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The interview between ZOM-IN’s representatives and OXWHITE’s co-founders, CK and Zi Kang was a fruitful one. They both supported ZOM-IN’s idea of giving back to society and empowering the youth.
A good-looking white shirt is a must-have item for college boys who are going to entering the career world. A good quality and clean white shirt not only helps you to be spotlighted in your Convo but also helps to boost up your confidence to slay the job interviews.

However, a good piece of white shirt often exceeds the budget of many college kids. Most of the time, even office workers felt it’s expensive.

CK Chang understands the struggle very well. As an entrepreneur and frequent traveller, it’s not an easy task for him to find a dress shirt that fits well on his slim Asian physique. Once, while wandering in Savile Row, he splurged on an expensive shirt, and experienced what perfect fit really meant.

I could tell that this made-to-measure shirt and the confidence it gave me would be the key for me to tip the scales in my success, in life and in business.”
This inspired him to start OXWHITE, so that he can share the magic of that perfect fit at a price anyone can afford — RM69. This doesn’t come easily. It is a result of him spending 2 years and 20000 miles in search of the best fabric and manufacturers.

OXWHITE collected and analysed body data from 70,000 Asian men to design the perfect tailored fit. Each OXWHITE shirt is made of 100% SUPIMA® cotton, an American-made cotton known for its incredible softness and silky feel, and undergoes a non-iron heat treatment during the manufacturing process. The team is also working closely with a factory that has years of experience producing for global brands such as Brooks Brothers and Thomas Pink to ensure the same quality you would expect from other designer menswear.

To maintain the incredibly low price for the premium quality shirts that might cost RM400 in other branded shops, OXWHITE operates on a 100% e-commerce, pre-order only model. All the middlemen and unnecessary inventory costs have been cut out to reduce the cost mark up.

After gaining recognition from the users, the team starts to introduce a wider range of products. One of them is the recently released Freedom Strech Pants, a finely tailored-fit business pants at RM99.

With CK’s strong vision and clear mission, there will be more products such as more colour choices for the shirts and pants, and perhaps the scratch-resistant luggage bags for business travellers.

Young men in Malaysia no longer need to struggle from saving their meal allowances to buy a piece of luxury shirt. Thanks to OXWHITE, now you can look good in any important events at a price below RM200!

Their actions of empowering the young generation don’t stop here. Now, they have become part of ZOM-IN to provide more business exposure to young people!

To join our collaborative events, sign yourself up now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register!


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