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Many people, especially manual labours, have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. In July 2020, Suthan Mookaiah founded BeliGas with the purpose to provide immediate employment in a “pandemic-proof” business for B40 Malaysians who’d lost their jobs.

BeliGas is a startup that delivera affordable LPG gas cylinders throughout Klang Valley with its own rider fleet.

Suthan Mookaiah believes that his LPG gasdelivery business is able to solve multiple problems directly related to the industry.

The “crazy fluctuation” of prices and the substandard delivery quality were just two of them. “Gas prices can differ between RM28-RM35 between even 2 neighbouring houses for no reason,” he shared.

Besides, he also noticed most houses have a poor fire safety and awareness training on handling, usage and maintenance of gas equipment. This is where he saw the big opportunity to innovate with the digital and tech skil he has.

Our standard LPG gas cylinders in kedai runcit usually runs through multiple layers of middlemen. It starts with the LPG supplier/manufacturer, goes to a premium stockist then a stockist, then to a dealer, to a sub dealer, to a runner, and finally, to our kedai runcit where we’d make the purchase. Hence, we are paying for high mark-ups.

BeliGas is able to offer low prices by working directly with LPG gas suppliers. Their standardised prices for a 14kg cylinder delivery across 123 service areas within the Klang Valley are:

Pre-order 1 day before: RM25.60
Same-day order, standard delivery between 9AM-6PM: RM26.60
Same-day order, but urgent delivery in 1 hour: RM29.60
Same-day order, but delivery after 8PM: RM38.60

If your delivery requires them to walk up stairs or use the lifts in apartments or condos, there will be an RM3 surcharge. On the other hand, pre-ordering with BeliGas costs RM25.60, with no extra delivery fees.

Suthan also added that they use tech and logistics efficiency to optimise the cost of deliveries, where savings are then passed to consumers.

They used a third-party delivery service in the first month and had a bad experience. “It was terrible to say. It created a lot of chain problems in fulfilment and service delivery,” Suthan recalled.

To overcome that problem, he made the costly decision of using his personal savings to build BeliGas’ own delivery fleet, hiring drivers and purchasing transport vehicles.

Fortunately, this costly decision not only solves their delivery problems, but it now reduces their operational cost on a day-to-day basis too.

Suthan is also proud that he’s accomplished his main goal of hiring B40 and other unemployed Malaysians too. So far, around 70 Malaysians are on BeliGas’ payroll, and they’ve even hired ex-convicts to work in their hub and HQ warehouse.

Moving forward, BeliGas wishes to hire more Malaysians who need dignified employments. Besides, they also strive to provide access to cheaper essential cooking gas and to scale this access across major Malaysia states by 2022.

BeliGas has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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