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My Weekend Plan


Cover Story


What are you doing on weekends?

After sitting in front of the office desk day after day, there are times when we felt bored and lifeless. You might not want to look at the computer screen anymore, at the same time tired of wandering around the shopping malls, but the hot sun out there doesn’t encourage you to hug the nature as well. What’s worse is you are getting lonelier when your friends started to get into serious relationships or even starting their families, no one could hang out with you all day long anymore.

Bryan incidentally got to know many metropolitans share the same problem. Bryan’s sister loves arts but was stopped by their parents from pursuing arts as a career. Although she has become an engineer, she never stops doing arts. Being a computing engineer who possesses a combination of technical and marketing skills, Bryan created a website to promote his sister’s art classes. As the classes gained traction, he received a request from a friend to lease a baking class.

“Many working adults desperately need some creative outlets to help them sweep away the stresses and to spice up their life. At the same time, there are people like my sister who need a platform to develop their hobbies into something profitable and sustainable. So, my friend and I decided to develop the website into an open platform,” Bryan shared the ideation process of My Weekend Plan.

On February 2018, My Weekend Plan was launched as a events platform that develops and provides fun and creative activities for individuals, groups of friends and corporate clients. Events and activities providers or instructors can register and post their classes on the website to attract more participants.

You can find various exciting classes on My Weekend Plan, from indoor learning like modern calligraphy, watercolour and acrylic artwork, flower arrangement, photography, soap making, cooking, baking workshops to outdoor challenges like archery classes, ATV rides, Nerf gun fights, night hikes and more!

As the platform grows, My Weekend Plan started to organise parties, and large-scale events and team building for corporate bodies. To provide better experiences for corporate clients, they have their team building programs approved by the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF).

Unlike the usual workshops, their team building programs not only focusing on the activities but also have adopted some creative ways to improve participants communication skills, leadership abilities, and critical thinking skills. “Our team constantly brainstorms with providers on how to make a workshop more interesting and out of the ordinary. We want to provide activities and workshops that are unique and one that caters to clients’ need.”

My Weekend Plan has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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