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Out Of The Box

Human Resources

Cover Story


It is a common knowledge that travelling to places that have different cultures and geographics is good for self-development. By throwing yourself into a totally unfamiliar environment can push your adaptability, flexibility and social skills.

However, travelling to a place that you’ve never been can often be expensive and sometimes dangerous.

Out of the Box is a collaboration between three people who believe that individuals, families and groups of people are looking for ways to get more out of life. The collaboration brings together Julian Hyde, Siew Yeen Lee and Paul Jambunathan.

Julian is a British that has moved to Malaysia for more than 15 years. He was initially working as an environmental consultant in KL before moving to Tioman Island to pursue his dream of running his own dive centre which he did with his wife. Yeen is a Malaysian that graduated from Australia. She held a number of positions in retail and distribution companies in KL, before moving to Tioman with Julian, where she worked as a dive guide and company administrator for 4 years. The experience in Tioman had given her opportunities to meet people from all over the world and from different backgrounds. Paul is a clinical psychologist, and a Lecturer at Monash University, Sunway Campus.

Having known each other for a number of years, they believe that they have something to offer people who are looking to break the mould. With Yeen’s experiences in the retail & distribution industry, she has seen first hand the problems with recruiting new graduates. While academically gifted, she says, they often lack self-confidence and the ability to “think” to find solutions to business problems.

Therefore, they started Out of the Box to introduce unique ways for people to develop themselves, experience life and learn new skills.

Currently, the services that Out of the Box provides are the WAT(Work & Travel USA) and Travel & Work in Canada.

Both programmes are official programmes that allow students in tertiary education to visit the US or Canada during their term breaks to experience life in the respective country. Out of the Box will assist their applicants (the students) in finding jobs (mostly in the service sector) to cover their living expenses and provide support services while the students are in the US or Canada.

The students that participated in these programmes can pick up new skills, especially improve their English speaking skill while working there. At the same time, they are being paid hourly according to the standard wages rate (No exploitations!). The students can then utilise the wages to travel around the US or Canada during off days or the eligible staying period after the job ended. Some might even bring back home with extra money!

Out of the Box is currently one of the panels in Malaysia that sponsor the WAT programme which well known and trusted by many university students. Since 2005, they have serviced thousands of students to provide them with fun learning experiences that bring many benefits. They have seen many participants developed into better, smarter and stronger characters, which is the main factor that motivates Out of the Box to reach to more students.


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