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Malaysians nowadays rely more on online shopping as we’re not encouraged to go out due to the pandemic. Even though online shopping has become much more convenient, there are still some risks associated with it. You could spend hours just sifting through multiple listings of the same product and the cheapest one could be a fake option too.

As a frequent online shopper himself, Dato’ Jason Yap understands the pain to review hundreds of product reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, he was ambitious to redefine online shopping.

In 2019, Dato’ Jason Yap and his partners launched LamboPlace.

In contrast with online marketplaces that allow anyone to sell products, LamboPlace works with official retailers and local businesses only. Besides, they even have their own logistics arm for speedy 1-day delivery.

As LamboPlace only works with verified vendors, official retailers, and brand owners, you don’t have to go through multiple reviews and doubting whether the product you’re buying is genuine or not.

To prevent the marketplace from being too saturated with the same products, LamboPlace has decided to only accept one product from a brand. They also want to create a marketplace that is trustable and easy for customers to use.

For example, if you’re looking to buy a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 in Mystic Bronze from LamboPlace, you’ll only see one listing for a genuine Samsung Galaxy Note20 when you search for Samsung Galaxy Note20. This saves users’ time and money, as they don’t have to look for the best price or checking to see if it’s a legit product.

Besides providing a more convenient and trustable online shopping platform to consumers, LamboPlace also looks after their vendors.

If you’re a merchant looking to sell on LamboPlace, they have plans in place to support and grow your business. Currently, they’re equipped with tools to help merchants go digital with their free onboarding services.

In fact, they’ve set aside a marketing fund to help out the merchants with promotions, digital advertising on social media, offline billboards, and even onboarding/fulfillment services.

“This move alleviates the need for small business owners to employ additional manpower to manage marketing and customer service. We want to keep supporting our e-commerce community and constantly provide them with the best deals, especially during these unpredictable times.”Dato’ Jason Yap, CEO of LamboPlace.

Aside from working with official retailers, LamboPlace also works with small local businesses via LamboBazaar, helping them reach different customer bases. Here you can find local and artisanal products that include food, skincare, and even homemade candles.

You can find a plethora of health and wellness products under LamboWellness and on LamboFresh, you can purchase fresh seafood, vegetables, and meats delivered right to your doorstep.

The platform also strives to provide the best experience to its users when it comes to delivery. Most orders within Klang Valley do arrive within a day with no extra charges. But, delivery time will vary when you’re outside of Klang Valley. As for delivery fees, you’ll be charged per order from different merchants and the fees can be as low as RM2.

When asked about the advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, Dato’ Jason Yap shared, “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a responsible person. Starting up a business will occupy almost all your time, every problem relating to the business will become your problem naturally. You will need to sacrifice a lot of your freedom to ensure everything is on track.”

He also suggests to those who are interested in entrepreneurship to read and watch more videos from successful entrepreneurs to learn to have the correct mindsets. He emphasizes having the right and positive attitudes are the key to success in entrepreneurship.

LamboPlace has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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