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Kantin Lab

Food & Beverages

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Prior to starting his entrepreneurship journey, Vincent had been in the snack industry for over 6 years and had been involved across various roles in the company. He felt that it made sense to venture into something similar since he already knew its ins and outs.

Thus, when he proposed this business idea to 3 of his closest friends, they decided to hop on board with him almost immediately. Convinced by Vincent’s snack idea, the group bootstrapped and kickstart the business in July 2019.

Bringing something new and tasty to the market wasn’t their only intention though, as the four of them wanted to have something affordable too, just like what they’d get from school canteens back then.

Soon, they realised that it was never easy to start a business. Though Vincent has rich experiences in the snack industry, it was their very first time to venture into business, setting up the workplace and facilities, and more.

In the beginning, the team has spent most of their initial capital on trial and error, which puts them in a situation where they have a very tight budget to purchase necessary machinery for production. Fortunately, they managed to solve the crisis by negotiating with their suppliers and were able to move forward.

Currently, Kantin Lab has two products, crinkle-cut potato chips in a salted egg yolk nasi lemak and simpler salted egg yolk flavour. Their nasi lemak chips come with real peanuts, pandan leaves, and anchovies to replicate the nasi lemak experience. Both flavours can be found in convenience stores and even e-commerce platforms.

Ever since they first exploded on the scene, salted egg yolk snacks have become ubiquitous in Malaysia. But this saturated market doesn’t faze the Kantin Lab team, and they think of this more as healthy competition that they’re up against.

However, they clarified that they also see themselves as more than a salted egg yolk snack brand, and that this flavour is a stepping stone for them to get the ball rolling as a snack brand focused on local flavours.

Their very first collaboration is with a chained bubble tea brand, selling their nasi lemak flavoured chips in their outlets.

Vincent shared that they went into this with no specific expectations since it was their first collaboration, but noted that they can leverage it to increase their reach, brand awareness, and sales.

For now, the team believes that their focus should be on product innovation and expanding their distribution channels first. Should the plan be successful, they believe it’ll keep their customers excited and help them reach a wider base of consumers.

“Besides domestic selling, we are also in talks with several interested parties outside of Malaysia about selling Kantin Lab products overseas,” Vincent said.

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