developer, designer, digital marketer, data scientist- Hargapedia is keen to explore hiring anytime and creating career opportunities for fresh grads. Intrack and Hargapedia aspire to be a regional player, growing beyond Malaysian shores and have already established their presence in Singapore and Jakarta. The journey has only just begun for Hargapedia to be the leading grocery price comparison app in South East Asia. Isn’t this exciting? Intrack Market Services has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Malaysians rely a lot on WhatsApp for communications. It is not only widely used for private conversations, but also commonly used for business purposes such as customer service and sales. Most companies have one single business number on one phone, which has to be passed around to many employees when replying to customers. Some companies may also ask their employees to use personal phone numbers to connect with clients via WhatsApp, which can be a problem when it comes to separating work and life. “This is okay for a while, but it’s not feasible in the long term. Staff would need to support clients 24/7,” Carliff shared the common pain point for many businesses. “Plus, for the company, there’s data and privacy issues involved.” Developing custom chatbots for businesses since 2017, Carliff expanded his expertise to come up with YesHello, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for fast-growing businesses. YesHello is a team inbox for WhatsApp and other messaging platforms like Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. It’s basically a business messaging platform that allows multiple team members to reply to customers via one business phone number over different gadgets. Team members are added onto the company’s YesHello account, where they will have access to all incoming and outgoing messages at the same time from their own separate login. “It’s the same concept as editing the same Google Doc from separate Google accounts,” Carliff explained. To ensure the productivity of the team in handling customers’ enquiries, YesHello also supports the “assignation” feature like most customer relationship management software. Team manager can delegate an enquiry to a team member and other members can see who each customer is assigned to. Once a customer is assigned to a team member, the chat will be moved to the team member’s folder to avoid confusion. “When the COVID-19 strikes, my original businesses were affected. At the same time, I noticed many businesses are shifting their operation online, which relies on instant messaging platforms more heavily than usual. Therefore, we came up with YesHello,” Carliff shared. Since launching in April 2020 during the MCO, the company currently has 100 active users and has attained more than RM50,000 in revenue. Some of their notable clients include Volvo in Bukit Bintang, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI), and Landrover in Penang, to name a few. In the future, the team plans to launch an omnichannel messaging automation platform where all communication apps including Messenger, WeChat, and Line can be integrated into one single platform. “This allows you to engage and interact with all your customers in one place, regardless of how or when they connect with you,” said Carliff. YesHello NakRide has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Food & Beverages
What type of diet do you practice? Semi-vegetarian? Pescetarianism? Vegan? Low Carb? Gluten-free? Our diet type is affected by many factors, it can be religious or health conscious or other reasons. Recently, the term ‘Entomophagy’ has joined the game, and becomes one of the most discussed diet type. Entomophagy is the practice of eating insects by human. It is hailed by entomologists, or people who study them, as a healthy and eco-friendly food solution with a strong culinary tradition (in some cultures). Despite people generally associate insects with filth and decay, there are about 1,900 known species of edible insects out there. They’re nutritious, delicious and ripe for the taking. Insects are rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and essential minerals. According to research, grasshoppers in particular are packed with about just as much protein as lean ground beef with less fat, and mealworms are typically a fair substitute for fish. Some caterpillars have more protein by weight than a turkey leg! Law graduate Kevin Wu has observed the potential in entomophagy, thus, he founded ENTO is 2018. ENTO offers artisan roasted crickets in contemporary flavours such as BBQ, Salted Egg Yolk and Korean Kimchi. All the crickets are farmed in their indoor farm that is registered with the Ministry of Health and licensed by the local district council. The products are tested in internationally accredited labs before being commercialized. “Cricket contains higher protein, iron and calcium compared to the common meats that human consumes. Not only that, it is a good source of healthy omega fatty acids and contains prebiotic fibre Chitin to promote healthy gut. Most importantly, crickets are not exposed to hormones, GMO or antibiotics,” Kevin shared about the benefits of consuming crickets. Another reason that drives Kevin to introduced ENTO is the significant environment benefits of replacing our protein source with insects. “I was extremely passionate about sustainability. Cricket farming is environmentally sustainable since it requires less land, water and food compared to traditional livestock production. Insect farming also emits far less greenhouse gases.” Their products have attracted an increasing base of consumers. When they started, there were very little Malaysians accepting the concept of eating insects. However, as soon as people are more aware of the health and environment benefits of consuming crickets, ENTO is growing at almost 100% growing rate from month to month. “Think about it as lobsters. Lobsters were plentiful and smelly and no one knew how to cook them. When people started to know how to store it properly and cook it, fast forward to today, lobsters are high-priced delicacies over the world,” Kevin believed this could apply to insect-based proteins. Currently, ENTO’s products are not only available online, you can also spot them in retail stores and restaurants like Atlas Gourmet Market, Puro, Cnooc Oriental Restaurant, Malaifeng Local Products & Souvenirs Store in Kuala Lumpur, and Thai Nyonya Restaurant in Petaling Jaya. ENTO has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

T&N Furniture

"Home is where the heart is." Everyone dreams to have a beautiful and comfortable home, a space that you can create memorable moments with your loved ones. Located at Old Klang Road, T&N Furniture has been fulfilling many people’s dreams by turning their ideal house interior into reality. Back then, when Gilbert started to involve in his family-owned furniture business, it was in a conventional model where they sold all sorts of home furniture. As the industry slowed down, Gilbert realized that they needed a change. Therefore, he innovated the business by focusing on two verticals: EuroModern and Little World. EuroModern features contemporary furniture that is luxurious, high quality and modern. In this segment, T&N offers all ranges of furniture including living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and outdoor furniture. Whereas Little World, launched in 2007, is specialized in children furniture. This unique series is dedicated to children, providing designs that fit their interests. The furniture is stylish and comfortable, with a goal to inspire the children’s imagination and creativity. Parents can let their children select the themes of furniture based on their preferences. For instance, there is a series of bed frames in the shape of cars, and there are also Prince & Princess themed bedroom sets. With the kid’s beloved bedframe, parents will not need to force the child to bed anymore. In T&N, most of the staffs are not ordinary salespersons, they possess knowledge of interior design as well. Therefore, they can give professional consultations to the clients, to help them create harmony, comfortable and beautiful home interior. Gilbert’s philosophy is to use his knowledge to build a good home interior or office interior that will complement the client’s life and career. Since he practices Feng Shui, he always helps clients to create good Feng Shui in their homes. He hopes that all his clients can live in a space that can bring good lucks to them. "Home is the most important place for everyone. Therefore, We must give the finest products and best services to our clients. We wish to see every client lives in happiness." T&N has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Register yourself at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in exciting events in the near future.


Plant-based meat
Most Malaysians are not foreign to the idea of preparing dishes using jackfruit. “In fact, if you go to the fresh open markets you can see grocers selling what we call nangka sayur, which is what some Malaysians use as a plant component in their cooking. They’re always the unripe, whitish, and sticky version of jackfruit,” shared Ira, the co-founder of Nanka. When jackfruit is unripe, it’s pretty much tasteless and chewy until you cook it with spices. That is how it becomes an idea ingredients to make meat alternatives. Over the past years, asa people began looking for healthier food options, there’s been an increase in meat alternatives. The market is undeniably growing. We’ve already seen meat patties made from more common ingredients including beans, tofu, mushrooms, and various plant proteins, to name a few. Though not a new discovery, jackfruit has yet to commonly be used as an alternative in Malaysia. There are some F&B establishments like Sala KL and PC Studio Cafe already making their own jackfruit meat substitutes for dishes. However, it’s not currently being mass-produced by brands in Malaysia for regular consumption. It’s why this husband-and-wife duo behind the startup Nanka has taken it upon themselves to pioneer it. Like mentioned in the beginning of this writeup, Nanka’s minced jackfruit meat is also made using the unripe fruit, so you won’t taste the sweetness a ripe one would have. According to the co-founder, most people who have tried their burger patties disbelief to learn that 70% of their patties were actually made from jackfruit. Usually, the main audience for meat alternatives are vegans and vegetarians, but Nanka wants to aim beyond this group of people to cater to. Hence, not all their meat is completely made with jackfruit. Both their chicken and beef minced meat are made with 70% jackfruit and 30% meat. They do have a 100% plant-based one made from a mix of jackfruit and mushrooms, which they found the hardest to develop during its R&D. “Our intention right from the get-go was to encourage fellow Malaysians to eat a healthier diet, which means reducing meat as well as avoiding highly processed food. So naturally, our target market is the meat-eaters,” Syafik explained. “The mixed meat versions are there to prepare them to phase out the meat intake with the psychology of ‘if you still want to eat meat, at least try to eat less.” Ira also clarified that their mixed meat options are made with lean cuts and not fillers like internal organs, which some minced meat distributors do, and they source all their jackfruits locally. The process of developing their jackfruit patties is not an easy journey. They have developed a few hundreds versions before they gotten the right taste and texture. Over the years, they started building relationships with friends and supporters who helped them improve the texture, form, and taste, bit by bit. These were all chefs, food technologists, ingredient specialists, and even housewives with heritage recipes. “We have had so many trials and errors mixing all kinds of imaginable natural ingredients, experimenting with different types of mushrooms,” Ira reminisced. Maintaining the demand for a plant-based diet among their consumers is a challenge because this could be a product they’re curious about and want to try, but they’ll return to meat once the temptations return. Fortunately, consumers in Klang Valley have been receptive so far. Nanka has received positive feedback regularly about their patties saying that they’re very filling due to their rich fiber content. Currently, they have a balanced mix of B2C and B2B customers, the latter of which includes 5-star hotels, vegetarian cafes, restaurants, and cloud kitchen vendors. Their most popular cloud kitchen vendor is located in the Me.reka space in Publika, Mont Kiara. Besides burger patties, customers have used their meat in pasta, curry puffs, kacang pool (the Malay version of an Arabic dish made from beans), and sandwiches. Jackfruit meat is just the beginning of their journey in making plant-based meat alternatives too. Nanka is already involved in joint ventures with other plant-based and cultured meat companies to further develop its line of products. Their ultimate goal is to make healthy food accessible to everyone at the affordable price. Therefore, they try to source all ingredients from local and at the same time educate more people to stop opting for food that is delicious and cheap but unhealthy. “Let’s be explorative and adventurous enough to try out other sources of food that is healthier,” shared Ira. Nanka has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Plus Solar

Back then, many parents and teachers would advise kids, especially those good in math, to pursue engineering path, as they believe that would be a bright future for them. Ko Chuan Zhen followed the expectation and completed his study in Electrical Engineering. However, he was lost and struggled. “Though that is something that I’m capable, I couldn’t tell I like it. Looking at some friends who are very passionate about what they’re learning, I wish I could find my interest as well. Time in university passed quickly, very soon, we needed to conduct the FYP(Final Year Project).” While deciding the topic for his FYP, he came across to a title that caught his attention — Solar Power Car Ventilation System. He started to immerse himself into the world of Solar Energy. Sometimes later, Ko casually picked up a pamphlet, and he learnt that many global funds have moved from traditional energy to support clean (renewable) energy like Solar Energy, Hydro electrical Energy, Biomass, Geothermal Power, etc. He realised that he was on the right track and decided to do something big. He started to work aggressively and travel around all regions to absorb as many of experiences as he could. At the same time, he talked to some close friends, including Ryan and Poh, about his plan of starting a Solar Power business. In late 2011, Ko, Ryan and Poh sat down together to brainstorm on the business proposal, in mere weeks before the Feed-in-Tariff policy was launched in Malaysia. Seizing this opportunity, they intended to make full use of the chance to realise their dream of revolutionising the energy industry. They established their first company, Leaf Energy, which is the first solar consultancy firm in Malaysia on the tenth of January 2012. With sheer determination and a unique business model in the industry, the team managed to not only secure several iconic projects in hand but also brought impact to the industry through streamlined solar project financing facilitations and successfully delivered these projects to completion. To expand the team’s involvement to cover more areas of the renewable energy business, they founded +SOLAR in 2013. +SOLAR provides solar energy services as a turnkey solution for residential, commercial, industrial and utility sector. In the same year, they opened a new branch in Penang. Within 2013 itself, the group managed to complete 14MWp of solar projects. As the demand of Solar Energy services continually increasing, +SOLAR proliferated in 2014 and marked a significant milestone in expanding the business to east Malaysia by building a new establishment into Sabah. In the same year, both +SOLAR and Leaf Energy obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certified by TÜV SÜD Germany. Besides running the business, the team never forget to look back to the society. Under the group’s umbrella, there is +SOLAR Academy, a CSR initiative designed to provide complimentary Green Technology Education to academic institutions in Malaysia. “I always think that Clean Energy is beautiful and powerful, that is why I want to spend the rest of my life doing the solar business. It’s not only for money but to make renewable energy accessible for everyone. I hope that by 2025, 20% of the rooftops in our country are covered with the solar power plant,” shared Ko. +SOLAR has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Nowadays, the concept of Sharing Economy is widely adopted by startups in Malaysia. While p2p (peer-to-peer) car-sharing platforms are not new to us anymore, the team of KLezcar introduced Nakride, a P2P Motorbike Sharing Platform in 2018. “I am an Electrical Engineer by profession. However, I always wanted to run my own business. At first, I opened a photocopy shop in Uniten. One day, I met the founder of KLezcar. He motivated me to join the car-renting business. One thing leads to another. Eventually, we started NakRide together,” shared by Farhan Salleh, the CEO and co-founder of NakRide. The team of NakRide believes that in urban areas such as Klang Valley, motorbike is a solution for people to reach their destinations in a much shorter time during traffic congestions. While in rural areas where transportation infrastructures are not fully developed, motorbikes can help visitors or tourists to travel conveniently. Customers can rent motorbikes for short to long periods, generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. Furthermore, there’s a variety of motorbike selections in multiple locations, which gives customers more flexibility. “As a p2p platform, we connect owners with under-utilised motorbikes to responsible renters. This is an opportunity for bike owners to earn some extra income to cover up the bike’s monthly installment, maintenance costs, insurance, and road tax.” Nakride monetises the business by taking a cut of the rental fees. As an online rental service provider, for every rental fee charged to the customer, the bike owners get 70% of the transaction, while the rest goes to Nakride. Like other car-renting platforms, the interface of NakRide is very simple and straightforward. Users just need to choose their renting date, time, and the desired pickup point, the website will instantly show a list of available motorbikes and prices. “Of course, users need to submit their identification documents and valid driving license for our backend verification before they can start booking vehicles with us,” Farhan shared about the security precautions of the platform. Once a user is verified, he/she can start booking a motorbike with NakRide from the available locations. NakRide is now operating in several locations within Klang Valley, Pulau Pinang, and Kelantan. When a user successfully booked a motorbike, he/she will be given a lock code to unlock the designated lockbox to get the vehicle key. “As we’re a P2P platform, we try to protect the interest of both owners and customers. Before a user starts riding a bike, he or she must take five photos of the bike from different angles and a selfie with the car plate. This procedure is to avoid misunderstandings and irresponsible usages. If a user rides recklessly and has caused scratches or damages on the bike, he/she is liable to the cost of damages.” If a bike is reported damaged or stolen and the customer doesn’t pay the penalties, Nakride will blacklist the customer in the system and also put their information into the CTOS system. Currently, NakRide is enforcing the installation of a tracking system on the bikes so that the owners can track and monitor their bikes’ locations. However, the team is never satisfied. “To provide a smoother booking experience and to further protect the assets, we are developing an IoT device to integrate vehicles into our system. In the future, users are not only able to book the bikes through our mobile app, but can also start the bike engine via the app. Meanwhile, owners can know the real-time location of their bikes.” Sharing bikes with random renters does expose the vehicles to more risks. Therefore, NakRide also partners with insurance companies to offer an exclusive insurance premium that covered for motorbike rental to protect the owners. The platform started its operation with only three bikes but has grown progressively. “Many bike owners invite their friends to join NakRide. Now, we have over 80 bike owners renting out their bikes on our platform.” NakRide believes that in the near future, bike-sharing will be a norm for people to move from point A to point B. The team has an ambitious goal of having a thousand bikes registered on the platform and becoming Malaysia’s biggest sharing economy for bikes in the next five years. NakRide has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

TopNotch HR Consulting Firm

Human Resources
TopNotch is a human resource consulting firm that specializes in executive search and employer branding. It is based in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Looking at the number of their team members, you’ll be surprised that their services actually cover clients in 6 countries over Southeast Asia. When we asked the Co-Founder, Marsh, how they managed to achieve that, he answered, “Our team (members) share the same mindset. We trust one another and we do everything out of our own initiatives. We are working hard to bring the whole company to the next level. And most importantly, we understand that every time we closed a deal, we actually helped our client to grow bigger by placing in the right person, and at the same time helped the candidate by offering he/she a better career move.” It is a fact that recruiting good talents helps in maximizing the growth of a company. Therefore, a strategic employer branding and precise talent acquisition play important parts in the development of a company. According to Marsh, when they engage with their business partners, they always listen to fully understand the concept of the businesses and utilize their industrial knowledge to identify the best solution for our clients. Over the years, TopNotch has built partnerships with their clients from a broad spectrum of industries including GLCs, MNCs, and startups. They have successfully placed the right talents for the clients that meet the requirements. Besides focusing on their business, TopNotch is also very committed to giving back to the society. “We’re very blessed. Along the road, we have received a lot of help from people to achieve today’s result. It’s always great to see everyone becomes successful. Therefore, we are ready to assist anyone that need our expertise.” Recently, they have assisted a group of university students that took part in an Entrepreneurship Competition by mentoring them. “We are astonished by the creativity in the youngsters nowadays. The only thing is they are lack of experiences, that is why we are giving them guides and advice to help them grow faster.” TopNotch is not only delivering the best talents to their clients, they are also keen on empowering and influencing the youths to bring up more talents to the nation.

LinkUp Smart Solutions

10 years ago, the image of a futuristic dwelling kitted out with the latest acoustically transparent screen, digital surround sound and Robodog would only appear in movies, particularly to portray a sci-fi scene. These days, however, owning a smart home is no longer an unattainable dream. With technology evolving at a rapid rate, the converging realities of consumer electronics, broadband networks, digital entertainment and security systems are delivering a mainstream smart-home revolution that was unimaginable a decade ago. Some years back, mainstream mobile phone brands have started to make their phones compatible with smart devices as a controller. Gary is one of those consumers who were enthusiastic to try on the latest technology especially small gadgets that can improve efficiency in life. He started his experiments by installing and integrating different types of smart devices at home. “My house became like a concept store where my friends would visit me to experience the latest gadgets that I’ve installed. Many of them were fascinated by these smart devices and sometimes would request my help to install similar systems in their houses,” shared Gary. One day, a friend of his who is an architectural designer wanted to collaborate with him to use his smart home system for a project. Gary took it as an opportunity and decided to start a business to offer smart home solutions. In 2019, he established LinkUp. LinkUp provides expertise and integration in applying technology to various use cases – including home automation, entertainment, remote surveillance, home security, smart gardening and digital wellness. They make Smart Home possible and more affordable to consumers who are seeking technology in making their houses more efficient, safer and cosier. “Nowadays, smart devices are a dominating trend. Although there are many options to explore in the market, our core offering is our end-to-end solution. We provide education and superior customer support to our customers,” Gary explained. In order to let more people experience the possibilities and capabilities of their technology, LinkUp has set up a Show House in Hartamas, which is fully equipped with LinkUp’s latest smart home system. Customers get to touch every device and can learn how smart home works before they commit to anything. Within a year, LinkUp has gained trust and support from many customers. This year, they participated in the Selangor Accelerator Programme (SAP) and have won the competition as one of the top five winners. “Moving forward, we would like to collaborate with property developers to bring the benefits of smart home solutions to more consumers. Our mission is to enrich and empower life by making life smarter, more connected and safer through affordable automation technology,” shared Gary. LinkUp has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Rasid Maasom started to work in the Telecommunication industry after graduated from the UK. He traveled around the globe to serve in Telco multinational corporations like Nokia, Dubai Telecom, Telkomsel, etc. In 2010, he started his first business, which is a telecommunication consulting firm called AdvancedCellNet based in Dubai. One day, officers from TalentCorp Malaysia visited Malaysians in Dubai to invite talents back to Malaysia. Rasid Maasom decided to take the opportunity to move back to Malaysia in 2013 and settled down with his family. In 2017, he started to develop an application called Pickiddo. Pickiddo was a cloud-based app designed to help parents track the where-about of their children during transport to and from school and home. This idea was generated from his experience when his daughter missed the school bus. When he noticed his daughter hadn’t reached home on time and quickly rushed to the school, he saw her standing there looking at every bus that passed by. After that incident, he was so worried about the safety of his kid. Thus, he developed Pickiddo as a mobile app that can track school buses. However, the application didn’t get a sizeable demand. While they were trying to pitch the idea of Pickiddo, they came across a tuition center owner that was seeking tuition management software to streamline and organize their tuition services. After listening to the tuition center owner’s problems and after doing some research, they realized the tuition management software could have high demand in the market. Hence, they decided to pivot their plan to focus on developing the tuition management software. In 2019, they launched Pickiddo as a platform to manage online tuition by providing on-demand tuition services to those who want to learn from the best teachers anywhere in the world interactively. It has leading-edge features that can speed up the job matching process and it's powered by A.I. The platform targets two segments of users, tuition center owners and parents who are looking for tutors to teach their children. For tuition center owners and tutors, Pickiddo serves as a class management software and a platform to advertise their centers and classes to more parents and students. For parents and students, Pickiddo is a trustable panel for them to explore tutors and classes that covers various subjects. Besides classes and subjects that are adhering to the government syllabus, users can also explore classes for alternative education systems and linguistic classes. In 2020, when the pandemic hit, many of their partnered tuition centers were closed. To keep the platform afloat, they started to create their own online tuition classes and free quizzes to help the students to upskill. Moving forward, they will strive to be the education platform that provides the best learning experience for students to achieve personal growth. Pickiddo has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


E Commerce
Many people, especially manual labours, have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In July 2020, Suthan Mookaiah founded BeliGas with the purpose to provide immediate employment in a “pandemic-proof” business for B40 Malaysians who’d lost their jobs. BeliGas is a startup that delivera affordable LPG gas cylinders throughout Klang Valley with its own rider fleet. Suthan Mookaiah believes that his LPG gasdelivery business is able to solve multiple problems directly related to the industry. The “crazy fluctuation” of prices and the substandard delivery quality were just two of them. “Gas prices can differ between RM28-RM35 between even 2 neighbouring houses for no reason,” he shared. Besides, he also noticed most houses have a poor fire safety and awareness training on handling, usage and maintenance of gas equipment. This is where he saw the big opportunity to innovate with the digital and tech skil he has. Our standard LPG gas cylinders in kedai runcit usually runs through multiple layers of middlemen. It starts with the LPG supplier/manufacturer, goes to a premium stockist then a stockist, then to a dealer, to a sub dealer, to a runner, and finally, to our kedai runcit where we’d make the purchase. Hence, we are paying for high mark-ups. BeliGas is able to offer low prices by working directly with LPG gas suppliers. Their standardised prices for a 14kg cylinder delivery across 123 service areas within the Klang Valley are: Pre-order 1 day before: RM25.60 Same-day order, standard delivery between 9AM-6PM: RM26.60 Same-day order, but urgent delivery in 1 hour: RM29.60 Same-day order, but delivery after 8PM: RM38.60 If your delivery requires them to walk up stairs or use the lifts in apartments or condos, there will be an RM3 surcharge. On the other hand, pre-ordering with BeliGas costs RM25.60, with no extra delivery fees. Suthan also added that they use tech and logistics efficiency to optimise the cost of deliveries, where savings are then passed to consumers. They used a third-party delivery service in the first month and had a bad experience. “It was terrible to say. It created a lot of chain problems in fulfilment and service delivery,” Suthan recalled. To overcome that problem, he made the costly decision of using his personal savings to build BeliGas’ own delivery fleet, hiring drivers and purchasing transport vehicles. Fortunately, this costly decision not only solves their delivery problems, but it now reduces their operational cost on a day-to-day basis too. Suthan is also proud that he’s accomplished his main goal of hiring B40 and other unemployed Malaysians too. So far, around 70 Malaysians are on BeliGas’ payroll, and they’ve even hired ex-convicts to work in their hub and HQ warehouse. Moving forward, BeliGas wishes to hire more Malaysians who need dignified employments. Besides, they also strive to provide access to cheaper essential cooking gas and to scale this access across major Malaysia states by 2022. BeliGas has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Property & Housing
Proptech (property technology) is now the buzzword in the industry. Airbnb’s success has motivated a lot of technopreneurs to introduce their proptech startups. These fast-growing proptech startups are changing the way we invest in property as it dismantles the traditional way of buying, selling and building properties. While many proptech platforms focus on the matching properties with potential buyers/tenants, Jeff Tan took a leap of faith to explore a different segment, to go purely B2B (Business-to-Business). Jeff started his entrepreneurial journey in the property industry since 2011, where he co-founded Proprop Management Sdn Bhd, a property management company providing investment solutions by assisting investors seeking value investment & tenant management. In 2016, Jeff and his partners, Clement Ng and Law co-founded RentGuard. RentGuard is a proptech platform that caters to property agencies as one-stop tech solutions to enable agents to perform more efficiently. It offers mobile booking system and CRM to property agents, bringing convenience and freedom to them, saving their valuable travel and waiting time. “Real estate agents are always on the go. They not only need to constantly attend roadshows and events to collect leads but also need to accompany clients to property sites. On top of that, there are lots of paperwork and data entry tasks. RentGuard is helping agents to save time by automating and simplifying the data management tasks so that they can focus on closing deals and building good relationships with more clients,” shared by Jeff. By using the services of RentGuard, agencies and leaders can remotely monitor the group sales and commission payout of the agents. Meanwhile, agents can submit their cases anywhere via the online platform. Agents don’t need to travel all the way back to the office just to key-in their leads and cases anymore. “Imagine you were bringing clients to preview sites at Kepong area, then you have to rush back to your office in Ampang to submit the case. If it was during peak hours, you might get stuck in the traffic for hours. But with RentGuard, you can submit data to your cloud account and schedule one more preview session with another group of clients. In the end, more sales generated and more commission earned.” Besides, the system also reminds agents automatically when tenancy periods about to end. This feature enables agents to start preparing for tenancy renewal cases at least 2 months in advance. “Recently, we’ve introduced the auto-debit feature for recurring rental fees. Agents and landlords don’t need to remind and urge tenants to pay their rental anymore.” RentGuard is proven as a helpful tool for real estate players, with over 1000 agents actively using the platform on a daily basis. “We are committed to transforming the real estate industry.” RentGuard has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Ticketing Solutions
Following the popularization of the FPX system in Malaysia, many purchasing activities have gone online because everyone loves the convenience of online payment. Tickets are one category that most consumers would wish to buy online to save the troubles and time for queueing. Traditionally, for events like concerts and shows, we need to queue at the ticket counters even before the release time to make sure we get the spots we want. I believe many people have experience of overnight queueing for their favorite artist. When we could start buying tickets online, it was a blessing in disguise. However, a lot of events still require you to show up earlier to redeem the tickets. The queueing scene starts all over again. Rauff loves concerts. He and his buddy, Ezra, hate the ridiculous hours of queueing prior to the concert, for just to redeem the tickets they already bought online. “This is fake online ticketing. What’s the point of buying online if I still need to queue? Can’t we just go in, sit down and chill while waiting for the show to start?” That reason drives Rauff and Ezra to invent a product that provides the real e-ticketing experience. "A true e-ticketing platform serves to eliminate the need for ticket redemptions even when the tickets are bought from other sources.” That is how ÜberTickets formed. ÜberTickets is a comprehensive ticketing platform where event organizers can sell tickets, market the events, and monitor the sales at one place. Organisers can create various ticket types, for examples, tickets with different tiers or bundled tickets for group buys and memberships. “Literally any type is possible,” said Rauff. ÜberTickets enables the end-users to just scan their barcoded tickets at the door to enter the hall no matter where they obtain their tickets because it integrates with all other platforms. It also gets ready with reports for event post-mortems in order to reconcile all tickets scanned versus ticket sold. This provides the organizers with data-driven insights that can help them to make decisions for future events. As the business becomes more exciting, Rauff quitted his corporate job so that he can be more focused on the startup and can spend more time with the family. “Growing a business, climbing up step by step is a very happy experience, we’ve learned and gained a lot of knowledge.” At the 2nd year of operations, ÜberTickets has successfully entered the Indonesian market. It was a great accomplishment. Right now, from a team of two, ÜberTickets has expanded to a bigger structure with 50 employees, including full-time and part-time employees. When we asked Rauff how he enjoys being the co-founder of ÜberTickets, he shared, “We are disruptive innovators. Providing new ways of doing things is what we pride ourselves on, making us unique and sets us apart from the rest.”


