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It is common that airline companies appreciate their flight passengers by introducing frequent flyer programs. Flight passengers can earn air miles and exchange the accumulated points for lifestyle deals and cash vouchers.

In 2018, Terry Chu and Choo Neng Jin launched their brainchild, a technology startup called LandMilesâ„¢. It is an O2O (Online-to-Offline) mobile platform that rewards users for different modes of land travel. It adapts the concept of frequent flyer programs to reward on-land journeys, provides an engaging way for the mobile savvy generation to enjoy complimentary or discounted lifestyle vouchers that can be redeemed at a wide selection of F&B, fashion, entertainment retailers and service providers.

“Travelling on land is a daily routine that occurs so frequently within 24 hours for most people. Be it travelling by car, bus, train, bike or even walking, working adults and students spend averagely 2 hours on commuting daily. If we could collect a point for every step and every meter travelled, our journeys would not be as tiresome and boresome,” said Terry.

All it takes is just a regular smartphone with GPS functions. After easy installation and registration of the app (can be found on both Google Play and Apple App Store), users are set to go.

LandMiles™ aims to change commuters’ perception about the hassle of travelling on land. Every day, people in the cities are facing traffic congestions, long waiting lines, parking bay searches and many more unpleasant experiences on the road. The time and cost spent to get from location A to B sometimes does not pay off at all, which lead to many frustrations. With LandMiles™, there is an opportunity to turn all these bitter experiences into a valuable and fun one as you’ll be compensated for every extra mile travelled.

“We wish that LandMiles™ can give everyone a reason to smile for their valuable time and money spent on land travel.”

The activated app detects each mile users have travelled, converts their mileages into LM (LandMiles™) points. Users can accumulate the LM points and then redeem them from a wide range of rewards offered by LandMiles’ partners. Redemption choices include both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce merchants.

The O2O platform not only turns the users’ frustrating journeys into an enjoyable one but also provides businesses with a new platform of experiential marketing. When partnering with LandMiles™, merchants can offer attractive deals to attract commuters to drop by their shops more often, especially when commuters are stuck in traffic congestions.

Although they are still running BETA tests on the app, LandMiles™ has attracted over 1000 users through word-of-mouth. This result proved that LandMiles™ concept had won the acceptance of daily commuters. LandMiles™ wishes to spread their wings to cover other high traffic cities like Jakarta and Singapore soon, to spice up more commuters’ daily journeys.

“Our O2O mobile platform is created by millennials for millennials, to empower and create positive impacts on both consumers and businesses,” said Jin.

LandMilesâ„¢ has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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