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Digital Business In Community Management

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After graduating from the University of Malaya, Mr. Ho Kim Hong had worked in the construction industry for 25 years, started as a civil engineer, and later become a boss himself. Over the years, he had served and worked closely with all the well-known developers in Malaysia, such as EcoWorld, SP Setia, IJM, etc.

Despite his career success in the construction industry, he failed to find career satisfaction and business sustainability. Thus, in 2016, he decided to look for something new.

However, the startup journey was not a smooth one. Mr. Ho admitted he was too confident in his capabilities on the business development, management, and business connection in his previous business. After some unhappy incidents, he slowly realized he shouldn’t use the same method and approach of building an SME to build a startup business.

“You need to have a clear vision and purpose of what you want to achieve. It also requires a capable and talented team to move forward,” shared Mr. Ho.

In 2019, he restarted the business again and things are smoother this time as more capable co-founders and team members have joined the team. Together with the team, Mr. Ho built FLIPBIZZ, an all-in-one Community Management Platform.

FLIPBIZZ started as a platform that enables businesses and their owners to expose their professional profiles. Now, it has extended to a multi-purpose community management platform that allows Business Community Managers to grow their community and monetize from the community.

The mobile app comes with a digital library that can help users to manage their contents securely and only distribute them to subscribers that fulfilled specific criteria based on a scheduled timeline. It also has a streamlined payment system that supports more than 135 types of currencies to ensure smooth transactions between FLIPBIZZ’s users and their own subscribers.

FLIPBIZZ is a great tool for businesses, organizations, or influencers to distribute confidential or creative content among their audiences or members. For instance, it can serve as an intranet communication platform for organizations to distribute and share projects information among their team members, suppliers, or clients. It can also help celebrities, coaches, and influencers to share paid content with their subscribers.

The main advantage of using FLIPBIZZ is its privacy protection. “Whatever happens in the community stay in the community,” Mr. Ho assured.

The platform has grown from zero to 2600 users, organically. It currently houses more than 400 organizations’ profiles and over 72 community profiles. 70% of these profile owners are from Malaysia, the rest are from all over the world which includes ASEAN countries, the US, China, India, Ireland, South Africa, and more.

FLIPBIZZ has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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