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Panda Strech


Cover Story


Since last decade, the popularity of yoga has been expanding in Malaysia. As people nowadays are more concerned about a balanced lifestyle, the practices of yoga that promote peaceful and balanced mind and body are getting more fans from time to time.

Wee Vien started learning yoga 15 years back to help to cure her injuries faster. Ever since then, yoga has become an important part of her life. Retail is a fast-paced industry, she’s glad that she found her balance point. Over the years, she followed her guru, Beth’s guidance and has become a certified yoga trainer. When Beth announced her retirement, Wee Vien and her partners took over the yoga centre, Beth’s Yoga in Putra Heights.

Wee Vien has helped a lot of her students, from small kids to senior citizens, to build a strong and flexible body throughout the years. In order for her to reach out to more people, she started her own firm, Panda Stretch to provide onsite yoga classes for schools, corporates, and events.

"We need a healthy mind and body to face all the challenges out there.”

While many other exercises and sports come with a certain level of risks, yoga is definitely safe for everyone as long as you have a proper instructor to guide you and start doing it from mild movements.

Many people might think that yoga can’t help one to slim down because it does not burn up many calories. However, the truth is it can help you to slim down. Practising yoga can increase your mindfulness and the awareness of your own body. You will automatically seek out for food that is
healthier, which may lead to a healthy weight loss. Besides, it strengthens your muscles to help you become stronger and more flexible. It helps you to perform better in other exercises and prevent you from injuries.

If you always wanted to try yoga, let’s visit Wee Vien and her partners at Beth’s Yoga in Putra Height. The studio is spacious and well air-circulated. Furthermore, all the instructors here are certified and professional. They also provide specialized yoga classes for kids, teens and pregnant ladies. For those who feel awkward to stretch in front of strangers or simply needs more privacy, you can contact Wee Vien to arrange an onsite yoga class.


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