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For busy working adults, cleaning laundry is one of the most annoying chores. Having said that, we still need fresh and clean clothes every day.

There are many existing laundry service providers. However, most of them have fixed operating hours similar to regular corporate working hours. Our customers tend to have a busy schedule. Driving to the laundry shop to drop off clothes, looking for parking, just doesn’t cut it and getting there in time before the shop closes isn’t convenient,” said Venon Tian.

To provide the busy urbanites with a more convenient laundry and dry-cleaning services, Tian along with his angel investor and co-founder, Tan Swee Yeong brought in the technology from Thailand and started eziPOD in November 2017.

eziPOD is a smart laundry locker that serves as a laundry drop-off and pick-up point which operates 24/7. With the app being installed on the phone, users need only go up to a smart locker, select the service they want to use and a QR code is generated. Scan the code at the scanner, and an empty locker will open for them to place their clothes.

Then, eziPOD’s team will come and collect the clothes and send them to the cleaning facility. Once their laundry is cleaned, users will be notified via the eziPOD app and need only scan the provided QR code at the smart locker. Users will find their favourite clothes smell fresh again and being hanged neatly in the locker.

To ensure this convenient laundry service is more reachable for more customers, eziPOD intends to spread their coverage into more locations by setting up more lockers in residential buildings, office buildings and shopping malls.

Back then, it was very tough as this laundry locker concept is still new in Malaysia. At first, malls and buildings managements were charging us high renting rates. Soon, they realised this is a value-added service to their tenants and started to accept eziPOD.”

Tian has a goal of spreading to 100 locations by the end of 2019.

Aside from the convenience and tech-savvy system, what differs eziPOD from other laundry service providers is that it provides premium services at a reasonable price. At a starting price from RM2.50 per piece for laundry and ironing services, it offers hotel quality services. The cleaning facility they are partnering with is the expert in the industry and have been serving hotel clients for many years.

eziPOD has joined ZOM-IN to collaborate in efforts to empower aspiring youths. Join us now at www.zom-in.com to participate in exciting events coming soon!


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