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Projek Hikayat

Entertainment Industry

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Online entertainment has been gaining traction especially since the Covid-19 pandemic has left many spending much more time at home.

Amongst the online entertainment offerings, comes the Virtual Youtubers craze, VTubers — an online entertainer using a virtual avatar generated by motion tracking software for live-streams and online content.

According to a YouTube culture and trends report in 2020, Vtuber channels content garnered over 1.5 billion views monthly by the end of 2020. The trend is often thought to have started in Japan back in 2016 with Kizuna AI, created by a Japanese start-up named Activ8, one of several agencies that design characters and hire actors to embody them online, earning revenue through donations using YouTube’s Super Chat function.

Joshua Ho and Jonathan Yen decided to start a Malaysian VTuber agency by the name of Projek Hikayat to expand the limits of content creating and live-streams through their stable of VTuber talents.

According to co-founder Joshua Ho, VTubers have a lot more potential to offer rather than just doing live-streaming content. Looking at the VTubing industry in Japan, many companies are using the technology behind VTubing for business purposes like advertising and promotions.

A VTuber agency likes Projek Hikayat operates in the same vicinity as any other talent agency. This includes scouts for talents via auditions and the chosen talents are signed, trained, and promoted by the agency.

The distinction between Projek Hikayat is that, just like their name which is translated to stories, legends, and tales, they aim to let their talents tell their own stories rather than micro-managing them.

Projek Hikayat also offers their talents a platform where they can produce content with creative freedom.

“We offer our assistance in setting up and sorting out technicalities for our talents, creating a stable platform for them as well,” Joshua said.

According to Project Hikayat, even though the VTubing culture in Malaysia is still in its infancy, there are already over 100 VTubers in Malaysia to date.

Currently, Project Hikayat houses Manika Kuramu, which portrayed as a human girl jinxed by a Filipino witch. They are also running auditions to scout for more talents.

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