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Started his career as a backend programmer, Bryan Soong has created software solutions for many clients and has experienced running a business as a shareholder. These experiences enable him to understand the problems and struggles that project managers and business owners are facing.

“When the previous government implemented GST, my friends and I saw many SMEs struggled because they didn’t know how it works. We were requested by a client to create a cloud accounting system that includes GST to help them understand and use GST in the simplest way. That experience motivated us to quit our stable jobs to help more SMEs out there,” Bryan shared.

Thus, in 2014, Bryan and his friends who share the same passion started developing Biztory, a cloud accounting software. Since all of them are from IT background, they worked their way up to learn accountings with several experienced accountants. After forming the first version of Biztory, they gathered over 20 SME business owners for feedback to finetune their product.

“While meeting these business owners, we realized that many of them are having the same issues which most existing accounting software are hard to understand. Traditional accounting software requires users to have accounting knowledge and skills, which many of them are not from the accounting background.”

Besides, they also noticed that many business owners were reluctant to use accounting systems because these systems required a large sum of upfront payment. To open doors to more clients, Biztory eliminated the traditional one-off payment and decided to introduce the subscription method to build sustainable and long-term business relationship with clients.

With all the feedback gathered, the founding team improvised Biztory into an entry-level business-driven software that is designed for business owners rather than accountants. This is what sets Biztory apart from other competitors. Biztory enables anyone with very little accounting knowledge to use it effortlessly, to fulfil bookkeeping needs of all types of businesses.

Now, Biztory is powering over 5,000 SMEs across 60 cities nationwide to produce RM27,000,000 worth of invoices each month. Since it is cloud-based, users can monitor their company’s progress and cash flow wherever they are, as long as there’s internet connection. Biztory also put their clients’ privacies as the top priority to ensure all data are well-protected at all time.

“Many businesses fail within the first year they started because they are not on top of their cash flow and business expenses. We believe our software can help more businesses to sustain longer and scale faster.”

Biztory claims that the software is designed in the simplest form, even people who are not tech-savvy can pick up and master the software easily.

Biztory has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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