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Dr. Darren Gouk obtained his Ph.D. in Lipid Nutrition from the University of Malaya in 2014. When he was still studying, he works as a freelance instructor. He had to pay expensive commissions to the agents who connected him to students.

After graduating, he didn’t pursue his career as a lecturer. Instead, he decided to create software that can help other freelance educators to solve their problems.

In 2015, AOneLearn is established as an online marketplace for offline lessons in Malaysia. The website connects people with learning centers and instructors who teach classes ranging from academics to health and wellness, sports, and recreational activities. This is in-line with the belief on “Anyone can teach, everyone can learn”.

Initially, it operated like room-sharing service Airbnb in that users can scroll through listings from service providers. It had a messaging feature, which allowed users to communicate directly with one another on the platform.

After some time, the team decided to pivot their business modal and focus more on providing a comprehensive solution to educators.

By using AOneSchools Learning Center Management System, educators are able to manage the administrative works of the classes or learning center easily. It offers useful features such as automated fee collection and tracking, an in-app payment gateway, announcement broadcasting tools, and class scheduling tools. Currently there are 1200+ learning centers and over 100k+ users are using our solutions.

To help educators adapt to the new normal during the pandemic, AOneSchools also integrated the temperature recording feature into the attendance tracker.

To ensure the software does not fall behind trends, AOne Team always listens to their clients about their issues and tries to release new features to solve their problems on a monthly basis.

Moving forward, AOne will continue to thrive to become a super app in the education sector. “Our mission is to help educators to digitalise their daily operations, so they can have more time and money to scale their education businesses,” share Dr Darren.

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