Imagine driving home from work in the peak of traffic, and your car suddenly breaks down or worse, another vehicle swerves into your lane and you. It could be a nightmare for many people because the time wasted after getting into an accident could stretch up to hours. Figuring out how to pull over is only the first step because, after that, you’ve got a checklist of things to do. Besides the long waiting time between processes, you should be on alert of opportunistic scammers, especially the infamous tow truck scammers in Malaysia. The question is, who could you ask for help if your trusted foreman is unreachable at the moment? In January 2018, Syed Zulhilmi Tuan Sharif established Pomen Autodata Sdn Bhd to develop a platform connecting drivers in need of help with the nearby workshop and mechanic. After ran through some tests, in October 2018, he finally launched the mobile app, Pomen. Pomen is a smart mobility ecosystem for car drivers who urgently need help to fix their cars’ troubles or even for a booking for the regular car servicing. It collects data from users’ cars and creates profiling for drivers, cars and workshops. Through the algorithm, it can match drivers to their nearest and most suitable workshop and mechanic. For the app users, when facing troublesome situations like an accident, sudden breakdown, battery kong or tyre punctured, they can get instant help with just a few taps with the app. The app also shows the exact quotation before the user confirms an order. This feature is essential because it helps to avoid scams by unethical workshops and tow trucks. Besides, Pomen has connected with large numbers of certified and competitive workshops which have registered under the Workshop Transformation Program (WTP) by MARii. Hence, it gets you covered 24/7 in most of the major cities in Malaysia like Ipoh, Seremban, Bandar Melaka, Batu Pahat, Johor Bahru and even Kuching. One of the unique features of Pomen app is that it keeps all family members under the same profile. It can notify every family member in real-time when one of them is in an emergency. It is especially helpful for families with young drivers who just got their licenses and need to commute to university or workplace. The parents don’t need to keep calling their children to check their safety on roads anymore. For many Malaysians, the car is our important companion. When our cars broke down, we could be very helpless. Pomen’s goal is to help the users to pass through all the complicated processes to get their cars fixed. Our mission is to help everyone, anytime, anywhere no matter what.” Pomen has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Food & Beverage
Chocolate drink is one of the most common beverages for kids in Malaysia. In fact, many adults love chocolate beverages too. However, there aren’t many good quality hot chocolates available in our country. Euniece was a purchaser at Ben’s Independent Grocer while Jinli was a content creator at Astro. The two met by chance through Jinli’s husband in March 2019 and discovered they shared a common passion and frustration: Their love for chocolates; The lack of good quality hot chocolates in Malaysia’s local cafes. Both of them had grown tired of the overly sweet & bland chocolate drinks in the market. They noticed a gap and decided to create a healthier & tastier alternative to satisfy their hot chocolate cravings. 2 months later, they decided to leave their corporate jobs and start Cocova to provide better and healthier chocolate products to Malaysians. In June 2019, they began by speaking to farmers and manufacturers, sourcing various cacao beans from around the region. They subjected their family & friends to endless taste tests to ensure that their chocolate drink achieved the quality that they themselves as chocolate fanatics desired. The initial product was in the form of cocoa powder as we wanted to create a good hot chocolate drink for consumers. However, we were not happy with the texture of the drinks as they were too powdery. After months of planning and researching in their home kitchen, they were finally ready to launch Cocova’s first product – Dark Chocolate Buttons. Originally meant to be melted down into a beverage, they quickly discovered that the buttons were also perfect for snacking and baking. They started humbly with a modest amount from their own savings as they did not want to borrow money from our families or get investors on board at such an early stage. With limited funding, the two had to make adjustments and start small. They worked from their home kitchens, used their living rooms as storage space, didn’t hire a team, and made use of social media to market and sell the products. Keeping costs low worked out in their favor because when the pandemic hit, they were able to survive without having any overhead. Within the first month of launching Cocova in December 2019, they sold roughly 400 Christmas gift sets. Despite a delay in R&D and a rushed production in their product and packaging, they were able to participate in a bazaar at Publika, Kuala Lumpur. Customers’ responses were overwhelming as their stocks were swept within the first 4 days. Cocova has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


“There was once I purchased the F1 themed shirt online, and it only arrived after the event ended, which made me very frustrating,” shared Ivan. After that unpleasant experience, he is determined to change the landscape of logistics. With his prior working experiences in logistics and banking industries, in early 2017, he established an application software company, GoBuilders Netsoft Sdn Bhd, and introduced Golog. Golog is a comprehensive online logistics and delivery platform that connects logistics users and service providers. It seeks to humanise the industry by providing its total logistics efficiency while leveraging on the peer-to-peer economic sharing platform. It offers speedy delivery services that allow business owners to hand off managing their delivery and focus on other segments of their businesses. “We can perform speed delivery from fastest 45 minutes delivery to 24 hours delivery services.” Golog is serving clients majority come from e-commerce, retails and food & beverages, and it absorbs more than a thousand deliveries per day. Wonder how they make it? Golog handles their shipments by integrating AI into their mobile system. The AI is designed to understand each business owner and driver’s behaviours to ensure the fastest and best quality of services. Besides, the mobile app interface enables recipients to see real-time tracking of their items, to cut down all the time wasted on doorsteps. Although the majority of its clients come from the three industries mentioned above, Golog is open to all market. Anyone can register and log in through the apps, choose to be driver or register as a customer to use the delivery or pick up services. The user can be a sender and a recipient using the same account. As an economic sharing platform, registered drivers and riders can earn income through completion of delivery and pick up services. Drivers and riders can deliver all types of goods as long as they are legal, from the smallest letter size document to bigger merchandises. “There is no limit of mileage for goods delivery. As long as it’s reachable, and the rider or driver accepted your order, it’s good to go.” Ivan claimed that Golog is able to help business owners to save 60% of the time for delivery. He believes that by helping business owners to smoothen their delivery processes; they can focus on improving other aspects, especially the R&D of products. This can translate into higher sales and ultimately, strengthening the country economy. Golog has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in more exciting events coming soon!

Kairos Agriculture

As an adventurous person, Ezra Tan has involved in various industries including graphic design and printing, insurance, F&B, construction, and more. In 2017, he joined the founder - Mr. Alfred Phua to venture into mushroom farming in East Malaysia. While planting mushrooms, Ezra and his team notice there were organic wastes from the farm’s expired mushroom logs left aside. They tried to convert those wastes into vermicompost—where worms can use green waste to create water-soluble nutrients that can be repurposed as organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. After successfully converting the wastes from planting mushrooms into vermicompost, they used it to plant vanilla. Surprisingly, it worked. Upon testing their vanilla pods at a Japanese flavoring company, the product was praised for its world trade quality; the Japanese company demanded more of it. The scale of the farm in East Malaysia is not able to meet the demand requested from the Japanese company. However, they never give up. Eventually, in 2019, 2 acres of land is leased by the Penang government in February 2020 to start the vanilla cultivation on a larger scale. With an aim to make Penang known as Malaysia’s vanilla plantation hub, Kairos needed a farm with AI to control the vanilla’s production. But being one of the pioneers in this method of mass growing the edible flower, they lacked the knowledge in how to build the relevant technologies. Another challenge present was the infrastructure which was new to the market back then. So, the tech team had to go through vigorous trial and error to enhance the automation required for their smart farm. With the help of the researchers, an automatic misting system was set up. It would be activated when the weather is too hot and the humidity is too low. On top of controlling the farm’s weather remotely, the tech also prevents water wastage as it’s only activated when vital conditions are met. By relying on traditional farming methods alone, the average yield a 2-acre vanilla farm can generate is around 700kg of cured pods. Kairos’ smart farm is able to raise that by up to 43%, even more so with their current 6 acres of land. Their products come in the form of vanilla extract and pods, most commonly demanded by F&B establishments like bakeries and fine dining restaurants. Apart from that, they also have clients from the beauty sector who use their vanilla extract for premium cosmetics and fragrances. On top of supplying vanilla products to these industries, Kairos is also an exporter to Japan and soon to China. Moving forward, Kairos plans to develop their farm into an eco-tourism hub that will consist of a farm-to-table café, outdoor aquaponics farm, etc. For now, they already have a vanilla-themed café available on their land. Kairos Agriculture has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Interior Design
Yong Meng has always had a passion for beautiful homes and especially the process of transformation from an old home to a brand new beautiful one. After he finished a short internship in a construction company during his early college days, he realised he is strongly enthusiastic about the renovation industry. Hence, he started his business as a renovation contractor in his first year at the University. Fast forward to 2016, Yong Meng established BuildEasy, a one-stop home renovation solutions provider that uses technology and design to simplify the process of creating beautiful homes. Renovating a home is a bittersweet experience that makes people fear the hassles but anticipate the results. BuildEasy is the platform that tries to take away all the bitter but preserve the sweetness for its clients. “There’s always miscommunication between the homeowners and contractors, even more so when the interior designer is involved in the picture,” Yong Meng expressed the key industry pain points. To address this problem, BuildEasy highlights personalisation in their services. They provide curated design templates for free to those who are looking to renovate their homes. Using selected design templates, they allow homeowners to customise the colour options of the furniture, flooring, curtains and wallpapers of their dream home. “We are committed to understanding our client’s unique needs – and work around their style and budget,” shared Yong Meng about their brand promise. To ensure they are on the same page with their customers, BuildEasy employs the virtual reality (VR) technology to enable their customers to visualise designs for more accurate decisions. Most importantly, BuildEasy’s jobs never end upon customers’ approval on their design sketches. They help homeowners to oversee every detail of the renovation to save customers’ time, money and stress. As the company grows, Yong Meng felt the urge to expand and innovate the business. In 2019, he started PropEasy to complement with BuildEasy. PropEasy is an online platform that redefines property ownership by offering transparency and curated choices to foreign property buyers who wish to invest in Southeast Asia. Previously, BuildEasy B2C approach focuses heavily on residential property owners. After PropEasy was introduced, they open up another segment to work together with PropEasy. When PropEasy successfully matched a foreign property investor with a property, BuildEasy will step in to provide their design and renovation solutions to the investor. “Some of these clients are buying the house as a second home in Malaysia, some are buying it purely for investment purpose.” For property investors, BuildEasy doesn’t only provide a quick makeover that catered to tenants’ need but also help investors to rent out the property. “We provide professional photography services and help investors to source for the right tenants.” “The COVID-19 affected our business too. Sales dropped due to low confidence in consumers. Hence, it shows the importance of being flexible and creative to be able to promptly adjust the business model and to adapt to the new norm,” Yong Meng shared. He also advised youngsters to gain some working experiences before stepping into entrepreneurship. “Over the years, I have realised that many mistakes could be avoided—or at least reduce the damage—if I had experience working with other companies.” BuildEasy’s grand vision is to impact 100 million homes. “We believe by implementing technology wherever it’s possible can make the flow of renovation as convenient as it can to everyone.” BuildEasy has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Software as a service (SaaS)
The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed online shopping behaviors. It has accelerated the shift towards a more digital world, where many people now shop online more frequently and rely on the internet more for news, health-related information, and digital entertainment. Since many consumers have adapted to online shopping, many businesses are being pushed to go online too. However, despite common beliefs, building an online business is nothing easier than a traditional business, especially for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Customizing a website can be expensive because you will need to purchase many add-ons. Besides, many website owners are only able to integrate their website if the software or plugins are supported by their website vendor. Understanding the pain of most entrepreneurs, Daniel and Farah introduced Dwebly, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that provides all-in-one e-commerce solutions specially designed for SMEs. Pronounced as “D-web-ly”, Dwebly stands for the meaning Duit-website-beli. It helps entrepreneurs to build custom and quality websites speedily with the help of a great user-friendly interface with their built-in codeless editor. Since its establishment in 2016, the company has collaborated with numerous expert developers to offer all-in-one solutions for software development and digital marketing. They offer 3 ranges of services, each range is catered to a specific group of users: Dwebly Lite: targeting SMEs or entrepreneurs actively sells through WhatsApp. Dwebly Pro: targeting growing businesses that need automation solutions to manage their inventory, sales, and customer relationship. Dwebly Enterprise: targeting corporations that wish to cut their operation cost and future-proof their business with the latest technology Besides, there is also a platform called Dwebly Community that welcomes freelancers such as developers, translators, designers, etc. to come onboard to fulfill their clients’ business needs in digital marketing. Another advantage of using Dwebly to kickstart a digital business is that business owners do not need to re-platform because Dwebly’s platform is highly scalable. Dwebly’s users can upgrade their websites instantly as their business grows. Business owners now can stop worrying about re-platforming as re-platforming is not just costly and time-consuming, they also do not have to jump vendors and start the process all over again. Besides, important essentials of e-commerce like payment gateway and shipping solutions are already integrated with the platform. These take a lot of hassles away as Dwebly’s customers do not have to open an account on their own and yet still enjoy much lower rates. With years of experience, Dwebly knows precisely how to digitize and market the products and services for their customers. Today, they have designed and developed software systems, websites, mobile apps, branding, and marketing for over 50 clients. Dwebly’s main goal is to transform the existing e-commerce solution across Southeast Asia via their latest technology. They believe their products not only help the businesses to go online efficiently but also enable clients to enjoy the full experience without compromising any elements of e-commerce at a very affordable price. Dwebly has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Jan Wong, 31, is an online strategist, youth advocate and an entrepreneur. Starting at the age of 17, he has ventured into eight businesses, a part-time lecturer at the Asia Pacific University (APIIT / APU), a certified e-commerce consultant, published an academic journal during his Masters degree, sits on the Academic Advisory Board of KDU University College and Sunway College, and also serves in both the music and youth ministry of Calvary Church KL. Through his passion, Jan founded OpenMinds in 2012 that serves as a MarTech (Marketing Technology) startup to provide strategic solutions, data analysis, technology development, consultancy & training programmes and a venture division to also assist startups. The venture division has also seen the birth of startups such as CLOVR (a virtual reality tech startup), RoundUp (a data analytics startup), and OpenSpace (a co-working space passport) in 2018. Having bootstrapped from zero and being a new player in the industry, OpenMinds managed to acquire world-class brands and renowned agencies as clients and in 2017, set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong, after placing Kazakhstan‘s office in hiatus in 2015 due to the declining oil & gas outlook. In within 4 years, OpenMinds has grown to a valuation of USD5 million and is featured as a company with one of the best workplace culture in Malaysia. His entrepreneurial experience also enabled him to work with different startups, and the opportunity to speak at various entrepreneurship and social media events in universities, corporations, workshops and conferences in the region. He is also a mentor for multiple startup communities and the NEXT50 Singapore initiative. Jan has also been featured on various media on his entrepreneurship journey, social media expertise, and the SME industry. Jan is also a regular digital marketing consultant on BFM and recently, listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list under the media, marketing and advertising category. Openminds has joined ZOM-IN to participate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join ZOM-IN at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in collaborative programs brought to you by ZOM-IN and Openminds in the near future! To understand more about Openminds, don’t forget to watch the video below to listen to Jan’s sharing!


Waste Management
Growing up as a child of a waste collector, recycling and preserving the environment was ingrained into Redza’s childhood. Eventually, he grew up to be a supervisor in a waste management company. Part of his job was to follow behind rubbish compactor trucks to ensure that waste is disposed of properly. This was to mitigate any complaints from residents if the trash is disposed of in a careless manner. Once the waste was transported from bins to the truck, he noticed workers would sort them, looking for any plastic bottles or cans, which was plenty. The workers would recycle them every day, earning themselves some extra income. However, the sortation at source was banned by the authorities because it was time-consuming. Thus, Redza started to find ways where waste could easily be collected for recycling and reused to manufacture new materials. In 2018, he started Trash4Cash. Trash4Cash, as the name suggests, is an app that allows users to trade in their waste for money right from your doorstep. Customers are paid through the Trash4Cash app, where they have a clear view of how much they’ve earned from the recycling service. They can also use the app to request collections and check each item’s rates. Operating a fleet of heavy vehicles is not cheap. Customers absorb 0 costs as Trash4Cash is a free service to them. Furthermore, customers are even paid for their recyclables—which means all demanding expenses fall solely on the business. Redza also explained that every fleet (Pinky Hub) has 15 workers comprising waste collectors and administrative staff. Adding up petrol costs, the average operational outlay per month for a single Pinky Hub amounts to RM60,000. To overcome the cost, they started looking for manufacturers that use recyclable waste as their raw materials for production. Then, they sort and pack the recyclables by adapting to their recyclable raw materials demand. Thus, on top of collecting recyclables every other day, Trash4Cash is also a material feeder to industries that need recyclables for their production. The fleets are currently operational in Klang Valley, Kedah, and Perlis. Items collected range from plastic, old newspapers, and clothing to construction and demolition debris, green (composting), and food waste. For more updated news about Trash4Cash, you may follow them on social media. Trash4Cash has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


ZOM-IN is an online platform created for young minds and successful entrepreneurs to empower and inspire one another. Our co-founders have years of experiences in the corporate recruitment segment. While placing candidates into corporates, we observed one problem: the gap between corporate and millennials are getting bigger day by day. Despite how media is trying to portray, we don’t see this as anyone’s fault. This is because we have met a lot of talented and determined young candidates. Besides, we also understand how the corporates world operate. What we saw is the lack of exposure of young millennials to the business environment that has caused a lot of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Therefore, ZOM-IN is here to bridge the gap. We provide a series of programs, tools, inspiring articles and videos to help you understand the real working life before you step out of the school. Let's start your exploration from here.


In Malaysia, car is not just a sort of transportation, it also plays a very crucial role in our economic activities. Every day there are people who buy cars and people who want to get rid of their used cars. The Kuala Lumpur “V” prefix number plates have only been released in August 2016, just after two years, JPJ is now selling “VCE”. Can you imagine how fast-selling are the cars in Malaysia? However, to sell off a used car, is never a ‘fast’ experience. There is where the myTukar.com comes in. myTukar.com is a tech platform that aims to Change (Tukar) and Digitise the traditional car ownership lifecycle. They focus on developing the online car bidding website to provide users with fast and effortless experience. It only takes 3 simple steps for users to sell their used cars at the best price! The Three Simple Steps to Sell A Car on myTukar: APPRAISAL – Let the trained inspector access your car’s condition LIVE BIDDING – Watch LIVE BIDDING at myTukar.com website for the maximum value GET PAID! – Let myTukar do all the Procedure and Processing while waiting for the transaction. The most exciting part is myTukar.com has brought in many Certified Car Dealers nationwide to compete in the Live Bidding. Therefore, the final price that you received will definitely be the maximum value of your car. According to carbase.my, the current average market price of the 2003 Toyota Wish is at RM30k. As we can see from the final bid price of the Toyota Wish on myTukar.com, the value that the user been offered is a fairly good price! I honestly didn’t think it could be this fast and convenient. I managed to sell my car for above what I thought I could get it for, and that’s a big bonus.” —— Mr Edi from Kuala Lumpur who recently sold his 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSI for RM26,600 on myTukar.com myTukar.com has successfully utilised their knowledge, experience and skills from the automotive industry to design a user-friendly platform for both consumers and businesses to complete the car ownership lifecycle through a smooth experience.

Pixofive Creative

Pixofive started humbly with only two people in 2014 solely as a creative agency. With the continuous support by clients, they have grown steadily and have expanded to a well-rounded media and advertising firm. Currently, it is equipped by a team of exceptional creative and media professionals with over 20 years experience in brand advertising. It offers advertising solutions and services to corporate and SME clients to support their branding and communication materials. “We are the bridge between businesses and consumers,” How Siew Eng, the Business Development Manager of Pixofive Creative & Media shared. As a full-service creative and media agency, the team in Pixofive delivers turnkey marketing and advertising solutions through out-of-the-box methods and innovative ideas, to generate demand for their clients’ brands. “Our goal is to make all our clients’ brands stand out in the market by making them look consistently amazing,” How Siew Eng added. The firm encourages all the employees to work hard and play harder. “With the fast changing environment especially on digital, we need to act fast enough to keep up to the trend and make sure the concept and ideas are based on the market needs. Thus, we need to be sensitive to the changing views of diverse audiences and environment,” he further explained. Some of the services provided by Pixofive include point-of-sales/purchase, marketing collaterals, drawings & illustrations, typography, motion graphic, communication design, company profiles, photography, media strategies & marketing plannings, online & offline digital marketing etc. “Although we’re a homegrown boutique media house, we are more flexible in a sense where we have lesser protocols compared to more established companies. Therefore, we’re able to customise our solutions to satisfy each client’s needs,” How Siew Eng shared. Over the years, Pixofive has successfully worked with many clients mostly from the F&B, Food Manufacturing and Retail industries. Some of those brands include Texas Fried Chicken, Seri Murni, Neptune, Massimo, San Francisco Coffee, Triumph, Le Creuset, Quill City Mall and more. Pixofive has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Home Improvement
Building material wastage is a problem that not much people are aware of. Pennie HOMA has involved in the building material industry for more than 14 years, mainly because her parents are supplying building materials to construction projects. In 2015, she quitted her full-time job to help her parents in their business. While trying to scale up their business, she thought it is important to do something that is meaningful and impactful to the planet and the people. In 2016, one of her friends called her for help to sell off some of the left aside building materials. Apparently, the friend were facing financial burden because of overstocking. She discovered that it is common that the constructors always have excess stock. Furthermore, these products are often non-biodegradable, which would be harmful to the environment when it goes to waste. Thus, in 2017, Pennie HOMA launched HOMA2U, an online to offline (O2O) building materials and interior finishes marketplace where users can find a wide range of high quality, branded and bargains materials for their house projects. This platform is catered to users who are looking for cost savings and at the same time impacting the society by reducing wastages. Each product on HOMA2u embodies the mission to waste-reduction. When users are ready to start a project, HOMA2u is the one-stop place for them to find competitive prices for the building materials they need – from tiles, ventilation blocks, water filtration, water tanks, furniture and more. The platform also offers helpful guidance to users who needed help. Users can browse through their Idea Book on the website to obtain new ideas and inspiration for their home projects. By championing the notion of reducing, reuse and repurpose – HOMA2u’s main strategy includes acquiring building materials and interior finishes products from unused construction materials, discarded materials and overstock markets. This enables them to: 1. Reduce the environmental footprint produced by the release of construction waste. 2. Bring fair, competitive pricing that makes sense for users. 3. Provide users with a wide range of building material and brand choices. Initially, the industry were not being friendly to them because they didn’t understand what HOMA2u is doing. Market players had a negative impression on them and thought they were spoiling the market price by selling the excessed materials at cheaper price. During the first 6 months of their operation, Pennie HOMA had faced challenges where bigger players, such as construction distributors, tried to sabotage them by pressuring factories to not supply the excessive materials to HOMA. Fortunately, they are able to change the distributors and factories’ perspective and make them understand they are not competitors. “Our mission is simple: to give planet Earth the vital care it needs. We work by developing sustainable material sourcing solutions that greatly contribute not only to mother nature but to human development as well,” shared Pennie HOMA. HOMA2u has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Arus Oil

Green Energy
Dr Chatichai Chong worked as a medical officer in the Ministry of Health Malaysia for 6 years after graduated from The Russian State Medical University in 2013. To pursue job satisfaction and ponder what was out there, he left MOH in 2018 and joined an IT company that focuses on education. He met Syazwan, who shared him about the challenges they faced in recycling used cooking oil. Apparently, since 2017, residents of SS14 have been disposing of their used cooking oil (UCO) in a collection drum at the park nearby. This project was organised in collaboration with Kawasan Rukun Tetangga (KRT). The survey shows that most of the family households in SS14 cook frequently. Thus, the idea of recycled used cooking oil is born. Instead of throwing the used cooking oil away, residents are able to earn cashback by selling it.​ The reason why they are recycling the used cooking oil is due to the fact of the depletion of non-renewable energy. 72% of our world consumption is powered by fossil fuels (Non-renewable). Petroleum/oil is specifically estimated to be depleted in 2052. They believe recycling used cooking oil helps to slow down the depletion of non-renewable energy. This is because all of the collected used cooking oil will be converted to bio-diesel which is used to power industrial vehicles or machines.​ In 2020, Dr Chatichai, Syazwan and Louis decided to develop a cloud based application for people to recycle oil. “Many countries have been using bio diesel but the awareness in Malaysia is still low where people are throwing the used cooking oil away directly,” shared Dr Chatichai. They developed an app that connects oil producers and purchasers. It was launched in June 2021 and was named Arus Oil. Besides developing the app, Arus oil is also a licensed operator under MPOB License. MPOB License is required to collect/purchase used cooking oil. Used cooking oil ( Palm Oil Based ) is classified as sludge palm oil (SPO) under Malaysian Palm Oil Board Licensing Regulations 2005.​ This license is to ensure all collected used cooking oil are converted to bio-diesel and not for any illegal use that will harm the people and the environment. Arus Oil welcomes families, F&B and hospitality operators, and food factories to utilise their services and application to join their recycling efforts. Users can collect their oil after cooking. Once finished with deep-frying or cooking, they can filter excess used cooking oil by pouring it into a beaker or bottle with the help of a colander. The purpose of using a colander is to filter away from any food debris and smoothen the recycling process. Then, they can store the collected used cooking oil at a glass bottle or jerry can at a non-flammable place with room temperature. Once they collect a minimum of 5kg of used cooking oil, they can schedule an appointment for door-to-door collection of the used cooking oil at the Arus Oil’s Dashboard page. Arus Oil's logistic team will contact the user in 1-2 working days once he/she has scheduled an appointment. The collected oil will then be exported to treatment plants for conversion to bio-diesel. This oil will be exported to Netherlands & UK treatment plants where it will be converted to ASTM B-20 Biodiesel grade. There are multiple types of biodiesel that are segregated to: - B-5 grade ( Used in light-duty diesel vehicles ) - B-20 grade ( Used in diesel vehicles or generators ) - B-100 grade ( Heavy vehicles eg. Trains & airplane) Arus Oil was one of the winners for 1337 Ventures Alpha Startup™ Digital Accelerator 2021. Besides, it also won a project with IOI Kickstart Programme. The team will continue to strive to make more people understand the importance of recycling used cooking oil and encourage more people to join this effort by providing them a convenient platform. Arus Oil has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Yore Productions

3D Animation Studio
Most of the students who are pursuing a diploma or Bachelor’s degree program will need to complete a Final Year Project (FYP) to obtain the attributions to graduate. It aims to demonstrate the skills and knowledge students have acquired in their studies. Jin Yao Wong (JY) and Chee Kai Woon (CK), graduates of 3D Modelling & Animation from Multimedia University (MMU), not only completed their FYP, an animation project named The Cliff House perfectly but have gotten many recognitions as they submitted the project to multiple competitions. The short animation received numerous international awards from the USA, Italy, India, Japan, and Spain. It also represented Malaysia in a few international screenings such as the Commonwealth Games. It has also gained many fans and supporters across social media platforms. JY and CK thought it would be a waste if they discontinue the FYP group. Thus, they decided to register their group “Yore Productions” as a real animation studio on 27 June 2019. Currently, the team is developing an original idol anime, Project Dreamcatcher!!, which will be the first original anime produced in Malaysia. “It is a great concept. You can incorporate idols into your IP because it’s very versatile—you can turn them into ambassadors, you can do a lot of things. It started as a passion project because we just graduated last time and gradually, it snowballed into what you see today, thanks to support along the way and the professional input from the Japanese side of the industry.” CK, being a fan of idol anime himself, got the inspiration from a visit to Akihabara after graduating. After a few years of development, CK’s idea was starting to take a more defined shape. JY revealed that “Malaysia has so many nice places but we shortlisted Penang or Melaka, which are very well-known to overseas tourists so that it will be much easier to market it. Through our study, many people are much more familiar with Penang. As for story-wise, it is centered around Penang but CK’s vision is that eventually, it will cover the whole of Malaysia—so we’ll slowly incorporate Melaka, Kelantan, and other states into the story as well.” The story of Project Dreamcatcher!! features secondary school students forming various idol units, serving as something similar to that of co-curricular activities. The team will be releasing the MV on YouTube somewhere around early 2022. Yore Productions has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


The e-commerce scene in Malaysia has been growing tremendously in these few years, its contribution to the GDP in Malaysia continuously improved throughout seven years to RM85.8 billion in 2017 from RM37.7 billion in 2010. This scenario has created a great opportunity for the logistics industry. Nicholas and Alex started Ping-U, an e-commerce logistics solution which allows the customers to send and collect parcels at anywhere and anytime. While point delivery service is not a new thing, Ping-U takes it to the next step by integrating the service with a unique device. Ping-U provides their merchants (Ping-U Points) with a device that can print out the consignment note with only a simple scan on the sender’s QR Code. This device has made the whole drop-off process more convenient by saving up the time of queues and form filling! Anyone who wants to send a parcel just needs to login to the Ping-U Mobile App or Website, key in the parcel and recipient details, and complete the parcel order by making the payment. Sender then brings the parcel to the nearest Ping-U Point, and the merchant will help to print out the parcel label sticker for free. It’s convenient especially for senders who do not have a printer to print their consignment note! Whereas for Ping-U Collect, Ping-U enables you to collect your parcels at your convenience. Delivery services usually operate on standard working hours, which most working people are also busy at work. Many people are not at home to collect their parcel, and in most companies, employees are not allowed to receive personal parcels at the workplace. Therefore, Ping-U partners with brick and mortar stores like convenience stores, pet shop, pharmacy, gadget store, etc. which have longer operating hours. All you need to do is to log in to Ping-U Mobile App or Website, book a slot at your preferred Ping-U Point, then copy the Ping-U Point address and the generated recipient name as your delivery address and recipient name when you check out your order at any e-commerce site. When the parcel arrives at the selected Ping-U Point, you will receive notifications via in-app, email and SMS notification, and you can collect your item using the given QR code at any time within its operating hours! Ping-U had their soft launch in December 2018, and it is growing fast, with now having more than 100 merchants (Ping-U Points) and still counting. Now, they are setting up the Ping-U Points in Klang Valley and planning to expand to other states. “Once we have all covered, we will be looking at our neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Thailand, both of these countries have larger populations, which translate to a larger user base”, mentioned by Nicholas Wong, CEO of Ping-U. Ping-U hopes its innovative logistics solutions can empower the online micro-entrepreneurs for them to focus more on improving other areas of their businesses. As for the online consumers, Ping-U wishes to provide them with a simpler way to collect and return their online purchases, to make the whole online shopping more enjoyable! Ping-U has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in exciting events coming soon!


