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#EntreUMCOEdition 03 — Track Your Visitors Effortlessly ft. Lava X



  May 21, 2020

Although many businesses are allowed to resume since the 4th of May, there are some SOPs that shop owners or offices must follow under the conditional MCO measures. 


One of those rules is to track the contact information and body temperature of all the visitors and employees. This step is crucial in helping the government to quickly trace and contact potential patients when there are new local clusters of Covid-19. Early detection of affected individuals with Covid-19 enables the containment of the disease. 


Due to the short notice, most shops and buildings are recording visitors’ data in the most traditional and manual way — with a buku latihan and a pen, as it might take weeks to months to develop a digital tracker. This method is legally approved but it’s not practical as it increases the risk of cross-contamination when people are touching the same pen. It’s also inconvenient for data sharing or data extraction. 


Therefore, the team of Lava X decided to do something crazy. 


On the 2nd of May, they launched GetContact.name (GCN), a FREE web application that helps businesses to comply with conditional MCO SOP to collect customers’ names and phone numbers before entering into shops or buildings. Shop owners or employers just need to sign up for a free account to print QR code and display the QR code at the shop/building entrance. 


The QR code is ready with clear instructions to guide visitors on how to scan and fill up their details. Then, business owners can sign-in to their account anytime to access customers’ visit reports easily. 



“We are happy to apply our skills in helping the community to fight against the cunning virus,” shared Xun, the founder of Lava X. While GCN is totally free of charges, it promises fast and consistent loading speed with the CDN technology. Besides, to adapt to the multiethnic society in our country, the web app supports English, Bahasa Melayu, and Mandarin. 


Let’s recommend GCN to your favourite local stores to help shop owners save time and money! 




#EntreUMCOEdition is a series of genuine stories of how our Entrepreneur Partners fighting against challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown to sustain businesses.


These small enterprises and startups are not only striving for their profits, but their efforts are keeping the nation’s economy alive during the invasion of the deadly virus. Let’s spend a few minutes together to understand more about all these enterprises! 


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