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Culas & Co


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Postpartum hair loss, also known as postpartum telogen effluvium is the shedding of hair after giving birth due to changes in hormone levels. For some women, hair loss is minor. But for others, it can be severe. And it can be extremely distressing, given the physical, emotional, and psychological vulnerabilities women already face in the postpartum period.

Tasha, the founder of Culas & Co had experienced postpartum hair loss after giving birth to her son two years ago. Refusing to believe that she should cut her long hair to allow regrowth, she tried multiple hair products to no avail.

One day, Tasha decided to experiment with her own concoction with natural oils and essential oils. To her surprise, she saw results within a few weeks.

At that point in time, she just left her job because she and her husband struggled to keep up with childcare during MCO whilst maintaining their day jobs. The success of her hair oil formulation gave her the confidence to launch an online business to share her product with others who may benefit from it, at the same time earn an income to sustain her small family.

To get started, she taught herself Facebook marketing by watching YouTube videos. A contrasting move for someone who has had a 10-year career in risk consulting, Tasha described herself as being a very straight-laced and risk-averse person. However, she went against all her old beliefs about detailed business plans and started straight into advertising her product and brand on Facebook with a budget of RM20 per day in October 2020.

“What better way to test your product than to start selling directly? I would rather fail early and pivot quickly to get to my desired business goals.”

Tasha decided not to leverage her family and friends’ connections when she launched Culas & Co. “No one knows what I’ve been doing except my husband and best friend. I told them that I will only share once I’ve made it on my own first.”

It’s an uncommon approach as most entrepreneurs would find their first buyers in close contacts, who then help with word-of-mouth marketing for low to no costs. Tasha took it differently because she believes her customers are the ones who will sustain her business.

Confident in her product, Tasha shared that she believes that the serum’s benefits would speak for itself. Just based on the fact that she was able to sell 1 bottle of her hair serum after Culas & Co’s first Facebook ad, Tasha’s positive that she could sell 20 more.

The Culas & Co brand is built on the premise that it can’t help everyone but it can help someone. And for that someone, it could be meaningful as hair loss is often tied to a person’s confidence.

For now, the small business is focused on pushing out its products via Facebook marketing, but has plans for other marketing efforts in the near future. The brand is also heavily relying on referrals from existing customers to promote the product within their own contacts.

Back to the product itself, the Culas & Co’s Restore Serum boasts the benefits of restoring damaged hair, reducing hair loss, and treating dandruff, to name a few. It is made with natural oils including rosemary, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and many more.

Tasha came up with the recipe after 6 months of R&D, where various types of oils were compared to figure out which could stimulate hair growth best. Customer feedback has also played a role in the product’s further improvements.

Moving forward, Tasha plans to expand Culas & Co’s product line to further include other hair care essentials like shampoos and conditioners. Already seeing some demand from customers overseas, the founder is planning to expand her market to the Southeast Asian region as well.

Culas & Co has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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