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According to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia’s faculty of science contact lens specialist Prof Dr Haliza Abdul Mutalib in 2014, there has been a rise in the number of young children wearing glasses and her youngest patient was a three-year-old. “On average, three out of 10 patients have vision problems caused by long usage of electronic gadgets,” Prof Dr Haliza said when commenting on the rising number of young children using glasses.

Besides young children, electronic usage among adults in Malaysia is advanced. Close to 80% of Malaysians spend more than four hours looking at screens each day. In fact, nearly 20% spend more than 12 hours a day on screens. In addition, 92% per cent of Malaysians use their smartphones just before going to sleep.

“The demand for eyewear in Malaysia is definite. When I travelled to Europe, I saw many Europeans were wearing trendy and nice glasses. I thought it would be great if we Malaysians also get to enjoy more variety of eyewear designs,” shared by Aw Tai Hau, the co-founder of Pott Glasses.

Tai Hau reached out to his childhood friend, Eden—an optician—to talk about his business ideas. In 2015, the duo launched Pott Glasses, an online eyewear retail store that offers contemporary Asian fit glasses.

Three months later, there was still zero transaction on Pott Glasses’ online store. Tai Hau realised that even the pioneer of the full-fledged online eyewear store in US—Warby Parker—had to open physical stores in neighbourhood areas. “Furthermore, Malaysians value face-to-face interactions more than virtual communications. So instead of forcing customers to change, it is better for us to adjust the way we operate our business, and bring as many features online as possible, within our own capacity.”

Therefore, while enhancing their online stores, Pott Glasses also introduced their first flagship store in SS15, Subang Jaya. Their sales have increased gradually and they later opened more branches in SS2, Sri Petaling, and Desa Sri Hartamas. “However, we never gave up our dream to run Pott Glasses fully online.

At first, they tested the concept or Virtual Try-On by helping their customers to Photoshop eyewear frames on their faces. After they collected enough data to prove the feature promises conversions, only they launched the AR-powered Virtual Try-On service which enables customers to preview how they look with selected glasses via a web browser on their phones or computers.

In addition to that, Pott Glasses has also launched a repair service for broken glasses which can be delivered within five hours. Pott Glasses will collect the broken glasses from the customer, have a new copy of the lenses using the same prescriptions, and have a new pair delivered through a delivery partner.

Recently, Pott Glasses has also established its basic online vision test for eyeglass prescriptions. Customers are able to test their vision by following instructions, such as standing one metre away and covering one eye while answering questions displayed on the screen.

Although Tai Hau recognises that these self-diagnosed methods do have their own limits and difficulties in terms of accuracy, he assures that these online vision tests are not a new concept and can handle prescriptions for a power of up to 300.

“We hope that our customers are able to enjoy a better life by improving their vision. Nowadays, with constant exposure to outdoor and indoor eye health hazards, eyewear is no longer only cater to people with eyesight disorders. We need protection while driving, walking to lunch, and staring on LED screens.”

For more helpful tips about eye care, you may read more at Pott Glasses’ website

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