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Marketing and advertising are fundamentals in running businesses ever since business activities existed. In the last century, radio, TV, print and film have been ideal mediums for advertisers to market their products or services to the masses. In recent years, advanced technology has brought the dawn of a new area – digital marketing.

Statistics show that many advertisers have diverted about half of the budget of TV ad spending to buy digital ads. However, some advertisers are looking at digital marketing as different mediums from the conventional mass communication mediums only. In fact, the most compelling advantage of digital marketing is its analytic capabilities that enable advertisers to make data-driven decisions.

Melvin Chan being an early adopter of digital marketing has helped many organisations to achieve higher business results during his services in multiple digital media and marketing organisations. “Digital marketing is dynamic. You can track the results instantly and can analyse the gathered data to plan for enhanced actions. It’s always interesting to study the behaviours of consumers,” Melvin shared his passion for digital marketing.

In 2018, Melvin founded AdStrux Asia, a data-driven digital marketing company that caters to primarily the automotive industry. AdStrux Asia helps clients to conduct media planning and buying with deep integration of analytics to drive maximum ROI and impact.

“A good digital marketing agency should have great clarity on what are the factors that make a business successful. Besides, a good marketer should be able to give an indication of the potential leads that should convert into buyers for a client to make the marketing spend worthwhile. These are what AdStrux capable of providing to our clients.”

Some of the services that AdStrux Asia offers are Media Planning & Buying, Analytics Consulting & Reporting, Social Media Management, Website Design & Development, Reputation Management & Database Marketing, Digital Advertising, Creative Services and Call Attribution.

“A website designed by marketers is different because we will focus on optimising the website to generate leads by making conversions happen. As for social media, we will help clients to re-balance audience and optimise audience reach to begin optimising for leads to be converted either on social media itself or directed to clients’ websites,” Melvin explaining the uniqueness of services provided by AdStrux Asia.

“We offer unique solutions to brands that are serious about their marketing mix strategy’s impact on its bottom line. It starts with finding out answers to crucial questions through a brand’s data touchpoints. That’s why we help our clients to make informed marketing decisions only.”

Within eight months of operation, AdStrux has successfully worked with fourteen clients, consist of dealerships from well known automotive brands like Mini, BMW, Proton, Honda, Toyota, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz and Ford.

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