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Netizen Experience


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The digital transformation of many services and businesses has started at least 10 years ago. Hence, user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) have become increasingly important to companies, be they large or small.

Poor UX and UI design can cause confusion among users and might be the main reason for users to quit the website or mobile application. And this leads to decreased revenue, productivity, customer retention rate, and overall development cost.

Alvin Chai has always been interested in the digital and tech industries although he was a lawyer. After graduated from Reading University in the United Kingdom, he worked for a digital service company.

When he was back in Malaysia, he was frustrated by the poor UI and UX design of government and commercial websites. He found out many websites were not user-friendly. The poor UI and UX design had stopped users from obtaining information quickly to make important decisions.

“We found that this could be a big problem to solve as many people will rely more on digital services for their daily lives in the future,” shared Alvin Chai.

Thus, in 2012, Alvin and his partners started Netizen Experience, a UX research & strategy consulting firm that aims to improve the UX of Asia by empowering businesses to build user-centric products through our innovative tools & emphasizing human-centred approaches.

When they first started, a lot of education is needed as many organizations do not understand what UX is, therefore do not invest sufficient time and money in it. To tackle this problem, they ran many workshops to educate the market and on the importance of investing in UX.

Fast forward today, more and more companies have engaged Netizen Experience’s consulting services without the team to educate them because businesses are already aware of the importance of investing in UX research and design.

To date, the company count some of the Fortunate 500 companies as their client (such as AIG, Google), and they have grown to serve different Southeast Asia markets

Many of their clients claimed that Netizen Experience is agile and has great ability to work around problems, and has in-depth knowledge in digital user experience and how to make digital products easy to use.

Moving forward, Netizen Experience will continue to thrive to be the leading user experience consulting company in South East Asia that is capable of end-to-end solution development.

Netizen Experience (www.netizenexperience.com) has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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