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T&N Furniture


Cover Story


"Home is where the heart is."

Everyone dreams to have a beautiful and comfortable home, a space that you can create memorable moments with your loved ones.

Located at Old Klang Road, T&N Furniture has been fulfilling many people’s dreams by turning their ideal house interior into reality.

Back then, when Gilbert started to involve in his family-owned furniture business, it was in a conventional model where they sold all sorts of home furniture. As the industry slowed down, Gilbert realized that they needed a change. Therefore, he innovated the business by focusing on two verticals: EuroModern and Little World.

EuroModern features contemporary furniture that is luxurious, high quality and modern. In this segment, T&N offers all ranges of furniture including living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and outdoor furniture.

Whereas Little World, launched in 2007, is specialized in children furniture. This unique series is dedicated to children, providing designs that fit their interests. The furniture is stylish and comfortable, with a goal to inspire the children’s imagination and creativity.

Parents can let their children select the themes of furniture based on their preferences. For instance, there is a series of bed frames in the shape of cars, and there are also Prince & Princess themed bedroom sets. With the kid’s beloved bedframe, parents will not need to force the child to bed anymore.

In T&N, most of the staffs are not ordinary salespersons, they possess knowledge of interior design as well. Therefore, they can give professional consultations to the clients, to help them create harmony, comfortable and beautiful home interior.

Gilbert’s philosophy is to use his knowledge to build a good home interior or office interior that will complement the client’s life and career. Since he practices Feng Shui, he always helps clients to create good Feng Shui in their homes. He hopes that all his clients can live in a space that can bring good lucks to them.

"Home is the most important place for everyone. Therefore, We must give the finest products and best services to our clients. We wish to see every client lives in happiness."

T&N has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Register yourself at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in exciting events in the near future.


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