The birth of smartphone revolutionise the way we communicate, play, think, surf the internet and more. Never before a single device has the capability to replace so many other items. Therefore, people don’t mind to spend RM3000 or more for a high-end, productive smartphone. However, you’re probably pretty familiar with the struggle to keep your smartphone running like new a few months or even a couple of years after you bought it. After all, phones are expensive, thus keeping your current device running as long as possible will help you defer the expensive process of buying a new phone just a bit longer. Yet, sometimes, your smartphone’s battery is uncooperative, and won’t let you get through a day without worrying that your phone will die. The co-founders of Charby – Lim Thol Yong, Cheok Ming Jin and Chik Sheng Fei – came to realise that the durability of a smartphone’s battery is a common concern of many consumers. After obtained market validation from phone retail shops, interviewed strangers in shopping mall and conducted online survey form, the trio realised overnight charging is the most common practice of consumers that might cause battery degradation. Nevertheless, what’s a better time to recharge than when we’re sleeping? The co-founders of Charby believe charging should be made effortless and easy. “Your phone should get ready by the time you’re ready for your daytime challenges. We don’t have to sacrifice the best time for phone-charging – in the middle of the night – when all the bad sides of overnight charging can be solved by simply a smart charging cable that cuts off power automatically at full charge,” shared Chik, the co-founder and CTO of Charby. Let’s take a little time travel back to 2015 when the co-founders first partnered to help you understand Charby better. The trio started as partnership in 2015 during their final year of undergraduate studies. After graduated as bachelor’s degree and they enrolled in Master research in UTM to further continue working on their startup ideas. Initially, the founders wanted to help their university to reduce energy wastage by proposing the idea of installing smart energy-saving-system in hostels. However, they were advised not to continue as the project is not viable due to the high installation cost. For months, they have worked on different startup ideas but were either failed or rejected. In 2015, they shared their idea of the Smart Charging Cable with one of their mentors, Dr Yeong and was encouraged to enrol in the IHL-MSC competition in June that year. During that period, they had successfully built several prototypes that cut-off power supply automatically to stop further charging once they detect the battery is fully-charged. Their complete prototype and clear business plan enabled them to pass through 3 evaluation stages and eventually, attained the champion in November 2015. In early 2016, they applied for Cradle CIP150 fund and successfully received it in June 2016. This marked a significant milestone for them, as with the financial assistance and advice from Cradle, they can fund and complete the prototype of their smart charging cable – Charby Sense. Throughout their continuous built and refinement process, they realise more problems related to charging, such as fire hazard due to overnight charging, unreliable charging products and slow charging. They tailor their prototype to address the identified issues with the hope to create a solution for the users. Finally, their product – Charby Sense successfully attained European standard CE, FCC and RoHS, and is ready to be sold internationally. Charby Sense was successfully launched on Indiegogo in Dec 2017 and has since raised over USD100k and delivering to customers over 70 countries. Ever since, Charby is on the mission to make the best of everyone’s life by maximising smartphone use-time through knowledge and intelligent technology. In the coming years, more innovative Charby charging products will be designed to achieve a world everyone can stay powered and connected. Charby has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Edu Tech Marketplace
Dr. Zaharuddin Abdul Rahman, Ph.D, has been in the education industry for more than 28 years at various stages i.e Universities, public teaching, corporate training, academic conferences, and seminars either online or offline. He has been providing guidance and knowledge via his writings on the net since 2001. He has published 23 books cover various topics in three languages. In 2019, he established MyClaaz, an education marketplace where users can book teachers for school and professional subjects online and offline. Initially, the platform is targeting school students with the purpose to consolidate private tutor services’ information for parents. This is because he found it difficult to detain tutors’ information while searching for a suitable private tutor for his children. However, not long after they launched the website, they realized that was too typical and narrow of a target. To make the platform more sustainable, they decided to cater this platform to a wider scope of learners and trainers globally. Thus, they opened up the target audience from school learners to professional learners and general public subjects like cooking, language, exercise. MyClaaz wasn’t an idea born from the pandemic, hence its offerings of one-on-one classes. But the pandemic changed its plans. With new features like event creations, trainers no longer have to rely on one-on-one classes to earn. Hence, ever since the pandemic, they encourage trainers to sell educational event tickets, e-books, and teaching videos. Like any other product being sold online, quality is often a concern, perhaps even more so regarding education. The site is a registered training provider under the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF), and MyClaaz has some basic vetting procedures in place. At the same time, MyClaaz is collaborating with school admins, universities, and colleges to source quality trainers and lecturers. Users that have completed the courses will be given a certificate. If somehow a trainer bypasses MyClaaz’s vetting and students send in genuine reports about a fake qualification or a harmful event, the site withholds the trainer’s payment and returns it to the student. The trainer’s account will also be deactivated, as per the T&Cs. Moving forward, MyClaaz plans to go beyond Malaysia and expand its services to our neighbouring countries including Thailand, India, Indonesia, Brunei, and Singapore. MyClaaz has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

My AOne

Dr. Darren Gouk obtained his Ph.D. in Lipid Nutrition from the University of Malaya in 2014. When he was still studying, he works as a freelance instructor. He had to pay expensive commissions to the agents who connected him to students. After graduating, he didn’t pursue his career as a lecturer. Instead, he decided to create software that can help other freelance educators to solve their problems. In 2015, AOneLearn is established as an online marketplace for offline lessons in Malaysia. The website connects people with learning centers and instructors who teach classes ranging from academics to health and wellness, sports, and recreational activities. This is in-line with the belief on “Anyone can teach, everyone can learn”. Initially, it operated like room-sharing service Airbnb in that users can scroll through listings from service providers. It had a messaging feature, which allowed users to communicate directly with one another on the platform. After some time, the team decided to pivot their business modal and focus more on providing a comprehensive solution to educators. By using AOneSchools Learning Center Management System, educators are able to manage the administrative works of the classes or learning center easily. It offers useful features such as automated fee collection and tracking, an in-app payment gateway, announcement broadcasting tools, and class scheduling tools. Currently there are 1200+ learning centers and over 100k+ users are using our solutions. To help educators adapt to the new normal during the pandemic, AOneSchools also integrated the temperature recording feature into the attendance tracker. To ensure the software does not fall behind trends, AOne Team always listens to their clients about their issues and tries to release new features to solve their problems on a monthly basis. Moving forward, AOne will continue to thrive to become a super app in the education sector. “Our mission is to help educators to digitalise their daily operations, so they can have more time and money to scale their education businesses,” share Dr Darren. AOne has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Lava X

Xun is a full-stack developer with more than ten years of experiences and has built several app systems from scratch since he was in college. He is well-versed in many programming frameworks covering from web to mobile technologies, from frontend to backend, from blockchain to IoT (Internet of Things) solution. His passion towards technology has brought him to various tech-related events around the world, such as the Web Summit Dublin and Rise Conference Hong Kong, which have exposed him to more upcoming technology trends and further widen his horizon. Being an independent tech consultant for a few companies have equipped Xun with not only the technical knowledge but the abilities to translate the technical skills into scalable businesses. In 2016, Xun founded Lava X, a SaaS (software as a service) Tech Startup. As the team grows, it has slowly transformed into a software house that designs and develops IoT solutions, backend systems, websites and mobile applications for startups. “We are a bunch of tech geeks who constantly hunger for new technologies and concepts like Big Data and AI (Artificial Intelligence). We practice Agile Methodology to ensure we deliver what’s best for clients. We listen to clients’ requirements, at the same time consult and advise them to achieve the best project outcomes.” Apart from leading and managing Lava X, Xun is also very passionate in empowering other tech enthusiasts. He mentors, trains, and speaks at the Selangor IT and E-Commerce Council (SITEC), the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) and the Google Developer Group Malaysia DevFest Kuala Lumpur. “Internet and mobile technologies are snowballing. We wish that our technical skills and knowledge can help more startups & SMEs to transform and innovate their businesses. Ultimately, to digitalise and automate their business processes to achieve cost minimisation, greater efficiency, and streamlined processes.” Lava X has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Food & Beverages
Growing up in a single-wage family, money has always been something that Teh’s family have to fight month over month. Yong Lin’s mother, who bakes amazing homemade pumpkin jam from scratch, always wanted to help out with the family’s expenses by selling her pumpkin jam. “Everyone who tasted the jam loved it. Many people encouraged her to sell the jam for some extra incomes. However, my mum had no idea how to market the product and get the word out on social media. She also had no idea how to handle the delivery and customer service. Thus, she wasn’t keen on exploring it as an avenue,” Yong Lin shared. As a millennial who very familiar with the e-commerce scene, Yong Lin was very confident that he could help to sell the jam on online marketplaces. However, he soon found out that it was not as easy as it sounds. “I never knew that most e-commerce platforms don’t allow sellers to upload perishables onto their site.” Yong Lin decided to start Kravve to empower more individuals like his mum to afford a better living, by selling freshly handmade food products from their home kitchen. Kravve serves as a convenient platform for home chefs who have been doing social selling all this while (on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp) or even those home chefs who have always been encouraged to start selling their food but are not sure how to start. “We believe in the concept of sharing economy, and one day, who knows, you might just buy your food from someone in your neighbourhood instead of going into a restaurant.” His co-founder, Jean Heah shares the opinion that Malaysia is a culinary melting pot and are impressed with the growing list of entirely original products from their merchants that range from banana wine, lavender marmalade jam, black truffle potato chips, nasi lemak fish skin and more! The duo wants to provide the home chefs with a stable and convenient platform so that they can focus on producing fantastic food without needed to managing dozens of Private Messages from customers, handling deliveries to customers and bearing the risk of preparing too many supplies for weekend bazaars. Kravve prepares a lot of tools and services to support their sellers. Besides the backend workflow system that shows the orders and payment updates, Kravve has an in-house team to manage customers’ queries at all time. They also engage will about 20 delivery partners that are experienced at handling food deliveries, dealing with fragile items such as mooncake, and seasonal items like pineapple tarts that are popular during Chinese New Year. To further empower the homecooks, Kravve also organises photography classes to help sellers figure out the camera lens, to help them tackle this world of internet selling. As a result, there are more appealing pictures up on the site, which leads to a win-win situation for both sellers and Kravve. To date, over 200 merchants have registered on Kravve. There is no restriction on the number of products a merchant can list as there is no listing fee. Kravve only charges a small percentage on each sale generated to maintain the platform. To ensure the freshness of the artisanal food products and to help save inventory space, most products sold on Kravve are made to order. Hence, customers might need to be patient as the delivery period is usually between five and seven working days. “It may sound long, but I believe customers don’t mind waiting as it arrives fresh and is nice to consume.” Kravve has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

My Weekend Plan

What are you doing on weekends? After sitting in front of the office desk day after day, there are times when we felt bored and lifeless. You might not want to look at the computer screen anymore, at the same time tired of wandering around the shopping malls, but the hot sun out there doesn’t encourage you to hug the nature as well. What’s worse is you are getting lonelier when your friends started to get into serious relationships or even starting their families, no one could hang out with you all day long anymore. Bryan incidentally got to know many metropolitans share the same problem. Bryan’s sister loves arts but was stopped by their parents from pursuing arts as a career. Although she has become an engineer, she never stops doing arts. Being a computing engineer who possesses a combination of technical and marketing skills, Bryan created a website to promote his sister’s art classes. As the classes gained traction, he received a request from a friend to lease a baking class. “Many working adults desperately need some creative outlets to help them sweep away the stresses and to spice up their life. At the same time, there are people like my sister who need a platform to develop their hobbies into something profitable and sustainable. So, my friend and I decided to develop the website into an open platform,” Bryan shared the ideation process of My Weekend Plan. On February 2018, My Weekend Plan was launched as a events platform that develops and provides fun and creative activities for individuals, groups of friends and corporate clients. Events and activities providers or instructors can register and post their classes on the website to attract more participants. You can find various exciting classes on My Weekend Plan, from indoor learning like modern calligraphy, watercolour and acrylic artwork, flower arrangement, photography, soap making, cooking, baking workshops to outdoor challenges like archery classes, ATV rides, Nerf gun fights, night hikes and more! As the platform grows, My Weekend Plan started to organise parties, and large-scale events and team building for corporate bodies. To provide better experiences for corporate clients, they have their team building programs approved by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF). Unlike the usual workshops, their team building programs not only focusing on the activities but also have adopted some creative ways to improve participants communication skills, leadership abilities, and critical thinking skills. “Our team constantly brainstorms with providers on how to make a workshop more interesting and out of the ordinary. We want to provide activities and workshops that are unique and one that caters to clients’ need.” My Weekend Plan has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


In 2019, mechanical engineer Ir. Dzulfarqeish (Dzul), was looking for a place where his son could learn robotics. Unfortunately, none were easily available as there were no robotics learning centers around Terengganu. He managed to find a place that offers robotics classes in Kuantan. Every weekend, he would drive 2 hours from her house to Kuantan in order for his son to attend the 1-hour class. Although his son was excited to learn robotics, the 5 hours journey on a weekly basis was too tiring for the family. Dzul himself is fond of this subject as it was something he was trained in during his university days. In fact, he was in the ROBOCON team where he presented Universiti Teknologi Petronas in Robocon and Eurobots (Europe Robotics Competition) in Germany and France. So, along with 2 other co-founders Yasser Rabanie and Khoirun Nisah who held backgrounds in robotics, programming, and branding, they launched JAZRO, a robotics education company for children. Gathering like-minded individuals, JAZRO started as a voluntary entity to help younger generations and communities in Kemaman, Terengganu. Taking into consideration the living cost for those in the region, monthly fees were set as affordable as possible. By 2020, the program was established as JAZRO TECHNOLOGY ROBOTICS Sdn Bhd. Pre-pandemic, physical classes were held as an after school activity for the students where equipment including robots and tablets was provided to make participating more accessible. Participants were never obligated to purchase their own robotics kits either. They did a lot of demonstrations of robots in schools before the pandemic. Physical classrooms were prepared for the students in Kerteh, Kuala Terengganu, Dungun, and Chukai. Despite having plans to open more JAZRO branches in Kuantan and Kota Bharu, MCO delayed them and forced classes online, so the team now teaches its students via Zoom meetings. The biggest challenge for JAZRO during the MCO was teaching robotics classes to students who didn’t have their own robots to learn with. Dzul expressed, “How can you learn robotics class without hardware, right?” During virtual classes, the philosophy of never making kids buy their own hardware against their will was maintained. “So, we introduced our students to a simulation application so that they could simulate the coding they learned. We found the students enjoyed learning in this environment too,” Dzul observed. JAZRO was able to find a new way to pivot its classes online during MCO 2.0 and built an e-learning platform for robotics by MCO 3.0. Pivoting its classes and finding new ways to sustain the business during the pandemic was crucial for JAZRO. This is because there wouldn’t be a guarantee that education would return to physical sessions in the new normal, or even after herd immunity was achieved. Thus, they have created their in-house comprehensive robotic skill learning platform. It is an LMS (Learning Management System) where parents can see their kid’s performance, assessment, attendance, certificate, report card, etc. Following their efforts, the team is also seeing interest from Indonesian and South African international private schools planning to incorporate their modules in their syllabuses. “In another 5-10 years, robotic and automation will replace human’s routine jobs more than 50%. It is already here where you can see robots in the dining place or patrons order via tablet,” Dzul shared. Thus, the motto of JAZRO is to develop more digital talents to be prepared for the upcoming changes in the job market. JAZRO has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Agmo Studio

After graduating from MMU with a Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2008, AK (Tan Aik Keong) started his career as a Software Engineer. Noticing that more businesses are seeking solutions for digital transformation and automation, he decided to found his own software development firm, Agmo Studio in 2012, together with another 2 of his co-founder, Steven Low Kang Wen, and Tham Chin Seng. At that part of the time, they are one of the pioneers in the mobile app development industry. Initially, they aimed to be perfectionists and always wanted to launch the perfect product. However, they slowly realized that a perfect product from their perspective was not necessarily what the market needed. From then onwards, they became big fans of building Minimum Viable Products. They bootstrapped and built things quickly within a few weeks and performed market validation to decide on the next step. For instance, in 2020 when the Coronavirus hit Malaysia, they launched the first tracker mobile app within two days during Chinese New Year. That quick action managed to bring them into the spotlight of the media as it is newsworthy. They understand that they must act fast and work hard to keep up with the latest technologies and business trends because everything changes rapidly in today’s world and it’s important to have the first-mover advantage. Now, Agmo Studio has become the leading Mobile and Blockchain application development firm in Malaysia which houses more than 90 engineers. They have served clients from multiple countries and various industries such as medical, oil & gas, automotive, property development, retail, logistics, government agencies, and more. Since its inception in 2012, the team has developed and published more than 100 mobile apps with millions of downloads worldwide. They have also won multiple awards, like 4 times APICTA awards in 4 different categories, the ASEAN ICT Awards, Asia Smart Apps Awards, and WITSA Global ICT Awards. The company has also grown from a single studio that builds customized digital solutions into a group of companies to cater to different business needs from their clients. Besides Agmo Studio, there are three other subsidiaries under the umbrella of Agmo Group, namely: Agmo Digital Solutions: Runs as a platform-based business to serve public listed companies by using their product, Vote2U. This is a blockchain-powered remote participation and working platform. Till today they have served more than 100 clients from different industries. They also have other solutions like Eat2u (a food delivery platform) and Agmo Health (serving some chained pharmacies). Agmo Tech: Focusing on developing blockchain technologies and solutions. Agmo Capital: Invest in startup companies that cover legal tech, fintech, property tech, etc. Moving forward, Agmo Group aims to become the regional leader as a digital solutions provider. They believe the purpose of technology is to make everyone’s lives better. Agmo Studio has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Digital Business In Community Management
After graduating from the University of Malaya, Mr. Ho Kim Hong had worked in the construction industry for 25 years, started as a civil engineer, and later become a boss himself. Over the years, he had served and worked closely with all the well-known developers in Malaysia, such as EcoWorld, SP Setia, IJM, etc. Despite his career success in the construction industry, he failed to find career satisfaction and business sustainability. Thus, in 2016, he decided to look for something new. However, the startup journey was not a smooth one. Mr. Ho admitted he was too confident in his capabilities on the business development, management, and business connection in his previous business. After some unhappy incidents, he slowly realized he shouldn’t use the same method and approach of building an SME to build a startup business. “You need to have a clear vision and purpose of what you want to achieve. It also requires a capable and talented team to move forward,” shared Mr. Ho. In 2019, he restarted the business again and things are smoother this time as more capable co-founders and team members have joined the team. Together with the team, Mr. Ho built FLIPBIZZ, an all-in-one Community Management Platform. FLIPBIZZ started as a platform that enables businesses and their owners to expose their professional profiles. Now, it has extended to a multi-purpose community management platform that allows Business Community Managers to grow their community and monetize from the community. The mobile app comes with a digital library that can help users to manage their contents securely and only distribute them to subscribers that fulfilled specific criteria based on a scheduled timeline. It also has a streamlined payment system that supports more than 135 types of currencies to ensure smooth transactions between FLIPBIZZ’s users and their own subscribers. FLIPBIZZ is a great tool for businesses, organizations, or influencers to distribute confidential or creative content among their audiences or members. For instance, it can serve as an intranet communication platform for organizations to distribute and share projects information among their team members, suppliers, or clients. It can also help celebrities, coaches, and influencers to share paid content with their subscribers. The main advantage of using FLIPBIZZ is its privacy protection. “Whatever happens in the community stay in the community,” Mr. Ho assured. The platform has grown from zero to 2600 users, organically. It currently houses more than 400 organizations’ profiles and over 72 community profiles. 70% of these profile owners are from Malaysia, the rest are from all over the world which includes ASEAN countries, the US, China, India, Ireland, South Africa, and more. FLIPBIZZ has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Yellow Porter

Have you ever requested your friends/family who was travelling overseas to help you buy some unique items which you cannot find it in Malaysia or vice versa, where you purchase on behalf when you’re abroad? This situation is prevalent since cross-border shipping fees can be expensive and some items aren’t even available online. Some of you might have also encounter payment difficulties while shopping on international websites. While working in the airline industry, Vimal Kumar was continually travelling. He observed that not only himself was helping friends to buy things, but all his colleagues do so. “So such a demand and gap piqued my interest to develop the idea in creating a platform that facilitates cross-border shopping.” As soon as this idea generated, he grabbed his friends and started Yellow Porter in August 2016. Yellow Porter aims to revolutionise the online shopping scene by enabling buyers to purchase items internationally and have them shipped at a low shipping rate. Yellow Porter started as purely using the ‘crowdshipping’ model where they work with travellers – known as Porters – who are heading to the same destination country, bring items in and out of Malaysia. The crowdshipping model makes it possible for shipping rates with Yellow Porter to be potentially reduced up to a whopping 50% off commercial shipping rates. Upon completion of a Porter shipment, the Porters earn 80% of the shipping fee after deduction for operational costs. Additionally, Porters would also receive extra pays should they be required to make a ‘Shop4Me‘ purchase from a physical store. After all, there’s nothing better than to get some extra cash in your pocket, all while you travel! Yellow Porter is currently serving markets such as U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India and looking to open routes to and from Indonesia, China, and other SEA countries. Items can be delivered to Buyers within 7 – 15 business days depending on the location. Of course, there are similar large-scale businesses out there. However, most of them have a high-cost structure because they have to maintain a 1,000 sq feet warehouse for instance and have 50 people working on shifts. Yellow Porter, on the other hand, leverages on the sharing economy to set up overseas addresses where they partner with locals’ residences to keep the operating cost low. Now, when buyers register an account with Yellow Porter, they will immediately be given a unique shipping name/ID and hold easy access to all the shipping addresses from countries under Yellow Porter’s coverage. If I’m a frequent shopper on OzBargain, Woolworths, Coles, Kmart, etc, when I check out my cart, I just need to fill in shipping details with the Australia Shipping Address given by Yellow Porter, along with my unique shipping name/ID (i.e. YP-4), the items will be sent to the warehouse (i.e. Thinesh Perez’s address). Upon arrival of the items at Australia warehouse, the warehouse partner (i.e. Thinesh Perez) will have the right to unwrap and check the items for security reasons, and subsequently key in the shipment details (i.e. item weight and box dimension) and store the item until I request to ship out my items via their online platform. I can continue to shop for other items from multiple Australia-based websites until I’m satisfied, then request Yellow Porter to consolidate or combine my shipment and have it shipped back all at once. Once my item arrives at Yellow Porter’s HQ warehouse located in Bangsar area, I will be notified via an email and given the option to self-collect or request for last-mile doorstep delivery, that comes with a small fee. Shop4Me Apart from self-purchase and using Yellow Porter’s international shipping service, Buyers can also leverage on Yellow Porter’s Shop4Me service whereby they can buy on your behalf. It comes in pretty handy especially for shoppers who encountered unsuccessful transaction because the international website doesn’t recognise our local registered credit card. "We understand the pain points of Malaysian shoppers encountering limited access to global brands due to underserved delivery areas and exorbitant shipping fees. Hence, Yellow Porter aspires to take the lead as a cross-border shipping service that is trustable and reliable in shipping back your desired brands items and online purchases from other parts of the world. We’re committed to thinking out of the box at all times to maximise every customer’s shipping value. Being out of the logistics ordinary is the guiding light to Yellow Porter’s shipping innovation, as our motto goes – Ship out of the box. Porter it!“ With Yellow Porter, the world is your shopping mall! Yellow Porter has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in our youth empowerment actions. Register now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Ever since the beginning of the digital era, more people are switching from traditional 9-5 jobs to freelancing or online entrepreneurship. The demand for good office chairs is no longer coming from companies only, but more individuals started to hunt for good quality and affordable chairs to set up their own workstations. However, a good quality chair is often expensive. Ben observed this arising opportunity when he worked in a furniture company. In 2016, he decided to start his business in selling manufacturer chairs to businesses and individuals despite the discouragement from family. “The beginning of it was really tough. People don’t take your words seriously and don’t trust you just because you’re young, ” shared Ben. After being turned down by some clients, he changed his strategy by disguising his age to look more mature while dealing with clients. Luckily, it worked. At that part of the time, Ben didn’t have much business capitals. To sustain the operation of the business, he had to do multiple part time jobs to generate funds. Since he had very limited funds and resources, he had to multitask for everything. “Running a business on your own is really harder than I imagined.” With his dogged persistence and the assistance from a shareholder that joined much later, Ben successfully established Alterseat in 2018. “Whether you’re an employer or solopreneur, you will look at the cost first when purchasing office chairs. Therefore, people tend to go for the cheapest chairs and neglect the quality. Eventually, your health is compromised because bad designed chairs can bring harsh impact to your health. For instance, many desk job workers have lower back pain. Hence, our purpose is to provide the best comfy at factory price to customers.” Some may question the quality of Alterseat’s products looking at its price. Need not to worry about it because all the products are manufactured in Malaysia by a trusted factory that has been supplying genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) office furniture across Malaysia and Singapore since 1998. It is a factory-direct business with no third parties involved, thus it’s able to provide best quality chairs at an attractive price. In addition to it, Alterseat offered a 10 years warranty to most of their products! For the past two years, Alterseat has convinced many customers about their chairs’ quality. Some of the notable clients that they have worked with included Perodua, Red Bull, Decathlon Malaysia, Agoda and more. They also managed to attract more individual consumers by offering unique services such as colours and parts customisation, pre-installation items and free deliveries for minimum purchase of 5 products. Alterseat has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


