6 Problems with Our School System – What Should We Do?

We have to agree, school teaches us a lot of things. We’ve learnt how to read and write, how to add and subtract, multiply and divide. However, there are increasing discussions that our school systems have not kept pace with the fast-evolving world.

NEXT school, India’s 1st Big Picture School has outlined 6 major problems with our current school system as:


Children are taught in batches and are expected to follow every single instruction. They are rewarded for doing exactly what they are taught to do.

In today’s life, communication and collaboration are very important in the workplace. Those who are trained to follow instructions are shy or even afraid to contribute ideas with others, which will become a barrier toward career success.


Autonomy is an important psychological need that is not being addressed. In school, every minute of a child’s life is managed. They have to follow strict rules instead of taking charge and making the most of their lives. Even if a child is ahead of his/her peers in a specific subject, he/she must still follow the timetable to attend classes.

Children are not giving autonomy to take charge and to make the most of their lives. Therefore, children are often bored and demotivated by the school.


In the current school system, we teach and test for the retention of facts. Do you still remember the facts that you memorized for your History tests? Most of us forgot immediately after the exam.

In learning, the process of thinking, asking questions, discussing and hands-on experiencing are important to ensure a student truly and deeply understand the knowledge.


Education disregards that we are all unique and different. There is little or no assistance to find passions and interests. Ideally, a student that is struggling in academic should be encouraged to explore other talents and potentials. However, in the real world, these children are often pressed to attend more intensive tuitions.

We valued the test results more than everything, which let a great deal of talent and potential go unrecognized.


Every individual learns things differently. However, there is little recognition of different learning styles such as visual, verbal, aural, logical, or physical. Variation in how we learn is not accommodated.

If you do not learn something as fast as the majority, you are considered a failure.


One major problem of our school system is the teaching relies on long hours of lecturing. Facing more than 5 hours a day of lectures can be a dehumanizing experience. Not only children are not allowed to interact with each other, lecturing also doesn’t accommodate students with different levels of understanding. Furthermore, most contents are outdated, with little use made of the incredible resources now available through the internet and digital media.

The authorities are putting efforts to address the problems. Recently, the Ministry of Education has announced the changes in the Upper Secondary Education. Form 4 students no longer being divided into Science and Arts streams but are given more options to explore.

Even so, every individual should also look into these problems to improve your own life. So, what should we do?

Find Your Passion

Finding a passion in life is very important. A passion gives you a reason to keep learning and to work toward mastery. It will motivate you to go extra miles to learn, and makes you gain more knowledge, experiences and skills.

Don’t Stop Learning

Are you thinking learning is no longer required once you’re done with the school? In fact, school only covers the basic knowledge that most people need. Just like you can never be too rich and too thin, you should never be satisfied with your knowledge and skillsets. The more you learn, you’re more capable of improving your life and ultimately, to be richer.

Learn it Your Way

The school may not accommodate different learning styles, but you can determine how to learn when you’re not at school. If you find the infographic videos are more helpful for you to understand things, watch those videos. If you think you need peers to learn together, join a study group or a Toastmasters meeting.

Take Charge of Your Life

Indeed, there are flaws in the system. However, blaming will not change anything. At the end of the day, your successes or failures are entirely your own responsibility. Identify and admit your weaknesses, and take initiatives to improve them. Don’t let them become your roadblocks toward success!


Watch Video: 6 Problems with our School System by NEXT

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