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"My favourite animal is the wolf. They always live in packs, cooperate with one another and accommodate to each other. Besides, they have very accurate intuition.”
This is the first information that Eric Tai shares about himself whenever he meets new friends.

From young, Eric has attempted to make profits out of creative ways. After many ups and downs, he realized that he must equip himself with more skills and experiences to enable himself building a sustainable business. Since then, he has worked in various industries as different roles all the way from a salesman in Petaling Street to a marketing manager in an MNC.

“There was one part of the time, I even joined a direct selling company. Every day, the company will provide us with a bag of products like pens, torchlights, keychains, etc., and we will sell those things on the streets, food courts and Kopitiam. At first, it was very tough. But when I saw the best salesperson could achieve that amount of sales, it motivated me. Finally, I became the best salesperson!” Eric shared on how he tried to improve his sales skill.

Although he performed very well in the corporates, he never forgot his dreams. In 2011, by leveraging on his extensive experiences for more than 10 years in corporate branding and strategy management, he resumed his entrepreneurial journey again and founded a branding and designing agency, CLOAD (Creative Loading). While providing his services, he has accumulated more knowledge and insights of the industry and has established more connections, which has led him to his current business.

In 2016, Eric partnered with Rex Bong and started B WIIL International Sdn Bhd. B Wiil is a comprehensive enterprise group that has numerous subsidiaries including wholly-owned companies, holdings companies, and joint stock companies. Currently, their businesses included Retail Consultancy, Fashions, Food & Beverage, Entertainment & Media, Automobile and Property.

Under the umbrella of B Wiil, there are some famous names like GME Malaysia, Nerd Unit and House of Original Design (HOOD). GME Malaysia is an entertainment agency that houses many talents and organises many events. Nerd Unit is a Malaysian Designer’s streetwear label that targets the international market. HOOD is a multi-label fashion boutique that offers the trendiest and finest fashion.

"Clothing, Food, Housing, and Transportation are the four bare necessities in our life. B Wiil will constantly evolve to provide our clients with more fun options while fulfilling their life necessities.”
B Wiil has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Eric has hosted a session of Real Life Experience in July 2018.

Students attended Real Life Experienceâ„¢ at bwiil
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