After working in a Silicon Valley-based, multinational tech company for 15 years, TK Chuah decided to take a leap of faith to leave his comfort zone in 2015 to start his own business. He believes that by simplifying and streamlining trade processes through digitalization, businesses (be it B2B or B2C) are able to elevate and enhance their performance and revenues. With the aim to help SMEs in Malaysia to upgrade their capabilities through sales digitalization and automation, TK Chuah founded Boostorder with some like-minded partners. In the beginning, they bootstrapped the company with their own funds and acquired their first 10 customers to build a prototype of the business. Through these 10 customers that covered various industries, Boostorder was able to truly understand what the market needed. After developing and validating the prototype, Boostorder raised for a seed round in 2017 to scale their modal. Since then, they have served more than 2000 salespersons and businesses to digitalize and automate business processes to achieve higher ROI. Today, Boostorder has become an all-in-one digital commerce platform that brings brands and distributors to the next level via automation, actionable insights, and capital on demand. They are helping businesses to eliminate complexity and providing clarity in every stage of the B2B and B2C trade flow through their wide range of solutions and products. Boostorder’s products include: - Boostorder Rep : All-in-one productivity and sales tool for sales and field reps - Boostorder Direct : 24/7 self-service app for B2B buyers - Boostorder Inventory : Improve inventory accuracy and gain full visibility on inventory flow - Boostorder Sync : Integrates real-time data seamlessly through multiple platforms - Boostorder Insights : Interactive dashboards for data-driven decision making - Boostorder Cloud : Manage and store data securely - Boostorder Drive : Digitally plan and manage delivery fleets Over the years, they have served clients from well-known brand distributors like Anmum and Walch, to homegrown businesses like Chong Tatt Enterprise and Rightway Apparel. For more information, you can visit Boostorder’s website to read success stories: https://www.boostorder.com/customersuccess Moving forward, Boostorder strives to be the leading omnichannel commerce enabler in South East Asia. Boostorder has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Oretha’s Senior Concierge Services

Nowadays, more young people, especially young married couples, prefer to move out from their parent’s home to start their own family. Some people are also staying apart from their parents to pursue their careers in bigger cities. “In today’s evolving world we find many families moving abroad either for businesses or future prospects. Those on local soil here live in a fast-paced environment and are unable to provide the care needed for their parents,” shared Oretha, the founder of Oretha’s Senior Concierge. Oretha’s Senior Concierge is designed to provide a personalized non-medical support system to seniors who want to live independently. Common issues for seniors who are living alone are hospital appointments, social engagements, marketing for daily needs, or just companionship. In the absence of their families, Oretha’s services step in to ensure that these needs are attended to and looked into. Oretha believes that these possibilities will allow them to live independently and enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life. When we asked Oretha why would she start this business, she revealed her personal experience to us. Back in 2010, Oretha was accompanying her father at the Seremban Hospital for one of his scheduled cancer checkups. They sat and observed the many seniors getting lost, looking confused as they searched for clinics and pharmacies around the premises. Since then, the idea of starting a hospital service to assist senior citizens with their appointments sprouted in her mind. In June 2019, she developed her idea and started the business. Within a week of sharing about her business online, inquiries poured in from prospective clients around KL and abroad. By the second week, she managed to book her first 2 clients. Although the pandemic has hit her business hardly in the beginning, she managed to bounce back and turn it into new opportunities. “We have many clients that are currently staying abroad book our services to bring their old aged parents for vaccination,” shared Oretha. Oretha hires freelancers that consist of students, retirees, and homemakers who reach out after seeing her ads. A meet-up will then be scheduled with the applicants, which goes exactly like any other job interview. She’d meet the applicants, get to know them, and brief them on her recurring clients, the job’s SOPs, and objectives. On the client’s side, they would book Oretha’s service via Whatsapp or email, which can be found on her Facebook page. Upon receiving requests, Oretha makes it a point to always call her clients to get a better understanding of their needs. “I feel that the first point of contact is very important. When clients hear your voice and when we make the effort to call them, they know we’re genuine,” she said. Appointment details like its date, time, hospital, the purpose of visit, and client’s home address are recorded. If she is unable to attend to the client by herself, she would arrange a freelancer and would inform the clients in advance that someone else will be assisting them. Currently, Oretha works on her concierge service full-time. To sustain the cost of her own living, she sets a target to assist clients for a total of 100 hours in a month. She also keeps business costs low by single-handedly attending to the seniors herself without hiring permanent staff. In terms of what’s next, she intended to expand their services to other states like Penang and Ipoh by end of this year. At the same time, she hopes that grants or angel investors can join forces with her to reach out to the B40 senior group and provide her services to them for free. Oretha has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Online shopping has been part of our life since the 2010s. We love the speed and convenience. We love the ‘just-got-a-gift’ feeling of boxes turning up on our doorstep. But now, it’s more than that. Due to the pandemic, e-commerce has become the choice for more consumers to purchase things and necessities to reduce human contact. The amount of plastic wrappers used to pack the goods is increasing day by day. Environmental concern has always been a thing for Deva and the need to reduce plastic waste grew stronger when she realised how much plastics are used in the e-commerce process. The number of plastics we used to wrap and secure the packaging started worrying her. As she started thinking more about it, her worry just increased manifolds. Especially after coming across articles that came in February last year, Malaysia was named Asia’s worst plastic polluters. Although there are many areas to be covered in order to stop or reduce single-use plastic pollution and that cannot be achieved by an individual’s effort, Deva wanted to do something impactful to combat this problem. Therefore, in 2019, she started to research sustainable alternates for the plastic packaging we used for e-commerce. After more than a year of R&D, she and her siblings found out about compostable packaging and how compostable parcel can make significant changes in businesses. They started talking with manufacturers and successfully created their compostable e-commerce packaging. Thus, StartPack is born. Sold by Deva’s company, Startachi, the StartPack Compostable Package is a parcel satchel that can fully break down within 180 days and it’s made from plant-based materials like cornstarch and PBAT (a copolymer that’s flexible and easily broken down). To properly dispose of it, they advise customers to cut the package into small pieces before putting it into a compost bin. Of course, it can break down in a landfill even if it ends up there, though it takes much longer—about 2 to 3 years—to do so. An eco-friendly parcel packaging sounds like a great idea for consumers and businesses alike. However, it comes at a high cost that businesses may not be willing to hop on to so quickly. Because the StartPack’s material breaks down, it can only be stored for up to 10-12 months in a dark and cool environment. A set of 50 for StartPack’s satchels costs RM52.20. Compare that to Poslaju’s M Size ones, which share the almost same size, sellers could get the same amount for just RM11. Deva explained that regular plastics are cheaper because of their high demand in various sectors. It’s also easy to mass-produce and cheaper too. Whereas compostable packaging has not been adopted by many. Deva believes that the price for compostable and sustainable packaging would eventually fall when big companies start adopting it. As of now, Startachi’s customers comprise small sellers on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. The company is taking extra steps to introduce StartPack to bigger businesses in making the switch. As Malaysia lacks the facilities to manufacture such products, bulk orders are outsourced from Australia for now. To offset carbon emissions from shipping, Deva is funding climate projects involved in forestry and renewable energies. However, the team is already in discussions with a few local companies to manufacture the compostable parcel satchels here. Startachi has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

ZUS Coffee

Food & Beverages
Coffee is one of the world’s largest commodities and the most popular beverage among adults. It has always been one of the favourite beverages for Malaysians, however, the taste for coffee among today’s consumers has changed. In recent years, specialty coffee has been on the rise among younger consumers. This generation of coffee culture does not take coffee lightly, and instead views it as a delightful luxury — as opposed to the older generation who only consumes coffee as a means of getting them through the day. For those who don’t know what exactly is specialty coffee, coffee that scores 80 out of 100 points and above are graded as “specialty”, and it should not be confused with “gourmet” or “premium”. Due to its high benchmark, specialty coffee is often seen as a treat that’s inherently expensive. ZUS Coffee is the first coffee brand in Malaysia that is bold enough to focus on coffee delivery and is ambitious to make specialty coffee affordable for everyone, everyday. The aim was to change the perception of the younger consumers and make specialty coffee accessible for all, which stays true to their tagline - a Necessity, not a Luxury. Established in 2019, the brand strives to be Malaysia’s No.1 coffee delivery brand. To achieve this goal, they have created the ultimate platform built upon 3 main principles: #1 Premium Coffee Beans ZUS Coffee made a deal with Silvia Barretto, the owner of an award-winning coffee estate in Brazil, to bring in their unique coffee beans and roast them locally to take full control of the quality and price point of ZUS Coffee. #2 Crafting Excellence The team strives to make the perfect selection from champion coffee plantations, sourcing from one of the world’s fifty best coffee roasteries, managing well-trained baristas, using spill proof coffee lids, branding with the Classic Blue coffee cups, to the production of every ounce of ZUS Coffee. #3 Innovative Business Model ZUS Coffee works with major delivery partners to utilise their top-notch technology to streamline an effective delivery process in making sure that consumers get their coffee whenever they need it, hassle-free. With the brand’s persistence in adhering to its promises, it has gained much support from local consumers. Within one and a half years, ZUS Coffee has delivered 1 million cups of its clean, consistent & well-handed coffee. ZUS Coffee is now at ZOM-IN.com. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Vivahomes Realty

Property & Housing
Whether you’re sourcing for latest property projects, or looking at billboard advertisements, chances are you may have already heard of Vivahomes Realty. It has been one of Malaysia’s fastest growing Real Estate company. Looking at its current scale, you will never imagine how it began. Alvin Foo, chairman of Vivahomes Realty, began his career as a Sales Executive. One day, when he lepak with a friend in Mamak stall, he was surprised at the amount of money the friend made as a Property Negotiator. “For people like us that didn’t have good education backgrounds and powerful connections, RM5000 was considered very appealing,” shared Alvin. Driven by curiosity and his desire for bigger challenges, he started to venture into the real estate industry. In 2006, Alvin and his partners established Vivahomes Realty, guided by it’s philosophy to provide specific and tailored services to their clients. “The beginning of our journey was not smooth at all. Our lack of experience in management has made us lose a lot of money. To gain trust from clients was not easy too. There were times when we thought we couldn’t make it through.” Fortunately, they have a good support system. Their staff were very loyal to the company and were willing to give grace period for late payment to help the company to get through the darkest period. “Sometimes, I believe it were their faiths and sacrifices that motivated everyone to overcome challenges,” Alvin added. Fast forward to today, Vivahomes Realty has become one of Malaysia’s most reputable real estate agency. Despite the Malaysian property market showing signs of bottoming out, Vivahomes Realty still experienced 200% growth in the past two years. Foo credits his team for believing in the company and performing exceptionally well to continually chart new possibilities without compromising standards of professionalism, trust and integrity. In fact, one of the winning strategies of the team is to keep their agents and staff up-to-date with the latest market trends and requirements by providing both theoretical and practical training. Their in-house academy provides training ranging from beginner to expert level. The training never stops as there is always something new to learn. Alvin also engages with external trainers in other areas to ensure each staff is wholesome in their work quality and delivery. Besides, the company encourages agents to attend external talks and classes to understand the market. For agents who want to take up a professional diploma in real estate and property, they can apply the company’s in-house scholarships too. Despite its success, Vivahomes Realty continues to rebrand and reinvent itself to ensure its growth and further expansion in the real estate business. “Our goal is to be the best incubator of real estate professionals in Malaysia.” Vivahomes has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Netizen Experience

The digital transformation of many services and businesses has started at least 10 years ago. Hence, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) have become increasingly important to companies, be they large or small. Poor UX and UI design can cause confusion among users and might be the main reason for users to quit the website or mobile application. And this leads to decreased revenue, productivity, customer retention rate, and overall development cost. Alvin Chai has always been interested in the digital and tech industries although he was a lawyer. After graduated from Reading University in the United Kingdom, he worked for a digital service company. When he was back in Malaysia, he was frustrated by the poor UI and UX design of government and commercial websites. He found out many websites were not user-friendly. The poor UI and UX design had stopped users from obtaining information quickly to make important decisions. “We found that this could be a big problem to solve as many people will rely more on digital services for their daily lives in the future,” shared Alvin Chai. Thus, in 2012, Alvin and his partners started Netizen Experience, a UX research & strategy consulting firm that aims to improve the UX of Asia by empowering businesses to build user-centric products through our innovative tools & emphasizing human-centred approaches. When they first started, a lot of education is needed as many organizations do not understand what UX is, therefore do not invest sufficient time and money in it. To tackle this problem, they ran many workshops to educate the market and on the importance of investing in UX. Fast forward today, more and more companies have engaged Netizen Experience’s consulting services without the team to educate them because businesses are already aware of the importance of investing in UX research and design. To date, the company count some of the Fortunate 500 companies as their client (such as AIG, Google), and they have grown to serve different Southeast Asia markets Many of their clients claimed that Netizen Experience is agile and has great ability to work around problems, and has in-depth knowledge in digital user experience and how to make digital products easy to use. Moving forward, Netizen Experience will continue to thrive to be the leading user experience consulting company in South East Asia that is capable of end-to-end solution development. Netizen Experience (www.netizenexperience.com) has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Green Tech
Do you always finish the food on your plate? It turns out, many people didn’t. Moreover, most F&B retailers have leftover foods on a daily basis. When you throw your leftover rice into the bin, it does not disappear there. In Malaysia, it will most likely end up in a landfill, emitting methane, a potent greenhouse gas (GHG), while it decomposes. The food waste problem is always severe in Malaysia. According to a 2012 study by the National Solid Waste Management Department, approximately 31% to 45% of the total volume of waste generated daily in the country is food waste. A better solution for food waste — other than preventing it from happening in the first place — is to compost it, turning the waste material into a valuable medium for agriculture. The team of MAEKO has made this their mission since 2011. Maeko sells food waste composting machines for commercial facilities that turn food and organic waste into compost within 24 hours. However, many potential clients hesitate. This is because while more businesses and organizations are recognizing the value of composting their food waste, they are still concerned about the cost of doing so. For them, it is cheaper to just dump the waste in the nearest bin, so that it eventually ends up in a landfill. “They have not prepared a budget for it because it’s something new to them. That was the challenge when we started the company. They didn’t know there was such a thing in the market,” says Mae Ooi, the Sales Director of MAEKO. In 2019, MAEKO decided that the solution was to launch a rental model, so their clients merely have to pay a fee every month instead of forking out a huge initial investment. The fees start at less than RM100 per month and cover the maintenance of the machines. Adding to that, the composters will become “smart” with the use of Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies. This is important because MAEKO needs to monitor the condition of the composters remotely to provide servicing, as and when needed. “This controlling system will enhance the efficiency of the machine and make it easier to maintain because we will know exactly when it needs to serviced and where the wear and tear happened,” Mae shared. The IoT sensors measure factors like temperature and humidity, which the Maeko team can monitor from an app and desktop. They are able to tweak the settings remotely as well. An added benefit from fitting the composters with IoT technology is data analysis. Maeko and its clients can understand exactly how the composters are used, how much waste is generated, and how efficient they are. For example, they can know exactly how much organic waste they put in and how many times they opened the machine. Besides, artificial intelligence-powered cameras enable Maeko to recognize the items that are thrown away. “For instance, the system can ask, ‘Why are you throwing so many tomatoes away?’” All this information is vital as it can help them create more targeted solutions for specific industries and also partner with relevant ministries to cut down on food waste in the country. Currently, most of Maeko’s clients are commercial companies and include malls like Sunway Pyramid, hotels, restaurants, and universities. At the same time, the company is developing its Home Composting System following a successful equity crowdfunding campaign on Ata Plus. Hopefully, by introducing their Food Waste Composting System to more organizations and individuals, the ‘less wasteful more useful’ motto can be achieved. MAEKO has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Pantang Plus

The Traditional Post-Natal Practices In Asia, confinement is a common practice for post-partum mothers regardless of their races or religions. Although confinement is a traditional practice, many young mothers are practising it because it is scientifically proven as one of the most effective health aftercare, mentally and physically. While confinement is crucial for new mothers, the channels of getting a trustable confinement therapist are very limited. Some are lucky because of their mother, mother-in-law or aunties can help taking care of them and the baby(s) during the confinement month. A more common way of finding a ‘confinement lady‘ is through mouth-to-mouth recommendations by friends. Some would also opt for confinement centres that provide one-stop postnatal care and baby-care services for new mothers, but the charges are usually very high. Due to the limited channels, new mothers often get scammed or being charged ridiculously high. This is obviously not good for new mothers because the one thing they should do during confinement is to rest. If they are angry, worried or unhappy during this period, it might affect their recovery. From Corporate Lady to Confinement Lady Zamzana, the founder of PantangPlus.com, has been providing traditional Malay post-natal care services since she walked out of the corporates environment. Being a workaholic, she was a spa enthusiast back then as that was her favourite way of releasing her work stress. When her favourite spa spot facing a risk of closing down, with the support of her husband, she quitted her corporate job to take over the spa centre. That was the time she started to learn how to give confinement therapies and eventually became a confinement therapist. A few years later, Zamzana was approached by a shelter home requesting her to educate its residents about confinement care. That is a shelter home that protects unwed teen mothers. In our society, they are being discriminated and disaproved by the society due to social stigma. They will fall into the vicious cycle if no one offers help. That will create a lot of social problems. There’s no use of judging and blaming, the only thing that can turn the situation better is to empower them,” said Zamzana. Becoming a Social Entrepreneur She provided the pregnant teens with knowledge about confinement care so that they can regain their strengths post-natal. She also taught them how to take care of their newborn babies. Then she came across to a new problem: these teens were drop-outs with little prospects. They need jobs. The babies are waiting to be fed! This is the real problem.” Therefore, Zamzana decided to launch PantangPlus so that these teens are empowered with useful skills to become economically independent mobile therapists. She provides systematic training for the unwed teen mothers and any women who want to pick up the skills, gives assessments to ensure they have mastered all the skills and links them to clients who need confinement services. A Tech-Twist for Traditional Post-Natal Care As the business grows, she partnered with a tech guy, who is now the co-founder of PantangPlus, to develop the tech platform to cater to the young and tech-savvy mothers-to-be to book and enjoy the confinement therapies provided by their reliable therapists. With PantangPlus, new mommies can select the packages or a la carte services they require based on individual health conditions and financial capabilities to enjoy the confinement comfort. The platform offers transparent pricing structures and various packages that reserves the flexibility for all mommies. For example, you can order the Basic Package that only provides Mothercare Treatment (comprises of various massages, herbal bath, vaginal steam, etc.) if you have family members (mother, aunty or sibling) that can cook and take care of the baby for you. Of course, you can select the Premier Stay-In Package then they will cover everything from A-Z for you. The therapists can travel anywhere where their clients need them. Hence, mommies from outside of Klang Valley can also book for the services. In the near future, PantangPlus will also explore to serve more customers globally. Unlike the traditional ways of getting confinement lady, PantangPlus is worry-free and hassle-free. All the therapists are 100% Malay and Muslim, and have undergone systematic training and assessments before they are qualified as a therapist. The bottom line is, if you’re unsatisfied with your therapist, there is a proper channel for you to voice out. I personally advocate women wellness first and foremost, because a healthy and contented mother is the key to the happiness of the entire family.” —— Zamzana Mohd Arifin


Food & Beverages
Food safety is one of the major concerns for urbanites, especially for mothers like Michelle, whose daughter had major allergies to eggs and nuts. To ease her mind and satisfy her little girl’s cravings at the same time, Michelle began baking homemade, allergen-free cookies and snacks at home. While baking for her daughter, Michelle also baked extra portions to share with friends and families. Many of them love the snacks and began ordering from her. Soon, they started to encourage her to start selling her backed delights. In August 2017, Michelle started Kintry – derived from ‘kindred pantry’, a name chosen by her daughter – and making small batches to order. Kintry offers a variety of healthy artisanal treats such as salted egg potato crisps, oatmeal cookies, and granola. The orders received are increasing from time to time, to a level where the domestic oven alone is not enough to fulfil the orders anymore. “At first, I was unsure whether or not to go into full time. You have to invest in machinery and a lot of other underlying costs for certifications, equipment, staffing, day-to-day operations, etc. Eventually, I met my current business partner, who persuaded me to commit to Kintry fully,” shared Michelle. In April 2018, they found a small shop-lot, the new home for Kintry to operate full force. Currently, Kintry sells Salted-Egg-Yolk Potato Crisps, Oat Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Salted Butter Caramel Granola and Pandan Gula Melaka Granola. Recently, Michelle has added three more products to Kintry’s offerings, namely Macadamia White Chocolate Cookies, Honey Granola and Chocolate Granola. Besides selling them online, Michelle actively joins in pop-up markets around the Klang Valley and engages with customers to gauge reception and gain insights about their tastes and preferences. The brand has also hit a significant milestone to have its products appeared on supermarket shelves. Now, consumers can access to Kintry’s tasty offerings in retail outlets such as Ruyi & Lyn, Atlas Gourmet Market, and selected BIG Supermarket and Village Grocer locations. Michelle also disclosed during our interview that Kintry would soon appear in Watsons outlets! Although the brand is gaining more recognition from the market, Michelle always upholds her brand promise to maintain the authenticity and quality of the snacks. “Basically, it’s all handmade. I didn’t get the recipes from outside or outsource it to anyone else to do. I know the product from the beginning to the end, where I get my supplies from, and what eggs or oats I put into the product,” Michelle asserts. With the help of her two kitchen staff, production at her shop lot runs at full swing to keep up with the online orders and to stock the shelves at the partnering retail outlets. At the heart of Michelle’s business is her aim to show her daughter that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to do. “I want her to grow up strong and gracious, and to realise that she can do anything with the strength inside of her.” With this strong mission, Kintry is going to conquer the more prominent and broader market. The team is working hard to prepare for Halal and Mesti certification and seeking opportunities to export their products out. “I hope to bring our locally handmade artisanal Malaysian snacks out there into the world, and I hope to make us proud. That’s why I’ve made the packaging so Malaysian.” Nonetheless, the design of Kintry’s packaging is created by a local artist, Szetoo Weiwen from Stickeriffic. Kintry is also taking a more proactive approach when it comes to social issues. “I have this part of my company, which I call Kintry Kindness. It’s basically just a way for us to reach out to help others. We’ve conducted baking classes for Mon refugee children and donated to various food banks.” Kintry has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

IdThrivo Technology

Security and convenience always function in opposition and security experts are finding it hard to get the right balance between these. Although encryption can be used to protect sensitive data and systems, however, this will increase the cost in terms of technology investment, people hiring, and at the same time lower down the convenience with newly added security control. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, most companies are required to adjust their business activities in order to minimize human contact to stop the spread of COVID-19 ultimately. Convenient paperless solutions are the key for companies that are practicing working from home. Paper-based processes that need physical signatures in ink from multiple parties are not feasible for companies that practice work from home policy. Take the finance department as an example, they need to deal with countless paperwork and tedious documentation on a daily basis. How to deal with this error-prone and time-consuming paper-based document signing process is a pressing issue right now. In 2017, Nickson Yau has co-founded IDThrivo with the mission to become a globally recognized eSignature technology provider. It was established to address 3 major gaps in the market: Firstly, based on digital security technology, securing the data in order to reduce fraud in the financial technology industry. Second, to promote digital transformations initiative across different industries. Thirdly, to provide a secure e-paperless solution for enterprises. IDThrivo is building a Digital Signing As A Service Platform (ThrivoSign) specializing in enterprise security and FinTech industry. What makes IDThrivo unique is it is an 100% homegrown e-signature technology provider. This allows them to offer better local support services and product localization according to customer business requirements. Compare to other eSignature vendors from overseas, ThrivoSign support digital signature technology that is integrated with License CA in Malaysia. IDThrivo has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Grub Cycle

Social Enterprise
"On an average, a Malaysian throws almost one kilogram of food daily,” —— said Dr. Wan Azizah during the Malaysian Agriculture, Horticulture and Agro-Tourism Exhibition (MAHA) 2018. Food wastage is not a new issue in Malaysia. Over the years, authorities and non-governmental organizations have put in many efforts to address this problem. In most discussions, we are focusing on the cooked food waste or kitchen wastage. In Buffet Restaurants, every day there are excess foods that ended up in the bin. The obvious solution to this scenario is composting. However, there are other types of food wastage beside this. Will you check the expiration date on the box of the Cream Crackers when you doing groceries? Ever wonder where will they go after their shelf life ended if no one purchased them? Many people thought supermarket can simply donate these items to low-income families, but is this the best option? “Of course it is nice if they get to eat some Koko Krunch. However, what they need the most is still the basic food essentials like rice, oil, salt, etc. Therefore, we don’t think it is suitable to donate all the surplus food to low-income family,” said Redza, the co-founder of Grub Cycle. What we don’t know is that surplus food is perfectly edible a day, a week, a year, or even multiple years after the expiration date branded onto a package. For examples, canned goods are safe to consume up to 6 years if you store it nicely. For the egg, if it never floats in water, it is edible. Dried food like pasta has no water content, you can still cook perfect pasta as long as it doesn’t smell odds. In 2016, social entrepreneur Redza Shahid and his co-founders started Grub Cycle as a social supermarket to reduce food wastage. In the beginning stage, they sell surplus food items on social media. As they grow, they have developed a website and a dedicated mobile app to improve the process. Grub Cycle works closely with supermarkets to get a variety of surplus food products like condiments, sauces, olive oil, drinks, chocolates, cereal, and even milk. Then, they notify their subscribers about the list of surplus food items with bargain prices. The users can order the items that they want, Grub Cycle will deliver the items to them at no delivery cost. Besides, they also collect ‘unsexy-look’ fruits and vegetables, and turn them into products like Pineapple Jam or Kimchi Cabbage that have a longer lifespan. Additionally, part of Grub Cycle’s profits is used to subsidize the cost of basic food essentials for low-income families. By purchasing the food products from Grub Cycle, the consumers not only save a lot of costs, but they are also contributing to the community by supporting the efforts to cut down food wastage and helping low-income families. Over the past two years, Grub Cycle has been working hard in changing the perspective of both businesses and consumers towards surplus food. “We are building awareness to let people understand that the expiration date doesn’t always indicate the exact expiration of the food.” With their write-ups and videos, more and more people understand that they don’t need to throw away the edible surplus food, and they are more confident to consume surplus food products. Grub Cycle has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths! Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to stay updated with the exciting events coming soon!

