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Every car needs four wheels to travel smooth and safely on roads. Malaysia is the second highest car ownership country in Asia; there is an apparent market demand for tyres and tyre services.

“When I got my first car, I found it difficult to find good tyre shops and workshops that I can trust. It was always difficult to know how much to expect to pay when my car is serviced. Sometimes the bill comes as a shock, and I wonder whether I should really be paying this much,” said Qiyao Tai, the co-founder of Carpit.

Qiyao knows he is not alone. Many car owners share the same problem. “I thought, instead of limiting our choices to friends and family’s recommendations, why don’t I use technology to create a transparent and trusted platform for tyre services?”

This is how Carpit was born.

Carpit is a mobile app that provides a more convenient way for car owners to get their car tyres serviced from trusted tyre shops. When you need to repair your tyres, simply open the app and choose for the type of services you need, all the available service providers within 20km will appear with the prices instantly displayed.

Once you select a service provider and placed an order, they will pick up your car at the agreed location. All the payment will be made directly with Carpit’s app. Your credit card will only be deducted after the service provider has completed the service. In the event, if the service provider identifies other problems on your car, they will make professional recommendations for additional services. After the services are completed, the service provider will return your vehicle to your pick up point.

With Carpit, you don’t need to take a day off, step into one shop by another to check and compare prices to get your tyres serviced. You don’t even need to leave your home or office anymore to wait at tyre shops.

We’re not just a listing website, we make tyre servicing easy. The car and tyre servicing industry are still very traditional. We want to challenge the status quo and ultimately resolve the problem and hassle of servicing your car.”

Nowadays, not only younger car owners are tech savvy. Imagine, many taxi drivers in Malaysia has slowly shifted to or picked up e-hailing apps. Sooner or later, the car and tyre servicing industry must adopt technology to keep up with the ecosystem changes.

It was a challenge to bring tyre shops on board Carpit as they are very complacent with the way they have been doing things for the past decades. We try to gain cooperation from them by aligning our expectations. Younger tyre shop owners tend to look for business growth and breakthrough. So, we are there to assist them with their business as long as they look after our customers.”

Carpit has grown steadily with its clear goals. Recently, it is being selected into an Accelerator Program by Cyberview and also being chosen as a mentor for the Startup Station Singapore, a roadshow organised by Facebook and IMDA Singapore.

Carpit has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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