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TopNotch HR Consulting Firm

Human Resources

Cover Story


TopNotch is a human resource consulting firm that specializes in executive search and employer branding. It is based in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. Looking at the number of their team members, you’ll be surprised that their services actually cover clients in 6 countries over Southeast Asia.

When we asked the Co-Founder, Marsh, how they managed to achieve that, he answered, “Our team (members) share the same mindset. We trust one another and we do everything out of our own initiatives. We are working hard to bring the whole company to the next level. And most importantly, we understand that every time we closed a deal, we actually helped our client to grow bigger by placing in the right person, and at the same time helped the candidate by offering he/she a better career move.”

It is a fact that recruiting good talents helps in maximizing the growth of a company. Therefore, a strategic employer branding and precise talent acquisition play important parts in the development of a company. According to Marsh, when they engage with their business partners, they always listen to fully understand the concept of the businesses and utilize their industrial knowledge to identify the best solution for our clients.

Over the years, TopNotch has built partnerships with their clients from a broad spectrum of industries including GLCs, MNCs, and startups. They have successfully placed the right talents for the clients that meet the requirements.

Besides focusing on their business, TopNotch is also very committed to giving back to the society. “We’re very blessed. Along the road, we have received a lot of help from people to achieve today’s result. It’s always great to see everyone becomes successful. Therefore, we are ready to assist anyone that need our expertise.”

Recently, they have assisted a group of university students that took part in an Entrepreneurship Competition by mentoring them. “We are astonished by the creativity in the youngsters nowadays. The only thing is they are lack of experiences, that is why we are giving them guides and advice to help them grow faster.”

TopNotch is not only delivering the best talents to their clients, they are also keen on empowering and influencing the youths to bring up more talents to the nation.


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