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Persona Theory Games

Art/ Content Creation

Cover Story


The gaming industry is commonly viewed as a male-dominated industry. However, it’s already 2021, anyone can be anything they want. In fact, there are a few successful women in this industry including Saqina Latif, one of the founders of Persona Theory Games; an indie games studio based in KL that set experimental narrative games as their niche.

Saqina was a producer in Leo Burnett for a few years. She loves to tell stories and had created ads, TVC, web videos, radio ads for clients. One day, Buddy contacted her to work together to create content for a project. “I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to do something I’m passionate about,” she says.

The project was called Sara Is Missing. “It was supposed to be an experiment for us. We didn’t expect it to grow as big as it is and in fact, it went quite viral!” Sara, Buddy and Derek decided to ride on the success and launched Persona Theory Games in 2017.

In the beginning, they started very humbly. Unbeknownst to many, some of the team members have had to work day jobs during that time. Saqina was lucky to find a group of people who shared a similar passion for gaming who were also willing to sacrifice their time and effort to work on the project. When they finally got a hang on it, they decided to do it full-time.

Since both Saqina and Buddy came from the film industry, their approach to a story is a bit different than most people. Unlike most games, players don’t have to compete in their games. Instead, players can use their own pace to enjoy the game until whatever level they can reach.

Their games only take up to 2-3 hours because they want people to play in one sitting like watching a movie.

After almost a month since they launched Fires At Midnight, the number of engagements has been quite impressive. That was above their expectation because their approach is rather niche and unique as they prioritised players’ feelings rather than intuition.

“I was worried if people can’t translate the game well. However, when the reviews came out, many people told us they can relate to the character and everything. A lot of people were surprised the game was done by a Malaysian!”, says Saqina.

Saqina further shares that one of the achievements in her career so far is the reviews and validations from players. To boot, they also have silent followers who have been waiting for their games. She wants to promote more local content to the world and Persona Theory Games has been collaborating with a few local music artists such as Golden Mammoth and Mutesite, both being indie bands.

In 2021, through international funding from Wings, they managed to secure the funding to kick start their second game, Kabaret.

Moving forward, they will continue to strive to be the leading indie games company that tells narrative Southeast Asian stories in their games. At the same time, they will continue to push the bar when it comes to experimenting with the game.

“There are so many talents here in our country. We wish to cultivate more talents and make more original Intellectual Property in developing our games,” shared Saqina.

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