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Ticketing Solutions

Cover Story


Following the popularization of the FPX system in Malaysia, many purchasing activities have gone online because everyone loves the convenience of online payment. Tickets are one category that most consumers would wish to buy online to save the troubles and time for queueing.

Traditionally, for events like concerts and shows, we need to queue at the ticket counters even before the release time to make sure we get the spots we want. I believe many people have experience of overnight queueing for their favorite artist.

When we could start buying tickets online, it was a blessing in disguise. However, a lot of events still require you to show up earlier to redeem the tickets. The queueing scene starts all over again.

Rauff loves concerts. He and his buddy, Ezra, hate the ridiculous hours of queueing prior to the concert, for just to redeem the tickets they already bought online. “This is fake online ticketing. What’s the point of buying online if I still need to queue? Can’t we just go in, sit down and chill while waiting for the show to start?”

That reason drives Rauff and Ezra to invent a product that provides the real e-ticketing experience.

"A true e-ticketing platform serves to eliminate the need for ticket redemptions even when the tickets are bought from other sources.”
That is how ÃœberTickets formed.

ÜberTickets is a comprehensive ticketing platform where event organizers can sell tickets, market the events, and monitor the sales at one place. Organisers can create various ticket types, for examples, tickets with different tiers or bundled tickets for group buys and memberships. “Literally any type is possible,” said Rauff.

ÃœberTickets enables the end-users to just scan their barcoded tickets at the door to enter the hall no matter where they obtain their tickets because it integrates with all other platforms. It also gets ready with reports for event post-mortems in order to reconcile all tickets scanned versus ticket sold. This provides the organizers with data-driven insights that can help them to make decisions for future events.

As the business becomes more exciting, Rauff quitted his corporate job so that he can be more focused on the startup and can spend more time with the family. “Growing a business, climbing up step by step is a very happy experience, we’ve learned and gained a lot of knowledge.” At the 2nd year of operations, ÜberTickets has successfully entered the Indonesian market. It was a great accomplishment.

Right now, from a team of two, ÃœberTickets has expanded to a bigger structure with 50 employees, including full-time and part-time employees.

When we asked Rauff how he enjoys being the co-founder of ÜberTickets, he shared, “We are disruptive innovators. Providing new ways of doing things is what we pride ourselves on, making us unique and sets us apart from the rest.”


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