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Most of us are familiar with mobile games. However, do you know there are gaming development companies in Malaysia?

Founded in 2009, Kurechii is a Malaysian gaming development company that owns 6 original games, namely Chicky Duo, Kings League II, Kings League Odyssey, Postknight, Tiny Guardians, and Postknight 2.

The name Kurechii is derived from the words ‘crazy’ and ‘creative’ which are the two main bases when it comes to the games the studio develops.

How the company came to be dated back to 2009, when three of the founding members named Yiwei, Lydia, and Zyen first formed a team to join the Malaysia Intellectual Property Creators Challenge where they introduced their first-ever game called Reachin’ Pichin.

After winning the challenge and securing a grant for their pitch, the three members continued to work on the game separately for a while before then deciding later on that coming together under one brand and dedicate their time and effort to developing games full-time as a team.

Their first-ever game, Reachin’ Pichin, was awarded Best Casual Game at the Kre8tif Industry Awards 2010. The following year saw the release of their game GoGo Knight Mobile and The King’s League but it wasn’t until the game was adapted into a mobile app in 2013 that it quickly gained recognition.

One of their famous game, Tiny Guardians was launched in 2015 and has won ‘Most Popular Game’ for the 2016 Taipei Game Show Indie Game Awards and Best Game In Show Audience Choice for Casual Connect Asia 2015 Indie Prize Awards.

Up to date, among the games produced by Kurechii, Postknight and Postknight 2 are the most popular among Malaysian players.

Postknight reimagines the best parts of role-playing games into bite-sized bits within an exciting delivery adventure. The story follows the adventures of a Postknight — a knight who is tasked with difficult or dangerous deliveries — in the grand kingdom of Kurestal. Through deliveries, the postknight will meet other characters with different backgrounds while venturing across the kingdom of Kurestal and beyond.

Postknight 2 is set 7 years after the events of the original Postknight. Many locales have changed, new items have appeared, and the Postknight organisation is bigger than it has ever been. Existing characters are further enhanced to be more accomplished and new characters were introduced in this version. Users are also able to customize the appearance of their Postknight.

Postknight available for free on Apple and Android mobile devices. The team has recently released the Early Access version of Postknight 2. However, the App Store doesn't have a similar feature as Google Play's Early Access, which is why the Early Access for iOS can only be done through TestFlight.

While enjoying the fascinating gaming experience, it’s good also for us to know that every movement and detail in the game requires lots of time and effort to produce and fine-tune. For example, the team spent 28 months developing Tiny Guardians. The reason why they spent so long on it is due to the team’s high expectations of their games’ quality and details. “On paper, the reason might sound great—but sometimes we spend a lot of time fine-tuning minute details that players might not even notice!” shared the Kurechii team.

Game development is a scene that is quickly taking over the world. Technology charges forward, and consoles & software keep getting updated. Game companies need to stay on the ball to keep up.

Kurechii says that one thing they’re constantly trying to improve is the game quality itself. At the start, being new to game development, they had to keep things like control and mechanics simple, but that continues to evolve the more skilled they get.

“As we continue developing games, we are also constantly challenging ourselves and aiming to break our previous capabilities in our game’s art, design, and technical aspects.”

The fact that none of the founding team members had any gaming development background has surprised me of how far they have come. When being asked about the secret to their success, Yiwei said it’s the passion and teamwork that pushing them forward.

“Passion makes us willing to put in the extra effort in a simple thing that most people won’t. When we put all these small little details together, it can turn something from good into something great - and that might just make the games that we made stand out a little bit more in a highly competitive market,” shared Yiwei, the director of Kurechii.

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