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Yellow Porter


Cover Story


Have you ever requested your friends/family who was travelling overseas to help you buy some unique items which you cannot find it in Malaysia or vice versa, where you purchase on behalf when you’re abroad? This situation is prevalent since cross-border shipping fees can be expensive and some items aren’t even available online. Some of you might have also encounter payment difficulties while shopping on international websites.

While working in the airline industry, Vimal Kumar was continually travelling. He observed that not only himself was helping friends to buy things, but all his colleagues do so. “So such a demand and gap piqued my interest to develop the idea in creating a platform that facilitates cross-border shopping.” As soon as this idea generated, he grabbed his friends and started Yellow Porter in August 2016.

Yellow Porter aims to revolutionise the online shopping scene by enabling buyers to purchase items internationally and have them shipped at a low shipping rate. Yellow Porter started as purely using the ‘crowdshipping’ model where they work with travellers – known as Porters – who are heading to the same destination country, bring items in and out of Malaysia.

The crowdshipping model makes it possible for shipping rates with Yellow Porter to be potentially reduced up to a whopping 50% off commercial shipping rates. Upon completion of a Porter shipment, the Porters earn 80% of the shipping fee after deduction for operational costs. Additionally, Porters would also receive extra pays should they be required to make a ‘Shop4Me‘ purchase from a physical store. After all, there’s nothing better than to get some extra cash in your pocket, all while you travel!

Yellow Porter is currently serving markets such as U.S.A., U.K., Germany, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India and looking to open routes to and from Indonesia, China, and other SEA countries. Items can be delivered to Buyers within 7 – 15 business days depending on the location.

Of course, there are similar large-scale businesses out there. However, most of them have a high-cost structure because they have to maintain a 1,000 sq feet warehouse for instance and have 50 people working on shifts. Yellow Porter, on the other hand, leverages on the sharing economy to set up overseas addresses where they partner with locals’ residences to keep the operating cost low.

Now, when buyers register an account with Yellow Porter, they will immediately be given a unique shipping name/ID and hold easy access to all the shipping addresses from countries under Yellow Porter’s coverage.

If I’m a frequent shopper on OzBargain, Woolworths, Coles, Kmart, etc, when I check out my cart, I just need to fill in shipping details with the Australia Shipping Address given by Yellow Porter, along with my unique shipping name/ID (i.e. YP-4), the items will be sent to the warehouse (i.e. Thinesh Perez’s address).

Upon arrival of the items at Australia warehouse, the warehouse partner (i.e. Thinesh Perez) will have the right to unwrap and check the items for security reasons, and subsequently key in the shipment details (i.e. item weight and box dimension) and store the item until I request to ship out my items via their online platform.

I can continue to shop for other items from multiple Australia-based websites until I’m satisfied, then request Yellow Porter to consolidate or combine my shipment and have it shipped back all at once.

Once my item arrives at Yellow Porter’s HQ warehouse located in Bangsar area, I will be notified via an email and given the option to self-collect or request for last-mile doorstep delivery, that comes with a small fee.

Apart from self-purchase and using Yellow Porter’s international shipping service, Buyers can also leverage on Yellow Porter’s Shop4Me service whereby they can buy on your behalf. It comes in pretty handy especially for shoppers who encountered unsuccessful transaction because the international website doesn’t recognise our local registered credit card.

"We understand the pain points of Malaysian shoppers encountering limited access to global brands due to underserved delivery areas and exorbitant shipping fees. Hence, Yellow Porter aspires to take the lead as a cross-border shipping service that is trustable and reliable in shipping back your desired brands items and online purchases from other parts of the world. We’re committed to thinking out of the box at all times to maximise every customer’s shipping value. Being out of the logistics ordinary is the guiding light to Yellow Porter’s shipping innovation, as our motto goes – Ship out of the box. Porter it!“

With Yellow Porter, the world is your shopping mall!

Yellow Porter has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in our youth empowerment actions. Register now at www.zom-in.com/zomin/students/register to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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