Where Can I Search for Internships? – 5 Trusted Internship Websites in Malaysia

Finding for internship opportunities is easier to be said than done. Earlier, we have shared some tips on How to Secure an Internship. To ease your search process, this time, we’ve aggregated a list of trusted sites that you can browse for internship vacancies in Malaysia. 

hiredNOW | Internship Opportunities from Various Industries

hiredNOW is a Malaysian Job Portal that offers job vacancies from various types of companies ranging from startups to traditional businesses. They have clear job descriptions and salary range for each job listings to set your expectation right. 

Internsheeps | Malaysia’s Job Portal That Focuses on Internships

Powered by AJobThing, Internsheeps is similar to its siblings Maukerja and Ricebowl, but focusing only on internship opportunities. Applicants can build resume on the website. Besides, you can do Job Skill Analysis to analyse each job post based on your profile to check the matching score instantly. 

GradMalaysia | Internships and Jobs for Fresh Graduates

GradMalaysia is a job portal that connects students and fresh graduates in Malaysia to the right jobs to kickstart their careers. The website not only shows a number of opportunities from their partnering companies, but they also provide information about companies. On each landing page, you can read the “Graduate Stories” to have a better understanding of the job and working culture of a company. 

WOBB | Internships and Jobs for Skillful Youths

WOBB is a job portal that caters to tech-savvy and vibrant millennials. The website features companies that fast-growing startups and corporates that value creativities in young employees. The website enables job applicants to check their application status, thus you don’t need to wait forever for employers’ replies. 

ZOM-IN | Internships Opportunities with Startup Companies

Last but not least, ZOM-IN also features multiple internship vacancies from our partnering companies. ZOM-IN is a platform that connects youths with entrepreneurs to empower and inspire one another. Before applying for a vacancy, you can view the story of the company and watch the interview of its founder or CEO to have a better understanding of the company. Besides, you can create your personal profile to showcase their skills, portfolios and experiences to attract potential employers. 

Hope that this article has helped you to access more internship opportunities. Feel free to drop us comments if you have any questions or difficulties while searching for internships. If you come across any nice websites that provide internship opportunities, do share with us too! 

Hope you secure your ideal internship soon! 

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