Projek Hikayat

Entertainment Industry
Online entertainment has been gaining traction especially since the Covid-19 pandemic has left many spending much more time at home. Amongst the online entertainment offerings, comes the Virtual Youtubers craze, VTubers — an online entertainer using a virtual avatar generated by motion tracking software for live-streams and online content. According to a YouTube culture and trends report in 2020, Vtuber channels content garnered over 1.5 billion views monthly by the end of 2020. The trend is often thought to have started in Japan back in 2016 with Kizuna AI, created by a Japanese start-up named Activ8, one of several agencies that design characters and hire actors to embody them online, earning revenue through donations using YouTube’s Super Chat function. Joshua Ho and Jonathan Yen decided to start a Malaysian VTuber agency by the name of Projek Hikayat to expand the limits of content creating and live-streams through their stable of VTuber talents. According to co-founder Joshua Ho, VTubers have a lot more potential to offer rather than just doing live-streaming content. Looking at the VTubing industry in Japan, many companies are using the technology behind VTubing for business purposes like advertising and promotions. A VTuber agency likes Projek Hikayat operates in the same vicinity as any other talent agency. This includes scouts for talents via auditions and the chosen talents are signed, trained, and promoted by the agency. The distinction between Projek Hikayat is that, just like their name which is translated to stories, legends, and tales, they aim to let their talents tell their own stories rather than micro-managing them. Projek Hikayat also offers their talents a platform where they can produce content with creative freedom. “We offer our assistance in setting up and sorting out technicalities for our talents, creating a stable platform for them as well,” Joshua said. According to Project Hikayat, even though the VTubing culture in Malaysia is still in its infancy, there are already over 100 VTubers in Malaysia to date. Currently, Project Hikayat houses Manika Kuramu, which portrayed as a human girl jinxed by a Filipino witch. They are also running auditions to scout for more talents. Project Hikayat has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Property Technology
Previously, we have covered the story of Keith Kuang founded ROOMY and later rebranded to HOMIEE to continue in growing to become one of the well-known co-living brand in Selangor. In early 2021, one of the biggest news in the industry was ibilik.com which was previously owned by Star Media Group sold the platform to the BIGGEST Co-Living player namely GFG groups. Later of the year, ibilik.com announced to offer a complete room rental solution for the landlords to manage their unit seamlessly under ibilik.com. CEO of ibilik.com, Mr Lee Seng Hee (Lee), who later invited Keith to join ibilik.com as part of the core management member, knowing him is well-versed in room-rental businesses. ibilik.com is Malaysia's largest website and highest traffic for rooms, homestays, and short term rentals with over 100,000 listings posted online all across Malaysia, including properties in Kuala Lumpur, Ampang, Bangsar, Cheras, Setapak, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, and Penang. Both Keith and Lee share the same vision to transform the current room-renting industry to ensure tenants are getting the best room renting experiences and landlords be able to manage the tenancy with ease. With that in mind, ibilik.com launched iBilik Preferred where tenants are able to rent a room by viewing virtually and with Zero-Deposit. This zero-deposit-renting feature is extra helpful for students and fresh graduates that are searching for accommodation in town. On top of that, all the rooms that's booked by the tenants through virtual viewing are protected by ibilik.com's Money-Back-Guarantee policy. The ibilik.com rental management system will collect rentals automatically, thus ease the minds of ibilik.com’s landlords to chase for rentals or keep track of the tenants’ paying patterns. Although ibilik.com is the largest room listing platform in Malaysia, Keith believes that providing good services is the key to retain customers loyalty. Therefore, ibilik.com is now focusing on enhancing the staying experiences of their tenants. ibilik.com has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


The awareness level in appreciating original artworks among Malaysians is not high. Therefore, getting scouted as an artist is no simple task. While there is an appreciator for every kind of artwork, there are not a lot of platforms out there that let you connect the artist with the appreciator immediately. Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram could be places that get an artist’s workaround. However, the clout they get from shares and retweets can only last so long after the sharing momentum dies down. Noticing there was a gap in showcasing and finding local artists online, Yi Hui started to research platforms where Malaysians could easily and quickly find local artists to their liking. Through her research, she found that there were platforms for artists to showcase their work online, but it covered artists worldwide and didn’t do much to narrow the gap. Therefore, she decided to build a platform to showcase and discover Malaysian artists. In October 2020, Yi Hui launched Buttermilk. Before we drill further into the platform, let’s have a closer look at the creator, Yi Hui. She isn’t an artist herself, instead, she works as a product manager at a SaaS startup. She finds herself was drawn to artists not only because of their talent but because she understands that their art usually comes from a place of hard work and tenacity. Due to her admiration towards the arts and the artists, she created Buttermilk as a way to give back to the community for the art they’re creating, whether it’s artists who are just starting out or are experienced. Her decision to name the platform “Buttermilk” was not for any particularly profound reason, but simply because she felt that name was approachable and memorable for the brand. Buttermilk was made on a no-code platform called Webflow, which required little to no coding on her end. Once Buttermilk was up, Yi Hui scouted some artists, who are her friends, to start off the platform with. They also helped her in promoting the platform and referring more artists for her. Most of the traction she’s gotten initially was from the #ArtistOfMalaysia hashtag (created by @sueannajoe_) on Twitter. After tweeting her launch with the hashtag, more artists started pouring in and joined the platform. The platform is almost 9 months old now, with over 400 artists on it so far. The platform is completely free for both artists and those looking to work with them, and Yi -Hui doesn’t earn a single dime from Buttermilk as of now. While she doesn’t have any instances of how Buttermilk has helped artists to share yet, she brought up some problems Buttermilk could help with what users have suggested. These suggestions include being the directory for people to properly credit artists for their work as well as being a potential marketplace for local artwork. Moving forward, Yi Hui wishes that Buttermilk can become the go-to platform to find artists and hopes the platform can help more artists to gain support and recognition for their works. She also looks to grow Buttermilk’s job board to allow people to post jobs for artists or hire them for work. Buttermilk has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Marketing Solution
Jaff Low started his career as a tech guy at very young age. Despite having a successful career, in 2017 he decided to take a leap of faith to start AdsHelper with a few likeminded peers. “When providing IT solutions to clients from my previous company, I realized many business owners are facing issues related to digital marketing. They understand well the necessity of having strong advertising to capture their target audience’s attention. However, their limited budget often prevents them from going further with their advertising efforts.” Jaff shared. Thus, AdsHelper was created. As its name suggests, AdsHelper aims to make digital advertising as easy and affordable as possible for SMEs everywhere. The main features of AdsHelper are its ad creator, landing page builder, campaign maker, lead management tool, and campaign analytics. With a sizeable inventory of gorgeous templates, business owners don’t need to possess any design skills whatsoever to create eye-catching and effective ads. Both the ad creator and landing page builder are extremely user-friendly that all users need to do is customize according to their preferences. The process from ad creation to campaign publication to lead management and campaign analytics can be done seamlessly on AdsHelper’s website. The whole idea behind AdsHelper is for businesses to manage their digital advertising needs in a hassle-free way and without stretching their budget to the limit. SMEs, particularly, run on a modest advertising budget and hiring professional designers and marketing teams can be extremely costly. Whether the free basic package or the premium one, AdsHelper has various pricing tiers to suit any business’ financial capability. Whether the ads are for Facebook, Google, Instagram, and so on, AdsHelper will be the one platform to create and manage them all. The startup even has an experienced marketing team available for businesses to engage with if they are looking to enhance their advertising efforts. Moreover, AdsHelper also provides webinars to business owners to help broadening their understanding and knowledge of how to execute effective marketing. AdsHelper aims to bring awareness to their clients and enrich them with solid marketing skills so that they can better use the platform and create powerful ad campaigns. AdsHelper has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Social Enterprise
Like many other public issues, stray cats and dogs is a problem that reflects human failure. Yet, almost no organisations (except animal-friendly NGOs) want to take responsibility to eradicate the issues. Stray dogs and cats remain a seasonal debate that only resurfaces when there is news about some disease spread by stray animals like rabies. Being a cat lover, Soekie always has compassion for stray animals, especially for stray cats. Back in 2013, she started her cat rescuing journey and managing a Facebook discussion group that promotes home and stray cats welfare among the Chinese communities in Malaysia. To date, the discussion group has over 37 thousands of members and has averagely more than 250 new discussion threads every day. A few years down the road, Soekie realised that TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) is the only method proven to be humane and effective in controlling free-roaming cat population growth. Ideally, TNR is the best and most humane solution to control the overpopulation of stray animals. However, who is going to foot the bill? We are talking about strays, and strays mean no one wants to claim responsibility of ownership. Therefore, Soekie always wanted to start a fund to promote and run TNR programs. In 2018, when she shared her idea of the animal foundation with a mentor from StartupJohor, she was encouraged to develop the plan further. Thus, she joined the accelerator program and eventually quitted her job to focus on building her social enterprise, Petto.asia. Petto.asia is an online marketplace that offers good quality and safe pet products for pet parents. At the same time, it serves a noble mission to commit in TNR programs. With every RM100 sales generated on Petto.asia, RM5 will automatically flow into Kiki, a Stray Animals Foundation that promotes, supports and subsidises TNR programs. “If you love animals, you should support TNR programs. As the number of strays reduced, you need not worry about lethal control anymore. If you dislike animals, you should support TNR more than anyone else! As stray animals reduced, you will regain a hygienic living environment and a peace of mind,” shared Soekie. Soekie ran a crowdfunding campaign on local crowdfunding platform, Mystartr and has successfully funded RM11,860 (as opposed to her initial target, RM8000) to kickstart Petto and Kiki. Soekie encourages more people that have compassion for animals to connect with her, join the mission and perhaps, be her colleagues! “My dream is to have an office that allows all my co-workers to bring their pets along to work.” Petto.asia has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Pott Glasses

According to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s faculty of science contact lens specialist Prof Dr Haliza Abdul Mutalib in 2014, there has been a rise in the number of young children wearing glasses and her youngest patient was a three-year-old. “On average, three out of 10 patients have vision problems caused by long usage of electronic gadgets,” Prof Dr Haliza said when commenting on the rising number of young children using glasses. Besides young children, electronic usage among adults in Malaysia is advanced. Close to 80% of Malaysians spend more than four hours looking at screens each day. In fact, nearly 20% spend more than 12 hours a day on screens. In addition, 92% per cent of Malaysians use their smartphones just before going to sleep. “The demand for eyewear in Malaysia is definite. When I travelled to Europe, I saw many Europeans were wearing trendy and nice glasses. I thought it would be great if we Malaysians also get to enjoy more variety of eyewear designs,” shared by Aw Tai Hau, the co-founder of Pott Glasses. Tai Hau reached out to his childhood friend, Eden—an optician—to talk about his business ideas. In 2015, the duo launched Pott Glasses, an online eyewear retail store that offers contemporary Asian fit glasses. Three months later, there was still zero transaction on Pott Glasses’ online store. Tai Hau realised that even the pioneer of the full-fledged online eyewear store in US—Warby Parker—had to open physical stores in neighbourhood areas. “Furthermore, Malaysians value face-to-face interactions more than virtual communications. So instead of forcing customers to change, it is better for us to adjust the way we operate our business, and bring as many features online as possible, within our own capacity.” Therefore, while enhancing their online stores, Pott Glasses also introduced their first flagship store in SS15, Subang Jaya. Their sales have increased gradually and they later opened more branches in SS2, Sri Petaling, and Desa Sri Hartamas. “However, we never gave up our dream to run Pott Glasses fully online. At first, they tested the concept or Virtual Try-On by helping their customers to Photoshop eyewear frames on their faces. After they collected enough data to prove the feature promises conversions, only they launched the AR-powered Virtual Try-On service which enables customers to preview how they look with selected glasses via a web browser on their phones or computers. In addition to that, Pott Glasses has also launched a repair service for broken glasses which can be delivered within five hours. Pott Glasses will collect the broken glasses from the customer, have a new copy of the lenses using the same prescriptions, and have a new pair delivered through a delivery partner. Recently, Pott Glasses has also established its basic online vision test for eyeglass prescriptions. Customers are able to test their vision by following instructions, such as standing one metre away and covering one eye while answering questions displayed on the screen. Although Tai Hau recognises that these self-diagnosed methods do have their own limits and difficulties in terms of accuracy, he assures that these online vision tests are not a new concept and can handle prescriptions for a power of up to 300. “We hope that our customers are able to enjoy a better life by improving their vision. Nowadays, with constant exposure to outdoor and indoor eye health hazards, eyewear is no longer only cater to people with eyesight disorders. We need protection while driving, walking to lunch, and staring on LED screens.” For more helpful tips about eye care, you may read more at Pott Glasses’ website Pott Glasses has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Createe Kit

Social Enterprise
Illani was bullied when she was a child. Fortunately, she managed to cope with the bullies after joining the school choir. “Singing and music gave me a sense of joy and strength, and even the feeling of security,” shared by Illani, the co-founder of CreaTee Kit. Since then, she believes in the power of arts in healing. Hence, Illani is always passionate about creating an artistic outlet for children to find the same joy and security she did in arts. In 2016, Illani and her sister, Masliza, founded CreaTee Kit, a social enterprise that produces t-shirt DIY kits for children ages 5 to 12. A set of CreaTee Kit includes a t-shirt or bag along with art materials like stencils, googly eyes, glue, paint, batik, felt-tip markers, 3D paint, and fabric markers. These t-shirt DIY kits are meant to help building children’s emotional intelligence at the same time to strengthen parent-child relationship through this fun activity. For those of us who aren’t too well-versed in early childhood education, it may not be as easy to understand the link between creating these tees and how they help with bullying in the bigger picture. The root to the actions of bullying is the lack of confidence in both parties, the bully and the bullied. CreaTee Kit’s mission is to sow the seeds of confidence and self-esteem through the process of creation among children at a young age, to build their emotional intelligence so that things do not progress negatively as they grow. The t-shirt DIY activities are designed to help catalyse emotional intelligence by encouraging deliberate thinking and decision-making during the creation process. Eventually, it can help to build self-awareness among the children. Besides, children will gain the feeling of accomplishment after finishing their art, which ultimately adds to their self-confidence and emotional intelligence. Moreover, this activity is also a good chance for parents to know their child better and are able to identify any behavorial problems in their child. As a social enterprise, CreaTee Kit dedicates part of their profits to organise free t-shirt workshops for underprivileged children, such as those in PPR flats, refugee groups like the Rohingya people, Orang Asli schools, and more. The ultimate goal of letting children to create their own t-shirts using these DIY kits is to empower them. Though the end product might not be beautiful, the process of creating it is where the beauty lies in. Kids are empowered and they are happy because they are able to create a unique t-shirt. These experiences are unparalleled and are not achievable by playing mobile video games, the most common activities among children nowadays. CreaTee Kit has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Dawn Adaptive

Have you ever woken up, put on a button-up shirt and been grateful that your fingers are able to deftly do up the buttons? It’s safe to say that many of us take this for granted. Bernard was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 3 at the age of 2 years old. Since then, he is on wheel chair. He was confused and don’t know what to do in his life, until a few years ago, when he started to connect with NGOs and get to know more people with disabilities. In 2020, Bernard met Usha. Usha’s daughter, Ivanna is a bubbly and curious girl who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was just a baby. It impacted her ability to do minute daily tasks on her own, including buttoning up her shirts. Bernard and Usha realised that many other Malaysians with disabilities struggle to access easy-wear and fashionable clothing. The two instantly clicked when they met up one day, as they had the same idea of creating an adaptive clothing line that could cater to differently-abled folk. This idea would later be manifested as Dawn Adaptive. Launched on June 14, 2020, Dawn Adaptive makes inclusive clothing that everyone can wear, inspiring confidence and self-expression. It serves the noble mission to create ethical adaptive clothing design that understands fashion just as much as it functions and to support inclusivity, diversity and promote opportunities for all. Their first product, the Magnetic Polo Tee is designed to make dressing quicker and easier particularly for people with disabilities from strokes, old age persons with Parkinson’s disease, and the infirm, for example. Since there were no Malaysian brands in this market before Dawn Adaptive, the duo looked to many overseas adaptive clothing from the US, UK and Singapore. However, they found that it all cost a bomb (RM200-RM500 per article of clothing) to an average income earner, especially after adding up shipping costs. Believing that adaptive clothing should be something essential to people who really need it, they are determined to find ways to lower the cost. To get started, they surveyed how much people were willing to spend, as well as what clothing designs and types they’d prefer. They didn’t have to look far for respondents as Bernard had previous connections from his talent and modelling agency, DON Management, that works with and casts differently-abled and alternative models. At the end, they decided to focus on the Magnetic Polo Tee as it is practical and simple to wear. Magnets are stitched along the inside of the T-shirt, and all you have to do is bring them together. As of today, Dawn Adaptive has sold hundreds of T-shirts since starting operations. Priced at RM89.90, the Magnetic Polo Tee can be bought on their website and Shopee. The team aims to go international and become the number one adaptive clothing brand in Asia, and maybe even Europe someday. In the future, Dawn Adaptive has plans to come up with clothing designs that have Velcro, zippers, and more. Moving forward, Dawn Adaptive aims to expand their brand identity by working with more fashion designers and brands to turn adaptive clothing into a universal design. Dawn Adaptive has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

LCP Buildsoft Technology

Like many other programmers, Henry joined a few of big corporations as an in-house software developer after graduated from university. In 2012, he quitted the ordinary programmer’s life as he noticed many businesses are still operating in very traditional ways. “Technology should not be a luxury. With the right investments in advancing or transforming the business processes using technologies, many traditional businesses can soar to a new height,” shared Henry about his belief. He then founded LCP Buildsoft Technology, a software production house that aims to deliver unique and simple solutions deemed necessary for all businesses. It houses a group of talented and passionate software engineers that possess more than 20 years of combined experience in diverse expertise to deliver future-proof solutions for customers. “We promise to serve tailor-made and innovative software development solutions to our respective clients that produced by our inhouse engineers. To ensure the quality of our productions, we never outsource the jobs to third parties,” shared Henry about the uniqueness of LCP Buildsoft Technology. To them, their services can make huge impacts and differences to their clients’ businesses, be it a new software product and re-engineering legacy application. Hence, they always strive for the best solution by understanding each client’s business process aspects. Since its inception in 2012, the team has been serving bespoke software development solutions to clients. They provide services such as Window-based solution, Intuitive Mobile Applications, and Functional System Development to fulfil their clients’ digitalisation needs for their businesses. Over the years, they have been serving clients from a wide range of backgrounds and various sizes. Some of the industries include Property, Retail, Automobile, Event, Manufacturers, Education, Law, etc. Besides businesses, they have also provided professional software development solutions to Government bodies and even for individuals’ personal use. “Each of our projects aims to solve existing brick and mortar problems. We always put ourselves into clients’ shoes to understand their pains and their visions not only to solve problems but perhaps to create better innovations.” Knowing that technology evolves rapidly, LCP Buildsoft Technology has adopted the Continuous Learning Culture in their company. Recently, they have kickstarted a biweekly internal training session which gathers all employees to learn exciting topics that voted by everyone. Examples of the past topics include How to Leverage Digital Marketing Concept into System Development & Django – Phyton web Framework. This effort is to continually upskill and reskill the talents in LCP Buildsoft Technology to enhance their customers’ satisfaction, which leads to loyalty and retention. LCP Buildsoft Technology has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Social Enterprise
Nowadays, the job competition among youths in Malaysia is getting more challenging due to the pandemic COVID-19 and also pre-recession cause by the pandemic. Many companies are downsizing the operation team, thus lead to reduced job opportunities in the market. However, the agriculture industry is one of the industries that are booming through this period. Syed Salleh, the founder of CocoJack, believes that the agriculture industry can be the saver to provide job opportunities to unemployed youth in Malaysia. Cocojack is inspired by the acronym for ‘Coconut and Jackfruit’ which is. Both of these crops are the basic crops cultivated by the implementation partners (Sulaiman Plantation). These plantations were the main source of income for the founder of Sulaiman Plantation, namely Tn Syed Sulaiman bin Syed Hassan which started in 2004. By cultivating these crops, he was able to support his family and create employment opportunities for the local community as well as catalyzing the local economy. In 2015, this conventional business was given a new lease of life by his son (Syed Salleh) by inspiring the social enterprise ‘CocoJack’ to help young people venture into agriculture by maximizing the use of technology. “We believe that agriculture should be empowered by youth, our CocoJack Heroes consist of young energetic Malaysian youth from various backgrounds to serve in maintaining our food security. We are the front-liner of food producers in Malaysia.” As a social enterprise, CocoJack provides an alternative channel of agriculture training and practical session to unemployed and underprivileged youths in Malaysia. They selected youth from B40 families, unemployed youth, and dropouts to participate in their program and become “CocoJack Heroes”. Selected CocoJack Heroes would undergo a series of training programs. Upon completion, they would be offered a practical session at Sulaiman Plantation for a certain period of time. Sulaiman Plantation Sdn Bhd is a farm that practices sustainable agriculture methods and is certified as Good Agriculture Farmers (MyGAP) by the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia. They would ensure all CocoJack Heroes practice good agriculture practices recognized by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia. Graduated CocoJack Heroes will become experts in pesticides and herbicides usage in order to minimize the residual effect (MRL) in soil. “Our social mission is to leverage agri-business to create more job opportunities that able to reduce the unemployment rate of youth in Malaysia by exploring and maximizing latest agriculture technology,” shared Syed Salleh. He believes these efforts will contribute to continuous food production and our food security. Besides, CocoJack also believes that we can revolutionize the agriculture industry if the conventional agriculture technique is shifted to modern agriculture technology. Therefore, CocoJack is maximizing IR 4.0 technology into agriculture to make it sexier and will be able to attract more youth into this industry. CocoJack believes that what we sow today will be our harvest in the future. They believe by sowing the interest in agriculture in today’s youth’s minds can help the nation to survive the Global Food Crisis which has been predicted by the United Nation that will happen around 2050. CocoJack has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Two decades ago, we were not exposed to the world of the internet yet. Role-playing games are famous among kids especially girls because the games are interactive, fun and don’t require costly props. I believed a lot of girls played the ‘Miss Pageant Competition’ with siblings, cousins and friends before. While most of us prepared our props that looked very lousy using ‘manila cards’ and plastic jewellery, Mei Chi actually hand-sewn her full set of costumes from headdresses to gloves Most people think that Mei Chi’s passion towards the threads and fabrics is influenced by her mother, who used to sew clothes. “The sewing skills yes. But speaking about the passion, it’s from myself. And all my knowledge about fashion design and dressmaking are self-taught,” she said confidently. Petite ladies like Mei Chi often couldn’t find any clothes from female apparels shops. As she grew older, she became to feel uncomfortable and awkward to buy and wear children’s clothes. One day, she recalled back her memories of making the Pageant’s props and decided to sew some dresses for herself. They turned out great. In that part of the time, it was the golden era of blogging. Mei Chi posted her self-made clothes on her blog to share her joy with netizens. People started to request her to customize clothes and dresses for special occasions. "I never thought before that I can actually earn pocket money by sewing clothes!” She made the storeroom into her production house. Bespoke dresses require very detailed body measurements, it’s certainly not a great idea to invite clients to walk into the small storeroom. "I used to meet with my clients in washrooms at department stores to do the measurements. It sounds funny, but it was the happiest time in my life.” Every day after classes, Mei Chi rushed back home to start sewing. Sometimes she sewed for herself, sometimes for clients, sometimes just because some inspirations popped up. “There was a fabric shop that I frequently visited, they called me ‘the 1-meter girl’. Because for each pattern I only buy 1-meter.” Mei Chi only learnt the basic sewing techniques from her mum, in order to produce various designs of dresses, a lot of trials and errors were required. “When I ran out of ideas or solutions, I always visited a site called BurdaStyle. There are a lot of tutorials there and there is a forum with many helpful sewing-buddies sharing free resources.” After graduated, Mei Chi was offered a job that related to her field of study but quitted the job after half a year because she wanted to focus on her dress-making business. She branded her business as Emcee Couture as the word ‘emcee’ sounds like her initials, M.C. She rented a tiny shop in Taipan USJ to provide her clients with a more comfortable space to meet up. Besides, she also brought her ready-to-wear clothes to bazaars to gain more exposure for Emcee Couture. "A few years back the economy is very good. A lot of clients came to us to customize the wedding gowns and the bridesmaids’ dresses. We became so popular in making bridesmaids’ dresses.” Mei Chi started to recruit experienced sewing-masters including her mum to fulfil the orders. She also rented a bigger space to fit the Emcee Couture Studio consists of a front – a cosy boutique space and a back –complete design and production studio. Today, Emcee Couture is a place where professional masters using the finest materials and the best craftsmanship to bring every girl’s dream dresses to life. Regardless of your age, skin colour, heights and weights, you deserve a nice and unique dress. "I love what I’m doing now. It’s the passion that burning in my heart keeps me moving every day. If anything went wrong, I know I could always go back to my little storeroom, back to where I started.” From the way Mei Chi shared her stories, we can see the satisfaction and the happiness in her. She is contented by doing what she loves.


Payment Solutions
Direct Debit is an arrangement made with a bank that allows a business to pull payments directly from a customer’s account on agreed dates, typically to pay recurring bills. It is a common payment method for paying utility bills, health insurance bills, entertainment or lifestyle service subscriptions, etc. For businesses, Direct Debit is convenient and can help to maintain a stable cash flow by automating the collection process. It eliminates the need to chase clients about monthly payments. However, SMEs usually find difficulties in accessing this feature as it comes with some heavy restrictions and requires complicated paperwork. Running and administrating a paper-based Direct Debit is complex and time-consuming, with dedicated teams of full-time employees needed to set-up, collect and manage the process. As a result, cash and cheques have remained the most common payment options for SMEs well into the 21st century in Malaysia. Having had experience building the integrated workflow system for the processing of paper Direct Debit mandates for PayNet (Payment Networks Malaysia), Zac Liew and Steve Kucia want to fix the issue and open the doors of digitising this traditionally paper-based process for SMEs—like boutique gyms, monthly subscription services, property management fees collection, just to name a few. In 2018, the duo launched their Fintech company, Curlec, to make direct debit easy. The novel online solution simultaneously solved the issue of high rejection rates when the customer’s signature frequently mismatched their financial institution’s records during the authorisation process of a paper-based mandate. Curlec’s system uses the latest technology to automate online Direct Debit payments seamlessly. “Our software replaces the old method of paper workflow with a more efficient cloud-based solution,” shared Zac. Curlec makes the process of collecting recurring payments of varying amounts into a faster, cheaper and far more efficient one. This will reduce the reliance that SMEs place on cash and cheques, and help to propel Malaysia to cashless status. Curlec transformed Direct Debit from an expensive and manual system to an affordable and automated one with three steps: E-Mandate Set Up Customers sign up by completing an eMandate, which authorises a merchant to collect payment from a customer’s account when they are due. This process is completed instantly with a 100% approval rate. Automated Payment Collection When payments are due, Curlec collects the necessary files to enable the debiting and crediting of bank accounts. Payments then get settled directly into the business’ accounts in a seamless manner. Auto Account Reconciliation Successful transactions allow for automatic reconciliation with a merchant’s accounting system. For unsuccessful transactions, a one-off Instant Pay (FPX) enables customers to pay with a different bank account or credit card. Traditionally, customers can log into Curlec’s portal to view the transactions record for their direct debit payments. If they want to alter or terminate the service and payment, they can also do so in the portal, at the discretion of their merchant. On the other side of the transaction, merchants can sign-in to the Curlec Dashboard to track all of their collections—with details like its frequency, customer name and transaction status. On top of that, they can also manage and cancel the recurring payments all on one platform. Since its launch in 2018, Curlec has processed more than RM50 million (S$16.6 million) worth of transactions and served companies such as CTOS, Funding Societies, HelloGold and a wide range of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Recently, Curlec has completed its seed funding round led by Captii Ventures. In an interview with the Business Times, Zac Liew stated, “We’re delighted to have secured funding from Captii Ventures and are looking forward to bringing direct debit to the Malaysian SME market and beyond.” Curlec has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Most of us are familiar with mobile games. However, do you know there are gaming development companies in Malaysia? Founded in 2009, Kurechii is a Malaysian gaming development company that owns 6 original games, namely Chicky Duo, Kings League II, Kings League Odyssey, Postknight, Tiny Guardians, and Postknight 2. The name Kurechii is derived from the words ‘crazy’ and ‘creative’ which are the two main bases when it comes to the games the studio develops. How the company came to be dated back to 2009, when three of the founding members named Yiwei, Lydia, and Zyen first formed a team to join the Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge where they introduced their first-ever game called Reachin’ Pichin. After winning the challenge and securing a grant for their pitch, the three members continued to work on the game separately for a while before then deciding later on that coming together under one brand and dedicate their time and effort to developing games full-time as a team. Their first-ever game, Reachin’ Pichin, was awarded Best Casual Game at the Kre8tif Industry Awards 2010. The following year saw the release of their game GoGo Knight Mobile and The King’s League but it wasn’t until the game was adapted into a mobile app in 2013 that it quickly gained recognition. One of their famous game, Tiny Guardians was launched in 2015 and has won ‘Most Popular Game’ for the 2016 Taipei Game Show Indie Game Awards and Best Game In Show Audience Choice for Casual Connect Asia 2015 Indie Prize Awards. Up to date, among the games produced by Kurechii, Postknight and Postknight 2 are the most popular among Malaysian players. Postknight reimagines the best parts of role-playing games into bite-sized bits within an exciting delivery adventure. The story follows the adventures of a Postknight — a knight who is tasked with difficult or dangerous deliveries — in the grand kingdom of Kurestal. Through deliveries, the postknight will meet other characters with different backgrounds while venturing across the kingdom of Kurestal and beyond. Postknight 2 is set 7 years after the events of the original Postknight. Many locales have changed, new items have appeared, and the Postknight organisation is bigger than it has ever been. Existing characters are further enhanced to be more accomplished and new characters were introduced in this version. Users are also able to customize the appearance of their Postknight. Postknight available for free on Apple and Android mobile devices. The team has recently released the Early Access version of Postknight 2. However, the App Store doesn't have a similar feature as Google Play's Early Access, which is why the Early Access for iOS can only be done through TestFlight. While enjoying the fascinating gaming experience, it’s good also for us to know that every movement and detail in the game requires lots of time and effort to produce and fine-tune. For example, the team spent 28 months developing Tiny Guardians. The reason why they spent so long on it is due to the team’s high expectations of their games’ quality and details. “On paper, the reason might sound great—but sometimes we spend a lot of time fine-tuning minute details that players might not even notice!” shared the Kurechii team. Game development is a scene that is quickly taking over the world. Technology charges forward, and consoles & software keep getting updated. Game companies need to stay on the ball to keep up. Kurechii says that one thing they’re constantly trying to improve is the game quality itself. At the start, being new to game development, they had to keep things like control and mechanics simple, but that continues to evolve the more skilled they get. “As we continue developing games, we are also constantly challenging ourselves and aiming to break our previous capabilities in our game’s art, design, and technical aspects.” The fact that none of the founding team members had any gaming development background has surprised me of how far they have come. When being asked about the secret to their success, Yiwei said it’s the passion and teamwork that pushing them forward. “Passion makes us willing to put in the extra effort in a simple thing that most people won’t. When we put all these small little details together, it can turn something from good into something great - and that might just make the games that we made stand out a little bit more in a highly competitive market,” shared Yiwei, the director of Kurechii. Kurechii has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


