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Malaysians rely a lot on WhatsApp for communications. It is not only widely used for private conversations, but also commonly used for business purposes such as customer service and sales.

Most companies have one single business number on one phone, which has to be passed around to many employees when replying to customers. Some companies may also ask their employees to use personal phone numbers to connect with clients via WhatsApp, which can be a problem when it comes to separating work and life.

“This is okay for a while, but it’s not feasible in the long term. Staff would need to support clients 24/7,” Carliff shared the common pain point for many businesses. “Plus, for the company, there’s data and privacy issues involved.”

Developing custom chatbots for businesses since 2017, Carliff expanded his expertise to come up with YesHello, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for fast-growing businesses.

YesHello is a team inbox for WhatsApp and other messaging platforms like Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS. It’s basically a business messaging platform that allows multiple team members to reply to customers via one business phone number over different gadgets.

Team members are added onto the company’s YesHello account, where they will have access to all incoming and outgoing messages at the same time from their own separate login. “It’s the same concept as editing the same Google Doc from separate Google accounts,” Carliff explained.

To ensure the productivity of the team in handling customers’ enquiries, YesHello also supports the “assignation” feature like most customer relationship management software. Team manager can delegate an enquiry to a team member and other members can see who each customer is assigned to. Once a customer is assigned to a team member, the chat will be moved to the team member’s folder to avoid confusion.

“When the COVID-19 strikes, my original businesses were affected. At the same time, I noticed many businesses are shifting their operation online, which relies on instant messaging platforms more heavily than usual. Therefore, we came up with YesHello,” Carliff shared.

Since launching in April 2020 during the MCO, the company currently has 100 active users and has attained more than RM50,000 in revenue. Some of their notable clients include Volvo in Bukit Bintang, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Malaysia (MITI), and Landrover in Penang, to name a few.

In the future, the team plans to launch an omnichannel messaging automation platform where all communication apps including Messenger, WeChat, and Line can be integrated into one single platform.

“This allows you to engage and interact with all your customers in one place, regardless of how or when they connect with you,” said Carliff.

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