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Jessie Chong is a serial entrepreneur that has successfully founded Boozeat, an alcohol delivery platform and Headspace, a coworking space in SS15.

A workaholic like her is always on the go. During the pandemic, she finally has more time dedicated to herself. Then she started to source solutions to cure her back acne breakout which was possibly caused by the grease in her hair conditioning products. She tried various brands of body scrubs to help reduce her back acne.

Jessie thinks that body scrub is a very personal product where users can feel themselves being pampered while enjoying the body scrub. However, she was not satisfied with the ready-made body scrubs in the market.

“Many body scrubs have plastic microbeads as the exfoliant agents. These microbeads aren’t environmentally friendly,” Jessie shared.

Thus, she decided to research for a formula to work on co-developing the best body scrub. She collaborates with formulators from Japan because she trusted their technology in creating beauty and skincare products.

The process was long and tedious because they insist to use 100% natural ingredients. It took her about one year for the R&D to finally create body scrubs that contain 100% environmentally friendly ingredients.

Finally, in September 2021, Jessie launched Sukurabu, one of the world’s first fully customizable body scrubs. Clients can customize their very own body scrub to be the perfect solution to cater to their skin’s preference.

“The aim of Sukurabu is to help our customers create the best body scrub that is made and fitted perfectly for them. No one knows their skin better than themselves.”

The customization journey for the customer starts with the selection of the scent. There are a total of eight uniquely formulated scents that you can choose from. They are The Osmanthus, Ice Lavender Latte, Fluffy Sakura Snow, Mango Mango Smoothie, Pink Grapefruit Sorbet, Juicy Peach Frappe, Strawberry Cream, and Verbena Citrus. Each and every one of these scents is unique by itself and will definitely live up to its delicious-sounding name. Besides the nice scents, these body scrubs are enriched with Vitamin E and are high in antioxidants.

Clients are able to customize their body scrubs up to 144 variations starting from the aforementioned eight scents, followed by the types of foams, density level, and types of exfoliants.

Sukurabu is ambitious to be the No.1 body scrub brand in the world that provides bespoke experiences with the best benefits and functions.

Sukurabu has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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