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#EntreUMCOEdition 02 — Monetising Your Live Streaming Shows ft. UberTickets



  May 12, 2020

Authorities over the world are banning mass gatherings since early of Q1 2020 to avoid coronavirus clusters. Then, many countries started lockdown measures to slow down the spread of the virus, gatherings and parties are prohibited all at once. This makes the event and entertainment industry one of the hardest-hit sectors. 


“It will take possibly years to get back to normal,” lamented Rauff, the co-founder of UberTickets, a comprehensive ticketing platform where event organizers can sell tickets, market the events, and monitor the sales at one place. UberTickets are not isolated by damages caused by the pandemic to its industry. Many events have been postponed or even been canceled. 


However, this doesn’t stop UberTickets from evolving. “We understand the virus and the fears won’t be killed easily. Until we have a vaccine, we can’t expect things to get back to usual anytime soon. So, we must be agile.” 


To ensure a smooth transition for clients who want to explore new business models using video streaming technology to deliver content, UberTickets have developed and launched their latest feature for Video Streaming Ticketing. “Our new feature aims to help clients to monetize their video content without the headache of accumulative payment schemes by other providers,” shared Rauff. 


UberTickets’ Video Streaming Ticketing is designed to adapt to almost all streaming/broadcasting platforms that support Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP), namely Youtube, Vimeo, Zoom, and Streamyard. Besides enabling clients to integrate the service with their favourite streaming tools, they can also schedule live shows or even pre-record contents and charge a fee for viewership. Moreover, the feature also generates unique codes and links to ensure only paid patrons are able to access paid content. 


“We are ready to constantly enhance our system to provide all-rounded ticketing solutions that cover all our clients’ requirements. The pandemic has indeed affected our revenue, but it’s also an opportunity for us to diversify our services.” 



#EntreUMCOEdition is a series of genuine stories of how our Entrepreneur Partners fighting against challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown to sustain businesses.


These small enterprises and startups are not only striving for their profits, but their efforts are keeping the nation’s economy alive during the invasion of the deadly virus. Let’s spend a few minutes together to understand more about all these enterprises! 


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