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It has been a decade since Airbnb was introduced. Being one of the most successful pioneers of the sharing economy, Airbnb has transformed the entire travel industry around the world. More vacation travellers opt for short stays from online rental sites because of the convenience (users can settle everything from room selection to payment online), lower cost compared to conventional hotels and unique experiences.

The rise of online renting platforms has encouraged many people to turn their properties into short stays or even start investing in short stay businesses. However, existing platforms are only online aggregators of short stay accommodations. These platforms don’t get involved in helping hosts with providing a hospitable stay, providing support nor aid to ensure a good staying experience.

“Little did I know that hosting a short stay needed a lot of work and attention when I first bought a property for investment. Like many other property owners, I have a busy day job and had very limited knowledge of managing a short stay. This is what led my friends and I to the idea of HostAStay,” shared Jordan Oon, the co-founder and CEO of HostAStay Berhad.

Established in January 2017, HostAStay is a Short Stay Management Platform that helps property owners convert their vacant property into an income-generating asset, whilst providing top-tier short stay experience for guests, hassle-free.

“Some consumers might mistake us as a booking site like Airbnb, which we’re not. We don’t advertise our clients’ properties on our platform, but we partnered with all the renowned booking sites like Airbnb, Agoda, Booking.com, Ctrip and Expedia to expose our clients’ short stays.”

HostAStay offers one-stop Short Stay Management Services to house owners which consists of consultancy services, short stay management, online and onsite trainings, professional interior design & renovation and more. Under the umbrella of HostAStay, there are many verticals, which includes:

HostSearch – matching homeowners with professional short stay hosts.
HostPlatform – the all-in-one short stay management system.
HostProtect – the first insurance product cater to short stays.
StaySuites – the complete concierge services.
DesignAStay – professional interior design and renovation services.
uCleans – professional housekeeping and cleaning services.
XeniaPlus – extended concierge services for short-team leasing.
Below we will walk you through the core features of these verticals.

HostPlatform is a comprehensive short stay system. Once a guest has booked a stay on any online platform such as Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, etc., the respective host is notified. The system eliminates key and pressing issues that allows for calendar syncing, double booking prevention, and generates clear reports for owners.

Meanwhile, HostSearch enables homeowners to search for professional hosts that stay nearby their properties to manage the short stay. These hosts use HOSTPLATFORM to manage the short stay properties, which enables owners to monitor and track the renting activities with full transparency, providing the owners an ease of mind to focus on their daily routines.

On top of the that, HostAStay also offers uCleans services to homeowners to ensure the cleanliness of the short stay properties. “Cleanliness has always be the leading factor of customers’ satisfaction during their short stay, thus, we engage with reliable cleaning service providers to do regular housekeeping and cleaning to ease the homeowners’ mind.”

The strongest point that makes HostAStay stands out is its exclusive partnership with Tune Protect. HostProtect is the First Short Stay Insurance in Malaysia. “All the properties managed by HostAStay are protected with a comprehensive all-risk policy to ensure security and assurance to our hosts and homeowners alike,” shared Jordan.

With a strong mission to build and promote responsible tourism, HostAStay strives for excellence in boosting Southeast Asia’s tourism scene while focusing on growing with the team of talents. To date, HostAStay has empowered more than 8000 short stays throughout Malaysia in less than two years. The team is constantly seeking to collaborate with businesses from different sectors, explicitly recognizing the transformative role that businesses can play in the short stay and tourism industry.

HostAStay has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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