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In Malaysia, car is not just a sort of transportation, it also plays a very crucial role in our economic activities.

Every day there are people who buy cars and people who want to get rid of their used cars. The Kuala Lumpur “V” prefix number plates have only been released in August 2016, just after two years, JPJ is now selling “VCE”. Can you imagine how fast-selling are the cars in Malaysia?

However, to sell off a used car, is never a ‘fast’ experience. There is where the myTukar.com comes in.

myTukar.com is a tech platform that aims to Change (Tukar) and Digitise the traditional car ownership lifecycle. They focus on developing the online car bidding website to provide users with fast and effortless experience. It only takes 3 simple steps for users to sell their used cars at the best price!

The Three Simple Steps to Sell A Car on myTukar:
APPRAISAL – Let the trained inspector access your car’s condition
LIVE BIDDING – Watch LIVE BIDDING at myTukar.com website for the maximum value
GET PAID! – Let myTukar do all the Procedure and Processing while waiting for the transaction.
The most exciting part is myTukar.com has brought in many Certified Car Dealers nationwide to compete in the Live Bidding. Therefore, the final price that you received will definitely be the maximum value of your car.

According to carbase.my, the current average market price of the 2003 Toyota Wish is at RM30k. As we can see from the final bid price of the Toyota Wish on myTukar.com, the value that the user been offered is a fairly good price!

I honestly didn’t think it could be this fast and convenient. I managed to sell my car for above what I thought I could get it for, and that’s a big bonus.” —— Mr Edi from Kuala Lumpur who recently sold his 2011 Volkswagen Polo TSI for RM26,600 on myTukar.com
myTukar.com has successfully utilised their knowledge, experience and skills from the automotive industry to design a user-friendly platform for both consumers and businesses to complete the car ownership lifecycle through a smooth experience.


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