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Wasabih is developing the Business Community for the Halal economy.

Currently, it is very difficult for a professional interested in the Halal Economy to find like-minded professionals with existing platforms like LinkedIn, too broad and not specific enough to address the specific attributes of the Halal Economy.

Wasabih is made for these professionals who have an interest in the Halal Economy.

On top of that, looking into event organizers in general, and halal event organizers particularly, they have difficulties optimizing the ROI of their events.
They struggle to find sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees, and to build and maintain a community built around their events. So, Wasabih is their end-to-end partner with:

1. A B2B Smart-matching technology, to maximize meeting and event ROI with qualified leads
2. An Event registration and management system, for a seamless calendar management
3. A Virtual Platform, integrated with online event leaders, for an easy-to-use online event experience
4. Social Media Marketing services, to support event organizers in reaching and converting their target audience, and retaining and nurturing them on the Halal community platform Wasabih

There isn’t any integrated offering like Wasabih’s around events so far and existing community platforms dedicated to professionals don’t target interest or knowledge in the Halal Economy efficiently.

Wasabih is the only community where professionals can connect, meet and gain recognition in the diverse sectors of the global Halal Economy.

Wasabih is trusted by local and global leadersin the Halal Economy and beyond, working with Halal Expo Canada, USA, London. They also supported the Malaysian Pavillion at the Dubai expo and work with MIHAS and SME Corp in Malaysia.

Moving forward, the team in Wasabih hopes that the platform can grow into the hub of any professions that have interests in the halal economy. They hope that this community can foster a peaceful way of trading in the halal economy and break the prejudice people have regarding the halal economy.

Wasabih has joined ZOM-IN.com to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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