HAUZ is a cloud-based and data driven Time Clock, Workforce & Operations Management Solution that allows businesses to manage mobile workers, monitor and track operation real-time activities. We want to push small scale businesses towards automation. After graduating in Civil Engineering, Ho Di-Yan spent 7 years in Singapore working on Data Center projects in Singapore and Thailand. Working in the construction industry made him realize that the digitalization of the operation and workforce management in blue-collar-dominated industries are far being. Ho noticed many construction companies are still comfortable with the manual paperwork for equipment and asset management. “Daily operation processes are done manually, misinformation, poor report efficiency. Everything is done inefficiently from the general workers to the top management.” Therefore, in 2018, Diyan decided to venture back to Malaysia and started HAUZ with his Co-Founder who has vast experience in operational processes. The initial aim of HAUZ is to provide a comprehensive platform for the blue-collar service industry to digitize their day-to-day operation. HAUZ is a cloud-based and data-driven Time Clock, Workforce & Operations Management solution that allows businesses to manage mobile workers, monitor and track operation real-time activities. With HAUZ, companies with mobile or remote workers are able to monitor their team members using any device, as long as there’s internet connection. It is more than a Time Clock as it also helps management to analyze team productivity by automating the team’s daily reporting. Since everything is real-time, managers are able to track the team progression and provide immediate assistance when they notice any of the team members are facing problems solving a task. One of the major concerns in blue-collar industries is the safety of workers. Therefore, HAUZ also includes an Emergency Button that serves as a quick-response flow in case of emergencies. Companies will receive a comprehensive incident report after any unforeseen emergency on-site. Besides construction companies, HAUZ also serves various types of industries, including but not limited to security, hospitality, retail, cleaning services, facility management, and pest control. As different industries may have their unique challenges, HAUZ is customized to provide different features to their clients from every industry. “Our ultimate goal is to push small-scale businesses towards automation,” shared Diyan. HAUZ has helped their clients to reduce operation workload and streamline workflow. Many clients have experienced a significant drop in operating costs after implementing the system. HAUZ has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Midwest Composites

Composites Manufacturing
What comes to your mind when we talk about biomass? Most of us will think about biofuel and biomass electricity. However, biomass can be used for more purposes than just being a natural fuel. For instance, plant-based fibres such as palm oil, kenaf, pineapple, and others can be used to create natural fiber polymer composites (NFPC). A composite is a material that is produced from two or more constituent (distinct) materials. Composites provide certain benefits such as being more lightweight, corrosion-resistant, flexible, and low maintenance over traditional materials such as steel, aluminium, wood, or concrete. Think of it like extremely strong plastic, but environmentally friendly especially when using biomass, which is a renewable organic material that comes from plants and animals. These bio-based composite materials can be the ideal alternative materials to reduce the weight of vehicles. Sethu Raaj, the founder of Midwest Composites has been exposed to the world of composite materials since the last decade when he was pursuing his higher education in the US. After graduated from Winona State University, he was offered a scholarship to further his studies in bio-based composites at North Dakota State University. Six years ago, Raaj went back to Malaysia for holiday and decided to stay. He always wanted to run his own composites company in Malaysia. In fact, though the proper production facilities to convert biomass into a matted structure are not available yet in Malaysia, the country is rich in the raw materials that can be made into composites. Sethu further explained that similar production materials required are available in Europe, but are too expensive for the Midwest Composites team. Currently, the team is leaning on hybridisation of glass, carbon and natural fibres to push for the manufacturing and use of composites in Malaysia, which are applicable in various industries. The team intends to one day penetrate the consumer market too, to make carbon fibre parts more affordable to the masses and Original Equipment Manufacturers. One challenge that may be faced by the team is in convincing the market to make the switch to using more sustainable materials. This is especially so when manufacturing composites can be more costly in the first place as it has yet to reach economies of scale. Hence, a viable way for Midwest Composites to gain customers’ trust is through leading by example. The company would have to showcase that, despite the high initial costs, making the switch to composites will mean other cost-saving benefits in the long run. This makes the startup’s current partnerships with large companies a strategic move. Currently, Midwest Composites’ team is working with SKSBUS to develop a Malaysian made electric bus. For example, the team has built an engine cover requiring no metal framing as support. This is able to reduce its weight by 50% compared to the conventional build using metal materials. They’ve also built a diesel tank and toilet module out of fiberglass for the bus. Other than buses, Midwest Composites also makes components for conventional vehicles like car and motorcycle mud flaps, bumpers, and interior cover panels. They’re made of fibreglass and carbon fibre that can be customised based on consumer demands. Midwest Composites aims to revolutionize and pioneer the new movement of composites within the country and ultimately globally. They want to show the world-class quality parts for aerospace, automotive and mass transit as they have the right talents and skills. Midwest Composites has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Human Resources
If you asked among millennials what is the ideal working environment for them, many would share the idea of being a ‘Digital Nomad’. Therefore, many millennials, especially those in the creative industry, would prefer freelancing. Perhaps it’s also due to the nature of artists mostly create better works when they are not constrained by rules. Many companies are having difficulties in hiring the right creative talents. In some cases, talented designers may not necessarily fit into the company culture. When companies or entrepreneurs need to fulfil their creative needs urgently, they often go to freelancer platforms to advertise their jobs. But most of the designers on these platforms are not based in Malaysia, some are even not in the same time zone, which creates inconveniences while collaborating. Tony Chua, an former product designer found it difficult to find consistent jobs to sustain himself. He noticed many other designers share the same problems too. One day, when he was introduced to the concept of UBER, it was the light bulb moment and he told to himself, “Why not create an UBER for designers?” In 2016, Rtist is founded as a platform that connects entrepreneurs or recruiters to local creative talents. It is a one-stop centre for recruiters to discover creative talents in different expertises, such as branding specialists, graphic designers, mobile app UI designers, interior designers, industrial product designers, videographers, animators, photographers, fashion designers, copywriters and more. Clients can browse for portfolios to hire right talents and because they’re local, clients can meet up with designers for discussion and collaboration. “We understand some clients may have busy schedules that don’t allow them to search and screen through the candidates by themselves. Therefore, we also offer ‘handpick’ service to carry away their troubles and get them the right designers based on tailored requirements,” shared Tony. For designers, the platform not only helps to showcase their works for more exposure, it also takes care of the designers on their job management and personal development. Designers can update their calendar on Rtist to show their availability. Clients can reach out to them to fulfil projects during their vacant slots. This feature can help freelance designers to prevent timetable clash and to get more consistent jobs. One of the downsides of freelancing is that you don’t get to enjoy perks, benefits and development opportunities like other permanent employees. Lucky for designers that on-board with Rtist because they provide perks such as co-working space access and computer repairs to their members. Besides, they also organise events, workshops and classes to help their members to constantly upskill themselves. “We strive to provide the best creative talents to our clients. Therefore, it’s part of the platform’s responsibility to keep the members competitive.” It was this strong mission that has made Rtist a trusted platform to companies and organisations from various industries and sectors. They have successfully worked with hundreds of clients—TouchnGo, Go Noodle House, University of Malaya and GoBear to name a few. Rtist has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Fitness Revolution (FITREV)

In Malaysia, a lot of major health issues that we are facing now are led by our physical inactivity. We often blame the hot weather and the expensive gym memberships as the excuses of our inactivity. The main reason for this problem is because physical fitness is not the main concern of our society. In many schools, it is very common that a teacher that teaches academic subjects like Add Maths, Biology, Bahasa Melayu, etc. to ‘borrow’ time slots from the sports teacher. As we grow older, we start to feel the consequences of not exercising regularly. Every year, on top of your list of new year’s resolutions, is “Start Exercise”. Growing up suffering from various conditions such as eczema, asthma and indigestion, it didn’t stop Praveen from exploring the outdoors and other sports activities. Instead, he keeps himself active in sports although he is not good in many sports due to his limitation. As he gets injured very often, he took the time to self-rehabilitate and study about health and fitness. In his early 20s, he founded a Community Based Fitness company, FITREV. He wants to share all the knowledge he gained to introduce a better way to stay healthy as an alternative to the expensive medical treatment. Now, FITREV is providing a sustainable fitness program which is suitable for people with zero workout experience. Besides, FITREV also organizes a lot of free fitness classes for charity organizations and residential communities. Unlike typical fitness centres that focus on indoor training, FITREV provides outdoor activities, team building, wellness programs, camps for children, rehabilitation and prevention program for special cases and personal training. Starting the business isn’t easy. Praveen started FITREV with his personal life savings when he was still a student. He did an intense R&D for one whole year before starting the business. He participated in different sports and wellness classes each month, including Yoga, Kick Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Military Bootcamp, Rehabilitation courses, CRP courses, Personal Trainer Courses, First Aid and Hiking. He also volunteered in various marathon events. In the beginning phase, he faced a lot of challenges. For examples, he needed to learn how to design his own website and also how to market his brand via social media platforms. Furthermore, he also needed to hire and manage freelance trainers that often elder than him. While other friends in colleges enjoying their social life, Praveen was working hard to manage his startup. “The ironic part is I wasn’t so healthy because I could only sleep maximum 5 hours a day during the beginning stage.” There are a lot of things that he needs to constantly look into to bring continued success in his business. Praveen realized that starting a business doesn’t only require ideas and funds, it also requires a lot of hard works and wide industrial knowledge. “Take your education seriously. It’s actually very important.” Praveen strives to make a change in the fitness industry in Malaysia. He wishes that all the young Malaysians can get better sports education and become healthier. FITREV will be a centralized hub of fitness for everyone that wants to be healthier and stronger.


The interview between ZOM-IN’s representatives and OXWHITE’s co-founders, CK and Zi Kang was a fruitful one. They both supported ZOM-IN’s idea of giving back to society and empowering the youth. A good-looking white shirt is a must-have item for college boys who are going to entering the career world. A good quality and clean white shirt not only helps you to be spotlighted in your Convo but also helps to boost up your confidence to slay the job interviews. However, a good piece of white shirt often exceeds the budget of many college kids. Most of the time, even office workers felt it’s expensive. CK Chang understands the struggle very well. As an entrepreneur and frequent traveller, it’s not an easy task for him to find a dress shirt that fits well on his slim Asian physique. Once, while wandering in Savile Row, he splurged on an expensive shirt, and experienced what perfect fit really meant. I could tell that this made-to-measure shirt and the confidence it gave me would be the key for me to tip the scales in my success, in life and in business.” This inspired him to start OXWHITE, so that he can share the magic of that perfect fit at a price anyone can afford — RM69. This doesn’t come easily. It is a result of him spending 2 years and 20000 miles in search of the best fabric and manufacturers. OXWHITE collected and analysed body data from 70,000 Asian men to design the perfect tailored fit. Each OXWHITE shirt is made of 100% SUPIMA® cotton, an American-made cotton known for its incredible softness and silky feel, and undergoes a non-iron heat treatment during the manufacturing process. The team is also working closely with a factory that has years of experience producing for global brands such as Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink to ensure the same quality you would expect from other designer menswear. To maintain the incredibly low price for the premium quality shirts that might cost RM400 in other branded shops, OXWHITE operates on a 100% e-commerce, pre-order only model. All the middlemen and unnecessary inventory costs have been cut out to reduce the cost mark up. After gaining recognition from the users, the team starts to introduce a wider range of products. One of them is the recently released Freedom Strech Pants, a finely tailored-fit business pants at RM99. With CK’s strong vision and clear mission, there will be more products such as more colour choices for the shirts and pants, and perhaps the scratch-resistant luggage bags for business travellers. Young men in Malaysia no longer need to struggle from saving their meal allowances to buy a piece of luxury shirt. Thanks to OXWHITE, now you can look good in any important events at a price below RM200! Their actions of empowering the young generation don’t stop here. Now, they have become part of ZOM-IN to provide more business exposure to young people! To join our collaborative events, sign yourself up now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register!


Food Tech
Most snacks sold in the market tend to contain high levels of sugar, sodium, or fat. For those who desire to keep a healthy diet, we have no choice but often have to let go of snacks. But Geoffrey (Geoff) and Heywood had a different take on this. While on a vacation in Chalong, Phuket, the gym buffs were impressed with the healthy snack options there, from keto coffee to protein smoothies and milkshakes. “Though we could order those healthy snacks from online stores, we often have to wait for weeks and pay for ridiculous shipping fees. So we thought, there has to be a convenient way of getting these healthy snacks and drinks back home,” shared Geoff. Thus came the idea to found a vending machine business offering healthy and nutritional snacks, calling it myFITBOX. Within 2 days, Geoff and Heywood drafted their marketing plans, including myFITBOX’s logo while on the flight home from Phuket. It was then a matter of contacting the food brands they liked, speaking to gym owners they knew, and of course, vending machine companies. myFITBOX first gained traction in January 2020 at a gym, since its team already had connections in the fitness community. With its adoption rate growing, they began receiving inquiries from other sectors like shopping malls, international schools, and sports complexes. While myFITBOX has varying agreements with the fees required to operate in different premises, the business mainly operates on a profit-sharing basis with the locations. On top of providing accessibility to healthy snacks for customers, the profit-sharing model allows premises to make a secondary income to cover the machine’s costs. The products sold in the vending machines are both locally made and internationally sourced. Customers can find both locally made and globally recognized brands such as Myprotein, Grenade, and Barebells inside myFITBOX’s vending machines. The duo noted that their vetting process for snacks is their favorite part of the job—taste testing everything. New brands are discovered through their own shopping sprees, suggestions from customers, or brands reaching out to them for R&D purposes. “What is of more importance to us is to taste test the products and to study the nutritional facts carefully. We deal with the authorized distributors or the manufacturers themselves to ensure that these are genuine products,” they explained. If necessary, the team will even send the products for a lab test to confirm all the ingredients and nutritional facts are as stated. Although the majority of myFITBOX’s machines are offline at the moment due to the pandemic, units in shopping malls are still operational as people are still going to supermarkets. Meanwhile, the business’s online sales via its website, Grab Mart, Shopee, and Lazada are currently helping it ride the waves of uncertainty amidst the MCO. The team’s long term goal is to also produce a wide range of myFITBOX’s own products. It will best cater to those around the globe who appreciate healthier alternatives when it comes to snacks and drinks. myFITBOX has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

B Wiil International

"My favourite animal is the wolf. They always live in packs, cooperate with one another and accommodate to each other. Besides, they have very accurate intuition.” This is the first information that Eric Tai shares about himself whenever he meets new friends. From young, Eric has attempted to make profits out of creative ways. After many ups and downs, he realized that he must equip himself with more skills and experiences to enable himself building a sustainable business. Since then, he has worked in various industries as different roles all the way from a salesman in Petaling Street to a marketing manager in an MNC. “There was one part of the time, I even joined a direct selling company. Every day, the company will provide us with a bag of products like pens, torchlights, keychains, etc., and we will sell those things on the streets, food courts and Kopitiam. At first, it was very tough. But when I saw the best salesperson could achieve that amount of sales, it motivated me. Finally, I became the best salesperson!” Eric shared on how he tried to improve his sales skill. Although he performed very well in the corporates, he never forgot his dreams. In 2011, by leveraging on his extensive experiences for more than 10 years in corporate branding and strategy management, he resumed his entrepreneurial journey again and founded a branding and designing agency, CLOAD (Creative Loading). While providing his services, he has accumulated more knowledge and insights of the industry and has established more connections, which has led him to his current business. In 2016, Eric partnered with Rex Bong and started B WIIL International Sdn Bhd. B Wiil is a comprehensive enterprise group that has numerous subsidiaries including wholly-owned companies, holdings companies, and joint stock companies. Currently, their businesses included Retail Consultancy, Fashions, Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Media, Automobile and Property. Under the umbrella of B Wiil, there are some famous names like GME Malaysia, Nerd Unit and House of Original Design (HOOD). GME Malaysia is an entertainment agency that houses many talents and organises many events. Nerd Unit is a Malaysian Designer’s streetwear label that targets the international market. HOOD is a multi-label fashion boutique that offers the trendiest and finest fashion. "Clothing, Food, Housing, and Transportation are the four bare necessities in our life. B Wiil will constantly evolve to provide our clients with more fun options while fulfilling their life necessities.” B Wiil has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Eric has hosted a session of Real Life Experience in July 2018. Students attended Real Life Experience™ at bwiil Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register/ to be involved with more upcoming events!

Fusion Werks

Whenever we walk into a building for the first time, we will always look upward to seek for signages, or look for the directory map to lead us to the spot we’re finding. Some of these signages lead you to nowhere, but those which are well-designed, are totally helpful. Ever wondered who makes all these signages? There is a special profession called Wayfinding. Wayfinding is actually referring to the information systems, including signages, maps and information desks, that guide visitors through a physical environment and enhance their understanding and experience of the space. Wayfinding is particularly important in complex-built environments such as airports, educational campuses, hospitals, car parks and shopping malls. As these buildings often have complicated structures, visitors need visual cues such as directions, symbols and maps to drive them to their destinations. Imagine yourself going to a campus to sit for an exam, but there’s no signage at all to show you where the exam takes place, you need to run through the whole campus and when you finally found the exam room, you left 20 minutes to finish the one-hour exam. It could be worse if we shifted to an airport scenario. Therefore, an effective wayfinding system contributes to a sense of well-being, safety and security in the high-stress urban environments. Fusion Werks is a creative consultancy that is veteran in Wayfinding. They have developed a lot of Wayfinding systems for their clients in Malaysia and the Middle East. The company’s recent biggest portfolio is the design of the Signage Design Guideline Manuals for the Klang Valley MRT. The manuals include signage guidelines for the Elevated stations, Underground stations & Ancillary support facilities. Over the years, Fusion Werks not only has made great achievements in providing effective Wayfinding solutions to their clients, they also have covered various services such as Brand Identity Design, Modular Exhibition System Design and Environmental Design. Moreover, besides serving businesses in Malaysia, they have set their feet in other countries like Dubai, Bahrain and Hong Kong too.

Out Of The Box

Human Resources
It is a common knowledge that travelling to places that have different cultures and geographics is good for self-development. By throwing yourself into a totally unfamiliar environment can push your adaptability, flexibility and social skills. However, travelling to a place that you’ve never been can often be expensive and sometimes dangerous. Out of the Box is a collaboration between three people who believe that individuals, families and groups of people are looking for ways to get more out of life. The collaboration brings together Julian Hyde, Siew Yeen Lee and Paul Jambunathan. Julian is a British that has moved to Malaysia for more than 15 years. He was initially working as an environmental consultant in KL before moving to Tioman Island to pursue his dream of running his own dive centre which he did with his wife. Yeen is a Malaysian that graduated from Australia. She held a number of positions in retail and distribution companies in KL, before moving to Tioman with Julian, where she worked as a dive guide and company administrator for 4 years. The experience in Tioman had given her opportunities to meet people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Paul is a clinical psychologist, and a Lecturer at Monash University, Sunway Campus. Having known each other for a number of years, they believe that they have something to offer people who are looking to break the mould. With Yeen’s experiences in the retail & distribution industry, she has seen first hand the problems with recruiting new graduates. While academically gifted, she says, they often lack self-confidence and the ability to “think” to find solutions to business problems. Therefore, they started Out of the Box to introduce unique ways for people to develop themselves, experience life and learn new skills. Currently, the services that Out of the Box provides are the WAT(Work & Travel USA) and Travel & Work in Canada. Both programmes are official programmes that allow students in tertiary education to visit the US or Canada during their term breaks to experience life in the respective country. Out of the Box will assist their applicants (the students) in finding jobs (mostly in the service sector) to cover their living expenses and provide support services while the students are in the US or Canada. The students that participated in these programmes can pick up new skills, especially improve their English speaking skill while working there. At the same time, they are being paid hourly according to the standard wages rate (No exploitations!). The students can then utilise the wages to travel around the US or Canada during off days or the eligible staying period after the job ended. Some might even bring back home with extra money! Out of the Box is currently one of the panels in Malaysia that sponsor the WAT programme which well known and trusted by many university students. Since 2005, they have serviced thousands of students to provide them with fun learning experiences that bring many benefits. They have seen many participants developed into better, smarter and stronger characters, which is the main factor that motivates Out of the Box to reach to more students.

Lava Protocols

Lava Protocols is a leading regional digital architect that empowers and transforms businesses through consulting and solutions. Founded in 2007, it has a proven track record of implementing, extending, and connecting cloud applications and platforms like Salesforce.com and Google Apps for a broad range of industries in Malaysia. Some of the industries they are serving include telecommunications, healthcare, oil and gas, aeronautical, education, and even the public sector. In less than a decade, it has accomplished a long list of achievements which includes moving into the mobile space, expanding its product offering, amplifying its already impressive customer base to eight countries which includes Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Brunei, and Switzerland as well as attracting talent from a global platform. Lava Protocols is a Cloud Alliance Reseller of Salesforce and a reseller of Google Workspace. It specializes in providing integrated consultancy solutions and services that support both small and large corporations to reduce costs and achieve their competitive edge with cloud computing technology and applications. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, Lava Protocols believes that the platform and application solutions they provide are pivotal when it comes to managing and operating a business efficiently. What sets Lava Protocols apart from their competition is the difference they make to their customers— they help them move quicker, think differently, and work smarter. An engineer by profession, Lava’s CEO, Andrew Thomas, has broad technical and business experience spanning over 20 years across APAC. Andrew joined Gopi Ganesalingam, the founder of Lava Protocols as a shareholder in 2008 when Lava had just concluded its maiden year. Lava Protocols ensures that its employees stay up-to-date with all the current technological advancements in their relevant fields by attending ongoing webinars and focusing on internal training to expand their skillsets. The team remains motivated due to the management’s innovative, high-performance culture practices, ‘open door’ and forward-thinking mentality within the organization, as well as fun and creative employee uplifting initiatives which are carried out on a weekly basis. While the traditional market poses barriers such as huge initial investment and lack of availability of customizable applications, Lava Protocols with the advantage offered by the cloud such as affordability and constant creation of innovative solutions continues to scale through strategic partnerships and innovative business practices. Lava Protocols has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


In every business, regardless of big or small, bookkeeping and accounting is a mandatory process. In this new era of entrepreneurship and small businesses, a streamlined operation is crucial for companies to scale faster. An efficient and automated accounting system is especially vital for every business to make accurate decisions. To support start-ups and SMEs in accounting and payroll related matters, in 2015, Alfred Ang founded CALTRiX, a cloud accounting firm which leverage on Integrated Cloud Software (“ICS”) to improve business efficiencies. CALTRiX mainly provides Cloud Accounting and Payroll Service. CALTRiX is partnering with well-known cloud software within the ecosystem of ICS such as Xero, QBO, Talenox, HREasily, Payroll Panda, KakiTangan, Receipt Bank, Fathom etc. CALTRiX is mainly serving technology companies and service providers in consultation, marketing, healthcare and food & beverages industry. “We believe that implementing the forefront of ICS will bring it to new horizons. Our team of accountants and professionals have made Cloud Accounting work for countless businesses, and we wish to introduce it to more businesses,” shared Alfred. CALTRiX with its ICS, can bring innovative improvements to businesses in the following aspects: No more high investment in a server A physical server is NOT required for ICS as each of the Cloud Software has its own well-protected server. The investment on ICS is based on a Pay-As-You-Use monthly subscription model. Businesses can enjoy continuous and unlimited updates in new features of cloud software without extra charges. Plug & play for ICS The whole ecosystem of ICS comprises of the feature accounting, payroll, e-commerce, point-of-sales etc. A business would only need to invest in the areas which suit its business nature. For example, a consulting firm only requires accounting, payroll and document management cloud software. Paperless-ready accounting processes ICS enables accounting processes to be paperless-ready. Although hardcopy documents are still required for audit and tax purposes in Malaysia, businesses should move ahead to start adopting paperless office workflow. Everyone is working on the same page Business owners can invite relevant team members to be onboard to specific cloud software to synchronise their works. For example, they can grant business development executives access to Cloud Accounting Software to issue quotation and sales invoices to your customers. Fast speed in updating accounts By leveraging on ICS, clients can upload the invoices and receipts into a cloud document management software through direct-email or snapping photo into an app. CALTRiX can update the expenses remotely instead of updating it after collected documents in the subsequent month. Real-time access to financial information Business owners always want to understand their business performance. Financial information is a direct result which reflected from business strategies. Real-time financial information will assist the business owners to reduce business risk by making an accurate business decision while simultaneously considering their financial availability. On top of all these benefits, the most valuable service of CALTRiX is customising Standard-Operating-Procedures (SOPs) for each client to ensure smooth execution. All the roles & responsibilities of each person in the organisation will be sorted out to run the accounting processes smoothly. It will eventually streamline the accounting processes and reduce the cost of operation in the long run. “We hope that our clients can leverage on ICS to manage their cost of operation effectively, ease their mind and focus on growing their businesses to a greater height.” CALTRiX has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


For busy working adults, cleaning laundry is one of the most annoying chores. Having said that, we still need fresh and clean clothes every day. There are many existing laundry service providers. However, most of them have fixed operating hours similar to regular corporate working hours. Our customers tend to have a busy schedule. Driving to the laundry shop to drop off clothes, looking for parking, just doesn’t cut it and getting there in time before the shop closes isn’t convenient,” said Venon Tian. To provide the busy urbanites with a more convenient laundry and dry-cleaning services, Tian along with his angel investor and co-founder, Tan Swee Yeong brought in the technology from Thailand and started eziPOD in November 2017. eziPOD is a smart laundry locker that serves as a laundry drop-off and pick-up point which operates 24/7. With the app being installed on the phone, users need only go up to a smart locker, select the service they want to use and a QR code is generated. Scan the code at the scanner, and an empty locker will open for them to place their clothes. Then, eziPOD’s team will come and collect the clothes and send them to the cleaning facility. Once their laundry is cleaned, users will be notified via the eziPOD app and need only scan the provided QR code at the smart locker. Users will find their favourite clothes smell fresh again and being hanged neatly in the locker. To ensure this convenient laundry service is more reachable for more customers, eziPOD intends to spread their coverage into more locations by setting up more lockers in residential buildings, office buildings and shopping malls. Back then, it was very tough as this laundry locker concept is still new in Malaysia. At first, malls and buildings managements were charging us high renting rates. Soon, they realised this is a value-added service to their tenants and started to accept eziPOD.” Tian has a goal of spreading to 100 locations by the end of 2019. Aside from the convenience and tech-savvy system, what differs eziPOD from other laundry service providers is that it provides premium services at a reasonable price. At a starting price from RM2.50 per piece for laundry and ironing services, it offers hotel quality services. The cleaning facility they are partnering with is the expert in the industry and have been serving hotel clients for many years. eziPOD has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

