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Jan Wong, 31, is an online strategist, youth advocate and an entrepreneur. Starting at the age of 17, he has ventured into eight businesses, a part-time lecturer at the Asia Pacific University (APIIT / APU), a certified e-commerce consultant, published an academic journal during his Masters degree, sits on the Academic Advisory Board of KDU University College and Sunway College, and also serves in both the music and youth ministry of Calvary Church KL.

Through his passion, Jan founded OpenMinds in 2012 that serves as a MarTech (Marketing Technology) startup to provide strategic solutions, data analysis, technology development, consultancy & training programmes and a venture division to also assist startups. The venture division has also seen the birth of startups such as CLOVR (a virtual reality tech startup), RoundUp (a data analytics startup), and OpenSpace (a co-working space passport) in 2018.

Having bootstrapped from zero and being a new player in the industry, OpenMinds managed to acquire world-class brands and renowned agencies as clients and in 2017, set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong, after placing Kazakhstan‘s office in hiatus in 2015 due to the declining oil & gas outlook. In within 4 years, OpenMinds has grown to a valuation of USD5 million and is featured as a company with one of the best workplace culture in Malaysia.

His entrepreneurial experience also enabled him to work with different startups, and the opportunity to speak at various entrepreneurship and social media events in universities, corporations, workshops and conferences in the region. He is also a mentor for multiple startup communities and the NEXT50 Singapore initiative.

Jan has also been featured on various media on his entrepreneurship journey, social media expertise, and the SME industry.

Jan is also a regular digital marketing consultant on BFM and recently, listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list under the media, marketing and advertising category.

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To understand more about Openminds, don’t forget to watch the video below to listen to Jan’s sharing!


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