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Manminder Kaur had always wanted to pursue a career in journalism although she was a biology teacher. But that did not deter her. She returned to campus and completed her Master’s degree in Corporate Communication.

Finally, at the age of 30, she became a journalist in Astro Awani. A few years later, she ventured into Public Relations Consultancy, which is where she found her true calling. With the combined experiences in teaching, journalism, PR, and her interest in tech, she decided to form her own PR company, Intelectasia. She and her best friend (also business partner), Puspavathy Ramaloo took a leap of faith and started the firm with minimum capital.

“We only spent RM1000. We bought a second-hand phone, a table, and chairs and started giving PR training,” shared Manminder.

The company grew in leaps and bounds as those who attended the PR trainings now offered the duo consultancy projects. At first, most of their clients were from the healthcare industry, such as Gleneagles Hospital and Sime Darby Healthcare. Soon, their portfolio grew to other industries and the firm won the Gold Award for Excellence in Public Relations in 2013, only after four years of being established.

Fast forward today, Intelectasia is now a hybrid PR firm with a traditional consultancy- Intelectasia and a digital PR platform known as Supernewsroom. The platform has become an all-in-one PR platform for startups and PR consultants to manage their public relations campaigns from start to finish.

Instead of competing with public relations agencies, Supernewsroom serves as an application that helps businesses to optimize their PR tasks.

Supernewsroom offers two main benefits. It’s meant to be a cost-effective PR method whereby users can easily search for media contacts, send press releases, media invites, or pitches to the media, monitor coverage, and more, simply by using credits. But more on that later.

The other benefit is that it’s a single hub where users can attain better coverage by getting matched to the right media, and hire experts such as virtual PR consultants, writers, and translators to widen the reach of their content.

Within a week of its launch, the team shared that 100 companies have signed up for access to the platform. The team believes that this tech platform will become a significant revenue stream for Supernewsroom’s operations.

“Ten years ago, our goal was to be an award-winning PR company and we have achieved that.
Today, we want to be recognized globally as the Super PR App,” shared Manminder.

Moving forward, Manminder and her team are focused on reaching out to move users across Asia Pacific and the Americas plus adding more services and experts on the platform, ultimately making it a marketplace for PR related services.

“We couldn’t have done it without an amazing team who consistently believed in this vision- that a startup from Malaysia will disrupt the global PR industry. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!,” enthused Manminder.

Supernewsroom has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in its efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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