In Case Of

Pandemic fatigue is gripping many of us. Therefore, the team from Inetolgift, a 16 years old B2B gifting company, decided to start something fun to add a little excitement to their client’s life. In April 2020, they launched a startup called In Case Of to tap into the millennial market that wants a bespoke experience. In Case Of creates last-minute travel and emergency kits as convenient and useful gifts for friends and family. In these kits, you’d find stuff like face masks, soap, hand sanitizer, a coffee brew bag, and mints, for example, depending on which kit you go for. While first aid emergency kits are always colored in red to signify alerts and a sense of emergency, In Case Of chose orange as their brand color as it invokes a sense of happiness and energy. In Case Of incorporates 2 mascots, named Jo & Toke. Jo (The Orange Rectangle) is named after the Japanese word “Daijoubu” which carries the meaning of “Don’t worry / It’s going to be okay”, signifying the belief that with every problem comes a solution, hence “daijoubu”. Jo is designed to represent the expression of relief and satisfaction for when one finds the solution to their unexpected challenges and/or situations. Toke (The Red Triangle) is named after the Korean word “Ottoke” which carries the meaning of “What should I Do?”, signifying the worry that anything could happen at any moment, to expect the unexpected. Toke is designed to represent the feeling of being alert, to be warned. Jo & Toke are best of friends, and whenever Toke starts to worry, Jo will always be there to provide a solution. They both compliment and signify our brand image of In Case Of, where we are always steadfast in our passion for looking out for the unexpected challenges in our daily lives and providing a solution to your needs. “We want people to have a different take on preparing themselves for unforeseen circumstances and to see it in a positive light, that to be prepared can be a gift to yourself and your cherished ones.” “Millenials desire touching care, excitement, and love to share experiences with their own community. If anything delights them, they’d like to own one and even buy it for others,” shared Pik Ling. Since these kits are adorable and what’s in the prep kits are actually useful, makes them thoughtful and fun gifts for someone you care about. “We create ideas from customers’ perspectives. In everyday life, we encounter a lot of common situations,” Pik Ling, the co-founder of In Case Of shared. “We relate products to events, we need to ensure it bundles well and works practically for the consumer.” Though the team has been in the gifting business for more than a decade, they find it challenging to grow a startup like In Case Of. The main reason being they are lacking experience and knowledge in e-commerce as they have been operating Inetolgift traditionally. To cope with it, they have been putting a lot of effort into research, revise and execute their marketing plans and the design of their products. Besides, it’s also not easy to control the cost at the same time assuring the quality of the products. Consumers are pampered with endless choices on the internet, thus it’s important to achieve the balance between quality and price of the products to compete with others. Hence, the team puts in a lot of time to liaise and discuss with the production line to ensure the end products are ideal. You may check out In Case Of’s website and Shopee store to explore their products. In Case Of has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

AdStrux Asia

Marketing and advertising are fundamentals in running businesses ever since business activities existed. In the last century, radio, TV, print and film have been ideal mediums for advertisers to market their products or services to the masses. In recent years, advanced technology has brought the dawn of a new area – digital marketing. Statistics show that many advertisers have diverted about half of the budget of TV ad spending to buy digital ads. However, some advertisers are looking at digital marketing as different mediums from the conventional mass communication mediums only. In fact, the most compelling advantage of digital marketing is its analytic capabilities that enable advertisers to make data-driven decisions. Melvin Chan being an early adopter of digital marketing has helped many organisations to achieve higher business results during his services in multiple digital media and marketing organisations. “Digital marketing is dynamic. You can track the results instantly and can analyse the gathered data to plan for enhanced actions. It’s always interesting to study the behaviours of consumers,” Melvin shared his passion for digital marketing. In 2018, Melvin founded AdStrux Asia, a data-driven digital marketing company that caters to primarily the automotive industry. AdStrux Asia helps clients to conduct media planning and buying with deep integration of analytics to drive maximum ROI and impact. “A good digital marketing agency should have great clarity on what are the factors that make a business successful. Besides, a good marketer should be able to give an indication of the potential leads that should convert into buyers for a client to make the marketing spend worthwhile. These are what AdStrux capable of providing to our clients.” Some of the services that AdStrux Asia offers are Media Planning & Buying, Analytics Consulting & Reporting, Social Media Management, Website Design & Development, Reputation Management & Database Marketing, Digital Advertising, Creative Services and Call Attribution. “A website designed by marketers is different because we will focus on optimising the website to generate leads by making conversions happen. As for social media, we will help clients to re-balance audience and optimise audience reach to begin optimising for leads to be converted either on social media itself or directed to clients’ websites,” Melvin explaining the uniqueness of services provided by AdStrux Asia. “We offer unique solutions to brands that are serious about their marketing mix strategy’s impact on its bottom line. It starts with finding out answers to crucial questions through a brand’s data touchpoints. That’s why we help our clients to make informed marketing decisions only.” Within eight months of operation, AdStrux has successfully worked with fourteen clients, consist of dealerships from well known automotive brands like Mini, BMW, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Ford. AdStrux Asia has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Purpose Built

10 years ago, the age of digital has begun to rise. Chong Jin saw the digital capabilities in building brands, engaging with consumers and disrupting industries. Thus, he decided to hop on the train to start his digital design agency. Chong Jin with his partners started a digital and interactive studio under the branding of Decubic. Soon after that, he met a good joint venture opportunity with an established brand and design communication agency, Tamm + Kit in Toronto. With his team of designers and programmers, they joined the big team along with Genesis Spark, a strategic branding consultation firm in New York and rebranded as Purpose/Built. Now, Chong Jin is the Chief Digital Officer of Purpose/Built and also the head of the Malaysia office. Over the years, he has successfully led a talented team of programmers, developers and designers in delivering creative digital solutions to clients across Asia and North America. The team in Malaysia is the main production house of the agency. Currently, he is also developing a new office in Singapore that specializes in providing strategic brand advisory services. Chong Jin is a humble and humorous man. He keeps his team over here very lean because he likes to work together seamlessly with all the members. Besides, he always hires fresh grads and interns because he appreciates the creativity in young minds. "Passion creates interest, even on small thoughts.”

Funnel Duo Media

Yew started his first business at the age of 17 and failed miserably. He moved on to pursue his study in programming in London and have won several Hackathon projects in the UK. At a young age, he had been sponsored by Apple to attend Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference and have been featured in newspapers in London and Malaysia of his achievements in the tech industry. For the past four years, Yew has worked with multiple clients from Australia, UK and USA. He noticed the common problem of almost all the startups that he has worked with, including his previous business, which is they don't know how to sell and market despite having fantastic products. "I have seen clients spent over 100,000 pounds in developing a flawless website or mobile app, but left no budget for marketing. In the end, the business failed because it didn't gain enough of brand exposure and awareness," shared Yew. He believes great products and services deserve to be known. This belief has driven him to stop coding entirely and shifted his focus into digital marketing. Fast-forward 3 years later, Yew has become an expert in digital marketing and has co-founded a marketing firm, Funnel Duo Media. Funnel Duo Media aims to help their clients to derive traffics and qualified leads by customising a unique digital marketing plan for each client. Their services included setting up Facebook Ads, Google Ads and landing pages, and create compelling marketing funnel to generate leads. Clients can determine their budget and Funnel Duo Media will deliver results based on the given budget and requirements. They are now serving a wide range of clients from various industries including coaches, data scientist, professional consultants, dentists, chiropractors and F&B outlets. "Our clients can be anyone who wants to bring their business online. Our purpose is to help them to boost up their revenue online." Funnel Duo Media is managing millions of online ads budget for clients across the property industry, event industry and F&B. "Many traditional businesses only focus on the numbers and don't want to spend time understanding how to track and analyse their business performance to improve sales. We want to educate more people about the power of digital marketing and help them to attract more sale leads via digital marketing methods," shared Yew. Funnel Duo Media has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Nowadays, advanced technologies are widely used for marketing purposes to enhance consumers’ shopping experiences. We’ve seen virtual reality (VR) used to set up simulated stores users can access with a scan of a QR code and the development of interactive ads that let users go from browsing to checkout. So it comes as no surprise that augmented reality (AR) is also becoming more common for business use. “In my personal opinion, AR as a technology has improved a lot since its first inception and I believe it has found its place in the market. AR is becoming a need rather than a simple one-trick pony,” shared Fitri Baharuddin, CEO and founder of Arleta. Founded in 2014, ARLETA TECH SDN BHD is the Malaysia services contents provider (AR Digital Content Providers) for Digital Advertising & Marketing platform using the Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Arleta aims to familiarize people with Augmented Reality in their daily tasks by providing a new experience for digital content consumers and enhance user interactivity in Education, Entertainment and Shopping habits. AR has been used for education purposes especially for online classes. For example, physical experiments in school labs can now instead be done in AR so students still get to personally experience them. However, Fitri sees a huge opportunity for AR in digital advertising, especially during the pandemic. “Arleta aims to increase sales with our advertising. Of course, the first thing anyone sees with AR is that it’s for drawing attention, but we believe this technology can go far beyond.” Fitri further explained, “AR makes advertising more interactive. Interactivity can foster a bond between users and content, something like an emotional connection. Emotions, as we know, will affect people to make decisions.” In other words, there is a potential for AR to be a tool in racking up those conversions. It can be put to actual use, with one example being helping users decide on a purchase of furniture or clothing. With AR, users can overlay the 3D models of the items they want to buy with their homes, enabling them to see how it would fit in a space in real-time. They can also “try on” clothing to see how well it’d suit them, and make decisions based on what they see. However, Fitri noted that with AR being a relatively new technology, people aren’t familiar with how to fully utilize it. “There is one golden rule I follow in regards to AR: never assume people will download our app and scan things we hand them.” “They need a call to action. To use AR, the company or marketing team has to guide its customers on how to use the AR feature,” he stated. Since launching in 2014, Arleta has done more than 100 AR projects and worked with notable clients like Shiseido, Astro, and FMC Music. It’s also done AR packaging for products from Santan and Hausboom, book covers for magazines like Gila-Gila, and advertising for movies like Jibam and XX Ray 3. But the team’s most popular service remains the AR business card, of which they’ve sold over a hundred to clients from insurance agents all the way to bakery shop owners. Now, instead of keeping the wonders of AR technology to themselves, the team decided to make it more accessible by launching Arleta Kit. With this kit, users can add pictures, videos, or 3D models available in Arleta’s library to make their own AR content. It can be used by creatives who simply wish to dabble in 3D modeling and AR, or even by teachers who want to employ AR in classrooms to spruce up lessons. Arleta has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ― R. Buckminster Fuller In most Asian families, when a child tells the parents his/her dream is to become an artist or designer, the parents will most likely see it negatively and tell “You will starve.” Zachary Haris Ong has proven that this is an outdated thought. Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Design from the Curtin University of Technology, Zachary is not only a designer. He is also a serial entrepreneur and a lead thinker of the new generation. He is passionate and committed to the transformation of the design industry in order to impact Malaysia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Post graduated, Zachary started his graphic design business at his own room within the four walls. When we asked what wakes him up from bed to work, he said, “I’m an ambitious man that don’t allow myself to lose.” In 2012, he took an initiative to lead the Rediscovery: Icograda Design Week in Sarawak 2012. For seven months, he concentrated only on the event and stopped his business. It was a tough time for him because there were a lot of works that he needed to complete to make the event happen and he had no income at all. However, after the event launched successfully, the results were fruitful. Everyone was looking at this young designer and in 2015, he has been voted President-elect of the International Council of Design (ico-D) during the 26th ico-D General Assembly in Gwangju, South Korea. He is not only the first Malaysian but also ASEAN’s first ico-D President-elect. At the same time, Zachary is the president of the Graphic Design Association of Malaysia (wREGA). He shared with us his ‘secret sauce’ of success is integrity. “Commit to what you promised. Then people will trust and respect you.” Besides, he also advised young people to honour their works. “The truth is, when you come to work, you can’t be self-centred. Don’t expect a high salary and good perks. Instead, proof your capabilities by delivering good results. When the thermometer of your value turns higher, they will come to you.” Now, Zachary and his team are running Zachary Haris Ong & Associates (ZHOA), a design partnership specialising in graphic design, visual identity and branding. They are strived to create a direct impact on their clients’ business with the power of visual communication design. “According to research done by the Design Council, for every £1 invested in design, businesses can expect over £20 in increased revenues. Therefore, we believe our services play an important part in empowering our clients from various sectors including businesses, enterprises and governments.“ In 2017, Zachary was nominated as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs of the year.


E Commerce
Years ago, Andrian quitted his job as an accountant and started running his design studio with other partners. As a business enthusiast, Andrian and his wife are constantly looking for new business opportunities. In 2014, they planned to sell their self-labeled leggings and use glass jars for the packaging. It was then they found out that it is difficult to find jars locally, even if you found, the available variation is limited. At the same time, they also noticed there were many demands for glass jars. “With the growing demand for eco-friendly packaging in recent years, packaging made of glass and metals is becoming the standard for many businesses,” shared Andrian. Thus, they decided to sell glass jars instead of leggings. This is how they started Jargeous in 2016. Now, Jargeous is the first and only glass jars wholesaler and retailer selling online in Malaysia. They source jars locally and from overseas such as China, the USA, Taiwan, and Thailand. Currently, they are offering over 400 types of jars and bottles. Some of those include Glass Jars, Octagon Jars, Pudding Jars, Mason Jars, Ball Jars, Candle Jars, and more. With e-commerce taking over the market from traditional brick and mortar, the timing of the business could not have been more perfect for Andrian and Angeline. Currently, businesses make up 70% of their customers, and the remaining 30% are end-users. They have separate prices to cater to B2B and B2C customers. In terms of B2B, Jargeous supplies its products to hotels, cafes, bars, grocery stores, and event coordinators. Businesses selling food goods or bulk goods make up their targeted demographic. Hence, holiday seasons like Hari Raya or Christmas are some of their busiest times, which is expected seeing how many jars people need to fill their homemade cookies with. Dealing with fragile products is not easy, especially with suppliers from overseas. Moreover, glass is a very heavy material, especially in bulk. “Due to the delicate and fragile nature of our products, we need to be extremely cautious and aware of how we pack the products for shipping,” Andrian shared. Since their jars come in various shapes and sizes, they have to use different methods to measure and pack each type of jar differently. They’ve also partnered with a courier company that handles local shipping and other logistical companies for international shipping to find the most affordable rates for their customers. Local customers can also save up from the other options they’ve opened up like shopping or picking up from their store or even collecting from their designated pickup locations. Jargeous has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Thanks to the convenience brought by the mobile technology, methods of getting things done are no longer the same as the past decades. There is almost nothing that we couldn’t solve using our smartphone. Of course, solving urgent problems using certain mobile apps may have some costs, but all these costs are much reasonable. GoGet.my is a technology platform founded in 2014. This platform utilizes the power of mobile technology to help its users in achieving greater productivity and connectivity in everyday work. It is a mobile app that connects people who want to get tasks done faster with people who want to work flexibly. Be it to deliver important documents to your clients, getting a part-time helper for your exhibition booth, or to satisfy your craving when you are stuck with works, you can outsource these errands to a community of trained runners (“GoGetters”) on GoGet.my. Whereas for the GoGetters, GoGet is a platform that redefines part-time opportunities through a location-based job generator. You can choose your own working time and select from various job types. You can be a food delivery helper on one day and a promoter on another day. You can even queue for a concert ticket for yourself and for a poster (the person who posted the job) at the same time! This platform is very convenient and flexible for groups of people who have irregular free time. For instance, students and housewives who want to earn extra money. Full-time mums have free time while their children are at school or tuition classes. With GoGet, the mums can send their children to school, then open the app to look for opportunities near them that can fit their schedule. These opportunities can upgrade their lifestyles and also widen their horizon. GoGet’s vision is to be the best open platform for flexible work. They empower people to connect to each other, get tasks done faster and with better quality. It allows you to work with trusted people in a safe environment. "We hope that the tasks and job opportunities created not only empower honest hard working individuals, but ultimately unite the city.” To achieve their vision, GoGet is not only focusing on the technical aspects of the platform. They require every GoGetter to complete an online English test and attend a training session before they can start accepting tasks from the platform. This policy is more than a quality control system. It actually empowers the GoGetters by helping them to perform better in carrying out tasks, which eventually add values to them. This makes GoGet stands out from other freelancer platforms because all GoGetters need to go through proper background checks, test, and training. This practice helps to prevent avoidable problems from happening, minimize the risks of hiring random freelancers to complete important tasks. Posters can assign jobs like banking errands, surprise party set up, bringing pets for grooming, etc. so that they can focus on other more important tasks. The growing trust-level among the posters and GoGetters not only creates higher productivity and efficiency in carrying out micro-tasks, but also improve the entire society. GoGet is currently covering 3 cities: Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Johor Bahru. We hope to see their existence in more cities to connect and empower more Malaysians. GoGet has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Kantin Lab

Food & Beverages
Prior to starting his entrepreneurship journey, Vincent had been in the snack industry for over 6 years and had been involved across various roles in the company. He felt that it made sense to venture into something similar since he already knew its ins and outs. Thus, when he proposed this business idea to 3 of his closest friends, they decided to hop on board with him almost immediately. Convinced by Vincent’s snack idea, the group bootstrapped and kickstart the business in July 2019. Bringing something new and tasty to the market wasn’t their only intention though, as the four of them wanted to have something affordable too, just like what they’d get from school canteens back then. Soon, they realised that it was never easy to start a business. Though Vincent has rich experiences in the snack industry, it was their very first time to venture into business, setting up the workplace and facilities, and more. In the beginning, the team has spent most of their initial capital on trial and error, which puts them in a situation where they have a very tight budget to purchase necessary machinery for production. Fortunately, they managed to solve the crisis by negotiating with their suppliers and were able to move forward. Currently, Kantin Lab has two products, crinkle-cut potato chips in a salted egg yolk nasi lemak and simpler salted egg yolk flavour. Their nasi lemak chips come with real peanuts, pandan leaves, and anchovies to replicate the nasi lemak experience. Both flavours can be found in convenience stores and even e-commerce platforms. Ever since they first exploded on the scene, salted egg yolk snacks have become ubiquitous in Malaysia. But this saturated market doesn’t faze the Kantin Lab team, and they think of this more as healthy competition that they’re up against. However, they clarified that they also see themselves as more than a salted egg yolk snack brand, and that this flavour is a stepping stone for them to get the ball rolling as a snack brand focused on local flavours. Their very first collaboration is with a chained bubble tea brand, selling their nasi lemak flavoured chips in their outlets. Vincent shared that they went into this with no specific expectations since it was their first collaboration, but noted that they can leverage it to increase their reach, brand awareness, and sales. For now, the team believes that their focus should be on product innovation and expanding their distribution channels first. Should the plan be successful, they believe it’ll keep their customers excited and help them reach a wider base of consumers. “Besides domestic selling, we are also in talks with several interested parties outside of Malaysia about selling Kantin Lab products overseas,” Vincent said. Kantin Lab has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Food & Beverages
In Malaysia, cancer cases are increasing each year. In 2018, cancer was the second highest cause of death in Malaysia, which resulted in 16000 deaths in the year itself. Surrounded by news from relatives and friends that were suffering from cancer, Clarence Chin wanted to look for answers. “They didn’t have poor lifestyle habits or genes that predisposed to chronic illnesses. This puzzled me a lot,” shared Clarence. After some research, Clarence believes that poor knowledge of food sourcing and a lack of pesticide-free options may be factors in some chronic illnesses. Feeling determined to solve the dire problem at hand, he decided to start searching for local solutions in common stores, restaurants and online websites as well. To his surprise, he found that there were not many available options with a consistent supply of healthy produce and ingredients from chemical-free farms. This has sparked him to embark on a journey to seek out these zero-chemical farms which produce toxic-free crops. Along the journey, he realised many growers, especially from small and medium-sized farms, were facing a similar problem. They often didn’t have direct access to consumers, thus they were reliant on distributors or middlemen to sell their produce. These additional “layers” made their produce more expensive for consumers. “The small farmers are being squeezed. Running a farm itself is expensive, and they already don’t make much money,” Clarence explains. Clarence was fuelled to bridge the gap between farms and consumers in order for organic farmers to enjoy the benefits of fair trade. In 2017, Everleaf was launched with the mission to source and deliver tasty, nutritious and zero-chemical products directly to homes in the Klang Valley. After initially starting with just 10 orders a week, they now have 500 customers in their database and have moved up to 80 vegetable boxes a week. Through Everleaf’s mobile app consumers can choose how they want to fill their boxes and can also learn exactly where their vegetables are grown. Aside from greens, they also offer mushrooms, honey and condiments from high quality local producers. Before being distributed to customers, the vegetables are either delivered to Everleaf’s base in Shah Alam, about 30 km from Kuala Lumpur, or are directly collected from the suppliers or farms. Orders are delivered within 28 hours, the company says. As well as keeping customers happy, Everleaf also wants to ensure farmers can earn a decent income, so they let farms set their own prices. However, not many farmers were convinced with the business idea yet and many still have doubts. Therefore, Clarence visited the farms repeatedly to acquire more farms to partner with the platform. To date, a total of 18 farms and suppliers have joined the platform to provide a wide range of organic vegetables, poultry, artisan products, and zero-waste products. Most of the farms that sell on Everleaf are certified as organic facilities. For smaller farms that do not have the resources to get certified, Everleaf works closely with CETDEM (Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia) to help those farms to boost their credibility by ensuring they meet basic organic farming standards. Feedback from consumers so far has been positive, particularly in terms of the condition of the vegetables. Although they have received comments that their prices are slightly higher than vegetables sold in the supermarket, the time-saving benefits of home delivery should make the slightly higher price worthwhile. “Customers don’t have to rush to supermarkets after work, waste time looking for parking or queuing. Deliveries are done to their doorstep, so they have more time,” Clarence adds. He feels that their delivery service suits the busy city worker or working families who prefer their weekends be filled with activities of their choice, instead of being at the supermarket pushing through crowds. Everleaf is working hard to expand their customer base through digital promotions and strategic partnerships with food businesses, such as restaurants and catering companies. “We are committed to supporting the conversion from conventional to natural farming and educating the masses on the negative effects of chemical farming to churn more support and love for the organic industry,” Clarence stated. Everleaf has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Jessie Chong is a serial entrepreneur that has successfully founded Boozeat, an alcohol delivery platform and Headspace, a coworking space in SS15. A workaholic like her is always on the go. During the pandemic, she finally has more time dedicated to herself. Then she started to source solutions to cure her back acne breakout which was possibly caused by the grease in her hair conditioning products. She tried various brands of body scrubs to help reduce her back acne. Jessie thinks that body scrub is a very personal product where users can feel themselves being pampered while enjoying the body scrub. However, she was not satisfied with the ready-made body scrubs in the market. “Many body scrubs have plastic microbeads as the exfoliant agents. These microbeads aren’t environmentally friendly,” Jessie shared. Thus, she decided to research for a formula to work on co-developing the best body scrub. She collaborates with formulators from Japan because she trusted their technology in creating beauty and skincare products. The process was long and tedious because they insist to use 100% natural ingredients. It took her about one year for the R&D to finally create body scrubs that contain 100% environmentally friendly ingredients. Finally, in September 2021, Jessie launched Sukurabu, one of the world’s first fully customizable body scrubs. Clients can customize their very own body scrub to be the perfect solution to cater to their skin’s preference. “The aim of Sukurabu is to help our customers create the best body scrub that is made and fitted perfectly for them. No one knows their skin better than themselves.” The customization journey for the customer starts with the selection of the scent. There are a total of eight uniquely formulated scents that you can choose from. They are The Osmanthus, Ice Lavender Latte, Fluffy Sakura Snow, Mango Mango Smoothie, Pink Grapefruit Sorbet, Juicy Peach Frappe, Strawberry Cream, and Verbena Citrus. Each and every one of these scents is unique by itself and will definitely live up to its delicious-sounding name. Besides the nice scents, these body scrubs are enriched with Vitamin E and are high in antioxidants. Clients are able to customize their body scrubs up to 144 variations starting from the aforementioned eight scents, followed by the types of foams, density level, and types of exfoliants. Sukurabu is ambitious to be the No.1 body scrub brand in the world that provides bespoke experiences with the best benefits and functions. Sukurabu has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

My Packed Technologies Sdn Bhd

Food delivery is one of the hottest sectors right now for startups. In Malaysia, particularly in the Klang Valley, consumers are spoilt for choices when it comes to food deliveries. We have so many apps to choose from that we probably have several of them downloaded to cross-check prices for the best deal in terms of the overall meal cost. While the competition is huge, there are still opportunities and possibilities as more consumers are quickly moving online to do everything, which includes ordering food. Packed, food delivery and pickup service, was created to make things easier for street food vendors when it came to food deliveries. “We noticed that most street food vendors manage their orders via Whatsapp and make payment via cash. Sometimes, when customers change their minds and never show up, the vendors need to bear the loss,” Cha En, the co-founder of Packed, shared the common problems food vendors are facing. The former auditor quitted his job and started to build Packed with Amirrul, another co-founder. As enthusiasts for street food, the duo are aspired to provide a working solution that can support the business of small and micro food vendors. In order to be part of Packed delivery services, restaurants are first required to undergo a registration process, which will confirm important things such as their business verification, whether they’ve gone through training in food handling, and if they’ve been medically examined. Once a vendor is onboard with Packed, he/she will have full access to the vendor’s dashboard. “We allow vendors to take charge of their food business; edit menus from their smartphone, open or close their operation temporarily, enable call reminder notification,” he explained. With that said, Packed vendors aren’t dependent on the platform itself to update necessary details. They have full autonomy to customise their menu and operating hours from the dashboard, and any updates can be reflected immediately without delay. “Unlike other larger platforms which may charge up to 30% sales commission, we charge a 5% on sales commission and 3% for online payment processing fee. We’re trying to maintain at a charging rate that would not bring a huge burden to vendors, at the same time enough to fuel the platform for maintenance and further development.” Packed does not operate its own fleet of delivery riders, and instead outsources deliveries to third-party logistics startups like MrSpeedy and, soon, BungkusIt. Thus for consumers, the delivery fees may be slightly higher than what you’re used to on foodpanda or GrabFood. However, it does offer opportunities for consumers to explore some undiscovered food vendors. Furthermore, consumers can opt for self-pick-up or drive-thru in terms of food collection to avoid delivery fees. There are around 120 vendors working with Packed, and the team has plans to get more on board by spreading awareness through social media and one-on-one interactions. “We try not to limit the definition of street food vendors. Therefore, besides the typical “street food”, our vendors also include places like small cafes, boba tea shops, Western-style steakhouses, burger joints, and more,” Amirrul added. For consumers who appreciate independent street food like the co-founders of Packed, you may consider joining their beta testers group to provide feedback for betterment, at the same time enjoy instant rebates off your meal. Packed has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Business Matching Technology
Wasabih is developing the Business Community for the Halal economy. Currently, it is very difficult for a professional interested in the Halal Economy to find like-minded professionals with existing platforms like LinkedIn, too broad and not specific enough to address the specific attributes of the Halal Economy. Wasabih is made for these professionals who have an interest in the Halal Economy. On top of that, looking into event organizers in general, and halal event organizers particularly, they have difficulties optimizing the ROI of their events. They struggle to find sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees, and to build and maintain a community built around their events. So, Wasabih is their end-to-end partner with: 1. A B2B Smart-matching technology, to maximize meeting and event ROI with qualified leads 2. An Event registration and management system, for a seamless calendar management 3. A Virtual Platform, integrated with online event leaders, for an easy-to-use online event experience 4. Social Media Marketing services, to support event organizers in reaching and converting their target audience, and retaining and nurturing them on the Halal community platform Wasabih There isn’t any integrated offering like Wasabih’s around events so far and existing community platforms dedicated to professionals don’t target interest or knowledge in the Halal Economy efficiently. Wasabih is the only community where professionals can connect, meet and gain recognition in the diverse sectors of the global Halal Economy. Wasabih is trusted by local and global leadersin the Halal Economy and beyond, working with Halal Expo Canada, USA, London. They also supported the Malaysian Pavillion at the Dubai expo and work with MIHAS and SME Corp in Malaysia. Moving forward, the team in Wasabih hopes that the platform can grow into the hub of any professions that have interests in the halal economy. They hope that this community can foster a peaceful way of trading in the halal economy and break the prejudice people have regarding the halal economy. Wasabih has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Financial services
Getting medical insurance has become essential among many Malaysians as the cost of seeking treatment at private hospitals has been ascending at a rate exceeding 12 percent per annum. But, do you know there is medical insurance for your pets too? Visit Oyen website for more info: https://www.oyen.my/ Launched in April 2021, Oyen is a digital pet healthcare insurance provider based in Malaysia that offers services that come from a network of veterinary clinics. They are a licensed intermediary of PIAM - Malaysia's General Insurance Association, and an authorised agent of MSIG Insurance (Malaysia) Bhd. It claims that it can provide the country’s highest veterinary medical coverage with up to RM8K of the amount claimable in vet medical fees, up to RM1k in pet burial costs, and up to RM50K in third-party liability claims. Oyen’s launch came about in a timely manner, considering that research has found an increase in pet ownership in the region, a trend that escalated during the COVID-19 pandemic as people sought pet companionship. With pets come the responsibilities of caring for them, which can be daunting in the face of emergencies that are expensive to handle. It’s in this space that Oyen wants to make an impact, not just in the aftermath of emergencies, but also in preventative care and general pet wellness. To ease more pet owners’ minds, Oyen accept all breed for cats and wide breeds of dogs for insurance. Furthermore, they insure pets up to the ages of 10 years old. Oyen covers up to 90% on eligible vet fees for accidents, illnesses, injuries and emergencies. Pet owners can visit any registered vet clinics in Malaysia. They even reimburse the cost for burial or cremation of their customers’ deceased pet. Unlike the usual complicated process to claim for medical insurance, Oyen’s customers can submit their claims digitally and get paid into their bank account directly. In June 2021, Oyen announced it raised US$420K in a seed round. The round is backed by Hustle Fund and angel investors made up of former and current executives from Airbnb, Facebook, and Rocket Internet. These funds will be used in enhancing Oyen’s proprietary digital insurance platform and reinforcing its market position within the industry in Malaysia. To achieve this, the company shared that it will expand its recruitment in various roles in technology (like software engineering), and non-technology (like growth marketing). Within the next 3 years, Oyen intends to have 100K pets insured in Southeast Asia, half of which is expected to come from its first market, Malaysia. Amidst these projections and an observation of a growing consumer shift towards digitized insurance offerings, Oyen wants to work closely with industry players and regulators in the region to expand its services to more markets. At the same time, it sees potential in moving into other consumer insurance segments for people such as home, life, and medical insurance, although those would appear to be more saturated markets. Oyen has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


After spending over 20 years developing software in various companies from multiple cities, in 2016, Mazrie Mahat decided to move back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah to give back to the community. He founded SynxSoft Sdn. Bhd., a software development company, with the goal to provide digital services to accelerate businesses efficiency via technology and a clear mission to empower local tech talents. At the early stage of starting SynxSoft, Mazrie provided IT consulting services for small and medium enterprises. As the demand grows, SynxSoft has become the Software powerhouse in Kota Kinabalu. It brings together professionals from diverse disciplines and with complementary skills, on a uniquely global scale. The depth of expertise in diverse technology allows SynxSoft to take on complex and strategic projects. Besides providing technical IT services such as software development, mobile app development, and building bespoke websites for clients, SynxSoft also provides services such as Social Media Analytics and Live Streaming Services to help clients leverage various channels to boost brand awareness. SynxSoft practices Agile Methodology in developing software. Agile is a term used to describe software development approaches that employ continual planning, learning, improvement, team collaboration, evolutionary development, and early delivery. It encourages flexible responses to change. With the agile method, clients are able to participate in every step of the development cycle to test and approve the product at each step so changes can be made immediately during production cycles if there are any defects or challenges. SynxSoft has also developed 2 in-house products, namely CoreHalal and CWMS. CoreHalal is an award-winning halal digital platform that offers halal digital solutions for training, auditing, halal assurance and compliance. It is built to drive efficiency across the halal industry operations. CoreHalal aims to streamline the halal industry workflow through the centralization of the certification application process, the building of portable auditing tool that provides quick access to auditing tasks with support for direct evidence upload, and certificate halal checker (CHC) for SMEs halal certificates. Moving forward, SynxSoft will continue to strive to be an enabler for creative and innovative software products in Sabah. SynxSoft has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

DF Automation & Robotics

Automation $ Robotics
As a lecturer of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Dr Yeong Che Fai always wanted to empower and inspire his students to believe that they have the abilities to build a world-class tech company. In 2011, an opportunity knocked on his door. A Multinational Electronic Manufacturer in Johor looking for innovative solutions to improve their operation. Dr Yeong found out that the Manufacturing Plant was still relying on physical workforces to push bulky goods in the production line. He joined forces with his students, Ricky Yap Wee Yang and Tan Ping Hua, a design engineer and programming and system designer, respectively, in identifying several potential projects. Finally, they came up with an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), a programmed mobile robot that moves by tracking pasted magnetic tape on the ground. Their first production, the prototype, was able to replace at least four operators to push the components in the plant. The client was satisfied with the results, thus repeated orders for several times again. Dr Yeong and his two students realised there is a huge market need for Robotics solutions in Malaysia. Robotics and AGV have already been in the market since the 1950s. In fact, most manufacturing plants in countries like Japan, German and the US already implemented AGV Systems in their production line. They were yet to venture into Malaysia because our market is comparably smaller.” For local manufacturers, importing AGV technologies and solutions means expensive costs and poor local support. Therefore, Dr Yeong decided to become the first AGV Manufacturers and Solutions Providers in Malaysia. He quickly gathered his students, especially those who had represented Malaysia in the Robocon Competition, to start DF Automation and Robotics Sdn Bhd. DF Automation & Robotics is a tech-based company that specialises in automation and robotics. They provide professional services including designing, manufacturing, marketing and maintaining of the Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) systems for various industrial and commercial usages. Bear in mind, AGV itself is not very useful. It would only work if you had a professional team to diagnose your requirements, then design and customise a comprehensive solution to implement in your business. Our team build all our products from scratch, which make our services very flexible and customer-oriented.” DF Automation & Robotics covers everything their clients need to build an AGV System in their respective businesses. They produce from the AGV machines to the handlers, charging stations, accessories to the key element, the Fleet Management System (FMS). Most of the existing AGV software was very complex to use. Therefore, we developed our own FMS Software, NavWiz (Navigation Wizard) to be the brain of our AGV Products. It took us quite some time to build it, but all that efforts paid off.” The NavWiz software and the experiences that they’ve gained enable DF Automation & Robotics to speed up the production time of new AGV models. In the past, it took them at least one year to develop a new AGV system. Now, for a simple AGV model, they only need three months to roll it out. With the good reviews from existing clients and the government efforts on pushing Industry 4.0 forwards, many businesses from various industries have come to DF Automation & Robotics. Their main customers are from the Electronic Manufacturing industry, which traditionally use AGVs to transfer loads from warehouses to production lines, or from finished goods to warehouses. DF has exported to various contries including Singapore, India, Vietnam, Thailand and all the way to Mexico. Recent years, DF Automation & Robotics also started to venture into the F&B Industry. “The F&B purposed Service Robots are much smaller than our standard AGVs. They are used to deliver food orders directly to customers’ tables without the waiters.” According to a report from Mordor Intelligence, the robotics market was valued at USD 31.78 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25% over the forecast period of 2019-2024. “It’s a huge potential market. For the past ten years, the industry was growing stable, but it becomes very aggressive since last two years. We foresee there are more industries to adopt robotics solutions to revolutionise their operation very soon.” DF Automation & Robotics has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Sunduan Studio

Accessory Designer
Despite graduating with a Fashion Marketing and Merchandising degree from Australia, Emery moved back to Kota Kinabalu and worked as a full-time preschool teacher after quitting her job in an Australian fashion company. However, her passion for fashion was never lost. She started picking up resin crafting as a hobby and creative outlet somewhere in December 2019. When the Covid-19 pandemic took over, she took the lockdowns as an opportunity to continue building up her resin skills. Finally, in July 2020, she took the leap of faith and launched Sunduan Studio to sell her resin crafts. Sunduan means “spirit” in Emery’s native language. It is used to speak goodwill towards someone, though as if you are wishing them to have a "good spirit". Sunduan Studio specializes in resin jewelry including earrings and necklaces costing between RM25 to RM85. All items are designed and produced by Emery herself. As a solopreneur, it could be overwhelming for Emery to juggle between designing, producing, and packaging the products, as well as catching up with the latest social media marketing trends. However, Emery takes these challenges as motivations to improve herself and her business processes. She takes initiative to learn social media marketing from online courses and connect with other business owners to get more support and insights. Although the competition in resin accessories is quite high around Kota Kinabalu, Emery is not afraid of the competition because she is confident about the uniqueness of her products. Sunduan Studio’s products are available on its website and the physical store of Salt x Paper Stationery & Gifts on Jalan Gaya, Kota Kinabalu. Emery expressed her passion for resins is still growing and improving. She is anticipated to create more beautiful and unique accessories based on the inspirations she has gotten from the people, culture, and environment around her. Sunduan Studio has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


Property & Housing
There are many fantastic job opportunities in big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Many people from other states want to grab these opportunities, but they often miss out due to overthinking all the logistical issues. The cost of accommodation in big cities is high. Besides, there are an abundant of scam cases where the housing information on social media platforms is posted by fake owners. When tenants have already paid up a hefty sum of deposits, the fake owners of the apartment go missing. With all the funds already paid to the fake owners, many tenants, especially those fresh grads, ended up struggling more than they have to. As a property enthusiastic, Kok Hour wanted to improve the house-renting scene in Kuala Lumpur. Therefore, he started Roomz, a complete property rental platform together with his co-founders, He Ping and Trey Chong. He Ping is an experienced web developer and Trey Chong is a veteran marketing guy, both of them have entrepreneurial experiences prior to Roomz. Roomz is a trusted co-living property management service platform. It aims to help students and young professionals to share a house or rent a room economically and safely. At the beginning stage, they started as a property website that allows reputable agents and house owners to post properties information on the site. To bring their service to the next level, they launched Property by Roomz. They buy and rent properties located in favourite locations within Klang Valley, renovate them and bundle them with Roomz’ management service. The management service includes utilities, WIFI, and free repairs on inadequate facilities. Tenants do not have to worry about paying an additional fee for this service as everything is already included in the rental price. Besides, weekly cleaning service is provided! How amazing is it that tenants won’t have to worry too much about who’s turn is it to scrub the toilets? All they need to do is maintain the basic standards of hygiene, and the cleaners will do the rest. To enhance the staying experiences, Roomz has dedicated and friendly Community Assistants who can assist tenants anytime when they need help. For instance, when tenants have complaints, housemate issues or if anyone loses the key, the Community Assistants will attend to help. “Looking for a place to stay is usually one of the most daunting things to do when you are uprooting yourself from your comfort zone. New job, new colleagues, new responsibilities, new home, new landlord; there are just so many things to worry. We are here to help you make a smoother transition when it comes to moving,” said Kok Hour. Kok Hour believes that sharing a flat is not about just finding another body who can split the rent. It’s about finding the right person whom you will enjoy living together. Therefore, the Community Assistants use WhatsApp groups to connect among tenants in the same house. To build a healthy and harmonic relationship among the tenants, Roomz also organises activities from time to time to create meaningful interactions among them. “We hope that our rooms can provide a sense of belongings to every tenant.” Roomz has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


E-commerce Marketplace
Malaysians nowadays rely more on online shopping as we’re not encouraged to go out due to the pandemic. Even though online shopping has become much more convenient, there are still some risks associated with it. You could spend hours just sifting through multiple listings of the same product and the cheapest one could be a fake option too. As a frequent online shopper himself, Dato’ Jason Yap understands the pain to review hundreds of product reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, he was ambitious to redefine online shopping. In 2019, Dato’ Jason Yap and his partners launched LamboPlace. In contrast with online marketplaces that allow anyone to sell products, LamboPlace works with official retailers and local businesses only. Besides, they even have their own logistics arm for speedy 1-day delivery. As LamboPlace only works with verified vendors, official retailers, and brand owners, you don’t have to go through multiple reviews and doubting whether the product you’re buying is genuine or not. To prevent the marketplace from being too saturated with the same products, LamboPlace has decided to only accept one product from a brand. They also want to create a marketplace that is trustable and easy for customers to use. For example, if you’re looking to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Bronze from LamboPlace, you’ll only see one listing for a genuine Samsung Galaxy Note20 when you search for Samsung Galaxy Note20. This saves users’ time and money, as they don’t have to look for the best price or checking to see if it’s a legit product. Besides providing a more convenient and trustable online shopping platform to consumers, LamboPlace also looks after their vendors. If you’re a merchant looking to sell on LamboPlace, they have plans in place to support and grow your business. Currently, they’re equipped with tools to help merchants go digital with their free onboarding services. In fact, they’ve set aside a marketing fund to help out the merchants with promotions, digital advertising on social media, offline billboards, and even onboarding/fulfillment services. “This move alleviates the need for small business owners to employ additional manpower to manage marketing and customer service. We want to keep supporting our e-commerce community and constantly provide them with the best deals, especially during these unpredictable times.”Dato’ Jason Yap, CEO of LamboPlace. Aside from working with official retailers, LamboPlace also works with small local businesses via LamboBazaar, helping them reach different customer bases. Here you can find local and artisanal products that include food, skincare, and even homemade candles. You can find a plethora of health and wellness products under LamboWellness and on LamboFresh, you can purchase fresh seafood, vegetables, and meats delivered right to your doorstep. The platform also strives to provide the best experience to its users when it comes to delivery. Most orders within Klang Valley do arrive within a day with no extra charges. But, delivery time will vary when you’re outside of Klang Valley. As for delivery fees, you’ll be charged per order from different merchants and the fees can be as low as RM2. When asked about the advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Dato’ Jason Yap shared, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a responsible person. Starting up a business will occupy almost all your time, every problem relating to the business will become your problem naturally. You will need to sacrifice a lot of your freedom to ensure everything is on track.” He also suggests to those who are interested in entrepreneurship to read and watch more videos from successful entrepreneurs to learn to have the correct mindsets. He emphasizes having the right and positive attitudes are the key to success in entrepreneurship. LamboPlace has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Launchpad Marketing

Growing up under the influences of businessmen—mainly his father and father’s friends—has planted the dream of becoming an entrepreneur is Aaron’s mind. Though he chose to study law for his tertiary education, he had never lost sight of the desire to start a business. With such a strong goal, Aaron took 7 years to explore different roles through multiple industries, only to obtain more skills and build a strong network that he could later apply to his business. Finally, in 2017, an opportunity knocked. The two initial co-founders of Launchpad Marketing found themselves in a bottleneck and were seeking help from others. “In a market that is already saturated, it’s really hard to build clients’ confidence in startups like us. My years of serving in various types of companies have become an asset to help us reposition our unique value proposition.” Since then, Aaron joined the team as the Managing Director. Launchpad Marketing has since been nurtured into a leading inbound digital marketing consultancy agency in Malaysia. We have heard a lot about marketing, but do you know what Inbound Marketing exactly is? Inbound marketing is a strategic approach that mainly focuses on attracting leads and visitors to brands, rather than using traditional approaches that outbound marketing advocates, such as paid advertising, cold-calling and marketing collateral within traditional media. It focuses more on creating content that aligns well with an audience’s interests and interacting with people and customers in a way that offers true value to them. For instance, a bakery supply store shares baking tips and recipes that are really detailed and helpful. These articles may solve your baking-related problems (i.e. why your dough wasn’t fermented evenly, how to beat smooth and fluffy eggs, etc.) and eventually build an emotional connection between you and the brand. Successful inbound marketing strategies not only improve sales but also build brand loyalty among customers. “When it comes to inbound marketing, strategies vary according to brand voice, targeted audiences, and campaign goals. Therefore, over here we take the consultation stage very seriously. We rather spend more time understanding what our clients want and design custom solutions for each one of them than just implementing standard practices,” shared Aaron about the uniqueness of Launchpad Marketing. In terms of executions, Launchpad Marketing provides services such as Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Paid Advertising & Media Buying. “Our proudest achievement is to be recognised as a leading HubSpot Agency Partner.” LaunchPad Marketing is able to provide HubSpot (a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service) implementation to its clients as a certified solution provider. In fact, Aaron himself is one of the certified HubSpot representatives. Besides providing HubSpot training to communities, Aaron is also actively involved in free training courses and seminars as a speaker to empower businesses with digital marketing knowledge. “Align with the concept of inbound marketing, I think it’s important to share my knowledge with more people to help more business owners. It would be great for the whole digital marketing ecosystem when more people learnt about inbound marketing and try to apply those strategies to their businesses.” Hence, you can easily find many helpful digital marketing tips on Launchpad Marketing’s blog. Launchpad Marketing has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


R&D for manufacturing
“Technology will not replace jobs but technology in the hands of great makers can be transformational” – Darween Reza, CEO of MyCRO (My Conceptual Robotics Sdn Bhd) Founded in 2016, MyCRO is an engineering research company based in Selangor, Malaysia focusing on improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation in the areas of education, safety and security, robotics and automation. MyCRO offers several services and products major in four different industries which are manufacturing, services, retails and food and beverage (F&B) businesses. It is one of the local manufacturers that produce their own products mainly on 3D printer, robotics and automation in Malaysia. Instead of depending on overseas technology, with an aim to produce local made product with a similar and better quality compare to the existing product which is affordable and easily accessible in term of service and maintenance, MyCRO enters engineering market to compete with other overseas product. Nowadays, MyCRO is one of the local manufacturer for 3D printer and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) robot. When asking why he started MyCRO, Darween revealed that he has always been interested in new technologies. He and his friends felt robotic competitions in primary & secondary schools were good opportunities for them to teach people how to do programme. However, they noticed many parents just want organiser to give their kids the source code to complete the task. “That is not the right way to learn,” Darween commented. Thus, he and his partners started a research company to share with people the right way to learn and master the skills. Soon they got invited by other Universities to run research for them. In 2015, they joined the Real-Tech Seed Acceleration Program run by Leave a Nest Malaysia. They won the runner-up prize for the first TECH PLAN DEMO DAY in 2015. Soon after that, Darween founded MyCRO. Since its inception, MyCRO has been growing rapidly especially in delivering their flagship product, 3D Printers caters for educational purposes. Not only manufacturing the 3D Printer, MyCRO also actively conducting 3D Printing workshops and Engineering based workshops in various schools in Malaysia. They also owned a makers cafe called Sandbox Cafe at University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur where students can learn about 3D Printing and Laser Cutting while their parents have good coffee there. In 2019, MyCRO and Leave a Nest signed an MoU together with SBPI Gombak to support the school in creating and executing extra-curricular programs for the development of school students to become future global leaders in Science and Technology field. MyCRO strives to become a technology catalyst, a counter that can create tech. As one of the local manufacturers that produce their own products mainly in the field of robotics, additive manufacturing and automation in Malaysia, instead of depending on overseas technology, they aim to produce local made products with similar and better quality compared to the existing product which is adorable and easily accessible in terms of services and maintenance. MyCRO has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


"It is an obvious part of human nature to preserve. Putting life in the context of future tense, preservation makes much more sense.” Fayzi Omar always believes preserving wealth is one of the main concern in human life. With the frequencies of hyperinflation crises arising globally coupled with debt crisis everywhere, people are resorting to various alternatives of preserving their wealth. One of the options that many people go for is trading precious metal. Precious metals, such as gold and silver, have managed to endure multiple economic crises. In the past, metals that carried intrinsic value used to be the universal currency. “We believe that gold, which has been retaining its value for centuries, will make a comeback as a universal world currency.” However, the trading of precious metals like gold and silver bullion between buyers and sellers often performs in a very unsecured manner. Many trades occur on Facebook groups and e-marketplace like eBay, Lazada, and Shopee. Since there is no proper management on these trades, people can easily get scammed, be it on the buyers’ side or even the sellers’ side. Therefore, Fayzi and his like-minded partners co-founded Nubex (Nusantara Bullion Exchange) in 2009. Nubex is a secured online marketplace for anyone to trade gold and silver bullion. In Nubex, they will inspect all the bullion that up for sale and grade them according to their conditions. Buyers can check the grade indication and the detailed information of each bullion. Besides, the prices of the bullion are transparent. Sellers can set their selling price, and Nubex will display it to all buyers. “The obvious reason of people buying golds is the preserve their wealth. The last thing they would want to face is that the gold or silver bullion they bought is not authentic.” To eliminate the risks and provide the guarantee to the buyers, Nubex is not only focusing on the online marketplace. Like mentioned above, they also involve physical inspection and grading of the items to ensure authenticity. Thus, buyers can shop safely on their platform. Besides, since Nubex exchanges are connected to all its branches, a seller’s offerings are broadcast all over the world. This system creates massive liquidity where the seller’s items can be sold faster because of the high number of buyers. "To achieve our grand vision of turning gold into a universal world currency, we need to constantly improve our system to ensure gold can be easily traded globally and exchanged between people from around the world with great mobility.” The team is currently working hard to improve the three critical areas that they identified can build a better gold trading system, which are Decentralization, Liquidity, and Mobility. They are creating a complete ecosystem to address these areas. "The most important thing is to sustain Nubex as a healthy and safe playground for the gold trading activities.” Nubex has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in upcoming exciting events!

Bai Zi Gui

Growing up in a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) family in Pahang, Sayhooi Lee has gained a lot of precious Chinese Medical knowledge from both his father and elder brother that are TCM Practitioners. Sayhooi’s father has been operating a TCM Pharmacy since the 1960s. Although Sayhooi never pursued the same path with them to become a practitioner, he always wanted to promote the Traditional Chinese Healthcare among the new generation. Besides, he also wishes that TCM prescriptions and natural healthcare products can be more accessible to everyone. When he met CK Liew, a tech guy that shares the same passion towards TCM, the two almost immediately decided to start an online TCM platform that enables anyone to obtain consultations from trustable TCM practitioners. In 2014, they started Bai Zi Gui. ‘Bai Zi Gui’ in Mandarin, is the medicine cabinet that we usually see in TCM Pharmacies. They gathered a lot of highly qualified TCM practitioners on Bai Zi Gui to provide professional services to the users. Users can communicate with real practitioners via webcam to get instant consultations and prescription. Nevertheless, it did not take long for them to realize that many Malaysians are unable to accept the concept of distance medical consultations. Besides, they also noticed that instead of going through the tedious process of preparing and decocting Chinese medicine, many youngsters (even some older people) opts for supplements that are convenient and safe to consume as part of their healthcare routine. Therefore, they slowly transformed the business model into one-stop TCM supplements online store. They partnered with trusted suppliers and manufacturers of traditional Chinese herbal supplements and only supply products that are registered with the Ministry of Health. "The last thing a health-conscious consumer would want is a supplement that brings bad effects. All the products available on Bai Zi Gui are verified, this is our brand promise.” Today, with its headquarter in Kuala Lumpur, Bai Zi Gui is a decent online TCM platform with over 78k FB followers and still growing. It offers over 1,200 different types of premium Chinese herbal remedies and nutritional supplements to clients throughout Malaysia and Singapore. Moreover, it has successfully ventured into USA’s market earlier this year. This is a great milestone for Bai Zi Gui as the USA is the largest dietary supplements market in the world. Besides supplying natural health supplements, clients could obtain endless useful information on healthcare from the website. In addition, Bai Zi Gui is occasionally organising Chinese medical and healthcare seminars to create awareness on TCM and healthcare. People who in search of TCM consultations can also visit Bai Zi Gui to discover a list of trusted practitioners across the nation. Bai Zi Gui has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register/ to participate in exciting events coming soon!


It is common that airline companies appreciate their flight passengers by introducing frequent flyer programs. Flight passengers can earn air miles and exchange the accumulated points for lifestyle deals and cash vouchers. In 2018, Terry Chu and Choo Neng Jin launched their brainchild, a technology startup called LandMiles™. It is an O2O (Online-to-Offline) mobile platform that rewards users for different modes of land travel. It adapts the concept of frequent flyer programs to reward on-land journeys, provides an engaging way for the mobile savvy generation to enjoy complimentary or discounted lifestyle vouchers that can be redeemed at a wide selection of F&B, fashion, entertainment retailers and service providers. “Travelling on land is a daily routine that occurs so frequently within 24 hours for most people. Be it travelling by car, bus, train, bike or even walking, working adults and students spend averagely 2 hours on commuting daily. If we could collect a point for every step and every meter travelled, our journeys would not be as tiresome and boresome,” said Terry. All it takes is just a regular smartphone with GPS functions. After easy installation and registration of the app (can be found on both Google Play and Apple App Store), users are set to go. LandMiles™ aims to change commuters’ perception about the hassle of travelling on land. Every day, people in the cities are facing traffic congestions, long waiting lines, parking bay searches and many more unpleasant experiences on the road. The time and cost spent to get from location A to B sometimes does not pay off at all, which lead to many frustrations. With LandMiles™, there is an opportunity to turn all these bitter experiences into a valuable and fun one as you’ll be compensated for every extra mile travelled. “We wish that LandMiles™ can give everyone a reason to smile for their valuable time and money spent on land travel.” The activated app detects each mile users have travelled, converts their mileages into LM (LandMiles™) points. Users can accumulate the LM points and then redeem them from a wide range of rewards offered by LandMiles’ partners. Redemption choices include both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce merchants. The O2O platform not only turns the users’ frustrating journeys into an enjoyable one but also provides businesses with a new platform of experiential marketing. When partnering with LandMiles™, merchants can offer attractive deals to attract commuters to drop by their shops more often, especially when commuters are stuck in traffic congestions. Although they are still running BETA tests on the app, LandMiles™ has attracted over 1000 users through word-of-mouth. This result proved that LandMiles™ concept had won the acceptance of daily commuters. LandMiles™ wishes to spread their wings to cover other high traffic cities like Jakarta and Singapore soon, to spice up more commuters’ daily journeys. “Our O2O mobile platform is created by millennials for millennials, to empower and create positive impacts on both consumers and businesses,” said Jin. LandMiles™ has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!

Persona Theory Games

Art/ Content Creation
The gaming industry is commonly viewed as a male-dominated industry. However, it’s already 2021, anyone can be anything they want. In fact, there are a few successful women in this industry including Saqina Latif, one of the founders of Persona Theory Games; an indie games studio based in KL that set experimental narrative games as their niche. Saqina was a producer in Leo Burnett for a few years. She loves to tell stories and had created ads, TVC, web videos, radio ads for clients. One day, Buddy contacted her to work together to create content for a project. “I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to do something I’m passionate about,” she says. The project was called Sara Is Missing. “It was supposed to be an experiment for us. We didn’t expect it to grow as big as it is and in fact, it went quite viral!” Sara, Buddy and Derek decided to ride on the success and launched Persona Theory Games in 2017. In the beginning, they started very humbly. Unbeknownst to many, some of the team members have had to work day jobs during that time. Saqina was lucky to find a group of people who shared a similar passion for gaming who were also willing to sacrifice their time and effort to work on the project. When they finally got a hang on it, they decided to do it full-time. Since both Saqina and Buddy came from the film industry, their approach to a story is a bit different than most people. Unlike most games, players don’t have to compete in their games. Instead, players can use their own pace to enjoy the game until whatever level they can reach. Their games only take up to 2-3 hours because they want people to play in one sitting like watching a movie. After almost a month since they launched Fires At Midnight, the number of engagements has been quite impressive. That was above their expectation because their approach is rather niche and unique as they prioritised players’ feelings rather than intuition. “I was worried if people can’t translate the game well. However, when the reviews came out, many people told us they can relate to the character and everything. A lot of people were surprised the game was done by a Malaysian!”, says Saqina. Saqina further shares that one of the achievements in her career so far is the reviews and validations from players. To boot, they also have silent followers who have been waiting for their games. She wants to promote more local content to the world and Persona Theory Games has been collaborating with a few local music artists such as Golden Mammoth and Mutesite, both being indie bands. In 2021, through international funding from Wings, they managed to secure the funding to kick start their second game, Kabaret. Moving forward, they will continue to strive to be the leading indie games company that tells narrative Southeast Asian stories in their games. At the same time, they will continue to push the bar when it comes to experimenting with the game. “There are so many talents here in our country. We wish to cultivate more talents and make more original Intellectual Property in developing our games,” shared Saqina. Persona Theory Games has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!